IPhone 8 plus screen replacement

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How to distinguish iPhone 8 plus screen manufacturer by serial number?

You can distinguish the screen version by the first 3 characters of the serial number:


The serial number of the screen can be found with the True-Tone programmer:

iphone, screen, replacement

Serial number starts with DTP. this is an LG display that is compatible with all versions of iPhone 8 plus

The serial number is engraved on the display backlight under the ribbon cable. We do not recommend this method. to see the engraving, you need to bend the bottom cable, which can damage the display. Never fold back the train! :

Serial starts with C11. this is a Toshiba display

You can find out the serial number and display revision without disassembling the iPhone 8 plus using the 3uTool program by clicking on the “Show confirmation report” button. The program will show which revision of the display was originally and which is now:

Matrix compatibility iPhone 8 plus

The iPhone 8 plus has screens from 3 manufacturers: LG, Tohiba and Sharp, which are slightly different from each other. The NAND chip on the motherboard stores the touchscreen calibration for a specific version of the matrix. Therefore, when installing an incompatible revision, the touchscreen does not work correctly. There is no simple solution for changing the calibration in the board, so before replacing the screen, you need to select a suitable revision in advance:

LG is compatible with all versions of iPhone 8 plus Tohiba and Sharp are compatible with each other, but will be buggy on the iPhone where LG originally stood

Takeaway: LG displays are more valuable because they work on all kinds of iPhones. Sharp \ Toshiba displays are less valuable because they are not compatible with LG.

The problem is that for Russia, Apple supplied the iPhone 8 Plus with LG matrices, and they are the most common. And many suppliers bring original displays from other countries where Apple installed Toshiba \ Sharp.

We keep all versions of display modules in stock and when replacing the iPhone 8 plus screen, we select the native screen revision so that the touchscreen works correctly. When selling displays to masters, we specify which revision they need.

How to distinguish the revision of the iPhone 8 plus display visually?

Look at the hole in the HOME button. If you see a golden rectangle in the center. this is LG and it is compatible with all models. If the Golden Rectangle is shifted to the right, it is Toshiba \ Sharp and will not work with LG.

The touchscreen glitches after replacing the iPhone 8 plus screen. What to do?

Have you replaced the iPhone 8 plus screen and does the touchscreen occasionally fail? The disadvantage is amplified if you connect the charger? The problem may appear 1-2 days after replacing the display. Touchscreen on iPhone 8 glitches if you install the wrong display revision.

Algorithm for replacing the display on the iPhone 8 plus:

Identify the native revision through 3uTool or by visually inspecting the broken display; 2. If LG was originally installed, then only LG should be installed; 3. If initially there was Tohiba \ Sharp. you can put any display; 4. Choosing the correct revision from the supplier.

IPhone 8 Plus glass replacement. prices

Replacing glass separately from the screen 690
Replacing the touch screen display 1000
Changing the case 1000
Replacing the volume control button 685
Cleaning and recovery after exposure to moisture 585
Home button 485
Replacing the vibration motor 485
Replacing the proximity and lighting sensor 535
Replacing the front camera 535
Replacing the speaker 535
Replacing the microphone 585
Replacing the polishing speaker 485
Replacing the syncronization and charging lines 685
Replacing the audio cable 685
Bootloader from 585
Replacing the battery (battery) 785
Repair or replacement of the Wi-Fi module from 1685
Repair or replacement of GSM module from 1685
Replacing the rear camera 735
Replacing the back panel 735
Installing the mother’s card from 1785
Changing the Flash memory of the iPhone 6 Plus to 16 Gb from 1585
Replacing the Flash memory of the iPhone 6 Plus to Z2 Gb from 2485
Changing the Flash memory of the iPhone 6 Plus to 128 Gb from 3485

Common iPhone 8 Plus malfunctions

Most often, the reason for the breakdown of a smartphone lies in improper use and non-compliance with care recommendations. If you often drop your phone, leave it in direct sunlight or in rooms with high humidity, then you will soon have to contact a master to repair your mobile device. IPhone 8 Plus glass replacement is performed when the screen stops responding to touch, glows white, stripes, circles, darkened areas, and scratches and cracks appear on it. In addition, a violation of color rendering and blurring of the picture may indicate a possible breakdown of the display.

IPhone 8 Plus glass replacement. price

Adjusting to the modern pace of life, we often experience curious and force majeure situations from which not only we suffer, but also our things. For example, in a hurry, we often drop our gadgets. over, we can accidentally sit on our iPhone, or recklessly hit it against the wall in a fit of resentment or anger, which inevitably leads to damage to the touch glass or even the entire display module.

Smartphones are an essential part of our everyday life and weekend. Every day we communicate with family and friends, read books, watch movies, buy clothes and groceries, cinema tickets and even work using mobile phones. Alas, our faithful companions often fail. The smartphone screen often breaks, making it impossible to use it. Some smartphone owners go to the master to fix their phone, while others try to fix the breakdown on their own. Of course, replacing the iPhone 8 Plus screen or repairing a more complex malfunction should be carried out exclusively in workshops or service centers.

IPhone 8 Plus screen replacement at Firstservice

To carry out a high-quality iPhone repair, you need to contact a trusted service center. One of these is the Firstservice service. We guarantee:

  • Reliable repair of breakdowns of any complexity;
  • Replacement of failed parts with original components from the manufacturer;
  • Low cost of services;
  • Repair work in a short time;
  • Provision of official documents for the guarantee;
  • Delivery by courier of the repaired smartphone to the owner.

Contact the Firstservice service center and have your iPhone repaired by professionals!

Modern life goes on at a crazy pace, and the only way to leave at least a little free time is to surround yourself with electronic assistants. They save us from endless, tedious and routine work. Household appliances and electronics surround us not only at home, but also at work, making it easier, allowing us to increase productivity. Unfortunately, sometimes a situation arises when equipment does not keep up with our rhythm of life and fails. In this case, urgent and high-quality repairs are needed, otherwise you will have to do all the work yourself. It steals our personal time and is not always physically possible. It is impossible to imagine a household without modern technology. Sweeping floors with a broom, washing mountains of dishes or washing clothes in the bathroom? A breakdown in video equipment deprives us of the pleasure of watching our favorite TV programs or a football match.

IPhone 8 Plus repair in other cities of Ukraine

Reception for repair

We will take your non-working iPhone 8 Plus to a service center.

Where to repair in Kiev?

To replace the glass of the iPhone 8 plus screen. trust the professionals and contact the iLab service center. Address: Kiev, st. Pavlovskaya 10, office 5. Phone: 0 800 751-752.

Open your iLab service

Earn from 100 000 UAH per month! Franchise of Apple service centers in Ukraine.

⌚ How long does it take to replace the glass of the iPhone 8 plus screen?

We do iPhone 8 Plus screen glass replacement within 2 hours after diagnosis, except for difficult cases. And our courier can arrive within an hour and pick up your device.

Diagnostics and repair

The wizard diagnoses the iPhone 8 Plus to confirm the need for work on the “iPhone 8 Plus screen glass replacement” service and informs you of the cost and time of the repair.

Glass Replacement, Screen Repair, Sensor Replacement: iPhone 8 Plus Repair

If your eighth iPhone needs to be repaired, it is very important to seek professional assistance. experienced craftsmen who are able to quickly, efficiently and inexpensively restore the functionality of the gadget. In this case, contact the Multiservice Service Center. Experience with Apple devices, the availability of the necessary tools and parts allows you to professionally and with a guarantee to repair the iPhone 8 Plus.

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We carry out a set of work to restore the phone’s working capacity, repair the “drowned”, change all parts, install new and original ones with a guarantee for them. You can get expert advice at any convenient time absolutely free. To do this, fill out the form, indicating your contact information, and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Top Reasons to Repair iPhone 8 Plus at Multiservice

By contacting our service center, you get:

IPhone 8 Plus Repair Prices

Apple iPhone repair / UAH
We carry out repairs of any complexity
Diagnostics iPhone 8 (in case of refusal to repair) 250
Replacing the display module from 350
Display replacement from 500
Matrix replacement from 800
Replacing the touch glass from 500
Updating the software on your device from 250
Dust cleaning iPhone from 300
Dust cleaning iPhone 8 from 600
Data transfer from 250
Phone book transfer from 200
Firmware from 250
Chip reballing from 1200
Creating and configuring Apple account, installing applications from 200
Urgent repairs (by the end of the day) from 250
Installing OS on iPhone 8 from 600

Replacing the glass (sensor), separately from the phone screen:

The most asked question. is it necessary to repair the screen (sensor replacement) of the phone or replace the phone screen.

This question will be professionally answered by the masters of our service center for repairing phones after a short diagnostics. As a result of diagnosing the phone, the service center wizard will determine whether replacing the touch screen or the phone’s body glass will help, or if the phone’s display module assembly needs to be replaced. By repairing a phone screen, we mean the separation of a broken touch glass or a cracked body glass of the phone (stratification of the display module) with the further replacement of the glass of the phone screen with a new one, by using the OCA technology.

Symptoms in which it is possible to repair and replace a broken sensor (glass) of the phone:

Symptoms for which you need to replace the phone screen assembly:

Modern smartphones. rather complex and efficient devices, sometimes comparable to personal computers. The phones run powerful software that sometimes crashes for a variety of reasons. This can be both the impact of viruses or incorrect actions of the user, and the manufacturer’s flaws. A software glitch causes the phone to freeze or even turn off the smartphone completely. From. Due to the many protections provided by smartphone manufacturers, it is not always possible to repair the phone by means of regular firmware. With a non-professional approach, there is a high probability of aggravating the malfunction and bringing the phone to a “brick” state. Here specialized repair programs come to the rescue, but the cost of a license for them is quite high. Therefore, they are not available to the general user for single use. We are glad to inform you that we have a number of professional repair programs for restoring and flashing the phone, and the masters of our service center have vast experience in software recovery of phones.

Features of iPhone 8 Plus display replacement

Above, we have already mentioned the difficulty of replacing the display on the iPhone 8 Plus. To restore the correct working capacity, you need expensive professional equipment. We do not think that you have one. Therefore, we propose to discard the option of self-repairing Apple equipment right away. the idea is bad and most likely will lead to a disastrous result. As a result, you still have to contact the service center and give the smartphone to the masters.

Equipment alone is not enough. It should be understood that knowledge is also required, many years of experience behind. Only with such a combination can we expect that the chink will be produced with high quality, in a short time and at an adequate cost.

Doubt about the choice of SC? We propose our candidacy. RemFOX employs high-class specialists, they are craftsmen who put their soul into the craft, do the work conscientiously.

IPhone 8 Plus (iPhone) Screen Replacement

The most common reason for going to a workshop is the need to have the screen restored. Alas, a fall from a small height onto a hard surface is enough and it may fail. Among other things, there are other causes of the problem. For example, replacing the display on an iPhone 8 Plus may be required due to liquid spills. Yes, the “Eight” has protection against water, but if the case is not sealed, you should forget about protection.

Replacing the iPhone 8 Plus screen is not an easy procedure and it costs decently, the device is new. it went on sale last fall and today is one of the flagships of Apple. We advise you to approach the choice of a workshop wisely: it is better to visit the one where the apparatus has already been restored earlier; where employees have managed to establish themselves as specialists with the necessary set of knowledge and rich experience. Trust us. we will return your pet to service as soon as possible, fix it at a nice price and provide the necessary guarantees. Clients do not have to worry with us. rather check it out, see for yourself.

The price of replacing the screen on the iPhone 8 plus: 1 200 rubles.

  • Our advantages:
  • We’ve been fixing Apple for 5 years. thousands of satisfied customers;
  • Repair with you. 72% of repairs we manage to do in 35 minutes;
  • Free diagnostics;
  • High quality spare parts;
  • Guarantee for all works.

Why choose RemFOX

There are plenty of services in the capital that provide services of this kind. Screen repair on iPhone 8 Plus for most is an impossible procedure due to the lack of practice among workers. Other organizations may not have related tools. You don’t want the “bull’s-eye” to be restored poorly, do you? Of course no. Why should you choose ours among the many companies that provide such services? Understanding:

  • The ability to call an expert at home. The person will arrive at the appointed time, without delay, for diagnostics and subsequent repair of the mobile phone;
  • Availability of accompanying guarantees. We do not touch user data, be it maps or photos, videos;
  • Used spare parts AAA-class, identical to the original in all kinds of technical parameters;
  • Recovery is carried out within 20-25 minutes, taking into account this malfunction;
  • Best value for money.

Still in doubt? Call the specified phone number, call a specialist or ask all your questions.

Screen replacement: when to sound the alarm

Scuffs and cracks most often occur as a result of chance. the human factor plays a role. Sometimes they can be caused by careless handling of the device by children or pets. Often moisture penetration leads to malfunctions of the display. Do not think that problems can occur only as a result of mechanical action. A malfunction may occur as a result of an internal failure, overheating, disconnection of the shield loop. The service center will give the exact answer after the diagnosis.

  • There are scratches and cracks on the screen;
  • Broken pixels, spots, stripes appeared on the display;
  • The image is partially or completely missing;
  • The touchscreen does not perceive user actions.

Depending on the diagnosed breakdown, we will replace the glass or screen. If there are no questions about the touchscreen, we will use a special device to remove the glass and glue a new one.

A complete replacement of the screen module is necessary if image deformation is observed, and the touchscreen stops responding. Taking into account the opinion of the client, we can use both the original screen and a high-quality duplicate.

Question answer

After completing the repair, you can check everything yourself. you will have a one-year repair warranty, during which you can make sure of our professionalism.

Our iPhone 8 plus screen replacement takes just a few minutes. Within half an hour, your iPhone will look like new.

You can contact the service directly, or via the Internet and then the courier will pick up your phone.

We will significantly extend the life of your iPhone. Having been in the market for 5 years, we have assembled a team of first-class specialists in the field of iPhone repair.

IPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement

Cracks, chips and other damage to the screen of a mobile phone are one of the most common reasons for contacting a service center. In practice, even the most accurate user is not immune from them, and the screen itself is not eternal. You can replace the iPhone 8 plus screen at a price of 450 rubles in our service center.

Today new customers get a 20% discount

Leave your phone number to get a discount on repairs

My phone just stopped charging, the power was not running. I went to the service center, the guys quickly changed the charging socket. In general, the repair did not take much time, and most importantly, everything was done with high quality. thanks.

For the first time in my life, I broke my iPhone (hopefully the last one), the guys in the service reassured me that this is almost the most common reason for contacting them) I felt not so crooked))) the glass was changed on the spot, 5 thousand rubles (iPhone 6s). don’t drop your iPhones!

After three unsuccessful experiences of iPhone repair in other services (where one was repaired, accidentally breaking another, and so on for hours until the final result), I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and quality of work. in 15 minutes we confidently changed the screen, right “without leaving the checkout”, everything is in front of you) Thank you!

How is the repair process?

You leave a request for a courier to leave or bring equipment to our service

We carry out diagnostics, after which the terms and cost of the work will become known

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We notify you and, after your confirmation, we carry out repairs

You pick up your gadget and get a 1 year warranty

IPhone 8 plus screen replacement

IPhone screen replacement in 3 hours. 1 year warranty. Display, touch panel, backlight remain native (original).

The display is broken, the touch panel does not work. Replacing the display module takes 30-60 minutes from the moment the phone is handed over for repair. The warranty for the module is 12 months. We install only original displays and are completely sure of their quality.

iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement Guide. RepairsUniverse

This is a quick repair, done without queuing and without booking a time.

This is a quick repair, done without queuing and without booking a time.

This is a quick repair, done without queuing and without booking a time.

iPhone Freezes or Doesn’t Work After Failed Update.

This is a quick renovation, done without queuing and without booking a time. Touch ID does not work after button replacement.

Touchscreen does not work (motherboard)

After free diagnostics, we determine the exact problem and announce the exact cost of the repair.

We announce the exact price of the repair only after the diagnosis.

After free diagnostics, we determine the exact problem and announce the exact cost of the repair.

There is no network, Search, the network is lost or does not work at a certain frequency. We will say the repair price only after diagnostics.

Why people trust us?

Diagnostics at iremont is always free, except in cases of water ingress. Diagnostics of this device costs 18 € and includes dry cleaning.

than 8000 iPhone and iPad have been successfully refurbished. 70% of renovations are completed in the period from 5 to 180 minutes.

Depending on the service, our guarantee is from 3 to 12 months.

We are located in the center of Tallinn, quick repairs without a queue, free WI-FI, a replacement phone.

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Submit an application for repair and we will provide a 5% discount on any service.

Application status

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Step 2 Opening iPhone

Heating the bottom edge of the iPhone will help soften the adhesive that holds the display and make it easier to open.

You can use a hair dryer or heat gun, or prepare the iOpener and apply it to the bottom edge of the iPhone for about a minute to soften the glue underneath.

Step 7

  • Open iPhone by flipping the display up from the left side, like the back cover of a book.
  • Do not try to completely separate the display, as several fragile ribbon cables still connect it to the logic board of the iPhone.

Place the screen on a comfortable surface so that the phone lies flat and does not slip while you work with it.

IPhone 8 plus display replacement. Instructions

  • Before you start, drain your iPhone battery to below 25%. A charged lithium-ion battery may catch fire and / or explode during repairs.
  • Turn off iPhone before disassembling.

Step 20

Turn the display over. Use a hair dryer or iOpener to warm up the desired area.

  • Heating the area around the touch sensor (around the Home button) will help soften the adhesive holding the thin cable in place, making it easier to safely remove.

IMPORTANT: Do not overheat the display. It should not be too hot to be comfortable to touch

Step 11

To reattach all ribbon cables, carefully align them and press down on one side until it snaps into place, then repeat on the other side. Don’t press in the middle. If the connector is misaligned, the pins may bend, resulting in damage.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Repair Services

In our service center you will find all types of repair services listed in the table above. We guarantee that all work will be carried out efficiently and professionally!

Apple iPhone 8 Plus repair in Kiev

Get a DISCOUNT when registering. 5%!

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Display Module Glass Replacement

Replacing the protective glass itself, without completely replacing the display module.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Touch Screen Display Replacement

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement

iPhone 8 Plus runs out of battery quickly reboots; spontaneously turns off when there is a charge.

During a conversation, the interlocutor is not heard or the speaker wheezes.

Replacement / Repair Microphone Apple iPhone 8 Plus

IPhone 8 Plus microphone is not working. The interlocutor does not hear or hears you poorly, interference during conversation.

Repair and restoration after moisture hit Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Power Button Replacement

Does not respond when the power button is pressed.

Repair Bootloader / Firmware Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Replacing the micro USB connector, charging, audio Apple iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 plus lcd screen replacement full video

The phone is not detected when connected to a PC, does not charge from the mains, there is no sound in the headphones.

Rear camera not working. No autofocus, no spot or no flash.

IPhone 8 Plus Front Camera Replacement

The front camera does not work. No autofocus, spots in photos.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Camera Glass Replacement

Repair type Cost Repair time
Replacing the glass of the display module Apple iPhone 8 Plus Replacing the protective glass itself, without completely replacing the display module. Guarantee 849 UAH 2-3 hours
Apple iPhone 8 Plus Touch Screen Display Replacement 1799 UAH 1-2 hours
Apple iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement reboots; spontaneously turns off when there is a charge. 750 UAH 1-2 hours
IPhone 8 Plus Speaker Replacement / Repair. 650 UAH 1-2 hours
Apple iPhone 8 Plus Microphone Replacement / Repair The iPhone 8 Plus microphone does not work. The interlocutor does not hear or hears you poorly, interference during conversation. 650 UAH 1-2 hours
Repair and restoration after ingress of moisture Apple iPhone 8 Plus Liquid got inside the case. 650 UAH 1-2 hours
Power Button Replacement Apple iPhone 8 Plus. 650 UAH 1-2 hours
Repair Bootloader / Firmware Apple iPhone 8 Plus UAH 150 1-2 hours
Replacing the micro USB connector, charging, audio Apple iPhone 8 Plus The phone is not detected when connected to a PC, does not charge from the network, there is no sound in the headphones. 750 UAH 1-2 hours
IPhone 8 Plus Main Camera Replacement The rear camera does not work. No autofocus, no spot or no flash. specify 1-2 hours
IPhone 8 Plus Front Camera Replacement The front camera does not work. No autofocus, spots in photos. 850 UAH 1-2 hours
Apple iPhone 8 Plus Camera Glass Replacement 450 UAH 1-2 hours
IPhone 8 Plus Rear Glass Replacement 850 UAH 1-2 hours

Opening hours are indicated taking into account an appointment by phone.

Without yielding to the leadership position, Apple is only increasing global interest in its products, in particular the line of iPhone smartphones, which have conquered the whole world with their quality and versatility. This year, the presentation of the eighth generation of mobile devices has become, perhaps, the loudest event, involving not only true fans, but also those who are still only passively contemplating the development of the brand. The resulting hype was really worth the attention. The newly minted iPhone 8 Plus has become truly the most anticipated smartphone. Regarding its strength and practicality, it can be noted that the repair of the iPhone 8 Plus was no exception to the operational period of the gadget. Having priority similarities with the basic structure of the general mechanism, the process of restoring the device did not acquire fundamentally new principles.

If it is necessary to carry out repair work and fix damaged parts of the device, the Get Service service center specialists will be happy to help in solving this problem. Many years of experience and active participation in the study of the development of mobile technologies allow the masters of our center to perform competent and high-quality repair of the iPhone 8 Plus in the shortest possible time. Starting from the initial diagnosis of smartphone malfunctions and ending with its absolute recovery, all processes are carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s prescribed requirements. Regardless of the severity of the damage, any iPhone breakdown can be eliminated by following qualified actions.

It is also worth noting that the overly heated interest of the public naturally keeps the inflated for consumables and spare parts for the newly made gadget. Consequently, the cost of repairing an iPhone 8 Plus is significantly different from the previous generation. It’s hard to say for sure when the recession will occur, since everything directly depends on the internal policy of Apple and the duration of the excitement around the new product. The need to preserve the integrity of the device and prevent any defect formation as the most effective way to eliminate the need for repair remains unchanged. The list of negatively influencing factors is still headed by mechanical damage. Therefore, only the utmost care will maximize the life of a smartphone without interfering with its internal structure. Well, if the damage could not be avoided, we will help to resume the operation of the iPhone 8 Plus, guaranteeing the absolute performance of all types of services for the repair of new items.

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Urgent iPhone 8 Plus repair in Kiev

If you are faced with a problem related to a malfunction of your device, for example, you broke glass, damaged the display, the battery started to discharge heavily or other breakdowns, you can count on urgent repair of the iPhone 8 Plus at the best in Kiev, with a guarantee of work performance and quality provision services in our service center for the repair of Apple equipment.

Most common malfunctions

Despite the fact that the iPhone 8 Plus has an increased degree of ruggedness, this smartphone cannot withstand the effects of various factors. However, there is a possibility that the ultra-durable body of this smartphone does not exclude possible risks in the event of which mechanical damage may appear. If it is severely hit or dropped, it may crack the glass or worse. deformation of the display matrix. There are various ways to fix this problem that will help you effectively get rid of the problems that have appeared. In this case, the question arises: how to do it?

Let’s consider the most correct and common ways to solve the problem. In the case when a strong blow falls on the protective glass, this can cause much more serious problems. If you found various spots or sagging, as well as broken pixels and a number of other defects, then this may indicate that the sensor or even the matrix may have been damaged. One way or another, but this is a bad sign, because after these problems, others related to the operability of the front camera, sensors for reading fingerprints and the like may begin. In this case, you may need to replace the screen in the iPhone 8 Plus or replace the rear glass, which we already practice in our workshop for servicing apple smartphones.

What’s new?

Of course, it is worth focusing on the use of OLED technology, which is used to make displays. It is also worth noting that the structure of the hull has changed significantly. The updated screen and glass back cover will add attractiveness to the new smartphone. Among other things, the strength indicators have increased due to the use of the latest version of Gorilla Glass, which significantly increased the degree of reliability of the external elements. However, despite all the strength, it is possible that a number of problems may arise that may arise due to damage to the protective glass. IPhone 8 Plus Repair May Be Required At Any Time.

IPhone 8 Plus repair in Kiev

As always, following the annual traditions, the well-known American company Apple presented new smartphones at the beginning of this fall. This time, the Americans delighted their fans with brand new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which are very different from their predecessors, but are also made in the best traditions of American manufacturers.

AppleLab iPhone 8 Plus Repair

If you are looking for a service center where you can replace the glass in the iPhone 8, then you should contact trusted specialists who have many years of experience in this area and know about all the nuances. We suggest you contact our unofficial service center. AppleLab, where we quickly diagnose all problems and fix them as soon as possible. To replace the glass, we do not need so much time, this procedure will take no more than one hour. You can see our on the website. We offer you a warranty repair.

IPhone 8 Plus repair in IPROFIX SC

Apple products are renowned for their reliability, but it is these outstanding technical improvements that prevent most breakdowns that can be a stumbling block for repair shops. Our specialists, unlike them, have an impressive baggage of necessary knowledge and can easily perform any work, whether it is replacing the iPhone 8 Plus screen or re-soldering contacts.

iPhone 8 Screen Replacement

Among the most common device breakdowns, experts distinguish the following:

  • physical damage resulting from impacts or falls. as a rule, after them, you need to replace the glass of the iPhone 8 Plus or change the case;
  • moisture ingress;
  • damage to the contacts, after which it is necessary to replace the iPhone 8 Plus display (for example, when the touch display starts to react incorrectly to touch);
  • breakage of the microphone or speakers;
  • sinking external buttons.

As professionals in our field, we offer you a truly high-quality iPhone 8 Plus repair in Kiev. A company of experienced specialists will try for you, using only original parts and the most modern tools in their work. Our refurbishment work will not only get your gadget back in service, but also extend its lifespan. Also, you will be pleased with our prices. we have deliberately lowered them in order to make our capabilities available to each client. Now you don’t have to postpone the repair of your favorite device until your paycheck.

Interesting to know

  • “Video” Replacing glass on an iPhone separately: how we carry out repairs
  • IPhone / iPad won’t turn on?
  • Liquid spilled into iPhone / iPad?
  • IPhone / iPad won’t charge?
  • IPhone / iPad runs out of battery quickly?
  • Wi-Fi iPhone / iPad does not work?
  • IPhone / iPad board repair
  • The microphone is not working?
  • Speaker does not work?
  • IPhone / iPad case replacement

High-quality iPhone 8 Plus repair in Kiev

You may be the most careful owner of your gadget, but even then you are not 100% insured against its breakdowns. In case you are still unlucky, only a professional iPhone 8 Plus repair will help you quickly solve the problem. Numerous services to restore the functionality of your device are offered by the professional service center IPROFIX.

Why is it worth entrusting iPhone 8 Plus repair to IPROFIX SC

The IPROFIX service center has been on the market for over 10 years. During this time, we were able to make a good name and earn the trust of customers. There are no impossible tasks for us. We rebuild hopeless devices and deal with the most difficult breakdowns. We value our reputation, therefore we work honestly and offer our clients competitive prices.

Glass replacement

IFix specialists promptly and competently carry out iPhone 8 Plus repairs: replacing glass on iPhone takes an important place among our services. For the urgent restoration of a smartphone in each department of the SC there are experienced engineers, locations are equipped with professional tools, high-quality consumables, separators, pressure chambers, laminators and dust-free workplaces.

Display repair. glass replacement is carried out according to the factory technology for OCA film and allows you to preserve the original matrix (LCD), color rendition, sensor response and Touch ID. This type of service is accompanied by a 6 month warranty.

It is difficult to hear during a conversation It often happens that the audibility of the upper speaker decreases and the device is not comfortable to use. This is solved by replacing the speaker grid with a new one.

In rare cases, damage or wear of the earpiece is possible, which is located under the grid and occupies 1-2% of customer calls in the iFix SC.

Urgent iPhone 8 Plus repair in Kiev

iPhone 8 Plus is a premium functional gadget from Apple that features excellent workmanship and high performance. It is gaining more and more popularity among fans of progressive Apple technology due to its excellent performance properties. The device is equipped with a 5.8-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, as well as a powerful 4-core processor.

Among the significant advantages of the model, we can confidently single out the following:

  • 4 GB of RAM;
  • double horizontal camera;
  • virtual Home key with built-in Touch ID fingerprint;
  • the processor of the device is based on the Apple A11 platform;
  • front camera resolution. 7 MP, main camera 12 MP with additional LED flash.

iPhone 8 Plus is a device that boggles the mind with its wide functionality and attractive design, but, unfortunately, it is not immune from serious problems associated with various reasons.

The main reasons for the failure of the iPhone 8 Plus:

  • negative influence of moisture that gets inside the device. This leads to disruption of the operation of important elements of the smartphone, including microcircuits and the battery;
  • the smartphone is dropped on a hard surface, as a result of which cracks appear on the display or the screen is shattered;
  • the use of cheap chargers that lead to the failure of the U2 microcircuit, (charge controller).

Cleaning after water

Despite the manufacturer’s declared resistance to moisture penetration, this happens only in theory. In practice, the likelihood of the device being flooded is very high, since the tightness of the iPhone is not constant and loses its water resistance property over time. Apple does not cover heated devices, and iPhone 8 Plus repairs after water are at the expense of the user. To test fate or not, you decide.

Replacing the display module

The presence of original parts in iFix allows you to quickly replace the screen on the iPhone 8 Plus, the average repair time is 30-40 minutes and includes a display program to preserve the native True Tone function. We also offer restoration of sealed adhesive, which prevents moisture and dust from getting inside the case. The adhesive is applied between the display and the case and also affects the fit of the display. eliminates backlash.

Why contact iFix?

We perform iPhone restoration with high quality and in a short time, accurately and professionally restoring all the elements, are open to any question and are happy to help you. In Kiev, we have more than 10 branches located in convenient locations and equipped to eliminate any Apple breakdowns. We are always in touch. We work without breaks and days off.