iPad lost sound in the applications

What to do if the sound on the iPad is lost

The sound on the iPad in applications and games is one of the most common problems on tablets from the U.S. company Appple. In 70% of cases the problem is the result of a physical breakdown of the device speaker, and only in one third of cases it is the result of a motherboard failure and even more rarely of software problems.

As for the factors that can provoke the lack of sound on the iPad, among them it is worth highlighting:

  • Physical damage to the tablet or water entering under its casing;
  • The firmware has crashed or there are various software problems with it;
  • System board problems;
  • Clogging of the auditory channel (if the sound is lost in games on iPad in headphones).

The solution to each of these problems requires an individual and professional approach. So, if we are talking about the failure of the speaker of the device, then to solve this problem can only be by replacing it, which will require an appeal to the service center. Damage to the sound control chip, e.g. caused by dropping the iPad or getting water under its casing, can also only be repaired by an experienced technician in the right conditions.

In some cases, however, there is a situation where the sound in games is lost on the iPad, but in applications it is not observed. In this case, as a rule, we are talking about a problem with the tablet firmware, and the problem is solved by its proper adjustment or upgrade.

The most unpleasant for any iPad owner is a situation where the sound is lost due to the fault of the circuit board. This requires a deep diagnosis of the device, which can only be done in the service center. If the tablet is not completely silent, and makes quiet noises or croaks through the headphones, then most likely you can remedy the situation by cleaning the ear canal.

In any case, contact a specialist will not be out of place, especially since he will not only be able to eliminate the malfunction in the short term, but also to assemble and disassemble the device without damaging its circuitry and parts. At the same time to avoid more serious problems, the specialists of the Apple service centers give the following recommendations:

  • In case of spilling liquid on iPad you should immediately turn it off and do not charge it under any circumstances. This can cause all electronic parts of the gadget to come out.
  • If the sound disappeared immediately after dropping the tablet (it may still sound in headphones), it’s definitely mechanical damage to the parts responsible for its playback. Your device should be serviced.

No sound on iPad regardless of model.

We found out that this can happen right after an iOS update or if you have an older iPad. This is a very annoying problem in any case.

Follow these tips to get the sound back on your iPad:

  • Turn mono sound on and off
  • Connect and disconnect headphones for devices with a headphone jack
  • Toggle the side switch on your iPad (if applicable)
  • Change the iPad side switch setting to lock orientation instead of mute
  • Open Control Center and adjust the sound or volume from there.
  • Turn off and on Bluetooth
  • Check whether Do Not Disturb mode is turned off
  • Reboot or forcibly reboot your iPad

Sound settings on the tablet

If the video on your tablet computer plays, but there is no sound, it can be a problem with the operating system and programs. In order to understand how to turn on the sound on the tablet in this case, it is necessary to get acquainted with the information about what codecs are, when they are “flipped”, and how to install them. Programs can be installed for the entire system or for specific players. The most common codecs are usually freely available.

In addition, it happens that some installed programs affect the sound settings. As a rule, these are various utilities for fine-tuning the sound beat, all sorts of equalizers and programs to amplify the volume. How to make the sound on the tablet, if such software blocks it? The problem is solved by step-by-step removal of suspicious software and sound check. By the way, it is better to test on games, not on video content, because of the above-described mismatches with codecs.

Often, if the audio signal is present in the headphones but not in the speakers, the situation can be saved by connecting and disconnecting the accessory. The locking of the oxidized switch of audio jack can be removed in this way. If you want to know how to adjust the sound on your tablet via profiles, go to their settings in the “Preferences” menu. Select any of them and check all the settings.

Simple hardware problems of the tablet PC can also be corrected by your own forces. For example, if the aforementioned headphone jack is shorted (if manipulation with repeated turning on and off did not help), you can use a regular needle and disconnect the pins.

What else can be done

The cause of the problem could also be a recent system update that did not install correctly. Try to restore the factory settings. This can be done in the “General” menu of the “Settings” menu without deleting any of your files. Minus of the method. all the settings will be lost, and you will have to restore them.

If this method did not help, it is possible that you have a lot of conflicting apps installed. In this case you need to do the reset with the content deletion in the same menu. It is important to know your account details, as the tablet will revert to the settings “out of the box”. Here you can cheat a little: not to lose all the necessary information, make a full backup of the system or an image of the entire disk space, using thematic utilities on your computer. Then perform a reset, check if there is sound. If yes. say goodbye to your data, because restoring this backup will also restore the error.

Simple solution

If we try to listen to music through headphones, but after removing them the sound disappears from the speakers, the following steps should be taken.

  • Playing any audio file with headphones.
  • Now press the volume switch upwards and at the same time remove the headphone plug.
  • After that the sound should get louder. By the way, sometimes problems are also caused by clogs and moisture.
  • It is recommended to inspect the speaker grilles for the presence of dirt.

In this case you should take your tablet to a service center. And especially do not hesitate with this, if the sound is lost after a fall or contact with liquid on the surface of the gadget.

ipad, lost, sound, applications

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Why is the sound on your iPhone missing?

As a rule, such malfunctions occur after dropping the iPhone or getting into it moisture, and even a short contact with water (or falling from a small height) is enough. Service centers often offer to solve the problem with the speaker or microphone by replacing the upper and lower plume respectively, but in reality it is very difficult to determine the cause of sound loss on your smartphone, especially on your own.

If you are experiencing these symptoms (up to the inability to start recording on the Dictaphone or record video with sound), the problem is likely to lie much deeper. in the failure of the audio codec. To determine for sure, you need a full diagnosis of the device. for example, as in the service center Apple Pro. We got an iPhone 7, and its checking revealed just the problem with the audio codec. Let’s see how the audio codec on iPhone 7 is replaced.

iPad soft reset

Quite often it happens that simply rebooting the tablet helps with the problem, when the iPad does not work sound. Press and hold the Sleep and Home buttons simultaneously for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple logo appears, then release the buttons (ignore the red slider). After a soft reset, the sound should come back to the iPad.

If a soft reset didn’t work, then you need to do a hard reset, or a factory reset.

Lost sound on iPad in games

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ipad, lost, sound, applications

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The sound is lost from the speakers of iPad or iPhone, what to do?

One of the problems we have is that the sound in the speakers of your iPhone or iPad is disconnected when you save it in your headphones. Of course, the easiest way to solve this problem would be to contact one of the existing service centers to repair your Apple. However, going to the service center will require time and investment, which can often be avoided, because in some cases the problem is just a software failure. Let’s save a trip to the professionals as a trump card and try to “fix” your device on your own.

So, the sound is lost from the speakers of iPad, what to do??

First, you can try to check all the settings on your device. To do this, we go to Settings Universal Access, A couple of times we switch the toggle switch “mono-audio” and roll the volume adjustment slider between the left and right channels.

After be sure to return all settings to their original appearance: mono audio should be disabled, and the balance adjustment slider should be in the middle.

If the problem is on your iPad, you can pay attention to the switch on the right sidebar of your iPad. Use this switch to lock the orientation or enable/disable the sound on your iPad.

Try turning the sound on and off on the side switch and by going to Settings Basic, Move the checkmark from “Mute” to “Lock orientation”, then flick the switch on the sidebar once again.

Then we return to the previous settings by moving the checkbox to “Mute” and flick the switch again, finally fixing it in the “on” position.”. Perform sound check.

If this check of the settings has not yielded any results, you can also reboot the device, or as a more radical method, you can try to flash the device.

In case all the suggested methods were ineffective, there is nothing left but to resort to our last method. to ask for help from the service center craftsmen.

If you can’t find an answer to your question or you’re having trouble with a solution that doesn’t appear in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below, ask your question using our help form. It’s quick, easy, convenient and does not require registration. You’ll find answers to yours and other questions in this section.

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