Remote Control Of Ipad

Features 16 Channel Compact 1U 4K Network Recorder DH-NVR4116HS-4KS2. 16 Channel Compact 1U 4K Network Recorder DH-NVR4116HS-4KS2

Remote Control Of Ipad

Description 16 Channel Compact 1U 4K Network Recorder DH-NVR4116HS-4KS2

Dahua NVR4000-4KS2 Network Recorder Series. Is the first low-cost NVR to support 4K and H.265. Lite series NVR provides connection of 4K IP cameras with resolution up to 8MP. The modern processor supports H.265 compression, which will save hard disk space. Best quality and reasonable price for IP surveillance tasks on a limited budget.

Improved user interface, easy mouse control. Remote control and monitoring from a mobile phone or computer, quickly copy alarm events. Ideal for a wide range of applications such as home security, schools, small office spaces.

The NVR is compatible with many third party devices. Open architecture supports multi-user access and is ONVIF 2.4 compliant, allowing interoperability with IP cameras from other manufacturers.


4K technology
4K technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in picture quality, allowing users to experience the best picture quality. NVR supports 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) for real-time recording, viewing and playback.

H.265 compression codec
With built-in intelligent analytics, NVR has the ability to detect and analyze moving objects. Allows to detect several objects in one time period. Supports IVS rules such as: zone intrusion detection, barrier crossing detection, frame change detection, abandoned and lost object detection, face recognition, visitor counting.

Plug Play
With the smart addition of IP devices, it has become much easier to set up the system, regardless of whether the NVR with or without built-in PoE. The function works if the NVR is in the same subnet with cameras.

ANR (Automatic Network Replenishment Technology)
The ANR function records on the SD card, which must be installed on IP cameras, when there is no network connection with the camera. After the connection is restored, the information from the SD card is overwritten to the NVR.

With the help of Easy4ip cloud service you can monitor what is happening from your devices anytime and anywhere. The service supports two modes of operation, via a web client and a mobile application.


  • Connect up to 16 IP cameras
  • Supports H.265 / H.264 / H.264 compression, dual decoding
  • 80mb / s incoming bandwidth
  • 8MP recording resolution
  • HDMI / VGA parallel outputs
  • Supports 1 SATA HDD up to 6TB, 2-USB 2.0
  • Easy4ip support, add by QR code
  • Monitoring: Web browser, CMS (DSS / SmartPSS) and android smartphones, Iphone (Easy4ip)

Remote control applications

There are a huge number of applications for remotely organizing tablet control. We’ll cover only 5 of them, which we think are the best:

  1. The first program that allows you to remotely control iPad from a computer is Screen NVC. The first part for a computer can be downloaded from the link, the second part is here. The application has many functions and its main drawback is paid.
  2. The second program is TeamViewer: Remote Control. The first part is downloaded here, the second here. In addition to a huge number of possibilities, the application allows you to customize computer control via iPad. Plus, TeamViewer is completely free. One of the best programs in our review.
  3. The third application is Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop. You can download it here (on the right side of the program for computers) and (already for the tablet itself). The program is also very functional. The disadvantage is that it is paid (although the amount that you have to pay for it is very small, just a little more than 4).
  4. The fourth iPad control app is the most expensive on our list. This is iTeleport. You can download it here. Will cost more than 24. The main advantage is support for an unlimited number of devices.
  5. The fifth and final program that allows you to control from the iPad and vice versa is “Remote Desktop” from Microsoft. You can find it by following the link. Implemented gesture control and many features related to Remote Desktop Connection. The main disadvantage is the lack of support for MAC OS.

Ipad Remote Control Capabilities

Ipad. Is one of the most functional tablets on the market. It is the fruit of Apple’s many years of research in the electronics field. The tablet has many functions that can be expanded by installing additional programs. In this essay, we’ll take a look at apps that allow you to remotely control your iPad.

Light control

Another interesting topic that I would like to touch upon in this essay is the control of light from the iPad. The first serial samples of the “Smart Home” system were presented about 10 years ago. Its essence is as follows: many sensors are installed that constantly read information and provide the most comfortable conditions for a person.

In addition, with the development of smartphones and tablets, it became possible to organize control of various devices from them.

It is quite easy to organize the control of light from a tablet, but it requires some expense. For this, special lamps are installed, equipped with transmitters, or a whole complex that controls all the lighting in the house; on the tablet, in turn, install special software. After that, you can adjust a comfortable lighting level without getting up from your place.

Ipad. Is one of the most functional tablets on the market. It is the fruit of Apple’s many years of research in the electronics field. The tablet has many functions that can be expanded by installing additional programs. In this essay, we’ll take a look at apps that allow you to remotely control your iPad.

Using the settings menu

This method is somewhat convenient. When an application is erased, you can get information about how much memory it has.

To carry out the removal, the following procedure is followed:

In Settings, go to Basic

Some, especially inexperienced users, complain that not all programs are displayed.

They simply do not see what needs to be removed. How to be in this case? It is necessary to scroll through the entire list. Then you should click on the function “Show all programs”.

At the same time, in the voluminous list, you will certainly find exactly what the user intends to delete.

How do I uninstall an app from an iPhone? All ways

Removing applications from iPhone

How to uninstall an app from an iPhone?

According to Apple’s official recognition, iPhones are among those smartphones that have an intuitive interface.

Even if there is no instruction, almost any user can figure out and understand how it works.

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But not everything is so cloudless. Certain moments can still cause certain difficulties.

This is especially true of those cases when an iPhone appeared in someone’s hands quite recently and for the first time.

It is not always possible to remove an application from the device. The answer to the question of how this can be done can be found by reading this article. It will be useful for the one who owns the iPad.

  • Desktop
  • Using the settings menu
  • Itunes
  • Remove programs permanently
  • The most likely difficulty in removing

Complete removal

A situation may arise in which a gamer wants to start the game, as they say, from a “blank slate”.

All the data that was stored about him earlier is now absolutely useless to him.

This problem can be solved in two ways. It depends on where the information is stored:

The solution here is the only one and there is no alternative to it. Required to create a new account.

Removing these traces, we can confidently say about the complete removal.


At the same time, the technique is the simplest, most convenient and common to use.

The instructions for use include a number of sequential steps:

Choosing an application to uninstall

A dialog box pops up with confirmation of the deletion. If the deletion is indeed carried out, then click on the confirmation. If for some reason the owner changes his mind to uninstall the program, then the action is canceled.

This method is not the only one, but is only part of the possibilities when clearing memory from various programs. It works on devices with iOS 10 and above.

With it, you can remove not only newly downloaded programs, but also those that were already installed at the factory. They were already downloaded at the time the iPhone was purchased.

Remove programs permanently

Is something like this even possible? Even if the program is cleared, it will still show up in purchases.

She will be in a cloud with an arrow. This suggests that programs are never completely removed.

If the owner wishes, he can reload them.

An ordinary user, no matter how hard he tries, will not be able to completely remove them. But in order not to see them, they just hide.

It should be borne in mind that if the applications have already been purchased earlier, then even after deleting them, re-downloading will not cost the user money.

Re-displaying programs

If after some time it becomes necessary to re-use the application that was removed, then you need to resort to using aytyuns. Reboot required.

To do this, follow these steps:

Everything that was previously cleared will be displayed on the screen again.

When leaving, close the session

Recently I came across a story about the fight against malicious non-blockers. I will share the experience of software companies (according to friends, I’m not the only one who works with funny people).

So, popular ways to make a person understand that the car needs to be blocked:

Replacing the background of the desktop (Black Lord, Alf. Who is in what way);

Changing mouse settings;

A script in Chrome / GreaseMonkey that changes all images (for example, on a social network page) for a particularly successful photo of the boss;

Launching a shutdown “in a few minutes” and notifying the patient;

A minor change in the code that will be noticeable right away (causing a critical crash with a witty log). It’s worth noting that the code is sacred, so be very careful here.

There was even such a funny story: an employee came to us for a week on a business trip from another city. She worked from our machine, but connected via RDP to her own (the one in her hometown). Already during the replacement of the background image with Alpha with kittens, we realized that we were doing all this inside an RDP session. It added some spice to the situation, but it didn’t stop us.

Good luck to everyone in the new year. And be friends with the security guards.

Remote administration. Quite right

It was during his student years in the foreign language. To make life easier for students and teachers, the software engineer introduced an innovation in the form of a faculty website with student registration and tests instead of the usual dictations. The bottom line is this: the student, having received the number of the test task, sees the text with a certain number of errors. The challenge is to fix them. If you put an extra space, the machine perceived each character after it as an error: a character-by-character comparison with the original and other checksums.

Instead of preparing for the dictation, I, who knew how to use HTML a bit, went for a trick: I invited a nice young teacher and asked me to check my statistics (I had to log in with the teacher’s password). Sweetly speaking her teeth while entering the cherished symbols, I, of course, spied on them. Having a stock of correct versions of texts, I wrote a simple form (copied the source code with the correct link, yeah), which sent this version to the server for analysis and rating. For convenience, I made a drop-down list with the numbers of test tasks, and kept the creation on the flop (it was a long time ago).

By the way, part of the network was under my control with the help of Radmin, so I could remotely help classmates, which I did with pleasure, which caused a storm of emotions among the excellent girls who were preparing all night and received an accidental tri-ban, although I also offered them help.

I made a mistake. The difference between the two perfectly “passed” tests was a couple of seconds, after which, as I learned at the prom, I was being remotely monitored.

It ended with the fact that the excellent pupils passed me to the teacher, and the programmer banned my account. However, the teacher turned out to be a fan of new technologies, and I got a well-deserved five. So it goes.

Here is the alignment

Found a job in the USA and on the very first day, unwillingly, trolled the local admin.

I needed to put an additional program on my computer. Of course, I have no administrator rights, so a local specialist had to do everything. I call him, he takes control through Radmin and, starting to log in, says: they say, go to lunch, it will take two hours.

An hour later, I return to my computer and see a disheveled admin in my chair, clearly on the verge of a nervous breakdown. There are three keyboards, manuals and tools around. The cover has been removed from the body. I go up and ask what happened.

I looked at the corner of the screen. Yes, “RU” is there, not “EN”. The poor American administrator could not have imagined that on a computer there are any other layouts besides English. He looked at my Alt Shift with frankly square eyes.

And this is my first day. I hope he is not offended by me, otherwise the revenge of the admins can be terrible.

Deleted Favorite

I work in a large IT department of a large company. A month ago, department management noticed unusual network activity from one of the PCs outside of business hours. Conspiracy theories flew, screams about hacking and theft of confidential information. Internal investigation started.

During off-hours, a certain user connected to the corporate network via an internal VPN and actively used a certain PC. We checked the machine logs. The connection was via RDP. Users during off-hours have access to their PCs via this protocol. Started tracking the VPN source; the address was on the trusted list, and the owner’s name was also found there. We found an employee (it turned out to be one of the employees of the IT department), started questioning.

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The employee basically did not want to have Windows at home and deal with the emulator, but he liked to play old Windows-only toys (such as Fallout). Choosing an unremarkable computer as a victim, he created a local account on it and played his favorite games, connecting via RDP.

Of course, there was nothing criminal in this, but the employee was fired for installing and using gaming software on a working PC.

Arise Count, great things await you!

I was blown up to see why the alarm, which was raised yesterday on Slakvar and set at 6:00, did not work.

Call from work. The machine refuses to shut down. Workshop foreman in akhtunga. RDP via no to the server, TeamViewer to the machine, “Start → Shutdown → Turn off”.

I went out to smoke and finish yesterday’s coffee.

A neighbor came in, took his laptop, which he brought at three in the morning, buhoy in the trash and asked to clean it.

It was not possible to pick up statements from the client bank. We have one worker who comes exclusively in advance.

An incorrectly entered password for the key from the client-bank blocked the session for 15 minutes. Accounts department instructed.

With a soapy skull, I explain by phone what needs to be done to view the observation archive. It’s good that I bought a waterproof and hard-to-kill phone.

Marketing has run out of toner in printers.

I’m home again, and after the Burne can I finally woke up. And yes. I’m on vacation.

Remote control of the iPad

With the development of the Internet and the connection of TVs to the World Wide Web, we have entered a new era when your Apple iPhone (iPad / iPad) or Google Android smartphone can be used as a remote control. Using the phone, you can select the channel you want to watch, adjust the volume and use a more convenient smartphone keyboard to navigate the Internet.
In this guide, we’ll help you get the job done.

Controlling the TV with a Smartphone

Before talking about how you can control a modern Smart TV using a smartphone, it is worth answering the question, why is it necessary? One of the reasons is that the mobile phone has become one of the essentials that is always at hand. And, more importantly, the ability to use your phone’s keyboard to navigate the internet, including typing when searching for movies on YouTube, Netflix and other internet services, as well as medisources on your home network.

Click on the picture to enlarge it

Controlling the TV using a smartphone. Especially handy when you want to use the smart features of your TV

Not all TVs support remote control via smartphones, but more and more recent models do, and even some Blu-ray players. If you have a mid-range or more expensive 2010 TV, there is a good chance to support this feature. If you bought a TV this year, the chances are much higher. To find out exactly, look at the capabilities of a specific model of your TV on the manufacturer’s website. Currently, the following manufacturers are integrating smartphone control of the TV:

Click on the picture to enlarge it

Sony TVs are compatible with Apple and Android devices

Installation Wizard Step-by-Step Guide

The following describes the sequence of steps to establish a connection between a TV and a smartphone.

Cable connection
If you plan to connect your TV via cable, installation is easier. You just need to plug the cable into the Ethernet connectors and you’re done.
Wi-Fi wireless interface,
Wi-Fi will require you to go through the setup procedure. Few TVs come with an integrated Wi-Fi unit yet, so you may need a USB plug-in Wi-Fi module from your TV manufacturer. After that, you need to go through the network settings menu. First, step by step installation in the TV menu and then select the previously installed home wireless network. Then enter your login password and everything should be ready to go.

3. Download management application
Now you need to download the Remote App for your Apple or Android smartphone. App is selected according to your TV see table below for app names and links.
4. Pairing TV and Phone
Before using the smartphone for control, you need to pair it with the TV. Open the app and follow the instructions on the screen. Sometimes you still have to go to the TV menu and turn on the remote control option there.
5. Use

Everything is now ready to control the TV from smartphones based on Android or iOS from Apple.

Click on the picture to enlarge it

Samsung’s iPhone App has a keyboard for searching the Internet


However, there are some limitations. The most important of these is the lack of Wake-On-LAN functionality in most TVs. This basically means that you cannot turn on the TV from your smartphone, you can only use navigation and turn off the TV.

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Remote computer control from iPad

We have already written about remote computer control in the article about the Team Viewer application. Now I’ve discovered another great Splashtop Remote Desktop app for iPad. You ask: “Why is this application better than other analogues?” The answer is speed!

Application setup

Install the Splashtop Remote Desktop program on your iPad, launch it. The iPad itself suggests that the program requires a server part on the computer. Well, what about without it. You need to somehow understand that your computer is not a virus knocking on it, but a client of a quite useful application.

Next, the program will offer to download the server part. Download it to your computer and install it. No problems should arise at this stage.

A password must be created to secure the connection. Password required alphanumeric at least 8 characters.

After that, your computer will appear in the program (iPad and computer must be on the same network), we poke at it. Enter the password that we came up with above, and this completes the setup. We see the computer desktop.

Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad

This is what my computer window looks like on iPad.

It is a pleasure to manage programs on a computer. Although it requires pinpoint precision when pressed (you quickly get used to it. I didn’t have a desire to swear :)). For convenience, Splashtop Remote Desktop has a gesture system. The management did not raise many questions for me. The picture on the iPad is at the level: the image is clear, the response is good.

I started looking for the ESC button, but everything turned out to be more commonplace. There is a wonderful add-on to the standard iPad keyboard in the program, which allows you to press various function keys.

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Then I decided to watch movies remotely directly from my computer. Not to say that everything is perfectly smooth and clear, but you can even watch it. I would rate the comfort of watching a movie at a four: “ likely yes than no”.

Thanks to this program, it finally became possible to play flash games normally right on your iPad. 🙂 This can be done remotely using the program. However, it should be remembered that your computer is responsible for the operation of the flash, and the image is broadcast on the iPad (this is where the main advantage of the program comes up. Speed). For convenience, Splashtop Remote Desktop has the ability to enable control buttons (Up, Down, Left, Right). In principle, you can play comfortably.

Conclusion: very fast program. I don’t know how far the competitors have progressed in terms of speed (since I don’t follow it), but Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad is a worthwhile product. Now, by the way, there is a sale. The program costs 5 dollars instead of 20.

Program type: Free software, Programs up to 100 megabytes, Utilities (all programs by category for iPad)
App Store Size: 45.9 Mb
App language: English Russian
Developer / Publisher: Splashtop Inc.
Minimum iOS version: 9.0

Locking the program

Often, problems with remote access to iPhone are related to the fact that firewalls and antiviruses block the connection of programs to the Internet.

Blocking the program by antivirus

To solve the problem, you need to add the utility to the exceptions. This is done in the antivirus settings. In the firewall, this requires opening the Windows Control Panel and selecting “Brandmayer” from the list that opens. After that, in its settings, you must select “Allow interaction”. A new window will open, where opposite the name of the program you need to check the box in the “Private” and “Public”.

Important! We must not forget that the program must be run as a PC administrator. To do this, right-click on the program shortcut and select the desired item in the list that opens.

How to remotely connect to an iPhone or iPad

Iphone remote control is implemented in many programs, the most popular TeamViewer utility.

If the user does not know how to control iPhones from a computer and TeamViewer, then he needs to follow the instructions below.

First, you need to download and install the TeamViewer QuickSupport utility on your iPhone (iPad) and download and install the full version of the application on the second device (PC or mobile gadget).

Choice in the settings “Control Center” → “Customize controls”

Now you need to add the “Screen Recorder” icon to the control center. To do this, go to “Settings” → “Control Center” → “Customize controls” and press the button next to “Screen recording”.

Pressing the Screen Recording button

Next, you need to open TeamViewer QuickSupport. The ID for connection will appear in the program, after which you need to open the program on the second device and write this password in it.

Then they approve the remote connection by clicking the “Allow” tab in the “Allow remote support” dialog box on the managed gadget.

Clicking the Allow tab in the Allow Remote Support dialog box

Next, open the “Control Center”, where they press and hold the “Screen Recorder” button until the window with the settings is displayed. It requires you to activate TeamViewer and click on the “Start broadcasting” tab.

Clicking “Screen Recorder” → “Start Broadcast”

Now you need to click “Share Screen” on the device from which the viewing will be conducted.

Clicking “Share Screen”

After that, the broadcast of the iPhone screen image will begin.

Note! For convenient use of the utility, it provides online chat, image transfer, as well as the “Screenshot” function.

Possible problems when connecting to an iPhone or iPad remotely

During startup or while the application is running, sometimes the message “TeamViewer is not ready to test the connection” or “Commercial use detected” appears. They arise for a number of reasons, since the free version of the utility has limitations.

The reasons for these messages:

  • Termination of traffic allocated for one session;
  • Bad Internet or its complete absence;
  • Blocking the program by a firewall or antivirus. Using an old version of the application;
  • Incorrect operation of the utility;
  • Technical work on the developer’s server;
  • Suspicion of commercial use of the program (most often associated with a large list of connected devices).

If the application does not connect to the second device or stops working, then you need:

  • Restart software;
  • Remove the lock.

Can I remotely control my iPhone or iPad

You cannot fully control your iPhone or iPad over the Internet. In the iOS system, compared to other operating systems, only the broadcast of the phone screen is provided, which is approved by two gadgets.

How to remotely control an iPhone or iPad

For your information! IOS does not provide remote (remote) access to the system, so you can only view actions on the smartphone display.

Why you need to remotely control iOS devices:

  • Thanks to this, you can help loved ones from anywhere in the world to customize their phones, tablets or PCs. For example, you can teach an inexperienced user to download torrents, install applications, transfer files and documentation to other devices, etc.;
  • Using remote control of the gadget, you can provide assistance to company employees. For example, if an accountant loses an application, a specialist will quickly help find it. Or, if the manager loses some important document, the specialist will quickly help find or restore it;
  • Even with the help of remote control of the iPhone from the iPhone, it is possible to demonstrate to other users the process of making money on the Internet or passing a game, etc.

Remote access is implemented using a special program

Note! Remote access to the computer from an iOS phone has also been implemented, which allows you to quickly make changes to the Windows configuration.

What is iPhone Remote Control. Access Computer or iPad

Many owners of iPhones and iPads do not know that these gadgets have a remote connection function. over, this is not some kind of hidden surveillance, but a connection approved by two gadgets. Therefore, it is worth learning how to remotely connect to an iPhone, having familiarized yourself with the process in detail. It is also worth considering the capabilities of this function and the errors that occur during such a connection.

Bad Internet

The banal reason for the lack of connection is often poor quality Internet or its complete absence. In this case, you need to use an alternative connection method. For example, you can connect to a wireless public Wi-Fi hotspot. If a USB modem is used, then you need to try changing the type of network (from 3G to 4G or vice versa), etc.