IPad stopped connecting to WI-FI

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Checking the router

What can you do if none of the above remedies helped restore the iPad Wi-Fi signal? It’s time to check the router, two fatkors can create a situation that Wi-Fi does not work on the iPad.

If the operating frequency is set to 802.11n, the iPad will not connect to the network. this applies to older models. The current ipv6 protocol will lead to the same. It is enough to change these parameters that the iPad was able to connect to Wi-Fi.

iPad does not see Wi-Fi

ipad, stopped, connecting, wi-fi

Apple gadgets are well-known for their high quality of work. failures in it are extremely rare. But sometimes users are faced with an unpleasant problem. the iPad does not connect to WI-FI. Simple actions with the iPad itself or a router can help.

Router problems

If the iPad connects to all but one network without problems, the reason is in the specific router. The first and important fact is that devices with the Astheros chip conflict with Apple tablets. In any other case, it is worth rebooting the router, maybe even several times. Because of this, the data transmission channel will change, the connection will most likely be established.

Having connected the router to the computer via a USB cable, you can do the following:

  • update the ip-address;
  • change the encryption type. wep to wpa / wpa2;
  • increase the brightness level (settings);
  • update the software version (if there is an upgrade).


The most logical step if the iPad stopped connecting to WI-FI is to restart the connection. If unsuccessful, do the same procedure with the tablet itself. After that, the turn of the more severe measures comes:

  • Removing the network. Go to Basic settings, select the Network item. Click on the desired network, click on “Forget this network”. Try to connect to Wi-Fi again.
  • Reset network settings. In the Settings section, select Reset (at the end of the list) and select “Reset network settings” from the five options. The method is effective, but there is a drawback. saved passwords will disappear.
  • Region change. An unobvious method is to change the country (section of network settings). Sometimes setting the US tablet by the region helps to solve the problem.

Starting with the iPhone 4s, the developers have implemented the energy-saving Broadcom BCM4330 chip. It often leads to the fact that WI-FI does not work on the iPad. The only solution is to reset the settings, the procedure for which is described above.

The nature of the problem

Receiving a Wi-Fi signal usually takes a few seconds. the user barely has time to click on the icon in the notification shade. If the connection did not occur, first you need to check the presence of the network itself. The scheme of actions is simple. go to Settings, the Network section. The list of available ones (which the iPad “sees”) should be headed by the network to which the request is made. Two options are possible here:

  • There is a network in the list, the connection is not established. If the network is protected access, you must click on it and select the line “Forget this network”. Reconnect.
  • The network name is missing. There is a high probability that the problem is in the router or weak signal range.

Hardware issues rarely lead to iPad not seeing Wi-Fi. more often a software bug. The situation is different with the iPad mini. its design is more fragile, mechanical damage on impact can affect the reception of the signal of wireless networks.

When repairs are needed

If iPad has been severely bumped or damp in the case, it may need to be repaired. Damage is most often caused by the module harness, antenna malfunction, or corrosion of the connections. In this case, other malfunctions occur, uncharacteristic of software errors.

The situation when the iPad does not establish an Internet connection via Wi-Fi most often arises due to errors in the settings of the router or router. Restarting devices, including the tablet itself, usually saves. The cardinal solution will be to reset the network connections of the gadget. before it, it is advisable to make sure that it is in the tablet.

iPad does not see the network

If the iPad says No Network, there may be a problem with the tablet. The iPad is one of the most reliable electronic devices from Apple, and yet there are difficulties with this device, one of which is a malfunctioning network. There may be several reasons when the device gives an error, constantly searches for a connection and does not find it.

iPad WiFi Problem And Fix, How To Fix WiFi Issue on iPhone or iPad

Independent restoration of the device operation

Before contacting the wizard if there is a problem with the network, you can try to connect yourself and fix the situation. There are methods that can help if there is a failure in the device system or there is no contact with the SIM card.

If iPad says it has a network problem, or keeps looking for it and can’t find it, follow these steps:

  • make sure, if the tablet does not see the SIM card, that there is an operator coverage area where you are. Then check your network connection in the settings. If you are abroad, you need to connect to roaming
  • reboot the tablet when it gives an error and does not see the SIM card. See if there are updates. Pull out and insert back the SIM card, check the connector
  • check the operation of the card on another device if your tablet stopped seeing the network connection
  • reset the communication settings if the device malfunctions. In the “reset” section, which is in the settings, click “reset network parameters”. With this action, the wireless network parameters and codes will also be discarded.
  • update iOS

If this does not help, then you need to perform a factory reset. This requires you to connect your tablet to your PC and turn on iTunes. After the tablet is selected, press the “Recovery” key. This program will install the update on the tablet and reset the settings. Then you should re-set the parameters and check the device.

If the listed methods did not help and the tablet still does not catch the network, take it to a workshop, where specialists will perform a thorough diagnosis of the device. A network breakdown or malfunction of the headphones on the iPad or other item will be quickly repaired by a professional. Apply for the repair of Apple devices, when it says: “No network” and Bluetooth does not work, to the performers of the Yuda website.

Common problems

First of all, if you have problems with the network or bluetooth, check the SIM card, which should be active. Then you need to check it for defects. If you have another tablet, you need to insert the card into it to find out if the problem is with it or with your device.

There may be problems with the tablet if Airplane mode is activated. This can be changed by disabling this mode. Look for the cause of the problem by checking the correct APN settings and network data transfer.

The reasons for iPad malfunction are usually the following:

  • problems with software settings
  • SIM card malfunction
  • mechanical damage to the device
  • moisture in the tablet

It happens that the iPad writes “No network” not because of a problem in the software, but does not connect due to mechanical damage. If the iPad is dropped or in a damp room, it can break the cable, and the buttons will not turn on, and the network connection will not start.

Seeking help from specialists

It is difficult to use an iPad if it does not have headphones, a mobile or Wi-Fi network, or if Bluetooth is weak. Therefore, if a problem arises in the operation of equipment and if it is impossible to restore the device on its own, it is worth contacting a specialist who can quickly and efficiently fix network problems and any other.

The service center specialists will offer the following:

  • iPad repair of any complexity
  • original accessories
  • affordable for services
  • the best solution to the problem

YouDo performers cooperate with the owners of any Apple technology on favorable terms. Experts offer maintenance and repair, device configuration, assistance if a black screen occurs, installation of updates, preventive service for all iPad models.

If the iPad says “No network” or poorly catches it, the headphones do not turn on, the camera does not work, the screen is black, and you do not have time to make adjustments and repairs yourself, contact the YouDo performers.

iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Have you come to a cafe, picked up a tablet to surf the Internet, but still couldn’t connect iPad to Wi-Fi? A similar situation can arise anywhere, including at home! You try to connect to the wireless network over and over again, enter the password, but the connection is not established. What to do in this case, how to fix problems with connecting your Apple tablet to the network. we will tell you in this article.

Problems with connecting the tablet to Wi-Fi, like most others, can be hardware or software in nature. In order not to frighten you right away with repairing your iPad, let’s look at the most common causes of software-type problems. At the very beginning, make sure that the iPad is within range of the Wi-Fi router, and other devices are successfully connecting to it. To do this, try connecting a laptop, phone, or any other equipment to the network. If this succeeded, and at the same time the data transfer is stable, then the problem with the tablet has been confirmed. Try also to connect iPad to Wi-Fi in other places, it happens that connection problems are present only in one place, and this is already an important point for diagnosing the problem.

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If the tablet is within range of the router, while other devices connect to it without problems, you should try resetting the wireless settings. To do this, delete and re-create the connection, re-enter the password, as a last resort. turn on and off airplane mode, or restart the device. In addition, an important point is the country in which the iPad was bought. If it was brought from the USA, then the reason for the connection problem may easily lie in the discrepancy between the standard settings of the router and tablet. The fact is that in Europe and Russia, 13 channels of frequency ranges are allocated for the Wi-Fi wireless network, and in the USA. only 11. In this case, setting the default country in the router settings. the United States of America (if you have access to the router settings).

If none of the above manipulations helped, and the iPad stubbornly does not want to connect, or does not even see Wi-Fi networks, it is most likely a purely hardware breakdown. This happens when the tablet falls, the case is deformed, unprofessional repair or replacement of the screen, etc. Whatever the breakdown, in the Apple Pro service center and St. Petersburg, you can get free diagnostics and repair of the iPad, or its setting. We assure you that visiting a service center to quickly fix the problem is a much easier and more justified option than repairing your iPad yourself! Visit us today and see for yourself!

Reset network settings

Dumb solution to all network problems if the device is working properly and the router is working. is to reset network settings. To do this you have to go to Settings General Reset and click on “Reset network settings”. This is the solution that Apple offers a solution to these problems, and it is much less tedious than a full hardware recovery. This way, only Wi-Fi connections and passwords that you have on your iPad will be removed, allowing you to set up the connection process from scratch and avoid potential problems.

Restart iPad

In the computer world, there is a very typical case where everyone says that everything is fixed by turning the device off and on. This is really not the case, or at least not always. This is based on the fact that there are some internal processes in the equipment that prevent it from working properly, and restarting is the only possible solution. Therefore, what we can recommend in advance to rule out these problems is to turn the iPad on and off. In fact, after restarting, it is recommended to turn it off for at least 30 seconds and turn it back on.

Check iPad settings

This may sound too obvious to you, but there are times when we think we have connected the iPad to Wi-Fi, but have not yet established such a connection. By going to “Settings” “Wi-Fi”, you can check if the internet signal search is activated and, in this case, check if you have established a connection to the Wi-Fi network. If you are connected to a network, the corresponding icon is displayed at the top and you still cannot access the Internet, the problem may be with your router, as we mentioned in the previous point. However, there are times when an error message appears in these settings, from which you can get more information by clicking the icon with the letter “i”.

Make sure your router is not out of order

Sometimes we blame connectivity problems with our own device, but this may not be responsible. If you can access the Internet even though it is slower than usual, we recommend performing a speed test. This will provide some useful information about the health of your network. If you find that the speed is not what you expected, we recommend restarting your router and retesting the connection. In the event that this does not solve the problem or you cannot directly access the Internet, it is recommended that you contact your telephone company to find out if this is a problem with your router or signal in your area.

Is the iPad updated?

Although somewhat unusual, it is possible that the iPad software contains a bug that prevents the connection. Therefore, it is recommended that you update it to the latest version of the available operating system. We understand that it is not possible to download the update without an Internet connection, so you must resort to updating your iPad using a computer in the same way as using an iPhone.

On a Windows PC

  • Connect iPad to computer via cable.
  • Open iTunes and go to the device management part by clicking on the icon at the top.
  • Go to the “Summary” tab and click “Check for Updates”.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the new version of iOS / iPadOS, and do not disconnect your iPad until the entire process is complete.

iPad won’t connect to WI-FI: how to solve network problems

Like all electronic devices today, the iPad requires an internet connection to take advantage of all of its features. To do this, you will need to connect it via Wi-Fi, if you do not have the WI-FI Cellular version. If you are having problems connecting your iPad read on because we will help you solve this problem.

Mac with macOS Catalina or later

  • Connect iPad to Mac with a cable.
  • Open Finder and click on iPad name in the left pane.
  • Go to the General tab and click on “Check for Updates”.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the new iOS / iPadOS, and don’t disconnect your iPad until the entire process is complete.

Wi-Fi not working on iPad

The Wi-Fi function for a tablet is almost indispensable, because these wonderful devices are designed specifically to access the Internet from anywhere. Apple’s iPad tablets are no exception in this regard. The Wi-Fi wireless module in iPads is extremely reliable. A tablet that got into the workshop, in which Wi-Fi was denied due to a factory defect, is a real rarity. Nevertheless, users often turn to specialists due to communication problems.

First of all, such malfunctions can be caused by mechanical damage. The wireless device used in iPad is quite sensitive to shock and even strong vibration. The fall of the tablet from a relatively low height on a carpet or linoleum, which will not leave even a trace on the case, may well cause the iPad to stop “seeing” the network. Also, quite often, the specialists of the service center have to deal with tablets, inside of which, due to the owner’s negligence or an emergency situation, water got into. Short circuit or oxidation of the Wi-Fi module contacts is a serious problem requiring replacement of the entire part.

Repairing an iPad that does not work with Wi-Fi is a rather difficult job that is beyond the power of an ordinary computer repair technician. Working with Apple products has its own specifics, so only a certified specialist can perform high-quality repairs and give a guarantee for their work. These are the masters that make up the team of our Apple technology repair workshop. If you have a problem with Wi-Fi, we will be happy to help you, while doing our job extremely quickly and very inexpensively.

Expert Advice: If your iPad does not want to “catch” the network where it undoubtedly is, this does not mean that it is necessarily faulty. The reception and transmission of a radio signal is influenced by many factors and sometimes it is enough to move a meter to the side for the signal to appear or significantly improve. Try to avoid external influences on the tablet, as well as the ingress of any liquids inside the case.

Questions: Wi-Fi does not work

My iPad Mini perfectly sees my home router, but does not want to connect to it. Elsewhere, this problem does not occur. Other devices connect and work with the network without problems. What could it be?

Expert’s answer: Eugene, most likely your tablet has no problems with the Wi-Fi module. Problems of this kind most often lie in routers, since Apple devices are quite demanding on signal quality. Try updating the firmware of your router, and if this does not help, then you might think about a visit to the service center.

Update your router firmware

In case you have already confirmed that the router is working properly, and still you are facing the iPad not connecting to Wi-Fi problem, go ahead and take the help of this solution.

In this method, you need to make sure your router has the latest firmware. Please check your router manually to update the firmware, because each manufacturer uses unique ways to update the firmware. In addition, go to the manufacturer’s official website and look for instructions on how to update the firmware.

Create a full iPad backup

It is possible to create a full backup of your data on the iPad. Follow the instructions to find out how.

Click Back up and export from device. Then select “Make a full backup”.

Click “Backup” and the data backup process will start. You will receive a notification that the backup process is complete.

Features of iMyfone Fixppo

  • Simple and easy procedure. Anyone can use iMyfone Fixppo to fix iOS problems
  • Repair iOS system without data loss
  • Compatible with all iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone models. IOS 13/12 also supported
  • Fixes several iOS issues like boot loop, white Apple logo, etc.

Fix iOS without data loss

Unlike other iOS troubleshooting methods, your data will not be lost if you choose iMyfone Fixppo.Here, you just need to pair your device and move forward with a few clicks. You won’t lose anything from the device. Hence, Fixppo is the perfect solution for every iOS problem.

Also, if you’re worried about iPad Pro won’t charge or Phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi, here are the best fixes for you.

Reboot your router to fix iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Before you start blaming your device for iPad not connecting to Wi-Fi, make sure your router is working properly. One way to do this. restart the router. There are possibilities that the router cannot transmit more than 2.4 GHz or 4 GHz.

To restart your router, locate and hold the red button on your router. Please be patient and wait approximately two minutes after the router reboots. Then try to connect again.

Another reason for the device to trigger the iPad is not connecting to Wi-Fi The problem is that the iPad must be out of range. If the iPad is quite far from your router, try changing your location and see if the network improves.

IPad data protection tip when this issue occurs.

Before trying any of the solutions mentioned above, make sure you back up all your data. This process is designed to keep your data safe while trying to fix the iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi issue. One way to create a backup. use ‘iMyFone iTransor “.

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This amazing tool can be used to easily backup and restore data on iPad. You can also export data from your device to a PC. We will now show you how to use iMyFone to protect your data.

How to Repair iOS System Problems?

Existing Range of Drives Fixppo Tool provides two iOS recovery modes to troubleshoot problems. Standard mode is used to troubleshoot common problems on iOS devices without losing data. In addition, the advanced mode is useful for solving complex problems. However, advanced mode will erase all data from the device.

Go to the Wi-Fi settings section of the router module:

To do this, go to the “Advanced settings” of the router, look for the Wi-Fi subsection and select the “Basic settings” item.

Blog about modems, routers and gpon ont terminals.

Go to the router settings.

To do this, enter the address of the router in the address bar. In the case of D-Link routers, this is For other routers, this may be or The router will issue an authorization request:

Enter the username admin. The default password for D-Link routers is admin or an empty string. Press the Login button.

iPhone or iPad won’t connect to WI-FI.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to my article about problems with WI-FI, some readers turned to the following problem: an iPad tablet or an iPhone smartphone does not see the WI-FI network and, accordingly, do not connect to WI-FI. At the same time, this problem is not observed from other devices. Android tablets and laptops connect perfectly. over, manipulations with the iPhone do not give any results and the frustrated owners of Apple gadgets bring their devices to the service, where it works fine and the receiver does not find any problems. The iPhone owner is faced with a dilemma. on the one hand, the router works without problems, other smartphones, tablets and laptops work fine. On the other hand, they checked the iPhone or iPad in the service and did not find any problems with connecting to the wireless network. The funniest thing is that this same iPhone can perfectly connect to all other WI-FI networks except your home one. Why iPhone does not connect to WI-FI and what to do in this case?!

iPad Not Connecting To WiFi? Here’s The Real Fix.

Change the country from Russia or Russian Federation to Unated States of America (USA):

After that, click the Change button and try to connect your iPhone or iPad. There should be no problems connecting the tablet to WI-FI.

Note: Alternatively, you can also play around with choosing a Wi-Fi channel. I already told you how to do it right here.

iPhone or iPad does not connect to the WI-FI network. : 32 Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Thanks a lot. It helped, I connected my ipad

I can’t connect to my home Wi-Fi

iPad connects to the network, but from time to time when you turn it on (wake up from sleep mode), you can wait indefinitely until it connects to an already registered point. Manipulations like: the flight mode on / off or in the Wi-Fi settings poke his nose into the network so that he picks it up. And this is with any point, and not with any separate one. iPad mini, 9.01, no jailbreak.

No comment, there is a request for help. A week ago, the iPhone and iPad, which previously perfectly perceive home Wi-Fi, refuse to connect to the ZyXEL router.

When trying to connect, the answer is displayed “Failed to connect to ZyXEL

Comrades, half a day puzzled. None of the solutions offered on the Internet helped. The fact is that I have a Smart Box router. I got it from the beeline, but then switched to domra and left it, the speed is decent. So the solution to the problem was suggested by a technician from technical support, he suggested that you need to enter DNS, which is below the Router field. My first two digits coincided with the router, but then they differed, for the router…,…, 160, 1, for the iPhone…,…, 161.1. Everything worked.

Hurray, it all worked for me the first aiped appl, a 740n TP-Link router, everything worked but no aiped, went to the official website, downloaded the latest firmware in English for America, and put up as you advised usa the country and it worked uraaa, and when there was a Russian firmware on the router and the country of the United States did not work, the firmware and the choice of the country on usa helped, if anyone needs help, write to help, counterstrike.dnepr@gmail.com my mail

Please tell me, and if you apply these settings on your home router, will other household members with an android be able to use these settings?

Yes, they will. You just reduce the number of radio channels available for the network to work.

Please help to solve the problem. When I connect the router cable to the WAN section, only iPhones work, and when I connect to the LAN 1 section, only androids work, what should I do to make everything work, including the Internet on the TV (LG SmartTV) ?? Help?

Alice. create a topic in our group and attach screenshots. we will try to help

On a router (router)

Reboot your router. No matter how trite it may sound, restarting the router in some cases really helps to improve the operation of the wireless network on iOS.

Change the encryption method (this is often the reason iOS devices don’t want to connect to Wi-Fi).

Reset your router (router) to factory settings.

Wi-Fi not working on iPhone or iPad: possible solutions to the problem

Among all the problems faced by the owners of mobile gadgets, poor performance or complete lack of Wi-Fi connection is one of the most common. Usually the fault is due to incorrect user settings of one of the devices (router or smartphone), but sometimes it is not possible to resolve this situation without intervention at the hardware level.

Below we will consider the most effective methods of Wi-Fi treatment in terms of the ratio of the total number of attempts to successful ones. That is, it is these methods that most often help users solve the problem with this type of wireless connection.

Folk remedies

However, if you have an old iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 with a broken screen and a non-working Home button, then you can risk his health and do one of the methods of temperature exposure that have been tested by thousands of users. Namely. heat the smartphone with a hairdryer to a critical temperature and then restart, or vice versa. freeze the iPhone in the refrigerator (and this is not a joke).

Sometimes this has a positive, but temporary effect and confirms the presence of hardware problems.

On iPhone or iPad (reboot, “forget network”, reset network settings, flashing)

Naturally, the first step is to take a full range of measures to eliminate a possible error in the iOS settings, moving through the list from the simplest to the most complex:

Turn Wi-Fi off and on in Control Center, restart your device.

In case the iPhone or iPad does not connect to the Wi-Fi network correctly, try to “forget” the network. To do this, open the Settings application, go to the Wi-Fi section and click on the “i” icon next to the signal strength icon.

If this does not help, reset the network settings. To do this, go to the path: Settings → General → Reset and click on Reset network settings.

In some cases, you can use the Software Restore procedure. How the Software Update differs from the Software Restore, as well as how this process is performed, we described in detail in this material.

Poorly catching or not working Wi-Fi on iPhone or iPad, what to do?

Eliminate external causes (interference, covers)

First of all, you should make sure that there is no interference with the signal. If there is no microwave oven between the router and the smartphone, in which there are several working radiotelephones, then it should pass unhindered. Most often, the problem lies in covers and bumpers, which were made by shortsighted craftsmen from metal materials. eliminating such an accessory can remove the issue of unstable Wi-Fi connection.

Contact the service center

If the iPhone still refuses to connect to the Internet, then with a high degree of probability there is mechanical damage or a factory defect of the corresponding module. Such a problem should not be eliminated on your own at home and it is better to contact a service center.

Setup recommendations if iPad can’t see Wi-Fi network

Naturally, 3G technology is ubiquitous now, and iPads are no exception. However, it is also necessary to connect via Wi-Fi if, for example, the 3G card runs out of funds, or on an international trip, where it is extremely unprofitable to use the mobile Internet.

There are some basic guidelines for what to do if the iPad does not see the Wi-fi router:

  • try to reset the pairing. To do this, you need to go along the “Settings” path. “Basic”. “Network”, after which the iPad moves the user to the Wi-fi source control menu. Here you need to select “Forget this network” and try to connect again;
  • reset the current network settings. This method is even easier. just go to the “General” tab in the settings menu and reset the network settings. As a rule, most connection problems are solved in this way, but at the same time all saved passwords from connections also disappear;
  • change the region. The connection problem can be resolved by going to the Wi-Fi wireless network settings and changing the region there from Russia to the United States. Also, instead of automatic location determination, it is better to choose channel 1. in the future, this will contribute to a more stable Wi-Fi connection.

One of these methods solves the problem in 90% of cases. If the above operations failed to restore the connection, it is worth checking the settings of the router and router.

Checking Router Settings and Network Setting

In case of a crisis of ideas and a misunderstanding of what to do if the iPad 2 does not see the Wi-Fi router, you can manually configure the network, as well as check whether the current settings of the router are suitable.

It is possible to do this in one of the following ways:

  • check if the operating frequency 802.11n is set in the router settings. This frequency is not suitable for Apple tablets. If it is selected active, it must be changed to any other.
  • check that the router is not using ipv6. If this protocol is used, you need to try to disable it through the settings.

What can I do, I can not configure the ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2 router? The answer is here.

Apple products are very capricious about Wi-Fi and you need to carefully monitor the settings of the router, the company’s engineers themselves admitted this. However, the problem is being actively discussed, and the company promises to minimize the inconvenience of consumers in new software versions.

Potential Wireless Reception Problems

Many users believe that the reason for the incorrect operation of the iPad with Wi-Fi is the flawed operating system and software weaknesses. To a greater extent, this, of course, applies to the iOS 7 version. According to many experts, there is no problem with the hardware component of the iPad.

The designers of Apple themselves claim that the problem of the wireless connection can always be solved through a factory reset, which once again confirms that the essence of the problem lies in the software.

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Most experts agree that the main reason why the iPad stopped seeing Wi-Fi and slow download speeds is the energy-saving Broadcom BCM4330 chip, which has been implemented in Apple equipment since the iPhone 4S was released.

Wi-fi combined with a bright screen drains the iPad’s battery very quickly, and the Broadcom chip is the best, according to the company’s engineers, way to “extend” the life of a gadget. Apple designers recommend what to do if the iPad 3 does not see the WI-FI router. you should immediately update the device software, thus freeing up more battery resources for Broadcom.

Setting up and connecting the iPad to a Wi-Fi network

All wireless settings on iPad are located in the Settings menu. Here you need to select the Wi-Fi sub-item. If everything works correctly, then you can see a list of networks available for connection, among which you should select the one you need. The pop-up window next prompts you to enter the Wi-Fi password.

By clicking on the blue checkmark, you can see the basic information about the connection. If the network does not work, most likely, the matter is in the settings of the router itself, however, by changing the connection characteristics, you can also achieve the result.

True, only the most experienced users can change the IP address and subnet mask. This is where you can find the “Forget this network” option to reconnect to the source.

Connectivity issues are most common with iPad mini. Considering that the model is quite new, many simply do not know what to do if the mini iPad does not see the WI-FI router. The fact is that the small iPad has a rather fragile structure.

According to statistics, in 70% of cases, mini iPad does not see the network due to mechanical damage caused by the owner. In case of shock or severe shock, the WI-FI module may partially or completely rupture.

In this case, repairs are required, and, sadly, quite expensive.

In other cases, the reason for the failure of the iPad mini connection may be:

  • Failure of the module strapping caused by moisture penetration.
  • Antenna malfunction that needs to be replaced.
  • Full scale corrosion also caused by moisture ingress.

Therefore, if none of the ways to connect to WI-FI among the ones listed above helped, it is worth taking the tablet for a warranty quality check.

The device does not connect to the home network

It often happens that the ipad does not connect to its own home network. At the same time, in public places, problems with connection and search are not noticed, and at home he sees other people’s networks, except for the one he needs. At the same time, a laptop or other devices that support work with WI-FI networks are successfully connected to your network.

Solution: you need to try digging into the router’s settings and change the channel or region. These manipulations usually help to solve this problem. We will dwell a little further on the method of switching the channel in more detail.

The smartphone was brought from the USA, but it does not find networks or does not connect to them

Devices, the implementation of which was planned in a certain part of the world, in other countries may not function entirely correctly, so if the ipad was brought to our country from America, it is quite natural that it does not connect to our networks.

The very first thing you should pay attention to is the channel through which our network distributes the Internet. As mentioned above, it is because of him that problems can arise when connecting the ipad to WI-FI networks.

If we take the European region, then it uses 13 channels to work with wireless networks. But on the territory of America there are 2 fewer such channels. 11. It turns out that when your router is operating on channel 13 or 12, the American ipad may simply not see the Internet it is distributing.

We solve possible problems connecting iPad to WI-FI

Many devices periodically have problems finding and connecting to WI-FI networks, and Apple products are no exception.

In this article, we will try to consider the main causes of problems with wireless networks on the ipad and describe how to eliminate them.

We solve the problem with connecting to the network

According to the factory settings, the router independently searches through the channels, choosing the most free one. It is possible that during this search, exactly 13 or 12 channel was selected.

Let’s look at an example with a TP-Link router. Open the settings. If there are problems with opening the settings, look for information in a search engine. there are a whole dozen of it. Opening the settings menu, immediately on the main page you will see the channel selected by the router, on which the WI-FI network is being distributed.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the Internet distribution of my home network is performed on the 4th channel. This channel is found by all ipad devices, but it is not a fact that after restarting the router, the channel will not change to 13 or 12, due to the active Auto mode (it searches for a free channel automatically).

To turn off Auto mode, you need to set a static channel in the settings. To do this, find the Wireless tab in the control panel. Then we see the Channel field, in which you can set any desired static channel.

To save the changes, click the Save button. But the changes will take effect only after restarting the router.

Problems connecting to the network due to the wrong region

If the above methods did not help to solve the problem and your ipad does not connect to the network, then you should try to install a different region.

To do this, open the already familiar Wireless tab in the settings. We are looking for the region field (Region). Remember that if the smartphone is from the United States, then it is configured to work in that particular region. Therefore, we are trying to change the previously specified region to Unated States.

Most likely, the above manipulations will help solve your problem, but not the fact that this will affect the connection of other devices to the home network. In this case, you should correctly prioritize and choose the device whose WI-FI connection is most important to you.

What to do if iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Nearly all iPad models are equipped with a Wi-Fi system. This allows you to connect to any source of the network, whether it is a home router or any hotspot in cafes, restaurants, subways, offices, etc. Connecting to Wi-Fi is easy:

  • Go to Settings
  • We find the item “Wi-Fi”
  • We select the necessary network and enter the password (if the access point is in a public place, then it is unlikely to be protected by a password; the password from the home router was most likely reported to you when the device was installed)

If everything is in order, then you can enter the network. To see if Wi-Fi is working, take a look at the top corner. There you will see a Wi-Fi icon. Now you can use your browser. However, many of the iPad users faced such a problem when the device did not want to connect to a wireless Wi-Fi network. In the absence of a 3G connection, the inability to access the Network causes a lot of inconvenience and makes the use of the device extremely inferior.

What to do if iPad can’t connect to Wi-Fi?

First, make sure your device is within Wi-Fi range. Experiment with the location of your device to improve signal reception. Also check if your Wi-Fi router is working and if there is an Internet connection on other devices (for example, a PC or laptop). Just in case, reboot your router by simply unplugging the power outlet. Also check the software of your router, and if necessary, update it. There are times when the software on your iPad is outdated, which is also the reason why it does not connect to the wireless network. Therefore, if you have an iPad 2 or iPad Mini with an old version of iOS, update them.

If everything is in order with the network sources, then try switching to “Airplane mode” on your device, and then back to normal mode. If this trick did not work either, restart your device.

Did not work out? Then we turn to more radical means. To get started, click the “i” icon next to your network, and then click “Forget this network”. If this method also led to failure, we use extreme methods. in the device settings, select the “Reset” item, enter the password, if necessary, and select “Reset network settings”.

This option will not only reset all settings related to the Internet, but also delete all saved passwords. Therefore, this method should only be used in extreme cases.

But another radical method is restoring data from a backup. Of course, in order to do this, you need to prudently save your device data to iTunes. Connect your device to your computer and manually update your iPad software. It is worth noting that in this case absolutely all data will be erased, and your device will look like it just came out “from under” the box.

It also happens that the reason lies not in the software part, and the tablet does not connect to the network due to mechanical failure. Think about whether you dropped your iPad lately or whether it has been lying in a damp room for a long time. Mechanical shock or moisture penetration into the tablet could break the cable connecting the iPad processor to the modem card. In this case, the only way out is to fix it in specialized service centers.

If your iPad was brought from the USA, then the matter is most likely in the settings of your router, which limits the number of free channels.

The fact is that in Europe, 12 or 13 channels are used to work with a wireless connection, and in the USA. only 11. Thus, if your router is distributing on channels 12 or 13, then your iPad simply will not see the network. You can solve this problem as follows:

  • We go into the settings of the router. To do this, enter the address of the router in the address bar. It is unique to each manufacturer. For example, or You can find out the exact address from the instructions for use, which always comes with the device. For example, we will take a D-Link router.
  • Once in the admin panel, go to “Advanced settings”, then to the subsection “Wi-Fi” and from there go to “Basic settings”.
  • Next, we change the country from Russian Federation (or Russia, depending on the device) to United States (USA). We save the settings by clicking “Change”. These settings may look different on your router, but the basic principle is the same everywhere. After that, your device should connect to the network without any problems.