Samsung Apps Not Working

Smart View Samsung does not see TV, problems and solutions

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of modern TVs. Starting with the 6th generation series, the concern began producing smart smart TVs that expanded the capabilities of television. Together with modern digital TV, the user received a powerful multimedia device that can be compared with a desktop computer.

Smart TVs are rightfully considered the pinnacle of TV technologies, they have powerful processors, adapters and large RAM. The program capabilities of interactive and social television are no less perfect. In the latter case, access to remote services via the Internet is considered, which are supplied by Samsung and third-party developers. Among the interesting services Smart View, which is proposed to get acquainted below.

Supported Devices

The app is available for all known platforms that run smartphones and computers.

Samsung Apps Not Working

You can download and install this application for each device at the link below:

  • OS Android
  • OS iOS
  • OS Windows, Windows Phone

The program is compatible with any version of Android from 4.1, and computers must have Windows 7 or higher.

On the phone

After downloading, you need to confirm permission for the application to access the functions listed by the installation manager. After starting, Bluetooth turns on on the phone, then you need to find the TV and confirm its choice. After 10 seconds, a connection will be established and you can use the application.

Installation and configuration

To use in the first step, you need to download the Samsung Smart View app and perform a connected installation. After that, you need to set up and connect to the TV. How to do this on a smartphone and PC is discussed below.

On the computer

The downloaded file must be unpacked and the custom installation option selected (this will simplify the process). If the installer interrupted the operation, you will need to download the new version. NET Framework (version 4.4 or higher), after removing the old version, and then reinstalling.

After successful installation and launch of Bluetooth, a list of all found devices will be displayed on the computer, among which the TV is selected. The computer has a more powerful module, so it can take up to 30 seconds to establish a connection.

Samsung Smart View Features

The program is supplied by the developer for smartphones, tablets and personal computers running on Android, iOS, Windows and Windows Phone platforms. The main task of the utility is the full interaction of the Samsung Smart TV with other electronic devices.

Smart View includes the following features:

  1. Using an external device as a remote control. You can control the TV using a phone or a computer mouse;
  2. Viewing the contents of any external storage device, as well as playing any multimedia files (clips, audio clips, images and animations);
  3. Watching movies, news, digital TV sports on a smartphone or PC;
  4. Software turning on and off the TV using an auxiliary device;
  5. Management of widgets and other utilities of the Smart Hub service;
  6. Configuring and managing sleep mode.

All these possibilities are opened by me thanks to several utilities that can be used in the Samsung Smart View application:

  • TV Remote. This option allows you to control your Samsung TV using your mobile phone or PC. When you enter the utility, an electronic layout appears on the device screen, duplicating the buttons on the remote control. The selection of the desired pressure is performed using a sensor on a tablet or a computer mouse.
  • Dual View. With this utility, the user can fully synchronize the broadcast of the image. In practice, it is possible to watch TV channels from a smartphone or laptop, or vice versa, access to the content of an external device on the TV is opened. Synchronization is performed via Bluetooth wireless technology, therefore, delays of up to several seconds are possible.
  • Bluetooth PowerON. The option allows you to control the sleep mode and system power on of the TV. To use it, Smart TV must have a built-in or connected via USB-input Bluetooth router.
  • Game Remote. A utility for the game mode, with which the smartphone turns into a joystick. Includes limited and full modes, the latter of which supports gyro control. Option not provided in app
  • Smart. The user gets full access to the Smart Hub service. Synchronization of the TV with a remote server is available.

Update Samsung TV Firmware Online.

To use this method, your TV must be connected to the Internet (using a LAN cable or Wi-Fi, it doesn’t matter). If this basic condition is met, press the “Menu” button on the remote control, then “Support”. “Software update”.

Then “Update Now”.

The process of downloading and installing the update will start, after which your TV will turn off and on. This procedure must be repeated several times so that the update used is the most recent. After that, you can fully use the Smart TV function.

Samsung apps not working

Samsung Smart TV is a multimedia center with access to a huge amount of media content on the Internet, a point of communication and communication, the ability to exchange information on communication capabilities equal to the functionality of a smartphone. And it would be foolish not to use this function if it is on your TV. It should be noted that Smart TV does not stand still and is replenished with new functions and capabilities, and in order to use them, you must regularly update the TV’s firmware, otherwise, after a certain period of time, you may receive a window with the error Cannot connect to the server. Contact a Samsung Service Center. In order to fix this error, you need to update the TV firmware.

There are two ways to update the firmware:

1 Update Samsung TV Firmware via Internet.

2 Update the firmware of your Samsung TV using a USB stick.

Update Samsung TV Firmware Using USB Flash Drive.

This method requires:

The first step is to check the format of the USB flash drive, it must be FAT32, if this is not the case, the USB flash drive must be formatted in FAT32. How to do this is described in the article How to format a USB flash drive, external hard drive / How to change the file system of a USB flash drive, external hard drive.

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After that, you need to go to the Samsung website and enter the TV model in the search bar.

Find your TV model and click on it. Go to the “Support” tab, click “Additional downloads”.

Download the firmware for your TV.

After the download is complete, open the downloaded file with two mouse clicks. In fact, this is an archive, unzip the files to a place convenient for you.

Copy the resulting folder to a USB flash drive.

Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the TV, if you have two or more USB inputs, insert the USB flash drive into USB with the inscription USB HDD.

Start the software update by going through the TV menu items “Menu”. “Support.” “Software update”. “via USB”. “Ok”. The TV will check the USB for the firmware file and ask for confirmation to update.

Attention. During the firmware update:

After installing the latest firmware version, you can fully use the Smart TV function.

Reset Smart Hub

Resetting Smart Hub settings removes all downloaded apps and reinstalls the factory ones. Reset deletes all application data and settings, and with them errors.

Make sure the TV is certified for Russia before resetting Smart Hub. Look at the manufacturer’s label of the TV, the certified technician model code should have the XRU model code ending and the EAC mark.

If the model is not for Russia, after the reset, Smart Hub may lock up.

Select Support.

Select Self Diagnosis.

Select Reset Smart Hub.

Enter TV PIN (default 0000).

Wait for the end of the reset.

After reset, exit the menu. Go to the home screen, select the APPS panel. A new window will appear with information about the initial setup, click OK.

Select I Accept All and click OK.

Sign in to your Samsung account or click Skip.

Select the apps you want to install and click Finish.

After reset, try running the app.

Make sure all preinstalled applications have loaded before launching applications. Their icons should not be highlighted in dark colors.

The download speed of the application depends on the speed of the Internet connection.

If the application works, then everything is in order with the TV, use it further.
If the app doesn’t work, go to the next recommendation.

Change the DNS server address

Besides the ISP, the problem may be in the DNS server. To check this, change the DNS server address on the TV.

Select General, if available on your TV. If there is no such item, go to the next step.

Select Network.

Select Network Status.

Make sure Internet access is available.

Select IP Settings.

Click on DNS Settings and select Enter manually.

Select the DNS Server field and enter or Click Finish, then the Back button.

Click OK to save the parameters.

After saving the settings, make sure the TV is connected to the Internet.

Restart your TV and check the application after restarting.

If the application works, then everything is in order with the TV, use it further.
If the app doesn’t work, go to the next recommendation.

Connect the TV to a different Wi-Fi hotspot

The application may not work due to the fact that the provider blocks some IP addresses that the application is accessing.

To check this, connect the TV to a different access point. The easiest way to do this is by turning your smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot and connecting to it.

Check application work.

If the application works, then everything is in order with the TV, the problem is with the Internet provider.
If the app doesn’t work, go to the next recommendation.

Reinstall the broken app

You can reinstall the application only on TVs J, K, M, N, Q, LS (2015 2018 release) on OS Tizen. If you have a different TV, go to the next recommendation.

Go to the APPS application panel and select it with the center button of the remote.

Among the installed applications, select the one that does not work.

Press and hold the center button of the remote control (or press the Tools button) until an additional menu appears.

Select Reinstall.

Wait for the reinstallation to complete. Time depends on internet speed.

After reinstalling, try running the app.

If the application works, then everything is in order with the TV, use it further.
If the app doesn’t work, go to the next recommendation.

Reset your TV

A reset will return the TV to its factory state and remove any errors.

Make sure the TV is certified for Russia before resetting. Look at the manufacturer’s label of the TV, the certified technician model code should have the XRU model code ending and the EAC mark.

If the model is not for Russia, after the reset, Smart Hub may lock up.

After reset, try running the app.

If the application works, then everything is in order with the TV, use it further.
If the app doesn’t work, go to the next recommendation.

App does not work in Smart Hub on Samsung TV

If the app won’t open or a black screen appears, try the recommendations below. Other applications should work correctly.

How to make Megogo work

So, we answered the question: Why Megogo does not work on TV. This is primarily due to an application error. Sometimes software errors in the TV itself are the cause.

There are several ways to fix the problem. The most reliable, convenient for Samsung Smart TV is to reinstall the application. For other models of smart TVs, there are other additional methods for solving problems.

Further, the main ways to eliminate Megogo errors are considered step by step.

Samsung Support for Smart TVs

Why doesn’t Megogo show, if you have already tried all the methods described, and none of them helped? To resolve the error, you can contact the developers directly through the Samsung support forum.

Through the forum you can download all available updates and find out more information. Through it, there is a consultation with specialists who can give you more detailed recommendations for solving the problem, depending on the model of your TV.

Why Megogo does not work on Smart TV

Megogo is the largest online cinema available in Russia, CIS countries and Eastern Europe. Today it is used by over 60 million people in one month. The service provides users with access to more than 70,000 pieces of content, which includes more than 5,000 feature films and series, 1,500 cartoons, more than 65,000 entertainment, educational shows, concerts, news programs.

Some of Megogo’s content can be watched for free by watching a short ad at the beginning. Films and TV series are also available in good picture and sound quality. opportunities are opened when subscribing to watching cult films, cartoons, TV series, film premieres of Russian and foreign production.

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You can watch TV through Megogo. Free access to the main TV channels is open, for example, First, TNT, Russia. After paying for a subscription, more than 221 channels of various content become available.

The service is available for viewing through a computer, mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes, as well as TVs with Smart technology.

Watching new products, your favorite films, TV shows at home through Smart TV is gaining popularity. However, when watching through smart TVs, the Megogo app sometimes stops working. And users often have questions Why Megogo does not open on TV? Why films are not loaded on Megogo?

In this article, we will try to answer all these questions and offer actionable recommendations for solving problems. So that your viewing of movies and TV shows in good quality does not interfere with any problem.

General Recommendations for Troubleshooting the Megogo App

Often the answer to the question Why megogo does not work on the TV is problems with the speed and stability of the Internet connection. To make sure of this, you need to distribute wi-fi via a mobile phone and check the operation of the application. You need to determine the speed of the Internet connection using the site test.Megogo.Ne, it must be at least 10 Mb / s.

If everything is fine with the Internet, repeat the following recommendations.

Check for all software updates via device settings.

Restarting the device is often the solution to the problem. That is, turn off the TV, unplug the cord, wait a few seconds.

If errors occur due to software malfunctions of the TV, then you can solve this problem yourself. However, if failures occur due to a malfunction of the device itself, that is, hardware, you need to contact specialized services.

Megogo updates can be another reason for the error. Information about all available updates and innovations in the application appears on the site megogo.Net.

If none of the recommendations could solve your problem, write to the technical support of Megogo users via email [email protected], Telegram, Viber messengers or by phone number 08006011234.

Why Megogo doesn’t work

There are two reasons for errors in the application: problems in the Megogo itself or with the device program. Often errors are related to the operation of the Megogo program.

If your TV has problems with the Megogo program, then you will see a black screen at startup, the application will not start at all, TV channels will freeze, a system error will pop up. Try again later.

Why Megogo doesn’t work on Samsung TV

Samsung smart TV users often have problems with Megogo. This is usually due to a glitch in the application, rarely the problem is in the TV itself. If megogo stops working or freezes, check if other applications are working. If they work, then the problem is in the service itself.

Megogo errors are accompanied by:

  • The appearance of a black screen is the most common problem for Samsung TVs;
  • The program freezes;
  • You cannot enter the application;
  • The application kicks out the user and issues a system error.

Wink not working on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung TV owners who have connected the Vink platform often experience a failure. The application was installed correctly, the registration was successful, even the promo code was received. But for some reason, Wink does not work on Samsung TV: the screen crashes, freezes or remains darkened. There are two possible ways here: restart the device or reinstall the application. Start with simple steps restart your gadget.

Wink: reinstalling the service

  1. Open the APPS service on the Smart app drawer by pressing the button in the center of the remote.
  2. Select a non-working service from the list of applications.
  3. Move the cursor over it and hold down the button in the center until the additional menu is displayed.
  4. This procedure can also be done using the Tools button and the Reinstall item.

If everything worked out and the application worked, enjoy the service, turn on the television and start watching a TV series or movie. If these steps did not help, and Vink on the TV for some reason does not work, we take the following steps to fix the problem.

Wink: change DNS server address

When changing the IP address does not bring a positive result, you can try changing the DNS server. Perhaps the problem lies there, which is why Wink does not work. Make your changes as follows:

  1. Go to the TV settings menu.
  2. Click on the General line.
  3. Next, select Network Status.
  4. Make sure your internet connection is active.
  5. Click on the DNS Settings button.
  6. There you need to select manual setting.
  7. We enter Or To the line DNS Server.
  8. Click the Finish button and go back.
  9. Be sure to save your changes.
  10. Make sure you have internet on your TV and restart your TV.

In this way, problems with Server-DNS are resolved. If the steps didn’t work and the application still doesn’t work, try resetting Smart Hub. Perhaps this is the case.

Wink: IP blocking

It happens that the application does not work due to the blocking of the IP address. The provider blocks it, so there is no connection to the server. Try changing the wireless access point and connecting your TV to it. A new interactive channel will remove the blockage. If this does not help, then the problem is with the ISP itself or in the DNS server. To fix the problem from the provider, contact him by the phone number specified in the service contract. If everything is smooth on this side, then you need to check the DNS server.

Error code 6000000 Wink

Error number 6000000 occurs when there is no internet connection. See if the cable is properly connected. Probably a problem with the router. You can check its working condition by turning on your computer or set-top box.

Why undertake resets and reboots if the reason is still on the way, and it is possible to eliminate it with simple methods? If at least one gadget shows an Internet connection, then the router is working properly. Restarting the router can help here. Turn it off for a few seconds, then turn it back on.

Why Wink doesn’t work

The Vink multimedia cinema service is installed by many device users and continues to gain popularity. He has a variety of content in his arsenal that is able to satisfy viewers with different taste preferences. These are films, TV series, TV programs, cartoons. But it does not always work flawlessly. The portal was launched relatively recently, so some options still need to be improved.

Developers regularly upgrade the functionality of the multimedia platform. Hopefully, application errors will be a thing of the past soon. The main problems of the cinema portal, users call the unavailability of some options, slow loading with failures or a complete refusal to work.

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Benefits of torrent TV on TV

There are many advantages to torrent TV, and if you are a fan of high-quality pictures and a variety of channels, you will never go wrong by installing torrent tv player on your TV.

At the same time, you will receive the following benefits:

  • The baud rate will ensure stable streaming without brakes. Agree, now not every provider can broadcast a lot of channels in high numbers, and for torrent TV, providing an hd picture online is not a problem! Fans of sports channels will especially like the possibilities of torrent TV. The service is not afraid of overload and during iconic sporting events, when the number of viewers increases sharply, due to this it works even better!
  • Why are traditional torrents so popular? It’s not just about speed, they’re also almost free! Thanks to the use of torrent TV, you can watch all the variety of channels (and there are hundreds of them) without buying expensive packages, so beloved by satellite TV providers. For example, on the popular torrent tv resource. Ru you can watch a lot of channels for a nominal fee of 150 rubles, which is charged for the allocation of an access point to an Internet channel (TS-proxy). There you can also download special plugins required to watch torrent TV on Samsung Smart TV or Philips Smart TV.
  • The resources of this type of television are truly limitless and even wider than those of the famous Megogo! In addition to TV channels in torrent tv hd online mode, you will have access to archive versions of all programs, a lot of various films, cartoons, programs and much more.
  • A distinctive quality of torrent tv is cross-platform. Using the server TS-proxy, you can watch it not only on Smart TVs, but also on media boxes and TV boxes.

And this is how the widget looks in the TV interface:

All this suggests that today for smart TVs (and their no less smart owners) there is no better alternative than torrent TV, and modern Ace Stream technologies are new horizons of digital television.

Torrent TV new horizons of digital television

In our time, even a novice Internet user not only heard, but also actively used the services of torrent networks to download computer programs, films and music.

What is torrent tv

This method works simply. With the help of special programs called torrent clients and working on P2P technology (equal to equal), the files of interest to you are searched for on the computers of other users who have this client file.

Then, piece by piece, these files are assembled in your machine, and the movie or software is loaded! over, the more computers have the requested file, the higher the download speed.

Torrent technologies (the correct name is BitTorrent) are very popular and actively developing. Not so long ago, their use became available for multifunctional smart TVs that everyone loved, i.E. Smart tv.

Each of you can now easily teach your TV to broadcast channels not only in the familiar IPTV mode, but also using BitTorrent. To do this, just install a special player for torrent TV on it.

The main difference between using this technology on a computer and in a modern TV is that torrent TV for smart TV (or Ace Stream) provides not downloading files, but high streaming speed of broadcasting TV channels online.

Accordingly, the more viewers watch this or that channel, the higher the data transfer rate and the reliability of their delivery. At the same time, you yourself become source of data transmission for other viewers.

How to watch torrent channels on your smart TV?

Answering this key question, we want to inform the owners of smart devices that there are 2 ways to watch trrrent TV broadcasts:

  1. You can watch channels through any player that supports IPTV playlists. In this case, a local or server TS-Proxy is used, which acts as a bridge in the P2P network. You just need to download or open the torrent TV playlist from the corresponding resource into your TV player using the link (most often they use IP-TV Player). Then you can proceed to viewing by selecting channels from the proposed list.
  2. Take advantage of the official apps from the torrent TV service provider. But here, too, there are some nuances, since the setting of such applications in smart-tv of different manufacturers and even models is often different. As an example, we propose to consider the step-by-step configuration of the Torrent TV application from the above torrent-tv.Ru for Samsung Smart TVs (H series 2014).

The capabilities of this application include: viewing channels, TV archives and TV guide, TV program and managing your favorite channels.

Its configuration is done as follows:

  • By clicking on the link on the site, you need to download and install the Torrent-TV widget on your TV.
  • Select Smart Hub from the TV Menu. Then find the Samsung Account tab and do Enter.
  • In this list click on Log in. Enter, and then at the bottom of the menu: Sign in. Enter.
  • Enter the login without the password develop in the window that appears. Then confirm with a tick below and click Sign in. Then enter the Smart Hub and aim the blue remote control beam at the application you need. Now press the middle button, the Sync Menu will appear.
  • Here select IP Setting and Enter. In the window for entering the IP address, write: (each group of numbers is confirmed). Use the central button to call up the Synchronization Menu, where to mark and confirm the Start User App Sync option.
  • After that, a notification requesting about custom applications will appear and they will be installed on one of the Hub pages. The end of synchronization is determined by the arrow symbols in the corner of the list of applications.
  • To activate the Torrent-TV application in the Hub, exit-enter from it.

We configure the widget as follows:

Find the Torrent-TV icon in the list and launch it. For the authorization window to appear, press the blue button. Enter your e-mail and password for the Torrent-TV website account.

The settings are successful and you can start enjoying your viewing!

It may seem to you that the first method is much easier, but in fact it is such a bridge. The thing is quite capricious, and the owner of a smart can often face a situation where the torrent tv does not work.

The second method is guaranteed to work 100% of the time. In addition, torrent TV sites have the necessary software and detailed instructions for installing it for each TV model. In the end, which way to go is up to you.