Is it possible to connect a graphic tablet to a laptop

Can you use a graphic tablet with a laptop?

Are tablets for drawing with laptops working? Yes it is. Most of them can be connected to a laptop through a USB port. Sometimes, depending on your laptop, you may need to update the drivers and, possibly, install additional software for working with a drawing tablet, but most of them do not need it.

Yes, the Huion 420 tablet can work with a laptop.

How to connect Wacom Intuos Pro via Bluetooth?

Click the “home” button on the Intuos Pro tablet, after which the blue LED will start flashing. Go to the Bluetooth settings section on the control panel. Select from the list of “BT Intuos Pro” devices. Click “Pair” (“Connect”).

There are one or two graphic tablets with screens on the market, so you can even use a graphic tablet without PC. However, for most tablets, an additional monitor is actually needed, on which you can view and process your work.

In which application is it better to draw on a graphic tablet?

If the graphic tablet is wired, then it is connected to the PC due to the USB cable. As a rule, the tablets have removable tablets. At one end the standard USB on the other (which is inserted into the tablet) Micro USB. As a rule, all wireless models can work through a cable.

Connection of the Wacom Pro graphics tablet in Linux or how Bash helps artists

If you are the happy owner of Intuos Pro and the proud Linux user, then perhaps you befell the same failure as me. The thing is that at the time of writing this article, there was no normal support for the latest models of graphic tablets of Wacom. However, thanks to the Linux Wacom project and several bash scripts, this problem can be solved.

The whole story began with the fact that I had to draw a lot for my home project, and the old Genius tablet did not fit for this at all. And Wacom Intuos Pro Midlle was bought. On a computer with Win7, he set very easily and tuned in. I was especially pleased with the possibility of setting up profiles to assign various functions to the devices depending on the application used. There was no bound.

Along the way, I realized that buying Photoshop for a project that does not bring income is not at all interesting. The work of the developers, however, like my freedom, I appreciate and therefore I do not use anything pirate. The gaze was turned towards free.

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Having climbed the sites and forums and the dislike of GIMP, I settled on the Krita program. A very convenient raster editor, with rich tiring settings.

To immediately avoid holivar, I will say that Krita is not a replacement of Photoshop, but in terms of drawing they are sometimes more advanced.

What is not lucky

By this time, I had to completely transfer to the computer with Ubuntu. Remembering that I always saw the Wacom section in the settings, I boldly connected the tablet wire. And nothing Then I connected a wireless adapter. No result. Search and all sorts of tips. Everything is the same.

At one time, I conjured with Genius settings and thought that somewhere a conflict arose. Having long wanted to try the mint and Cinnamon, I downloaded and tired her. And again nothing.

Linux Wacom Tablet Project came to the rescue, one of the main authors of which is Red Hat employee Peter Hutterer.

I will not say that everything has become smooth the first time, but such a sequence of actions with Askubuntu helped me:

possible, connect, graphic, tablet, laptop
  • Download the latest version of the Input-Wacom nucleus from here: http: // Sourceforge.Net/Projects/Linuxwacom/Files/Latest/Download
  • Если нужно, то устанавливаем зависимости: sudo apt-get install build-essential libX11-dev libxi-dev x11proto-input-dev xserver-xorg-dev libxrandr-dev libncurses5-dev autoconf libtool sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic
  • Unpacked TAR XJVF Input-Wacom-0.20.0.TAR.BZ2
  • We go inside CD Input-Wacom-0.20.0

Depending on whether the tablet was connected, a reboot may be required.

Minutes of happiness

I was happy again until I realized that only 2 buttons work, and the touch is not disconnected when drawing a stylus. Under KDE and GNOME were GUI, and under my Cinnamon I had to use the XSETWACOM console utility, which later gave a more flexible setup, and in conjunction with Bash. Additional opportunities. There are examples of scripts with XSETWACOM on the project website, but they are not designed for intuos pro version. I had to experimentally determine the number of buttons (they are somewhat randomly scattered). Plus, in the list of devices, the tablet is determined in different ways when connected by a wire \ without wire.

Pretty advanced setting

I am not a programmer, but I hoped that I could understand the language of scripts. Using the output from XSETWACOM and GREP, the right device is always substituted into the variable, and notify-sand displays the profile used.An example of a script for Krita#the name of the devices, regardless of whether a wired or wireless connection for tabletDevice_stylus = `XSETWACOM LIST DEV | Gras.E.O “.Stylus »` device_eraser = `XSETWACOM LIST DEV | Gras.E.O “.Eraser »` device_cursor = `XSETWACOM LIST DEV | Gras.E.O “.Cursor »` device_pad = `XSETWACOM LIST DEV | Gras.E.O “.

PAD »` device_touch = `XSETWACOM LIST DEV | Gras.E.O “.Touch ” # #pop.Up warning about the profile used.

Notify-send «Using Krita profile» #Рабочая область для стилуса#Для двух мониторов просто ширину 2 монитора прибавить к 1: MapToOutput 3286×108000xsetwacom set «DEVICE_STYLUS» MapToOutput 1920×108000 ## Настройки для стилусаxsetwacom set «DEVICE_STYLUS» RawSample «2» # numberво исходных данных для фильтрации точекxsetwacom set «DEVICE_STYLUS» Threshold «27» # порог чувствительности пераxsetwacom set «DEVICE_STYLUS» PressureCurve «5 10 90 95» # Кривая безье давленияxsetwacom set «DEVICE_STYLUS» TabletPCButton «off» # кнопки стилуса работают рядом с экраномxsetwacom set « Device_Stylus ”Mode“ Absolute ” # Absolute or relative binding of the cursor to the screenxetwacom set“ Device_Stylus ”Button 1“ 1 ” # Left clickxetwacom set“ Device_Stylus ”“ Right clickxetwacom set ” ## Резинка xsetwacom set «DEVICE_ERASER» RawSample «2» xsetwacom set «DEVICE_ERASER» Threshold «27» xsetwacom set «DEVICE_ERASER» PressureCurve «0 10 90 100» xsetwacom set «DEVICE_ERASER» Mode «Absolute» xsetwacom set «DEVICE_ERASER» Button 1 « 1 “## Tabletwacom set” Device_Pad “Button 2” Key Shift “Xsetwacom set” Device_Pad “Button3 “Key Ctrl” Xestwacom set “Device_Pad” Button 8 “Key Ctrl Z” XSETWACOM SET “Device_PAD” BUTTON 9 “KEY CTRL SHIFT A”# is unknown where these# XSETWACOM set “Device_PAD” BUTTON 4 “KEY D”# XSETWACOM SET “Device_Pad” Button 5 “Key E” Xsetwacom Set “Device_Pad” Abswheeldown “5” # Clotwacom set “Device_pad” Button 1 “Seeing Classetwacom Set“ DEVICEW ” XSETWACOM SET “Device_PAD” Button 10 “Key Ctrl K” Xsetwacom set “Device_Pad” Button 11 “Key Ctrl M” XSETWACOM SET “Device_PAD” Button 12 “Device_PAD” BUTTON 13 “BUTTON 13 “Scrolldistance” 10 “XSETWACOM SET” Device_Pad “Taptime” 50 “, in principle, from the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, it is clear what each parameter is responsible for. Pay attention to how the physical keys are connected with their numbers inside the program.The connection with the following disappointment was that there were no profiles for various programs. In principle, you can make several scripts and configure hot keys to activate each. However, with frequent switching between applications, this begins to deliver some inconvenience.

How to connect a graphic tablet to a laptop?

To work with graphic editors and computer graphics requires special skills in this area of ​​activity. Also, the graphics implies the use of technical equipment. Nowadays, computer technologies are actively developing, with their help, users are able to perform many different tasks in a short time.

How to set up a graphic tablet?

Thanks to the use of advanced developments, manufacturers were able to create modern equipment for comfortable work with graphic files. Graphic tablets were invented, the main purpose of which is to introduce information through the device screen into the computer base. This allows you to quickly make changes and create whole images by hand. But for functioning, you need to correctly connect the device, and then configure it to synchronize the equipment.

If you first purchased this type of equipment, you should read the instructions and operating manuals in which you can find answers to all the questions that arise during the connection and work. To correctly include the system and set up software, you will need to fulfill the following plan:

possible, connect, graphic, tablet, laptop
  • Turn on the equipment and connect it to the computer using the wire.
  • After that, run a special installation disk through the disc (is complete with the purchased equipment) with the software and a set of drivers for the correct operation. In the absence of a disk, you can download the appropriate program from a proven source via the Internet.
  • When starting a disk, a dialog box with the installation wizard should automatically appear. If this does not happen, go to the menu for manual file opening.
  • Agree with the rules of the license agreement, start installing. To do this, click on the “Next” button.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Follow all actions and wait for the download. It is periodically recommended to update the components to improve equipment performance

When performing the above actions, you can use the tablet. In case of problems, it is worth additionally read the information on the Internet, consult with specialists. Try to carry out all the actions again strictly according to the plan, in some cases it can help.

Important! If system failures occur, you should seek help from the service center. Do not carry out independent repair and replacement of parts to maintain the guarantee.

How to set up a stylus of a graphic tablet?

After the correct connection of all components of software and drivers, you should configure the pen and sensitivity of the screen when pressing. To do this, go to the system settings and make the following manipulations:

  • Through the control panel (in different models the path is different) go into parameters and basic settings. Here you can adjust the sensitivity to pressing. To do this, change the “sensitivity” by moving the runner and draw the lines, so you can determine the power of pressing a comfortable for yourself.
  • After that, using the F5 key or the Brushes button, go to the section Parameters section. Using the adjustment buttons, you can configure the angle of inclination and line shape.
  • Another parameter is the smoothness of the hand. You can observe changes by writing a few words or drawing a strip on an open sheet.
  • In the additional section, you can change the turn of the hand and transparency depending on the force of pressing.

Configure the characteristics of the display of displayed lines according to your preferences. In the course of work, you can also change the settings for comfortable images editing.

Important! There are special programs and applications with additional properties and a set of hands. For professional activities, you can try to apply them.

Setting up additional keys

Another indispensable detail is the special keys of the graphic tablet. To apply them during operation, it is necessary to make the correct setup. This will need:

  • Go into the main settings for the tablet.
  • Choose the assigned keys, usually certain tasks have already been assigned to them.
  • If desired, you can change the purpose of the keys. To do this, select the item and assign it a specific button.
  • After choosing convenient positions, keep the changes.
  • Also in many systems there is an opportunity to choose their given parameters for different programs. For convenience, you can perform this manipulation.

Graphic tablet in Japanese

Wacom, founded back in 1983 in Japan, occupies an advanced position on Rinke of graphic tablets. All thanks to patented energy transmission technology using electromagnetic induction.

The purpose of the company is to implement harmonious interaction between a person and a personal computer. Therefore, a graphic tablet from Wacom has become one of the important tools for every artist.

Description of Wacom tablets

For many years of work in the production of graphic tablets, Wacom has reached perfection. They produce easy.To.Use tablets that are suitable for each user depending on his requirements.

All products of the company are divided into three groups:

Designer tablets. The most popular group in the graphic technology market. Therefore, WACOM has released a special professional line. It is a graphic tablet for drawing IntuosPro and an interactive screen with the feature of Cintiq display.

The Wacom Grip Pen feather, comes with a tablet, has a sensitive tip. 2048 levels of sensitivity to pressure, recognizes the minimum pressure of pressing. 1 gram. The built.In sensor of the pen of the pen in space allows you to determine the angle of inclination up to 60 degrees.

Turn your old tablet into a second screen for your PC (2020)

The tablet itself has a convenient Touch Ring ring button and a set of user keys, which can be assigned, for example:

For the user’s convenience, the tablet software includes a special display function-Heads-Up-Display, which allows you to quickly reconfigure the tablet without looking up from work. The tablet has a built-in Wi-Fi Inte Weeing allows you to use a tablet at a distance of 10 meters from the workplace.

Do I need to connect a graphic tablet to a computer?

The tablet most often needs to be connected to the computer USB cable. This method can be used both on simple models and fairly advanced products. To use a screen with a screen, most likely you will have to connect it to the computer with two cables at once.

Great news, now the graphic tablets Wacom intous (models CTL4100 and CTL 6100) can be connected to mobile devices based on Android (6.0 or later), now you can create anywhere!

TOP-15: the best tablets for drawing 2020

Consider the best tablets for drawing for any budget and for different levels of artistic skill. The tablet will allow you to go to a new creative level and transfer your work to the digital format.

Which tablet is better to buy?

The tablet market offers a huge number of models and technological solutions. These can be tablets for children, professional expensive devices with high resolution or affordable with functionality of no worse than eminent brands.

Which one to choose exactly?

  • Dedicated budget. And how long do you plan to use the device.
  • Type of device. This can be: a graphic tablet, a graphic tablet with a monitor or a tablet computer.
  • Technical requirements. Wireless model or not. The presence of functional keys. The size of the working area and t.D.

We will try to consider tablets for any budget and for different tasks so that you select the best tablet that can be found on sale.

We take into account advantages and disadvantages by user reviews. But do not forget that every artist puts his requirements and preferences to a graphic planet. And they may differ from your. Someone is important to the sensitivity of the pen for the exact display of the thickness of the line. For others, a large area of ​​drawing is more important.

Or the presence of functional buttons. Or so that there is a familiar operating system (we are talking about Android and iOS). Or a wireless connection. Or maybe you immediately want to buy a professional Wacom tablet. A leader in this direction, but with a high price, or his cheap analogue. The brand Huion.

Or do you want to buy a universal model from Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung.

Yes, too many parameters. So let’s understand.

What tablet do we recommend

At the time of publication of this article, we are more than sure: Wacom Cintiq 22 is the best drawing for drawing that you can buy.

If you are not ready to lay out money for Wacom, then look at the XP-Pen Artist 15 model.6, although a competitor in the same price category is already breathing nervously in his back. Wacom One 13 (but the reviews have not yet been pleased).

And the most affordable option for the price is Huion H430P.

Next, we will consider the full rating of tablets for drawing. Some models have their own “features” and unique solutions, and you yourself decide what parameter for you will be more relevant.

If you do not know anything about graphic tablets, we note that they can be divided into 3 types. Our rating will be divided into these types.

  • Graphics tablet. You need to connect to a computer so that your art in the selected drawing program is visible on the monitor.
  • Graphic tablet with a monitor (or interactive display). Directly on tablets, you draw using a stylus.
  • Ordinary tablet (tablet computer). To adapt it to drawing, you need to install additional applications.

The best graphic tablet in 2020 (with a monitor)

For such money, Wacom Cintiq 22 offers a large working area for drawing and an extremely sensitive stylus. Complete with the tablet, PEN PRO 2 with 8192 levels of pressing. The anti.Reference cover of the screen gives an acceptable level of work with “extra” light sources. Yes, there are cheaper analogues, but the high price is dictated by the level of quality from the leader in this niche. Wacom.

The best cheap graphic tablets with a monitor

Tablet with the XP-Pen Artist 15 stylus.6 does not have a large screen, but this is enough for drawing. Removing a couple of inches, we noticeably reduced the price. The handle is pleasantly in the hand and has 8192 pressure levels. A qualitatively made screen. Yes, in the tablet there is no such attention to details as in Wacom, you need to get used to the stylus (due to the shift between the tip of the pen and the cursor on the screen), but you will receive a professional device without laying out a lot of money for it.

This tablet for drawing was recently introduced at the CES 2020 exhibition. Its “original” name echoes the old Wacom ONES model (not to be confused!). With his tablet with 13 inches Wacom wants to lure customers from XP-Pen. Full HD screen provides 72% NTSC color renders, anti.Reference coating. Convenient as a tablet that can be taken with you on the road. To do this, they adapted him legs that replace the stand.

Everything in the Gaomon PD1560 is good. And bright screen 16: 9. And a comfortable feather with 8192 sensitivity levels to press. And 10 fast buttons that can be configured for your tasks. But this miracle weighs 1.5 kg, data transfer only by wires (although wireless modules are already built in in some tablets of this price range). So this tablet is exclusively for working in the studio.

Wacom Intuos Pro (Large)

When you create a digital illustration, you want the surface and the feather to be similar to real analogues. This is how Wacom Intuos Pro did it. It is as close as possible in graphic sensations to real paper. And if the standard equipment does not suit you, there are alternative feathers and texture sheets for WACOM to give your drawing appropriate look.

Wacom Intuos Pro (Medium)

Designers do not need such an amplitude of movement as for illustrators and artists, so a medium.Sized tablet will be quite good for them to work. 8 hot buttons, Touch Ring touch ring. Give quick access to commands and tools, without the need to use the keyboard. Intuos Pro supports multi.Line, which simplifies the scaling of the picture.

Wacom Intuos Pro (Small)

Pro appears in the name of the model, this hints that the model is no worse than professional tablets from the Wacom line, but at a reduced price, especially for ambitious newcomers. The small size made it convenient for transportation, while it is quite durable and has the same set of functions that the Medium and Large models. Yes, a small working area, but Pro Pen 2 is supplied to the kit.

If you are not sure that you will often use a tablet for drawing, but want to try. Buy h430p. Of course, the drawing area is small, but the pen has good sensitivity, and it can convey the advantages that professional models can give. This is one of the most affordable and high.Quality market models.

Is it possible to use a tablet as a graphic tablet, how to make a graphic tablet

A graphic tablet is not only convenient, professionally, but also expensive. In addition, graphic tablets are not entirely practical for using an average user. Undoubtedly, such a device is necessary for an artist or designer. The universal device is much more practical and used in many areas. But you can use a simple tablet computer, as a graphic for unprofessional needs.

possible, connect, graphic, tablet, laptop

How to turn a tablet into a graphic

Graphic tablet gives users the opportunity to draw in editors, imitating simple creativity with a pencil, brush and other tools. That is why, first of all, you should think about acquiring a stylus for a tablet computer. The pen will draw small details no worse than in graphic.

In any case, you can do without unnecessary costs. But this will allow the tablet computer to the maximum closer to graphic. In addition, unlike stylus for special gadgets, the usual will be almost eternal. The rods for the graph of tablets are often erased, they have to be regularly replaced.

No need to have complex technical knowledge to understand how to make a graphic tablet from a simple. Enough download one application.

Applications for the tablet

There are many programs and editors on the Internet that will make it possible to create sketches on a regular device. Enough to download the right for the OS and start creating.


This program will make it possible to use a universal gadget as close as possible to the graphic. The application connects the device to the computer. Work takes place in the GIMP editor.

Example using a tablet with a Xorgtable program

But it should be borne in mind that the quality of the images will be low. In addition, while working in the editor, the computer mouse will not react.

possible, connect, graphic, tablet, laptop


One of the popular android gadget applications. It is convenient to draw in it not only with a pen, but just with fingers. Sets of various brushes help greatly in this.

  • Wide selection of tools for creativity;
  • The ability to create up to 16 layers;
  • Understandable integration;
  • Large canvas;
  • Good quality of saved drawings.

Of the minuses, only the fact that the functionality of the free version is limited to 2 layers and 20 tools.

Autodesk Sketchbook

This application helps to imitate drawing on a graphic tablet. Has many tools for creativity. The main feature application is the ability to create high.Quality images with a detailed drawing and recording of the process.

  • The ability to shoot the process of creativity in the video in slow shooting;
  • Than a hundred tools for work;
  • The possibility of symmetrical drawing;
  • Work at once in three layers;
  • Feels the power of pressing and regulates saturation;
  • The ability to increase the image by 2500%to draw small details.

Advice. So that the results are available on different devices, it is recommended to save them in the cloud storage.

Mybrushes Pro

This program will help the user fully use all creative potential. The functionality closer to the graphic tablet brings closer as possible. There are many tools for simulating drawing techniques, styles and techniques. It is possible to create absolutely any size of the canvas.

Extended brush settings in Mybrushes Pro

  • You can copy and remove the selected elements;
  • Saving is automatically with each change;
  • Understandable integration;
  • The ability to edit photos;
  • There is a set of templates;
  • From the application you can publish drawings on the network and send by mail;
  • Cancellation of actions, up to the very first.


The best application to turn the iPad into a graphic. Its functionality completely imitates all the artist’s belongings, styles and techniques of creativity.

  • Sets of oil paints, shadows, pencils, markers, chalk, wax crayons;
  • Imitation of dry and wet brushes;
  • Mixing colors, quantity control;
  • An increase to 6400%;
  • Images can be transferred by mail, placed in a storage or put in social. Network;
  • Reacts to the degree of pressing the pen, finger;
  • Intuitively understandable integration.

This program is suitable not only for beginner artist who does not have a graphic tablet, but also to professionals.

From a simple tablet, you cannot create graphic, but you can perfectly imitate it. To do this, use a stylus and a program to create or edit images.