iPhone 6s stuck on apple

Force reboot

This is one of the most effective methods for getting out of a frozen state in most cases. We advise you to start resuscitation with him.

Here the algorithm depends on the device model.

  • If you have an earlier version of a popular smartphone, up to and including iPhone 6, then to start a forced reboot, you must simultaneously press the power button and Home (home). Hold the buttons for a few seconds until the gadget goes into reboot mode.
  • If a newer iPhone model hangs on an apple and does not turn on, then the procedure is the same, but different keys will be functional. Here you need to hold down the power button and the volume rocker to decrease the sound.

If everything is done correctly and the device responded correctly to the start of the forced reboot, then the screen will first go out completely, and then it will show the logo again and the process will start over.

IPhone problems: the device hangs on the apple and does not turn on

Apple technology is of high quality, everyone knows that. Nevertheless, she gets into trouble. Most often, people who are not ready to put up with the manufacturer’s restrictions and use jailbreak, but sometimes even ordinary users. A more widespread problem is of the following nature: the iPhone hangs on the apple and does not turn on. Today we’ll talk about what to do and why a similar phenomenon occurs.

How to deal with the situation

So, the owner is in a panic: the iPhone is frozen, does not turn on, what to do is the first question to which he wants to know the answer. Therefore, for a start, we offer effective ways to bring a smartphone into working condition.

iPhone 6s stuck at apple logo fix 2021!Fix iPhone stuck on apple logo.

Recovery Mode. recovery mode

If the first method did not work and the gadget did not recover, it is worth trying the recovery mode. Usually it is used when it is necessary to reinstall the current OS while preserving the user’s content located on the device. Feel free to use this opportunity to reanimate a frozen device. Even if there is data that is not synchronized with the cloud storage on it, it will be completely safe.

There is one nuance here. The desired result will be only if the failure occurred due to the update of the current version of the operating system. For users of the system, jailbreak, as well as in the case of a technical malfunction, Recovery Mode will not help.

First, run iTunese on your computer, make sure you have the latest software, and enable recovery mode on your device. The smartphone model should also be considered here.

  • If the iPhone 7 freezes and does not turn on (this also applies to later versions of the gadget), then you must, as in the previous scenario: press and hold the power button and the volume control in the direction of decreasing the sound. As soon as the device turns off, hold down the volume button again and, while holding it, connect the device via a USB cable to the computer. Make sure the iTunes logo lights up on the screen and the cable appears. This signals that the connection was successful.
  • If the problem occurred in an early model or the iPhone 6 freezes and does not turn on, then the procedure will be slightly different. We press and hold the “Home” and “Power” buttons, wait for the shutdown. Press “Home” again, hold and connect the USB cable already connected to the PC. We are waiting for the logo to appear on the screen and a notification about the detection of the device in the working window of the program.
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After pairing with the device, the program will ask what task should be performed in the current situation. In addition, the software will give recommendations on the choice. We press the “Update” command and wait for the completion of the process. As a result, the smartphone should return to working condition.

If the “Update” option did not give the desired results, you can repeat the algorithm, but choose to restore the system. But keep in mind that in this case, user data will be deleted, and the gadget will be reset to factory settings.

DFU reset

This is an option for the most extreme case. It implies the complete removal of all user data. If your device has valuable content that hasn’t been backed up, it’s best not to make hasty decisions.

The process runs in low-level recovery mode when the operating system does not boot. The transition to the DFU mode is performed on the device connected to the PC, according to the algorithms described above. The only difference is that you need to hold down the Home button or the volume key until iTunes informs you that the device is in recovery mode. In this state, the iPhone screen is completely black, nothing is displayed on it.

If the user knows for sure that a jailbreak, an installed tweak or other application is the cause of the hang, then this is the only way that can solve the problem.

There are situations when none of the above options helps. This means that the problem is of a hardware nature. It is necessary to contact a service center specializing in the repair of Apple appliances.

Possible reasons for freezing

Only a service center will be able to accurately diagnose the cause of iPhone failure. But we bring to your attention a list of the most frequent problems for which things do not move beyond a black screen with a corporate logo.

Malfunctions are of both hardware and software nature:

  • Failed to update the operating system. At the moment of updating the firmware version, the script is executed incorrectly and the smartphone stops running iOS.
  • This is often encountered by jailbreak users. After installing the next tweak, a device reboot is required, which ends up freezing on the logo.
  • If the iPhone has been disassembled, the power button may be damaged.
  • Malfunctions when charging the device (possible power surges), breakdown of the controller responsible for the process, problems with the battery. The latter is typical for smartphones, which are often subject to falls.
  • Screen freeze due to situational software error.
  • Problems with the motherboard. Usually, in this case, a complete freeze is preceded by short episodes, when the repeated shutdown of the device saves.
  • Memory failure. The storage chip needs to be checked.

These are all common reasons iPhone freezes on an apple and won’t turn on. The article contains the most effective methods of correcting the situation, unless it is of a hardware nature. We are waiting for everyone who has any questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Share the article and stay with us.

How to update iPhone via iTunes

  • Connect iPhone to PC or Mac.
  • Perform a Hard Reset on iPhone (instructions above).
  • On a PC or Mac, a recovery window will appear in iTunes, you must click on the “Update” button.

After updating and installing a new version of iOS, the problem should be resolved. If, nevertheless, the update did not work, and the burning apple on the iPhone screen does not disappear, proceed to flashing iOS.

What to do when the iPhone is frozen on an apple?

Your iPhone stuck on an apple and won’t turn on? Don’t be discouraged, even the best gadgets can freeze, not work correctly. In our publication, we will tell you what to do when the iPhone does not turn on, the apple is on. Our step-by-step instructions will help you fix a phone failure on your own and you will not need to contact a service center.

How to Flash iPhone via iTunes

Flashing or restoring your iPhone is the last option to fix your phone crash. After flashing, all data will be erased from the iPhone, but for that you will return the phone to work. In such cases, you always remember about the backup made and the ability to restore all data from the backup.

  • Connect iPhone to PC or Mac via USB / Lightning.
  • Press and hold the “Home” and “Power” buttons (iPhone 7, iPhone X, iPhone 11 and others instead of the “Home” volume down button).
  • You must hold down the buttons until the message “iTunes has detected iPhone in recovery mode” appears on the computer. Click “OK”.
  • In the iTunes panel, click the “Restore iPhone” button.
  • Then you need to click in order to confirm the buttons “Next” and “Agree”.
iphone, stuck, apple

After the steps taken to enter iPhone DFU mode, nothing will be displayed on the phone screen, only after downloading the firmware you will notice a progress bar when the recovery process starts.

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After restoring iPhone, you need to do the initial setup and restore data from the backup.

How to Update and Restore iPhone on PC or Mac with iTunes

In order to fix an iPhone that stuck on an apple and does not turn on, you will need a Windows or Mac computer (Mac computer or MacBook laptop).

PC owners need to download iTunes from the official Apple website or update to the latest version.

How to Hard Reset on iPhone

Our blog already has detailed instructions on what to do when the iPhone does not turn on, in which case we also advised to do a Hard Reset. This method helped many, Комментарии и мнения владельцев with gratitude confirm this.

To hard reset your iPhone:

  • Press and hold the “Home” and “Power” buttons (if you have an iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X or iPhone 11, instead of the “Home” button, press the volume down button.
  • You must hold the buttons for at least 10 seconds, after which the iPhone should turn on.

Hard reset iPhone

If your iPhone has a slight crash, then this method should help. If, nevertheless, the Yabloko logo continues to burn and the iPhone does not turn on, but goes out and off, then. Need to update or reinstall (reflash) iOS using iTunes.

How to fix if iPhone is frozen on apple

So, if we divide all the options that were listed above, they can be divided into two groups:

  • Software glitches.
  • Mechanical damage.

If your iPhone has become like a “brick” and when you turn it on, only the apple lights up, and then nothing happens, the phone does not turn on, you must do:

How to fix Iphone 6/6s when is stuck in apple logo

  • Hard Reset iPhone.
  • Update and reinstall iOS using iTunes.

Why the apple burns and the iPhone does not turn on

The reasons for the failure can be different, the most common are:

  • The iPhone battery is discharged and the phone can only turn on until the apple and then turns off.
  • IOS operating system in iPhone.
  • Incorrect iOS update download.
  • Operating system crash due to jailbreak.
  • Hardware problems due to mechanical damage.
  • Water ingress into the iPhone resulting in a short circuit.
  • Power button stopped working (on / off button).

We will analyze all these reasons and try to give very clear instructions so that you can fix the iPhone stuck on an apple.

iphone, stuck, apple

iPhone stuck on an apple

How to solve the problem?

Only a qualified technician is able to determine the exact reason that triggered the iPhone freeze. Any attempts to independently flash, disassemble and repair the device can turn out to be disastrous. Remember the iPhone is complex and multifunctional. Without proper experience, skills and knowledge, you will not only fail to fix it, but also risk breaking it completely.

iPhone 6 Plus: Solutions to Fix Apple Logo Stucked in Boot Loop

Faced with the problem of the smartphone freezing and the impossibility of restarting it, immediately entrust it to the iPhone repair specialists in Kharkov.

What to do if iPhone is frozen on apple?

Freezing of smartphones from Apple during the boot process is a frequent and unpleasant phenomenon associated with software errors. Why is this happening? It’s all to blame for a single failure (the problem is solved by a forced reboot) or significant violations in the operating system. In the latter case, you will not be able to fix the problem on your own. You will definitely have to visit the Apple service center in Kharkiv and consult with the masters.

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IPhone freezes reasons

Let’s take a closer look at what causes smartphones to hang on the “apple“. With a single failure, everything is clear. A minor error in the operation of the operating system, is eliminated by a reboot and no longer bothers users.

A more serious and dangerous situation is when the OS is damaged as a result of improper operation of the gadget. There are a lot of options here: installing questionable applications, accidentally deleting important files from the device, updating incorrectly, etc. Users do not always understand how important it is to download programs from trusted sources. In this case, it is worth contacting an iPhone repair shop in Kharkov. Experts will check the phone, determine the exact cause of the malfunction and quickly fix everything.

IPhone freezing is also related to a malfunction of the device itself. If some internal parts are damaged, the download will be performed, but the OS will give information that the gadget is faulty. As a result, the smartphone will freeze, and only the Apple logo will remain on the display. a bitten apple as a sign that it needs to be sent for repairing iPhones in Kharkov.

Another reason is a problem with the power supply of the device. This happens during power surges while charging iPhone. This will require a thorough diagnosis of the device and verification of all internal components.

Helpful hints

The first thing the owner needs to do when the iPhone freezes is to reboot. Do not forget that one-time errors in the operating system are very likely. If the smartphone boots up normally, then, most likely, such problems will not recur.

It is also not recommended to flash the device yourself and delete any system files. Better entrust it to specialists and contact the repair of iPhones in Kharkov.

What to do, iPhone stuck on apple after iOS 12/11/10 update

Despite the seeming glitchiness of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, even Apple mobile devices can freeze after an update. iPhone stuck on an apple and won’t turn on, this problem is one of the most common and annoying problems encountered in Apple iPhones. However, the iPhone often freezes after booting or updating, causing the device to become unresponsive and display the Apple logo on its screen. In this article, we offer you 4 ways to fix this problem for free if iPhone freezes after iOS 12/11 // 10 update.

Recovery in iTunes (data loss)

  • Connect the iPhone to the computer using a cable and launch iTunes, then hold down the Home and Power buttons on the device and hold them for 12 seconds.
  • Release the Power button, but hold the Home button until the information appears on the computer screen that the device has been detected. After that click “restore”.

Note: Put iPhone in DFU mode may lose all your data, so you need to back up your data before using this method.

Put iPhone into Recovery Mode with Tenoshare Tenorshare ReiBoot

With Tenorshare ReiBoot, it’s easy and free to solve this problem in 3 steps.

First, download and host Tenorshare ReiBoot on your computer or Mac. Connect iPhone / iPad / iPod touch to your computer using USB cables. Then press the button “Enter the Recovery Mode”.

If the device entered the recovery mode, then the “Exit Recovery Mode” button appeared. Click this button to exit recovery mode and restart your device.

After exiting recovery mode, your device reboots successfully.

Force restart

Fix operating system with Tenorshare ReiBoot (no data loss)

If the above methods did not help solve the problem, it would be something wrong with the hardware, no need to worry, then you can try the methods below, and these final solutions will not only solve the freezing on the white logo, but also solve the freezing problems in recovery mode, on a cyclic restart, on-screen connection to iTunes, and other freezes on iPhone / iPad / iPod without data loss.

    Click the “Solve All Freezes” button and then you get to the recovery page, click “Fix it now”.

Now you will be “Download Firmware Package” interface, click “Download” button to download the firmware package online.

After the firmware package has been successfully downloaded, click the “Start Repair” button to start the system restore.