Mi Band 4 Phone Connection Error

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What to do if Mi Band 2 does not connect to the phone?

In the old version of the application, when Mi Band does not sync with the Mi Fit application, your smartphone “does not see the bracelet” and an error message appears: “Mi Band connect failed, pull to retry”.

Mi Band 4 Phone Connection Error

When you go to settings, the error will be confirmed again. If you don’t fix this error right away, your actions will not be recorded in the Mi Fit app. To fix this problem, first turn off Bluetooth and restart your smartphone. After restarting the device, open the Mi Fit app and try to sync Mi Band again. If that didn’t work, here’s how you can fix “Mi Band connect failed” error in Mi Fit for your Android device.

Mi Fit App indicates the device is not visible (Mi band 2 device is not available)

  • Make sure your bracelet has enough power / charge.
  • Place the smart bracelet next to your phone with no obstacles in between.
  • Disable the Bluetooth function of your phone and restart it. Also try restarting your smartphone.
  • If device search is still unsuccessful?
  • Try to connect the tape to another phone.

If after this step the application also throws the same error, the most likely cause is the quality of the product. Contact after sales service and clearly describe / explain the problem for professional support.

Switching to a new smartphone Mi Band 2 does not connect to the phone

This is because your bracelet is still attached to your old phone. First you need to disconnect it from this phone.

  • Install the Mi Fit app on your new phone and enter your Mi account (the one you usually use for the band).
  • Enter profile. My devices. Mi Band 2, tap it and swipe at the bottom of the page before clicking “Unpair” to complete this step.
  • Go back to the profile page of the Mi Fit app, click on “Add device” in the “My devices” line, then add this group to pair it with a new phone.

Restart the device.

Turn off Bluetooth and turn it on again. Now try syncing again. If that doesn’t work, turn off Bluetooth and restart your phone. If your Bluetooth works fine, but you still can’t sync your Mi Band to Mi Fit, go to Method 2.

Mi Band 2 does not connect to the phone

Today we will talk about how to fix the problem of synchronizing your device with the Mi Band Fitness bracelet. Sometimes users receive a message: “Failed to connect Mi Band, please try again.” This means that the error occurs when connected to the phone and the Mi Fit app cannot track your body parameters and your physical activities.

Disable Mi Band from Mi Fit settings

  • Open Mi Fit
  • Go to profile Click on “Mi Band”
  • You will see an “Out of range” error
  • Scroll down and click Disable OK
  • Close Mi Fit app and restart it

You will now be asked to turn on (pair) your Mi Band again. Just tap on the Mi Band when the LEDs start flashing and it will sync with the Mi Fit app on your Android device. All your pre-error data will be displayed and the Mi Band will start tracking your steps / calories / sleep, etc. As usual.

Mi Band Bluetooth connection

The very first thing you need to confirm is whether your phone’s OS and Bluetooth version meet the minimum requirements of Mi band 2. Mi Band 2 requires at least Android 4.3 OS and at least iOS 8.0; Likewise, Bluetooth version must be 4.0 or higher.

Due to the version of the operating system, Mi Band 2 does not connect to the phone.

If your device meets all the requirements, try the following steps:

  • Check if your phone’s bluetooth is turned on and also check the bluetooth connection records. If there are excessive entries, clear them and restart the pairing process.
  • Do not connect Mi Band 2 directly via your phone’s bluetooth interface. The correct way to pair is the proprietary Xiaomi Mi Fit app.
  • Make sure your Mi Band 2 has enough power. In reality, the distance between the Smart strip and the phone should not exceed 10 meters (30 feet). Even at this effective distance, obstacles can still affect and disrupt the Bluetooth signal, so the optimal distance is within 5 meters.
  • Disable your phone’s bluetooth and then restart it or reboot your smartphone. Repeat the pairing procedure.
  • If all of the above methods do not resolve the connection problem, try pairing with a different one; If it works, then it means that an error may occur with the phone. For example, the quality of the product or a problem with the firmware.

Checking the connection via nRF connect

Nrf connect is designed to scan and find a list of available bluetooth devices. As usual, launch the program. Activate bluetooth. Turn on GPS. Press the “Next” button and allow the application to receive information about the location of the smartphone.

We are waiting while the program scans the list of all devices. If your Mi Band is working properly, it will appear in the list of devices. After that, you can connect the bracelet to the branded application from Xiaomi.

Mi Band 2 does not connect to the phone. Installing an alternative program

  • Pedometer
  • Heart rate meter
  • Sleep timer
  • Smart alarm clock
  • Notification button for calls, SMS and message apps
  • Displaying messages on the screen
  • Full program customization

If the program turned out to be useful for you, then be sure to tell us about it.

We hope this troubleshooting article helped you solve the problems with your Mi Band 2 bluetooth phone.!

Perhaps you still have questions if we talk about what to do if Mi Band 2 does not connect to the phone. Write them to us in the comments form on the website.

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press CtrlEnter.

Step 1

The first thing to do is to completely reboot your phone. Everything ingenious is always SIMple. Try rebooting and then syncing your devices again.


Synchronization of devices must be carried out using the Mi Fit app. Download in AppStore and Google Play. After registration we go: Profile. My devices. Add device.

Clock face

How to install a picture on Mi Band 4? In the Mi Fit application, select: Profile. My devices (Mi Band 4). Bracelet screen settings. Dials. Select a theme and click “Synchronize this watch theme”.


How to make Mi Band 4 in Russian? To do this, you need to download the update. In the Mi Fit application, select: Profile. My devices (Mi Band 4). Check for updates. Wait for download and updates.

After installation, the language will change to Russian.

Included options

Mi Band 4 does not sync with the phone, endlessly searches for the bracelet and gives an error: “The bracelet could not be found. Make sure the bracelet is charged and close to the phone. “?

Why does Xiaomi Mi Band 4 not connect to iPhone or Android for a long time? Here’s what needs to be done:

  • The bracelet needs to be charged 100%.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
  • You need Wi-Fi or mobile internet to work.
  • Enable geolocation.
  • In Phone Settings, allow access to the phone’s location.
  • The bracelet should be as close to the smartphone as possible.
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If all conditions are met, then the bracelet should connect in a matter of seconds!

Mi Band 4 does not connect to the phone. What to do?

What should I do if Mi Band 4 won’t connect to the phone and won’t sync? Don’t be angry with the Chinese from Aliexpress who sent you this Smart bracelet. Try all the tips below first.

Did not work

If you see that Mi Band 4 does not connect to the phone, and the search is taking a long time, then it is worth doing the following steps.

Step 2

Uninstall the Mi Fit app from your phone. Then download again. When you enter the application, it will ask for permission to send notifications, and also ask for access to your location. Allow it, it’s important.

After that, everything should work.!

Connection error

The phone gives an error with the following inscription: “Reset the Mi Band 4”? Then read the instructions on how to fix this problem in this article.

Now you know what to do if Mi Band 4 won’t connect to your phone! Use these SIMple tips to sync your devices: bracelet and smartphone.

Thanks for your time.

Using a smartphone

In this case, the smartphone is used as an intermediate link:

  • Using a USB cable, connect the phone to the computer
  • From the options for using the USB connection, select the item “Data transfer to PC”
  • Go to the “My Computer” menu and look for Mi Band 4 among the connected devices

Using emulators

Download Bluestacks Nox emulator or App Player to your computer and activate it. After that, the user is able to see all applications installed on the smartphone and devices connected to it, including Mi Fit. Now he can use a PC to control the tracker.

Mi Band 4: connecting to a phone on Android and on IOS

To take full advantage of the capabilities of the Mi Band 4, you need to pair it with your phone. But not for everyone, each model has certain requirements for the operating systems of mobile phones. Having bought Mi Band 4, before connecting to the phone, read them in the instructions.

Mi band master

The Mi Band Master app is not official for the bracelet, but it allows you to customize several additional features. The app is the only one that works with both Android and iOS. Before connecting to Mi Band Master, they first connect to Mi Fit and allow it to be in the background. After downloading and activation, the software automatically and automatically joins without any confirmation.

You need to pay for downloading the Mi Vand Master program, but compared to Mi Fit it has some advantages:

  • Takes into account daytime sleep
  • Better sleep statistics
  • There are notifications about the operation of the gadget
  • Selectable source of weather information

Disadvantages. No workout regimen and no air update.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to iPhone

For the Mi Band 4 pairing process to be successful, you need an iPhone from 5S and iOS from 9.0. The developers removed support for versions 4 and 5 back in 2018. Bluetooth version 5.0. How to connect Mi Band 4 to iPhone? The pairing process is almost the same as for Android smartphones. But a little less confirmation is required here.

Mi Fit

The first time you connect the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, you need to create an account. Enter a username into the profile, create a password. This information will serve to log into your account. You can use a previously created Mi-account or take an existing account with Google or. But it is better to give preference to Mi account, especially in phones from Xiaomi. Two trackers are not connected to one Mi Fit account. To attach the second, you must first disconnect the first.

In order for the application to be able to navigate the capabilities and needs of the owner, he needs to know information about anthropological data. Their application will take into account, determining the permissible load norms.

To connect a phone with a created account:

  • Go to Mi Fit
  • Allows you to get information about geolocation data, location and files.
  • Activate Bluetooth
  • Press “” at the top right of the main application screen
  • Place the smartphone and bracelet close to each other
  • Select “Search for devices”
  • Press on the line “Bracelet”
  • Agree to data processing
  • Waiting for the end of the synchronization process, looking at the device displays
  • Confirm connection with a button on the tracker
  • Settings are restored and updated

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is now ready to go. If the original language of the tracker was English, then after the connection is established, it will automatically update to Russian.

How to connect a fitness tracker to another phone

Sometimes there is a need to connect Mi Band 4 to another phone. Best if he’s Xiaomi. But for this it is not enough to bring two devices to each other. First, untie the fitness tracker from the phone to which it was previously connected.

They go to the “Profile” of Mi Fit and find the item “Disable” in the settings. After that, the device can be connected to the Mi Band 4 phone. Fitness tracker Mi Band 4 connects seamlessly with most modern smartphones.

How to connect the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet to the computer

You cannot connect Mi Band 4 to a computer directly via a USB cable. I have to use intermediate methods.

Other programs

The ability to connect the Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet to any other application appears only after a connection has been established with the phone on which Mi Fit is activated. The developers have limited the ability to authorize him. Then Mi Fit works in the background.

The connection is carried out as follows:

  • Go to a new application
  • Click the “Settings” tab
  • Get into “Connect to Mi Band”
  • Choose a fitness bracelet from the list that appears
  • Press “Forward”
  • Click “Authorization via Mi Fit”
  • Receive two bind and sync messages
  • Waiting for the update time to update
  • The successful connection is indicated by the appearance of the program icon in the shutter

How to sync your smartwatch with your phone?

For several years in a row, the so-called smart watch has been available for sale. A wrist watch with a very wide range of possibilities. They found their audience among young people, business people, and especially caring parents. Such a watch is several times more reliable than a regular smartphone and is not capable of sending spam. The only problem is how to connect the smartwatch to the phone. But you will find its solution below.

Why do you need a smartwatch and is it worth buying?

What to choose for a child. Smart watch or phone? This is the most pressing issue among parents who are worried about the safety of their offspring, want to control their movement and keep in constant communication. Today there is already a large selection of Smart watches that support a SIM card, which means that they can work autonomously without a smartphone, or you can purchase a more familiar model and synchronize it with your phone. When it comes to buying for a child, the advantages of a watch over a phone are as follows:

  • The child can always wear the watch on his wrist, so it is less likely to get lost and the child will not miss a single message.
  • A smartwatch is a more reliable and durable gadget, while a smartphone can even break if dropped from a 10-centimeter height.
  • Smart watch has no such thing as “unexpectedly low battery”, which allows you to keep in touch with your child at any time.
  • Although modern watches have a number of useful functions, nevertheless, with their help, a child will not be able to surf on prohibited sites on the Internet or receive spam.

In addition, a synchronized watch with a phone gives parents the ability to:

  • Be aware of the current location of the child;
  • Receive emergency signals from the baby, for which he only needs to press one button;
  • Learn about removing the gadget from your hand;
  • Send notifications and text messages to your watch;
  • Create restrictions on calls.

The only drawback of smartwatches has been the high price for a long time. But as soon as well-known Chinese companies joined their production, a lot of affordable models appeared, which, in terms of their functional properties, are in no way inferior to branded gadgets.

How to connect the watch to an iOS phone ?

You can sync iPhone with such a watch in a SIMilar way.

  • Download the Gear S3 app to your computer, download it to your smartphone via iTunes and start syncing by SIMply clicking the “Connect” button.

Now the Smart watch and the phone will always be in touch, only if you do not want to turn them off yourself and if the Internet does not disappear on the phone. In this case, the watch itself will always be in touch, since it is able to transmit a signal using a regular SIM card. Smart watches can even connect to a wi-fi network, which further expands their capabilities.

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How to connect smart watch to phone?

Smart watches necessarily have software that synchronizes with the phone. Note, however, that some watches can be connected to either Android or iOS, although many models are equally easy to connect to all smartphones. Be sure to check this question before buying, otherwise you will have to buy a new phone to connect to the new watch of the child.

How to connect your watch to your Android phone?

  • Download the dedicated Android Wear app to your phone from the Play Store.
  • Simultaneously launch the app on the phone and turn on the watch.
  • In the application settings, click “Configure” and the phone will automatically display the name of the watch. Click on the name you need.
  • Codes will be displayed on the screen of the phone and the new gadget. If they match, click “Connect” and wait for the process to complete.
  • If the codes do not match, try repeating the procedure again.

Then you just have to follow all the instructions that the application will display on the phone screen and configure all the necessary parameters for controlling the watch.

Is it possible to connect several hours to one phone at once?

Parents with many children can buy smartwatches in bulk, since they only need one phone to control them. How to do it?

  • Open the Android Wear app on your phone.
  • Next to the name of the already connected watch, find the arrow pointing down and click on it.
  • You will see the “New watch” menu, following the instructions of which you can synchronize your phone with another gadget.
  • If you want to connect a third watch, repeat all of the above. There are no restrictions on the number of connected smart watch the phone and the application have.

Looking at the huge variety of manufacturers and designs of smartwatches, you can easily choose the right model that will best meet your expectations. Find out how to choose a smart watch at the link.

Program for synchronizing Xiaomi (Redmi) with PC. Mi PC Suite

Several people over the past couple of weeks have asked me if there is a special program for synchronization between Xiaomi (Redmi) phone and computer. It turned out that there is a program, but there are enough problems with it.

In ancient times, when Nokia was the leader in smartphone building, cloud services were in their infancy and data from the phone’s memory could be transferred to a computer only with the help of special programs.

On the one hand, it is convenient, because the user did not depend on the Internet, it was enough to connect the smartphone to the computer via USB and transfer everything that was required. In addition, the amount of memory in the phones was small compared to modern ones and this data was not limited by the PC.

However, on the Internet, I found a special Xiaomi synchronization program called Mi PC Suite. Judging by its description, it synchronizes the phone and PC, transferring all the necessary data: contacts, photos, notes, videos, notes, documents and all this without the Internet via a direct wired connection.

Well, since I was asked about this, I decided to write about how to use it.

I found the official pcsuite.Mi.com page on the Internet, which has not been updated since 2015, downloaded the latest official version of Mi PC Suite 2.2.0 and installed it on the computer. The installation went smoothly, but when I tried to connect a Xiaomi Mi 9 SE phone to it, it failed, the application wrote that I needed to update my smartphone in order for it to start working with the program. It’s funny because the phone has the latest global firmware with Android 10 on board. It is clear that a program that has not been updated since 2015 is not able to communicate with a modern phone. But I did not give up hope, because in my collection there is a Xiaomi Mi 5 phone with firmware, I thought that it should work adequately with Mi PC Suite. But no, I got the same error.

After that, I continued searching and came across a new version of Mi PC Suite Beta, downloaded it and installed it, removing the previous version before.

The description says that it supports smartphones up to Mi 8.

Having connected my Mi 9 SE, I received the update recommendations again. Then I again took the old Mi 5, which is listed as supported in the program description, but with it again the same error fell out.

As you understand, I could not start the synchronization of Xiaomi with PC using Xiaomi PC Suite, and, probably, this is for the best.

Checking the connection between devices in Mi Fit

The connection of the bracelet is almost always automatic. However, it is not possible to visually determine whether everything went well.

Immediately after activating Mi Fit, synchronization starts on the main screen. As soon as it reaches 100%, it means that all data has been transferred and the connection has been established successfully. If the process remains at 0%, then the bracelet is disconnected from the smartphone.

Connectivity technology

The interaction between the Xiaomi Mi Band tracker and the smartphone is carried out using Bluetooth. On the bracelet, this module is almost always in the on mode, while on the phone it can be activated manually. You can read more about Bluetooth connection errors here.

Reconnecting Bluetooth

First of all, it is desirable to exclude the possibility of errors in the interaction of two devices. To do this, you need to remove Mi Band 4 from the list of paired devices, and then add it again. Details on how bluetooth works can be found here.

The sequence of actions will be as follows:

  • Launch the Mi Fit application and go to the profile tab.
  • We click on the name of the bracelet, in the tab that opens, scroll to the very bottom and click “Disable”.
  • Then it is advisable to restart bluetooth on the phone.
  • We add the device again in the application according to the standard scheme.

In most cases, if Mi Band 4 disconnects from the phone, such manipulations can fix the problem.

The bracelet needs to be charged

The owners of the gadget noticed that Mi Band 4 is constantly disconnected from the phone if its charge level is less than 15%. This problem does not happen to everyone, but many complain about it.

The solution here is absolutely SIMple. To charge the fitness bracelet to the maximum (or at least to the mark above 15%). The connection should be restored automatically.

Factory reset

With constant disconnections, you can try to restore the original settings of the fitness bracelet. To do this, all actions must be performed on the gadget itself:

What to do if a disconnection occurs

In most cases, the problem lies in an unstable bluetooth connection or due to the peculiarities in the operation of specific models of smartphones.

What to do if Mi Band 4 disconnects from the phone?

Fitness bracelets have a wide range of options. In addition to monitoring the state of certain body parameters, they can help their owner in controlling the smartphone: signal incoming calls, show SMS notifications, receive data from. Whatsapp, Viber, etc. However, for the last actions, a bluetooth connection is required between the bracelet and a smartphone. Usually, after the first setup, it is almost always constant. However, sometimes there are situations when Mi Band 4 loses connection with the phone and cannot automatically restore it. Let’s consider this problem in more detail and determine the ways to solve it.

Using third-party applications

If Mi Band 4 loses connection with the phone very often, then you can test the connection with third-party applications.

One of these is Bluetooth Scanner. Bluetooth finder-pairing. The sequence of actions when using it is as follows:

  • Find the program in the official Play Store repository and download it.
  • We activate the GPS function on the smartphone.
  • Launch the installed Bluetooth Scanner.
  • In the main window of the program, open the “Devices” tab and click “Start”.
  • We are waiting for the scan to complete. The search can take a long time (from 1 to 5 minutes).
  • After the program finds a fitness bracelet, connect to it via Mi Fit.

If everything went well, then the Bluetooth Scanner application can be removed from the phone, we will no longer need it.

Most likely, every owner of this gadget faced the problem when Mi Band 4 loses connection with the phone. And in most cases, its elimination does not cause serious problems.

The only thing to consider is whether your fitness bracelet is really original. On low-quality devices, various modules fail quite quickly, which are also responsible for synchronization.

Method two

This method can be used if you have previously synced the fitness tracker with your phone. If at some point you notice that the bracelet SIMply does not want to connect to your smartphone, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Mi Fit control application;
  • Open the profile tab and then select our Mi Band 2 in the list of devices that have been connected;
  • You will see a notification that the Mi Band is not connected. Scroll down and click the “Disconnect”. “Ok” button;
  • Close the application, then launch it again and go through the entire process of synchronizing the smartphone with the bracelet again. At the moment when the LED sensor on the bracelet starts blinking, select the device you are going to connect on the phone display;
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Do not worry that when you re-link the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, all personal data and step statistics will be lost, because they are stored in the account itself on the Xiaomi servers, and therefore after re-synchronization, all data will continue to be collected in the account.

If your smartphone does not find the bracelet

In the event that your smartphone SIMply does not see the Mi Band, proceed as follows:

  • Delete the Mi Fit app from your smartphone;
  • Search the Internet and download one of the older versions of the application, for example, 1.0.652.188, install the application;
  • Turn on Bluetooth and then connect the bracelet to the computer via USB cable;
  • Launch the Mi Fit application on your smartphone, and then remove the bracelet capsule from the charging;
  • The app will almost always see the bracelet immediately;
  • Then install the latest version of the program on your smartphone (you do not need to delete the old version) and reconnect the gadget;
  • After the connection is successful, you can delete the old version of the Mi Fit program on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Enjoy!

Method one

This method is based on the assumption that the fitness tracker cannot connect to the smartphone due to the fact that Bluetooth does not work. To test the correctness of this guess, try connecting from your smartphone to any other device via Bluetooth. The procedure is as follows:

  • Disable and re-enable Bluetooth;
  • Try to connect again, if nothing came of it. Turn off Bluetooth and restart your smartphone;
  • Try to connect Mi Bend again. If again nothing came of it, go to the next method.

What to do if Mi Band does not connect to the phone

In this article, we will answer the question of why the Xiaomi Band 2 does not connect to the smartphone, or if the Mi Fit control application SIMply does not see it, and we will also help you solve this problem using several methods. These methods also work in case of problems with the connection of Mi Band 1 and Xiaomi Huami.

The problem with connecting Mi Band 2 is often solved by checking the charge level and rebooting the smartphone, but if you are 100% sure that the tracker is fully charged, these actions did not help and Mi Band does not connect to the phone, move on to other methods.

In the event that none of the above methods helped, think about the fact that the tracker itself may be faulty, or it is not the original Xiaomi Mi Band 2. But we advise you to check the authenticity of the device directly upon purchase, because if you purchase fake, then there is a high probability that you will have problems connecting your phone to the Mi Band.

If you first successfully used a fitness tracker and you know for sure that this is an original device, and then there were difficulties in work, then you should wait a little. Most likely, the whole thing is in the software. Programmers will soon fix the error and release new updates that allow you to work with the bracelet without any problems.

Method one

It is likely that the synchronization with the bracelet does not occur because Bluetooth does not work on the bracelet or on the smartphone. You can check this guess by trying to connect the tracker to another phone or by trying to exchange files via Bluetooth. The procedure is as follows:

  • Disable and enable Bluetooth several times in a row.
  • We repeat the connection. If synchronization fails, turn off Bluetooth and restart the phone.
  • We repeat the connection. If nothing happened again, go to the next way to solve this problem.

Why Xiaomi Mi Band 2 does not sync with the phone

Today you will learn what to do if the Mi Band 2 wristband does not sync with your smartphone, or the Mi Fit app SIMply does not see it. Initially, if such a problem occurs, you need to check the power of the bracelet (whether it is discharged) and restart the smartphone. If these actions did not have an effect, go to one of the solutions below.

What to do if the Mi Band 2 bracelet does not sync with the phone

If you bought yourself a brand new fitness tracker, then it must be connected to your smartphone without fail. This is necessary in order to maximize the functionality of the accessory, because it can not only count steps, but is also a full-fledged fitness tracker that can measure heart rate, analyze sleep, be an alarm clock and much, much more.

It is very easy to connect the bracelet to your smartphone, just follow the SIMple instructions:

  • We register via PC in the Xiaomi system.
  • Download the official application called Mi Fit to your smartphone from the Play Market or App Store, install it.
  • We launch the program. We accept the user agreement and click on “Login”.
  • Enter the email address and password that you specified when registering your account, click “Continue”.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on the smartphone and in the application, click on the line with the inscription “The device is not connected. Click to link “.
  • Select a bracelet from the list and bring the tracker closer to the smartphone, wait for the search to complete.
  • After the connection is established, the bracelet capsule will vibrate, and you will need to press the button. We fulfill the request.

If you can’t find the tracker at the stage of detecting it via Bluetooth, try bringing it closer to your smartphone, or restart the program. There may also be situations when Mi Band 2 refuses to sync with the phone. Let’s analyze them in more detail.

Method two

This method can be successfully used if the Xiaomi Mi Band has already connected to the smartphone before. In the event that “everything worked before, but now it suddenly stopped”, you need:

  • Go to the “Profile” tab in the Mi Fit program and select the Mi Band bracelet from the list of previously synchronized devices.
  • In the Mi Fit profile tab, we see a notification that the Xiaomi Mi Band fitness tracker is not connected to the smartphone, and therefore we scroll down the page and try to disconnect the device (Unpair) from our phone.
  • We completely close the Mi Fit program on your iPhone or Android, then open it again and sync the devices again. After the diodes on the bracelet start blinking, select the device (Band) on the phone display and wait until the program completes the synchronization.

Since we use the same account, you don’t have to worry that all previous statistics will not be saved. The data is stored on Xiaomi servers, and therefore, after re-binding the bracelet, statistics will continue to be collected and accumulated in your account.

If the phone does not see the fitness tracker

If the Mi Fit program does not want to find the bracelet, we do this:

  • Uninstalling the program from a smartphone.
  • Find on the Internet and download an older version of the program. Install it on your smartphone.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and connect the bracelet to the PC via a USB cable.
  • Launch the installed program and disconnect the bracelet capsule from the charging cord.
  • If you did everything correctly, then the program starts to see the bracelet in almost 90% of cases. Now we install the current version of the Mi Fit program without deleting the older version of the application.
  • We synchronize the tracker with the new application and, after the connection of the bracelet is successfully completed, we delete the old version of the program.

Now you know how to sync the bracelet with a smartphone if some kind of failure occurs. If none of the methods described by us helped to solve the connection problem, then you should check the performance and authenticity of your Xiaomi fitness bracelet. But users usually check for authenticity even when buying a new item, and the inability to properly synchronize the bracelet with the phone suggests that the buyer is probably holding a defective or fake Xiaomi Mi Band.

If problems with synchronization arose some time after use, then wait until a new version of the software is released, because it is possible that the essence of the problem lies in the software itself, which will not be difficult for programmers to fix. It only takes a little time.