Iphone 4s Activation Lock How To Remove

What is iPhone Activation Lock?

Activation Lock is a protective tool that is an extension of the previously introduced Find My iPhone option. Activation Lock was introduced to the iOS operating system in 2013 with the release of the seventh generation of software and is described by the company as an ideal tool against thieves.

Indeed, the Californian corporation has already managed to report that the number of iPhone thefts has significantly decreased, and those that continue to occur are no longer accompanied by data loss and falling into the wrong hands.

Iphone 4s Activation Lock How To Remove

The question arises whether such a seemingly ideal protection system can harm the rightful owner of the iPhone? Activation lock, alas, was instantly studied by hackers and is often used for extortion and blackmail.

Iphone: activation lock. How to check and unblock?

A smartphone is a multifunctional device that stores an abundance of information so important to its owner. This data must certainly be under the strict protection of modern encryption methods.

The security of user data and the protection of devices from intruders has always been a primary goal of Apple. This is the main principle of the company, which is the cornerstone of its foundation, which the corporation has managed to maintain to this day, introducing more and more protective tools. The level of security in iOS reached an unprecedented level, to the point that stealing a phone has become almost meaningless.

Get back access to your device with Apple support

In the absence of a receipt, you can try your luck and contact the American support service. You can “reach” them by calling 1-800-MY-IPHONE on Skype. To confirm that you are the owner of the device, you will need to provide the IMEI, serial number, answer security questions (very important), know what purchases were made in the AppStore and iTunes Store. In most cases, specialists from the United States meet halfway to inexperienced users and return access to the device within half an hour. Russian technical support, alas, cannot boast of such loyalty.

Iphone Activation Lock Check

Why might you need it? First of all, this is important for those who give / sell their gadget to a third party, and, naturally, for those who buy the device, as they say, from their hands. When turned on, this function can cause a lot of problems for both the old owner of the device and the new one. Therefore, it is worth making sure that iPhone Activation Lock is enabled. You can check this on the iCloud website by entering the serial number of the gadget or IMEI number.

You can also check the lock status by trying to turn on the gadget. At a certain stage, the locked phone will ask you to enter the password to the Apple ID (which was previously activated on this smartphone).

System pitfalls

Oddly enough, but such an advanced protection mechanism can go sideways for the end user, both through his own fault and because of scammers. Everything in order.

It is important to understand that unsuccessful attempts to sign in to your account can trigger protection mechanisms in the iPhone. Activation lock will not keep you waiting, regardless of whether you forgot your password or someone else entered it incorrectly. Apple will restrict access to the device until the password is reset.

The second problem with scammers is somewhat more complicated. Novice extortionists, under various pretexts, force negligent users to enter the Apple ID data proposed by the attacker on their smartphone, after which they instantly switch it to theft mode and ask the user to transfer a certain amount of money if he wants to use the device again. Naturally, no one needs to pay, since there are at least two options for solving the problem.

Jailbreak protection

If it turned out that access to the iPhone 4 with iOS 7 installed on it was stolen, then you can use the JB iOS utility, which will allow you to return access to the device, albeit in a limited form. The phone will stop working with a SIM card and, in fact, will represent something similar to the iPod touch. This approach does not work with other models, for example iPhone 5. Activation Lock will not be removed in this case.

Important Tips That Can Help iPhone Owners

The most important thing is not to forget your password with ID. If you have doubts about your own memory, it is better to write down this information somewhere. And, of course, not carrying them with your phone is like putting a bank card in your wallet, and next to it a piece of paper with a pin code.

The next point is that the phone is guaranteed to go into activation lock mode if its owner decides to use the recovery procedure (for example, through iTunes). Therefore, it is worthwhile to make sure in advance that the access data is known or saved somewhere.

On smartphones with the eleventh version of iOS or higher installed, so-called two-factor authentication is used to log in. To deactivate the lock, you will need to enter the device password. To do this, you will need to click “Unlock with Passcode” and select the item called “Use Device Passcode” from the list. After that. Enter the password.

Very often Apple appliances are sold and, accordingly, bought from hands. When making such a transaction, the buyer must make sure that the former owner of the equipment has unlinked the gadget from his account. He must also ensure that all data is erased from the smartphone.

Click to enlarge photo

If this is not done, then the next time you turn on one of the blocking screens will appear.

The requirement to enter an Apple ID and password means that the former owner forgot to unlink his account. Is he somewhere nearby? Meet and ask to enter the required data.

If the request “Enter the password-code” appears on the screen, then this signals that the data has not been destroyed. What to do:

  • Meet with the former owner of the device. He must unlock the iPhone;
  • Go through “Settings” to “General”. Select “Reset”, then. “Erase content and settings”;
  • At the end, you will have to enter the Apple ID and password, which the former owner of the phone must know.

But what if a personal meeting is impossible? For example, people are in different cities. Recommendations in this situation are as follows:

  • Call or write to the person who sold the phone;
  • Ask him to use his Apple ID to go to iCloud.com;
  • Once you are logged in, you will need to switch to the screen called “Find iPhone”;
  • At the top of the activated screen. Click on “All devices”;
  • Select the device you want to remove from iCloud from the list;
  • If necessary, click on “Erase.”. After that, delete it from the account of the former owner.

Once everything is ready, you will need to completely disable the gadget. After a couple of seconds, activate it and start individual settings as a completely new and full-fledged owner / user.

Can I use third-party help?

When looking for information on solving this problem, you can often stumble upon various advertising links where they offer to help in this situation. It should be noted right away that proposals to send some programs or firmware (of course, for money) should be swept aside and ignored. It is impossible to rectify the situation in such ways! It is worth understanding. You will simply lose money.

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But there are other proposals as well. They are hosted on more serious resources. In fact, their owners offer you to delegate negotiations with technical support to them. Also for the money. But they often solve the problem faster, because they know exactly what to talk on the phone and what not. Naturally, they will also request proof of smartphone ownership, which will also be sent to Apple. In order not to run into scammers with such an appeal, it is advisable to follow the following recommendations:

Remember that a good profile Internet service will first examine the possibility of unblocking and only then ask for money. If you instantly receive a request to transfer a certain amount of money, then these are almost always scammers. Or completely inexperienced specialists.

Types of locks that can be found on the iPhone

Not everyone knows, but there are indeed several varieties of them. Rather, three:

  1. OFF. The real iPhone activation lock is actually missing. The apple phone owner only needs to enter his ID and password. Naturally, you need to know them.
  2. CLEAN. To bypass this option, you initially need to unlink the phone from the previously linked account.
  3. LOST. This option appears if the smartphone was stolen or lost, and its owner reported the situation to Apple’s technical service.

There is a solution for the first two options. But if the LOST status is assigned to the activation lock, then you can forget about the opportunity to use this mobile phone. Why?

The fact is that proprietary blocking of smartphones from Apple is unusual. This is not a program that is present in the technique itself and can somehow be hacked or bypassed. No. Access is limited directly to technical support representatives. And this happens on remote Apple servers, which, as it is already becoming clear, can only be accessed by employees of this company. That is, if they find out that this or that phone has been stolen or lost, then any other person will not be able to use it.

How do you know which status has been assigned to Activation Lock? About the third of them, which is LOST, is usually written directly on the screen of the mobile phone itself. This very word appears. Or its analogue, for example. This device was lost / erased / stolen.

How can I get information on other statuses? For this purpose, you can use the services of one of the specialized checker sites. They can be easily found on the web. True, there is one caveat. Their services are paid, you will have to fork out for about two or three American dollars.

If the status allows, you can proceed to eliminate the block.

The main technique for solving the issue with a locked iPhone

So what can you do? The first and most logical step is to enter your ID and password. This may be sufficient, especially if the block status is OFF.

But what should a person who has forgotten this vital data do? There is only one way out. Contact the technical support of the manufacturer with a corresponding request.

It should be said right away that you don’t have to waste your time sending emails. This almost never gives a result. It is necessary to act as follows:

After that, all that remains is to wait. If there is enough evidence, then the blocking from the mobile device will be removed.

Iphone Activation Lock: How to Remove Activation Lock

Iphone activation lock is one of the most serious problems that owners of smartphones manufactured by Apple can face. The point is that if you do not get rid of it, then it will be simply impossible to use the phone.

You can often come across the question on the Web. How to remove Activation Lock? On the one hand, it’s pretty simple. Of course, if all the necessary components are present for this. But if they are not there, then the situation is so serious that sometimes you have to forget about the possibility of using this particular mobile phone someday. Why? Let’s figure it out.


Danger of Activation Lock for the owner of the smartphone

In a nutshell, activation lock can turn a smartphone into a useless piece of eraser, glass and metal, which will fit only as a stand for a coffee cup. When the algorithm is activated, the device is completely locked, and without entering the Apple ID, the smartphone turns into a “pumpkin”. Therefore, iPhone activation lock, how to remove which, we will describe below, poses a danger for criminals, and even for the legitimate owners of the device. In this case, Apple technical support makes a helpless gesture and cannot help. Checked by the owners of the devices. Yes, and you will have to say goodbye to the saved information, it cannot be restored.

Worse, if iPhone 5S activation lock occurred. How to remove if you forgot Apple ID? The likelihood of password recovery remains if the account is linked to a third-party email account. But this is not one hundred percent, so before activating the Find iPhone function, write down your Apple ID account information and change the password if necessary. It is also recommended to back up your information and files, if possible. However, the loss of saved files is not such a big price for returning the iPhone to the owner.

“Removing activation lock (iCloud) through third parties.” What is Activation Lock

It is also important to understand what iPhone Activation Lock is and why users need this feature. The point is fraudsters. Manufacturers seek to protect manufactured devices and owners. Expensive smartphones have a higher degree of protection, Apple belongs to this category. For this purpose, “Find iPhone” and activation lock were invented. The owner of the device knows that in case of theft, he will quickly find the smartphone and return it. The idea is promising, more than once proved its viability. But also more than once let down the legitimate owners of mobile devices. The function is activated in automatic mode on devices with an installed operating platform of at least iOS 7.

Activation Lock is turned on automatically when you put your smartphone in the Find iPhone configuration. And it works until the owner of the device turns off the function, or removes the smartphone from the iCloud account. While the activation lock application is on, confirmation is required by entering passwords and a name in a special window. This principle prohibits fraudsters from using the device, applications and functionality will be blocked. And no reboot of the phone will help, entering the password will be required even with a hard reset and firmware update.

Iphone Activation Lock: How to Remove or Bypass

Reading time: 5 minutes

Apple smartphones are considered a welcome target for fraudsters due to their high cost and increased demand. Even used devices are sold out like hotcakes at a train station. Therefore, the developers had to think about creating protection for the device. This is how the Find iPhone protective algorithm appeared, with built-in Activation Lock functionality that can turn a working phone into a piece of plastic. In order to avoid problems, it is important for users to know how to bypass Activation Lock on iPhone 5 and later models. Bypassing the blocking will come in handy even for the legitimate owners of devices. It is better to be “fully armed”.

What to do if activation is blocked

There are not many options on how to bypass the activation lock on the iPhone 5. Most often, errors in the operating platform are used to bypass the activation lock. A mobile security specialist bypassed security in less than five minutes by typing a large number of characters in the fields to fill in the wireless information. Another iOS 11 bug also disables the lock. Refresh your device, and then, during the language and locale setup phase, click the Home button three times. After that, you need to swipe your finger from bottom to top on the screen many times, and the smartphone will function without activation lock.

Device users and electronics experts themselves argue that it is not worth relying too much on operating platform errors, since Apple is improving products. Today the bug is present, tomorrow it will not. Therefore, “craftsmen” are looking for alternative methods of bypassing the lock, so as not to turn the smartphone into a useless but expensive trinket. Found a “legal” way to remove the lock using the “Find iPhone” function.

  1. Go to the official iCloud.com website and sign in with your Apple ID.
  2. Open the “Find iPhone” tab, and at the top of the display, click “All Devices”.
  3. Select a locked iPhone in the list and click “Erase”.
  4. Click on “Remove from account”.
  5. Reboot device.
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Also, with two-factor identification, the smartphone can be unlocked by entering the installed key. But it happens that the described methods do not help. Then use a complex, but proven method.

Activation Lock: How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone

The other day we talked about the extremely useful application for iPhone / iPad and Mac computers “Find iPhone” (aka Find My iPhone) and its capabilities. In the instructions, we mentioned a great feature of this application, which is called “Activation Lock”. It is designed to protect iOS and OSX devices from unauthorized use. However, in some cases, even the rightful owner can turn his device into a “brick”. And it is Activation Lock that is to blame.

How to bypass activation lock using the iPhone example, read “under the cut”.

As a reminder, the Activation Lock function starts automatically when you enable Find My iPhone in the Device Settings in the iCloud section and is active until Find My iPhone is disabled or the device is unlinked from the existing Apple ID.

What is Activation Lock?

With Activation Lock turned on, Apple ID and password must be entered every time:

  • Disabling Find My iPhone in the device settings;
  • Sign out of iCloud on your device
  • When erasing data and reactivating the device.

Why Activation Lock is dangerous for the rightful owner of iPhone?

If your iPhone runs on iOS 7 or higher, its settings have the “Find iPhone” function enabled, and as a result, the Activation Lock function was automatically activated and you forgot your Apple ID or password, or disable “Find iPhone” and Activation Lock, or delete your iCloud account , neither erase your personal data, nor, most importantly, you can no longer activate the iPhone after flashing. Even contacting Apple support will not help and you will have an electronic “brick”.

You can try to recover your Apple ID password if you have access to an email registered as an Apple ID, but there are cases when the password could not be recovered.

Instructions for bypassing iPhone activation lock

For you to understand us correctly, we considered the possibility of bypassing Activation Lock on the iPhone from the perspective of an attacker in order to develop security measures that will help legitimate owners of iOS devices protect against unauthorized use of their devices.

What Activation Lock can do?

Activation Lock can brick your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. In other words, as a result of the Activation Lock, the iPhone or any other iOS device is completely blocked, neither the restoration of the device nor the iOS update will help.

When restoring / updating iPhone, after selecting the language, country and connection to the cellular network, to activate the device, you will need to enter the credentials from the Apple ID to which the device is linked, without which it will be impossible to use the device.

System requirements for Activation Lock to work?

Activation Lock works only on iOS devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is available only on iOS 7 and above.

Feature not available on iMac and MacBook desktop systems running OS X.

Checking Activation Lock status

The status of an iPhone or any other iOS device can be found using the official Apple website. If you want to check iPhone by IMEI for activation lock, then follow these steps:

  1. Log in to iCloud and go to the Activation Lock page.
  2. Enter the serial number or IMEI of the device you want to check.
  3. Additionally, enter the code from the picture to confirm the action.

After that, the tab will automatically update, and the activation lock status (enabled, disabled) will appear on the page. It is recommended to use the service before buying an iPhone “hand-held”.

Apple ID recovery

Activation Lock is turned on if the iPhone is tied to an Apple ID, and the user entered the wrong account information. If you forgot your username or password for your account, then try to restore it. To do this, follow these steps:

  • If you do not remember the identifier, you can see it through the iCloud, iTunes Store or App Store settings. But only if you are successfully authorized on another device.
  • You can also view the ID using materials previously purchased from iTunes. To do this, select the file through the library and go to the “Edit”. “Details” menu. Here go to the file tab and find the line “Buyer”.
  • Recover Apple ID using the official website. To do this, you will need to indicate your full name, estimated e-mail address.
  • If you forgot your password, please reset it. The procedure differs depending on the selected authentication method. The recovered password will be sent to the email address specified during registration.

Once you restore your Apple ID account information, try bypassing iPhone Activation Lock. To do this, enter a new ID and password. After that you will get access to the device.

Unblocking via iTunes

If you previously used aytyuns to synchronize data and the required Apple ID remained in the program, then you can remove the block using the following actions:

  1. Connect your smartphone to your computer with a USB cable (use only original cords).
  2. Turn on iTunes and wait for the device to appear in the active list. It is not necessary to lock the screen.
  3. A system notification will appear on the smartphone screen, where it will be said that the iPhone is in recovery mode.
  4. Confirm the action and agree to a full recovery.

After that, user data will be automatically destroyed, and the latest version of iOs will be downloaded to the phone. If you used the backup function before, then the information can be transferred back.

Contacting support

If you cannot remove Activation Lock and restore Apple ID, you can remove it by contacting the official Apple support.

Contact a specialist of the company through the form on the website (but best of all by phone) and prove the fact that you are trying to restore a device that belongs to you.

To do this, provide all the necessary documents, including a photo of the box with the serial number, iPhone data and other information (do not forget the purchase receipt). If everything is in order and the smartphone is really yours, then the staff will remove iCloud Lock or help restore access to Apple ID.

How to unlock iPhone 4s, 5s if you forgot your Apple ID password

Activation Lock is a built-in iPhone (iOs version 7 and higher) feature that protects personal information from unauthorized access and prevents the device from being resold. Turns on if you enter the password incorrectly for the account. Next, we’ll show you how to remove iPhone Activation Lock if you’ve forgotten your Apple ID.

Blocking bypass

If you are using someone else’s device, then “Activation Lock” may appear if the previous owner did not remove the iPhone from the list of linked ones. To reset the lock, ask him to do the following:

  1. Log in to the official icloud website and enter your Apple ID (identifier, password).
  2. Go to the “Find iPhone” tab and select “Show all linked devices” (at the top of the page).
  3. A list of available iPhones, iPads and other iOs-based devices (which are linked to the account) will open.
  4. Select the iPhone that you want to unlink from the icloud service and click “Remove from account”.

When the previous owner takes the described actions, the smartphone must be turned off and on again. After that, activate it like new. To do this, create your Apple ID or use an existing one.

  1. How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone
  1. What is Activation Lock
  2. Activation Lock features
  3. Why activation blocking is dangerous for the owner of the device
  4. How to unlock
  5. How to unlock your device via iTunes
  6. How to protect iPhone from unauthorized use

How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone

The Find My iPhone feature is very useful, it allows you not only to detect your device, but also, if necessary, delete all information on it. Apple’s developers have gone further in their concern about protecting consumer data and implemented another tool that makes stealing iPhones meaningless. It will be about blocking activation, whether it is possible to bypass it and what it means.

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Activation Lock features

With the introduction of activation lock, additional security settings became available to owners of iPhone, iPad. Now you can control the access of some applications to user data: address book, photos and, notes, etc., as well as configure the storage of passwords or bank card data. For the first time such a tool was introduced in iOS 7 and it was a development of the idea that was laid in the search function.

When the Find My iPhone service was launched, it was necessary to log in and thereby link the mobile device to the account. And in case of theft or loss, you can use iCloud services to track its coordinates, delete the data, if necessary, or block it. But such a lock was removed without difficulty by restoring the original settings.

With the introduction of Activation Lock, this method will no longer force the device to function. You will be required to enter your Apple ID with a password.

How to unlock

Apple device owners are wondering if this option can be removed or disabled?

The author of a difficult but working way to bypass activation blocking is B. Schlabs, an employee of Security Research Labs.

First, you need to check the iPhone and make sure that it is turned on and in standby mode, and in order to unlock it, you need to enter an ID with a password. But there is no such data.

Then the first thing to do is disconnect the gadget from the Internet. To do this, activate the “Airplane mode” from the control room or simply pull out the SIM card. Thus, we get a margin of time to guess the password.

Next, we select a four-digit password.

Now you can unlock your iPhone and sign in to your account.

Then you should recover your password at iforgot.Apple.com.

Connect the internet and go to email. Open the email with the recovery link and copy it.

Disconnect from the Internet and use the search bar of your browser to navigate to the desired link. Now it remains to enter a new password.

Delete the old iCloud account to which the mobile device was linked, thereby disabling the gadget search function, and with it the activation lock. Then you can set up your iPhone as new.

How to unlock your device via iTunes

To use this method, you must complete the following steps:

We connect the mobile device to the PC using a USB cable and wait for a notification from iTunes that the iPhone is in recovery mode. We confirm this action by pressing the corresponding button.

The program itself selects the current firmware version and downloads it. You will only have to agree to install it.

Further, the procedure is performed automatically. At the end of the operation, a window will appear on the screen of the gadget with a proposal to configure as a new device.

How to Remove iPhone Activation Lock if Forgot Apple ID Password


How do I release the lock? There are two ways:

  1. Disable Find My iPhone in Settings.
  2. Unlink iPad from Apple ID.

In both cases, knowledge of the Apple ID password is required, so a vicious circle is obtained. You cannot remove the lock if the function is activated, but you can disable it only if you know the password. But we constantly forget passwords, what if the honestly purchased device is blocked? Which workaround to use? Maybe the lock will be removed at the service center? Let’s figure out what to do to get an unlocked iPad back.

Contacting the service center or calling the support service will definitely not help: experts will tell you right away that there is no way to regain access to a locked device, except how to find out / remember the Apple ID password.

Ways to Bypass iPad Activation Lock

Activation Lock iPad protects your device from unauthorized access in case of theft or loss. However, this useful feature in some cases can become an insurmountable obstacle for the rightful owner of the tablet. To prevent the device from being left in a “brick” state, you need to know how to bypass the activation lock.

How activation lock works

Activation lock on iPad appeared with the release of iOS 7. The function is enabled when you set up “Find iPhone” and allows you to block the device associated with Apple ID. When the lock is enabled, you will have to enter your Apple ID password every time:

  1. Disabling Find iPhone in the settings;
  2. Sign out of iCloud
  3. Erasing information and reactivating.

Activation Lock essentially turns iPad into a brick. If you forget the password or do not know it, the device is completely locked. You won’t be able to unlock the system on the iPad, even if you reflash it 2 times. Nothing will change. When reactivated, the system will require a password from the Apple ID, and if you do not enter it, the tablet will not turn on.

Apple has made this protection to keep users’ personal data safe from unauthorized access, but this feature can be dangerous for the rightful owner. If you don’t remember your password, you won’t be able to sign out of iCloud, turn off Find My iPhone, and activate your device after a factory reset and content reset or flashing.

Blocking bypass

If you cannot remove the lock, we will try to bypass it. Ben Schlabs, an employee of Security Research Labs, wrote about a 100% working method. It has been quoted a huge number of times, confirming that the method really works. You can’t call it simple, but you can try. The conditions are: you do not know either the lock code or the Apple ID with a password. Nothing.

  1. Using Control Center on the lock screen, activate Airplane Mode or remove the SIM card from the slot to disconnect the network connection. This will give you time to guess your password.
  2. Choose a four-digit password (10,000 options) or take a fingerprint of the previous owner, if possible.
  3. After unlocking the screen, go to Settings. Icloud. Account. Write down the data that is entered in the “Apple ID” field. This is the Apple ID to which the device is tied, it remains only to find out the password from it.
  4. Go to the Apple ID password recovery site in a browser on your computer. Enter your Apple ID and click Next to proceed with password recovery.
  5. Connect iPad to the Internet via Wi-FI for a few seconds.
  6. Start the mail client, open the letter from Apple and copy the link to restore access. Disconnect the internet immediately.
  7. Launch the browser on the computer and enter the link you received on the iPad.
  8. Enter your new Apple ID password.
  9. Go to iCloud settings on iPad and delete the old account by entering the new password. The “Find” function will be disabled, and with it the activation lock will be removed.
  10. Reset settings and content, then set up your device as new with different Apple ID details.

The instructions may well be used by intruders, but if you know the method, you can protect yourself from them in the event of the loss or theft of the iPad.

Using the doulCi service

If you cannot get into the system interface, because you found the activation lock only after the settings were reset, then you will have to use another method. Bypass using the doulCi service. Open the hosts file on a computer with iTunes installed. Insert one of the lines into it:

Then connect iPad to computer in DFU mode.

When a device tries to connect to Apple’s servers to verify activation, an entry in the hosts file will redirect it to the hacker server. On doulCi servers, the activation request will be processed, after which the blocking will be removed, and you can go to the iOS home screen.

This method cannot be used for iPhones and iPads with a SIM card, since after such a bypass they will remain with the functionality of the iPod: you can listen to music and watch on them, but the devices will not connect to the mobile network. Nothing will happen to an iPad without GSM, it will work the same way as it did before it was locked.

Another disadvantage is that the owners of the doulCi servers receive information about the device, including the serial number and other individual identifiers, as well as access to personal information. So before using this method, think carefully and clean the cloud storage of information that no one else should see.