Jbl basspro go computer connection. Characteristics

How to connect JBL headphones via Bluetooth and not break firewood

I greetly welcome you to the next article Wifigid! You are also a happy owner of JBL wireless headphones like me? Then I suggest you, together with me, find out how to correctly connect JBL wireless headphones to any of your home equipment (smartphones, computers, TVs, etc.D.) and at the same time avoid possible problems (I have seen enough of a rake). Briefly and in case. Begin!

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Useful instructions

JBL headphones are only a special case of all wireless headphones. What I am going to describe here largely repeats the already created materials earlier. And there will be almost no differences. But in those articles there is a analysis of a specific situation, which means there will be more details. JBL is almost no different from other manufacturers, so I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with these articles:

For the rest I propose to run very briefly.

After the first conjugation for the further use of headphones, you usually need to turn them on. After turning on, they automatically come together with the currently included devices. If there are several (for example, a computer and phone are available), headphones can be connected by accident to any of them-so you may have to turn off Bluetooth somewhere.

The first way is Bluetooth

In order to connect the JBL column in this way, the Bluetooth adapter should be in the computer. He can be either built into the motherboard, or external.

An example of an external adapter is presented below. You can purchase it in any electronics hypermarket or order on the Internet.

So, if the computer has a Bluetooth signal receiver, the connection process is as follows:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on the JBL column
  • Open on PC “Windows” parameters “
  • Go to the “Devices” section
  • Move the Bluetooth slider to the.
  • Now click on “Adding Bluetooth or another device” to start a search for accessible devices
  • In the window that appears, select the very first item (mice, keyboard, audio)
  • A few seconds will pass and you will see in the list of devices the name of your JBL column
  • Click on its name to start conjugation of devices

5 Facts About JBL BassPro Go

Ready. The sound should be played from the column. If this does not happen, return to the computer settings menu and open the “System” section

In the left menu, go to the “Sound” tab

Select the JBL column as source of sound output

Similarly, you can connect JBL wireless headphones to PC or laptop.

Possible problems and ways to solve them

Despite the simplicity of the process, it is not always possible to combine two devices with each other. In this case, the question arises why JBL does not connect to the computer. The cause may be an incorrect connection, error of the Bluetooth adapter, incorrect tuning, lack of drivers, etc. D. To establish work and connect JBL speakers for PC, do the following:

  • Check the fact of turning on the “blue tooth” function on both devices again.
  • Place both devices as close to each other at the time of connection. This is relevant if you need to connect the device to the computer via Bluetooth.
  • Restart the computer and column, and then make another attempt. Often such a step allows you to correct the situation in the presence of a slight software failure.
  • Remove the old conjugation on the “blue tooth”. Perhaps the JBL column is already connected to a large number of devices and it is not possible to connect another computer.
  • Make sure there is a sufficient charge on the dynamics battery.
  • Remove the JBL column away from the Wi-Fi router, which may be source of interference.
  • Check the availability of drivers on the JBL column and USB adapter. If they are absent, install them manually.
  • Make sure Bluetooth adapter with the visibility of the portable device.
  • Contact the service center if any of the devices (for example, the Bluetooth adapter and JBL column) are not connected to any other device. Perhaps we are talking about serious failures.
  • Check the fact of the inclusion of acoustics and sound level.

In most cases, the steps discussed allow you to solve the problem and connect two devices to each other. If it was not possible to figure out how to connect the JBL column to the computer, try to contact JBL support by phone 8-800-70-004-67 and find out possible causes of malfunction.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, tell us whether you managed to connect the column to the computer according to the above scheme, what difficulties arose when performing work, and share the ways out of the situation.

computer, connection, characteristics

How to connect JBL to Windows 10 computer?

Turning on Bluetooth when you are convinced that your computer with Windows 10 supports Bluetooth, you need to turn on Bluetooth. To do this, follow the following actions. Press the Start button Parameters of the Bluetooth device Other devices turn on Bluetooth.

2 ways to connect JBL to a computer on Windows 7

  • turn on Bluetooth on both devices (if it is absent on PC, it is necessary to purchase it additionally in the form of a separate module);
  • Enter the Bluetooth and other devices on PC and wait for the discovery of a wireless column;

Is it possible to connect the JBL column to the TV?

Almost all TVs have a 3.5 mm connector. Therefore, in most cases, the JBL column can be connected using the AUX cable. we insert the ends of the cable into the corresponding connectors on the column and TV; Turn on both devices.

In order to switch the device between low and high frequencies (which will significantly affect the volume of playback), the following actions must be performed:

How to connect a Bluetooth column via wire?

How to connect speakers to a laptop and a computer using a wire

  • Turn on the speakers.
  • Press the Bluetooth button (above the power button)
  • Open the control panel.
  • Select equipment and sound.
  • Select devices and printers.
  • Select Bluetooth devices.
  • Click Add the device.

How to connect speakers to a computer via USB?

To connect the column in this way, you will need an adapter from a conventional USB to mini or micro-USB, USB cable and AUX- cable. The sequence of actions in this case, the following: insert the adapter into the phone connector, and the USB column cable into it. The other end of the cable is connected to the column itself.

First of all, make sure your computer with Windows 7 supports Bluetooth.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth device and make it detected
  • Select the start of the device and printers.
  • Select Add the device, select the device and press the button further.
  • Follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

Connection via Bluetooth

The process of inclusion when using Bluetooth is the most convenient and economical compared to other developments, so it is widely used in all areas of equipment production. Every person will be able to perform actions, for convenience and understanding the scheme we offer you a phased instruction:

  • Charge the column and turn it on with buttons on the case.
  • Connect the TV or computer to the network, complete the entrance to the main menu.
  • Activate Bluetooth connection. To do this, go to the control panel, then to the devices and select the appropriate item.
  • To turn on, click on the icon and drag the pointer to the “inclusive” position.
  • After that, you need to start searching for devices. If you have already connected to the system before, then the column is synchronized automatically, otherwise you will have to wait a few minutes before detection.
  • With the correct inclusion of Bluetooth, the conjugation and visibility on the screen will be displayed by a list of headsets.
  • Choose the point you are interested in and connect to it by clicking on it with a mouse. For an automatic connection with repeated connection, remember the device in the system.
  • Now it remains to adjust the sound parameters, the range, frequency and volume of the transmitted signal. You can enjoy watching films with excellent sound.

For the first connection, it is better to keep the equipment at close range to speed up the process, since the Bluetooth waves have its limited coating radius.

Important: specify in advance the presence of an adapter and the ability to connect a column to your technique. Some devices do not interact. If desired, you can purchase special adapters.

Why the column may not connect?

Sometimes any technique has problems with connecting. If you bought a quality device, then there should not be problems, and the column will connect without failures. Otherwise, it is worth attributing the equipment to the service center and exchange under warranty or repair.

Among the most possible reasons for the lack of synchronization, the following can be distinguished:

  • Power is off or battery is discharged. Check the power buttons and charge levels.
  • There is no visibility of a column for a computer. This can be fixed in the menu of the control panel.
  • Bluetooth is turned off. To ensure interaction, it must be activated.
  • The model is not designed to connect with these equipment. Check the information from sellers.
  • The cause may also be a breakdown, mechanical damage or malfunction of chips.
computer, connection, characteristics

You can fix some of the reasons yourself. For high.quality diagnostics, contact the service center for help, there will be repaired and replaced by parts if necessary.

Brief technical characteristics and connection intenses

When choosing wireless acoustics, it is important to consider such characteristics as the battery capacity, weight, operation time without recharging the battery, power, simplicity of connecting to a phone or computer

Model Power Battery work time Charging time frequency range Signal level The weight
Boombox 60 watts 24 hours 6.5 hours 50–20,000 Hz 80 dB 5.25 kg
XTREME 40 W 15 hours 3.5 hours 70–20,000 Hz 80 dB 2.112 kg
Charge 4 30 W 20 hours 5.5 hours 60–20,000 Hz 80 dB 0.965 kg
Pulse 3 20 W 12 hours 4.5 hours 65–20,000 Hz 80 dB 0.960 kg
Flip 5 20 W 12 hours 2.5 hours 60–20,000 Hz 80 dB 0.540 kg
Go 2 3 W 5 o’clock 2.5 hours 180–20,000 Hz 80 dB 0.184 kg
Clip 2 3 W 8 ocloc’k 1 hour 120–20,000 Hz 80 dB 0.184 kg

It is also important for the columns the presence of a protected case, the Bluetooth version, the possibility of charging other devices, when the speaker can be used as a powerbank. IPX7 protection is available in all models indicated in the table higher, except XTREME

This column has the degree of protection IPX5. Version “Sinezuba” mainly 4.2, only in Go 2 and again, Xtreme has a version 4.one. As an external battery, you can use BOMBOX, Chardge 4 and Extreme

computer, connection, characteristics

IPX7 protection is available in all models indicated in the table higher, except XTREME. This column has the degree of protection IPX5. Version “Sinezuba” mainly 4.2, only in Go 2 and again, Xtreme has a version 4.one. As an external battery, you can use BOMBOX, Chardge 4 and Extreme.

The standard set of connectors includes MicroUSB, USB Type a. On Flip 5 is the new USB Type C, which is also on Charge 4. Connecting an external power supply (DC5V) to the corresponding connector is provided only on JBL XTREME and JBL Boombox, the remaining speakers are connected for charging to USB.

Precaution measures of the portable column JBL GO 2.

To ensure water protection, make sure that the JBL GO 2 is disconnected from all wired connections and cables, as well as tightly close the cap; Do not expose JBL GO 2 water exposure without performing this procedure. This can cause serious damage to the acoustic system.

Also, do not allow water to enter the JBL GO 2 while charging the device. This can cause serious damage to the acoustic system and power supply.

The degree of protection IPX7 means that the speaker system can be immersed in water to a depth of 1 m no more than half an hour.

If you do not use the column for a long time, at least 3 months reload the battery. The service life of the battery depends on the manner of operation and on external conditions.

JBL connection via Bluetooth

To correctly connect the Bluetooth column to the phone, laptop or any other device, follow the following steps:

Turn on the JBL speaker conjugation mode

If you have not connected Bluetooth on the column before, then when turned on, it will automatically start in the mating mode. When you click on the power button on your dynamics, the LED flares up.

But if in the past you have already connected your device, you will need to connect it manually. To do this, hold the Bluetooth button for about 3 seconds on dynamics until the LED light up. The button is located next to the power button.

Connect the JBL column to the phones

For Android

  • Open “Settings” on your Android phone
  • Find the “Bluetooth” item and turn it on
  • Then select “Search for new devices”
  • Wait until the name of your Bluetooth column is displayed on the phone.
  • Select it and connect the phone with the device

For iPhone

  • Go to “Settings”
  • In the “Connection” section, click on “Bluetooth”. (also from the main screen you can move up the control integration and directly select the icon).
  • After turning on, find the name of your JBL in the “Other devices” section. Then click on it to successfully perform the conjugation.

You can connect a computer and column via Bluetooth in the following ways:

For MacOS

  • Mostly the menu select and open “system settings”
  • Find “Bluetooth” and activate it
  • There will be a list of active Bluetooth devices in front of you. Find your JBL column and connect.

For Windows 10

  • In the “System Settings” section, open “Bluetooth and other devices”
  • Select “Show Bluetooth devices (if it is hidden, click on the arrow on the task panel).
  • When the “Add Device” window appears on the screen, find the JBL device in the list and connect.

After successful conjugation of devices, the LED on dynamics will stop flashing, and thanks to sound confirmation, you will hear that the device is connected correctly.

Bluetooth 一 is one of the most widely and easily used wireless technologies in the world, but even when using it, people may have problems when connecting.

We connect the JBL column via Bluetooth to the phone

Bluetooth synchronization is the most common because no additional cords and applications are required to connect. This connection method is standard for all mobile phones. Most often, the JBL column is purchased in order to connect it via Bluetooth. Wherever you are, you can connect to the column and enjoy your favorite music or radio station. To do this, take a few simple steps:

  • Place 2 devices nearby, phone and column.
  • On the devices you need to turn on Bluetooth.

Jbl connect не видит колонки. Решение проблемы.

Connect the JBL column and the Windows laptop via Bluetooth

Now consider connecting the column to the laptop with the installed Windows operating system. For this:

  • Connect JBL columns to power source.
  • Place the device closer to the column so that the laptop finds the signal as quickly as possible.

How to connect JBL wireless headphones to a computer

Before talking about individual Bluetooth modules, you need to check if there is a technology in a computer. You can find out about this in the laptop by looking at the back or front cover.

As well as the presence of a button with a badge. On the PC case, you can usually consider a similar icon.

But, even if it is absent, you can also check software to connect your JBL headphones:

  • Press the two keys at the same time Winpause;
  • Select the line “Device Manager”, which is located on the left on the menu;

You can check the availability of a network in Windows parameters if your PC has an eighth or tenth version on your PC. Click on the Start button and on the gear or system parameters and in the “Devices” section Find the Bluetooth item.

It will be displayed in the list of fast access window. Click on a small arrow at the bottom of the screen and select the Bluetooth icon.

Problems when conjugating the headset with PC

Even experienced users are often mistaken when connecting JBL headphones. Therefore, check once again if Bluetooth is included on a computer or laptop. Even if it has, the technology can be turned off in the device dispatcher. How to get into it described above. You need to choose a PKM line with the Bluetooth adapter and press the “inclusion” or “use” item.

After these actions, you will see that an icon with radio waves appeared in the quick access window. By clicking on it, you can find the JBL headset within its action.

What you need to take into account and check: Explanation:
Inclusion through the radio module. Check if the headphones are included and whether they are ready for conjugation. Try to connect them to your smartphone or laptop, which has a built.in radio module Bluetooth.
Removing the device. Try to remove a device from the list that does not connect for some reason. After start the connection again.
Reboot. Try to reboot the JBL headphones settings. Often for this, a long.term holding of the power button serves.
The optimal distance. Make sure both devices are at sufficient distance to conjure.

Bluetooth devices, including the JBL headset, are divided into three classes: 1, 2, 3. The third class of modules can broadcast a signal to one meter distance. When the first is the most powerful and transmits a signal in conditions of full visibility to 100 meters. In urban areas in fact-this is 10-20 meters. Often the third grade is built into wireless devices. Since this provides additional protection and security of the user’s personal data. When connecting the headphones of the JBL brand to the desktop computer, the small radius will not allow attackers to intercept the signal.