On iPad, how do I change the default browser?

How to set the default browser on your computer and smartphone

Default browsers don’t always cater to users’ needs and aren’t as user-friendly as third-party programs. To completely abandon the regular browser and use only the installed option, you need to select the latter as the default browser. Here’s how it works across different operating systems.

On a Windows PC, go to Start → Preferences (the gear icon). Then go to “Applications” → “Default apps. Under “Web Browser” click on the name of your current browser and select a new one.

On iOS 14, you can make Chrome the default browser

The beta version of iOS 14 (iOS 14 beta 8) includes the ability to change the default browser. The user is currently allowed to install the latest version of Chrome instead of Safari. To change the default browser in iOS 14, you need to:

  • Download Chrome from the App Store or upgrade your previously installed version of the browser to version 85.0.4183.109;
  • Open Settings and select Chrome or Safari;
  • Select the “Default Browser App” tab and change the browser there.

According to Apple’s documentation, a third-party app may be used as the default browser or email client on iOS 14 as long as it meets certain functional criteria to protect user privacy and ensure that web resources are adequately accessed and delivered without changing them.

The third-party browser should also contain a text box for entering URLs, an online search facility, and a list of favorite bookmarks. When the user opens a link, the third-party app should go directly to the specified address and display the expected web content. No redirects to third-party resources or display of any content that is not relevant to the address the user is opening.

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How To Change Default Browser on iPhone in iOS 15 | Set Chrome iOS Default Browser

Third-party mailers, to be able to be signed by Apple to allow a default installation, must be able to send messages to any valid recipient and receive messages from any sender. Making any changes to user data is prohibited. Third-party email apps that have inbox filtering features, parental controls, and user-controlled and customizable features to check incoming email, such as for phishing messages, are allowed.

Developers must get permission from Apple for users to use their default apps instead of the regular apps by submitting a request to email “default-browser-requests@Apple.Com” or “default-mail-app-requests@Apple.Com” They also need to update their apps to meet all of the company’s requirements. Only Google has done this now with the updated Chrome for iOS.

How To Change Default Browser On IOS (iPhone / iPad)

Instructions for changing browsers from Safari to Chrome

Changing the original search engine is easy enough. It is possible to do this in the iPhone/iPad itself without first installing third-party programs. It is necessary to follow the following steps:

  • In the App Store, download and install Google’s browser app on your device.
  • Open “Settings.”.
  • In the list, go down almost to the bottom of the list to Chrome and click on it.
  • Find “Default Browser” and in the options that appear, check the option Chrome.

Done. Google Chrome is now the default search engine.

If you decide to return the Safari browser or choose another application, then repeat the sequence above, only check the box for the application of your choice.

How to change the default browser in iOS

If you are used to using Android, you know that when you install a new browser, the system itself will ask which browser to use, and for links of different types, the user’s choice may differ (for example, for online shopping you can use branded applications). Ios does not ask such questions, so the owner of the apple technology will have to take the initiative.Although iPhone and iPad users most often use Safari as their primary browser, it’s more out of habit than real necessity. Before iOS 14, a user really couldn’t change the default browser, but now it’s possible and not too difficult. Let’s look at the procedure in detail.

Let’s assume that you have already installed the desired browser, because otherwise the rest of the description just makes no sense. You go to Settings and in the list of applications find the browser we are interested in. In this example, it will be Chrome, but it can be replaced by any other browser, the order will not change. The only condition is that your i-gadget must use iOS version 14 or higher.Use a short tap to go to the application settings. In addition to the settings we are interested in, here you can also adjust the resolution for tracking geo-position, select the desired parameters of the voice assistant and disable cross-tracking (this will reduce the number of targeted ads).The section we’re interested in is the Default Browser Application. By tapping on it you will see the list of browsers installed on your iPhone. Then it is enough to tick the desired option, no need to confirm or save the changes.

As you can see, changing the default browser on your iPhone is not as difficult as it may seem at first, and if you use a different browser on your computer or laptop, this solution allows you to fully enjoy the synchronization opportunities. For more great content, be sure to subscribe to our Telegram feed.

How to set a default browser in iOS 14

Update the browser in the App Store. True, at the time of writing, Firefox, Opera, and Brave can’t be set as the default browser. But you can definitely do it with DuckDuckGo and some other browsers.

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As mentioned above, there is no separate section in the settings for setting default apps.

  • Open the iOS system settings and scroll down to the browser you want.
  • Click on it and go to “Default Browser App”.
  • Select the browser you want from the list.

Web pages will now open in that browser.

After refreshing in the App Store, some browsers show a page asking you to set them as your default.

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You won’t find Chrome among them. To set it as default, you’ll need to do as described above. Microsoft Edge browser shows a window the first time it launches after an update. This is most likely what all browsers will eventually do. This will make it faster to set them as the default option.


The only way to set Google Chrome as the default web browser on Android is to use the system settings. These settings are different on different smartphone models and manufacturers. Most often, you can swipe down from the top edge of the screen and click on the gear icon to open the system settings.

Find the section labeled “Apps” or “Apps and Notifications. Open the list of installed applications and tap on the name of the browser you want. Swipe down on the information screen of the selected app, then click on “Browser” and select the new default.

To make Firefox your default browser, click on the three dot icon in the bottom right corner of the app, then choose Settings, and check the radio button next to Make Firefox your default browser. Tap the name of the “Browser” section and change the default to Firefox.

In Edge, click on the three dots icon and select Settings. Swipe down on the Settings screen and click “Set Default Browser,” then click “Set Default Browser” in the pop-up window. This will take you to the default app settings, where you can choose a browser.

How to change the default browser in iOS 14. You can already try it


In iOS 14, it’s now possible to change the default browser and email client. Instead of Safari, you’ll be allowed to install Chrome or Yandex, for example, and instead of Mail, Gmail or Spark.

However, it’s not that simple. The option is already available, but developers must update apps themselves to make it work.

How to change the default app in iOS 14

Open Settings. [App Name]. 2. Select the Default Browser App tab. 3. Changing Safari or Mail to another program.

Google Chrome now has support. You can use it instead of Safari.

In Bookmarks

How to open web links in Google Chrome on iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking on older versions of iOS?

Open this page in the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.

Click the Share button and select “Add Bookmark” from the menu.

Choose a convenient place to save the bookmark and rename it, for example, “Open in Chrome,” click Save.

Click the Bookmarks button and press the Edit button.

Select the bookmark you created in step. 4) Click on the “Open in Chrome” button. It will open in edit mode.

In the URL field, delete the link and paste the text you copied in n. 2.

Now if you want to open any page in the browser Google Chrome, click the Bookmarks button and choose the created bookmark “Open in Chrome” and the link will be opened in Chrome.