iPad gets hot and the battery drains quickly

Why iPhone X / X heats up and drains the battery ?

There are actually external and internal reasons why the iPhone X heats up quickly. If you put your iPhone X in direct sunlight or in a closed car, it will undoubtedly cause your phone to overheat. We highly recommend protecting your phone from high temperatures.

The internal cause of overheating of iPhone X occurs mainly due to the overloaded processor and design. First, if you play graphically advanced games like Pokemon Go, or watch HD videos from YouTube, you’re likely to see the iPhone X getting hot during use because the A11 CPU is stressed all the time. On the other hand, the glass case. has poor thermal conductivity, which keeps all the heat inside.

Why the iPhone 6 runs out of battery very quickly

Typically, the iPhone battery can last up to 10-11 hours of normal use. If you’ve noticed that your smartphone’s battery is draining faster than usual, it could be a problem that needs a quick fix.

If the battery on your phone is draining quickly, there can only be two reasons:

The way the device behaves when software and hardware failures are very similar. And if the problem is caused by a physical malfunction of the battery, only a specialist can determine that.

It is not recommended to replace the battery in your smartphone by yourself, not knowing how to make repairs and not having special tools. Contact the service center Mr.Profi, where experienced craftsmen will conduct a thorough diagnosis of your device and identify the cause.

The main software culprits are:

  • Bad update. In fact, rapid battery drain is listed among the most common problems after the update, which are faced by owners of various iPhones. In this case, the problem is caused by some software bugs. If after installing a new update on your phone “iPhone” 6 battery discharges noticeably faster than before, then consider this to be the main reason.
  • Incorrect applications. Apps that are not updated usually don’t work correctly, especially when a new version of iOS is installed. Some applications tend not to shut down in the background, which ends up keeping the processor running. Consequently it leads to a constant power consumption.
  • Incorrectly configured settings. The way you set up your iPhone, especially the display, its notifications, location, wireless services and other battery-consuming iOS features are also among the attributes that can cause your “iPhone” 6 to run out of battery overnight when you’re not using it. In this regard, it is recommended to optimize and adjust these settings in a way to reduce power consumption.

iPhone discharges quickly after an update

If your iPhone runs out of power faster than usual after an update, there are two possible reasons for that: a system bug that can’t be fixed with anything other than a special update, and the improper setup we mentioned above. Even though Apple doesn’t acknowledge it, sometimes it does happen, and you should try just restoring iOS:

Standard repair is not a cure-all solution

In reality, it can be difficult to know if something has changed. It can take up to a few days, until all the processes settle down and begin to run as necessary. So do not cut and do not get into deep repair, if in the first 24 hours the battery life has not increased. This is a serious procedure that may be required only in the most extreme cases.

iPhone (iPad) runs out of power fast? Fix the problem in 1 minute!

Regardless of the version of iOS, users have always found themselves in a situation where their iPhone runs out of power quickly. And this problem occurs quite a lot of people, but not many people pay attention to it, and not immediately.

In this article I will tell you how to get rid of this trouble and return the battery of your iPhone “former endurance”. By the way, the information in this article also applies to iPad tablets.

In my case, I accidentally noticed that the percentages on the residual charge meter began to fade somehow unnaturally fast. I even experimented by charging the iPhone battery to 100% and leaving it to snooze on the table overnight.

And what do you think? To my great regret, the experiments confirmed my fears. the iPhone indeed discharged abnormally fast.

Overnight (in about 7 hours) I lost more than 20% of the battery charge. This is provided that the phone was not used at all, and was in low power mode. It was just a disaster! What to do?

Is there an unscheduled repair of the iPhone or is the problem with the software? A whole bunch of questions swarmed in my head, with which I turned to the Internet. And here’s what I was able to find.

The thing is that somewhere in the “depths of iOS” a conflict may arise, which partially crashes one of the applications, which in turn begins to intensively “feed the energy”.

Т.е. Everything seems to be normal, and you use your phone as usual, but at one point it starts “devouring” charged lithium ions at an incredible rate.

And note that all this happens for no apparent reason, regardless of the iOS version and model of your iPhone. My iPhone started running out of power quickly all of a sudden and at 5.1.1, and on iOS 6.1.3, and on iOS 7.0.6. Recently released iOS 7 firmware.1. I think that the same flaws can be found in it.

ipad, gets, battery, drains

Now you may be asking “Well, what to do when the iPhone runs out quickly?”. The answer is always one. “Follow the instructions below.”

Now for those who don’t understand what to do:

STEP 1. Close all open applications on the iPhone. To do this, double-click on the Home button to bring up the multitasking panel, where you close all the applications by swiping the icons up.

Attention! Closing absolutely all applications. Only the home screen should remain.

STEP 2. Hard reset your iPhone. To do this, simultaneously press Home button (the round button under the screen) and Power (on the top of the phone). Keep it pressed until the screen goes out (about 7 seconds).

If the above method did not help, it may be a hardware problem (battery or charge controller). The articles at the links below will help you figure it out.

That’s all you need to do. The whole procedure takes exactly one minute. Now your iPhone will stay up all night and will not discharge more than 3% of its power. Checked!

Do this procedure at least once every three months And don’t forget that batteries and rechargeable batteries of any devices are consumables, t.е. lose their properties over time and need to be replaced.

If this article was useful to you. share it with your friends on social networks. Don’t let their iPhone run out of power so quickly.

Signs of phone malfunction

In any case, proper diagnostics in our service center iConceptService with the help of special equipment will reveal the problem, and the master will help to solve it. If you need to replace the battery, it will take 15 minutes. And if it turns out that the problem is in the power controller on the motherboard, then you will be offered to leave your iPhone for a few hours, as this work is very thorough and requires the use of special equipment, a microscope and a soldering station, and hands of a qualified specialist of the highest category.

Dense “insulated” case

Some manufacturers of accessories produce special cases for iPhone, which prevent the excessive cooling of the smartphone in cold weather. Of course, there is also the opposite effect. such “clothing” can lead to a slight, but permanent overheating of the iPhone.

Assess the loading of the device

Today’s smartphones are more like small computers in their functionality. They can support multiple programs and a dozen other services running in parallel in the background. Full CPU load leads to increased power consumption and heat dissipation.

That is why the iPhone gets noticeably hotter when the most demanding, resource-intensive applications are running:

  • when watching video;
  • with a large number of open pages in the browser;
  • when several programs are running in parallel in unobvious background mode;
  • during a long video recording on the camera;
  • while playing games in applications with high graphics.

It is also quite natural for the device to heat up while talking on the smartphone, especially in cases where the device is charging at the same time.

Removing the interface animation

At this point, you need to remove the parallax effect. After all, a specific program or command is responsible for this too. In most cases this animation slows down the process of charging the device. But if it’s always installed, over time it will not only slow down charging, but also use the percentage you already have on your work. Since it is not an important part of using the phone, but only a pretty picture, to which you get used to, you do not notice, turn off the animation in the same way as you turn it on.

So, you can’t get your “iPhone” to drain quickly. What to do? What would help in such a case? Sometimes restoring from an old backup, especially copying another device (such as an iPad), can be less than ideal. This can collect together all the possible system errors, and the device just doesn’t work like it used to. Sometimes your once-new installation also becomes obsolete.

If you suspect this is the case, you can reset and set your iPhone as new. Yes, it can be an incredible inconvenience in terms of apps, but if you have a significant and persistent problem and nothing else can fix it, setting up your smartphone like new can be the solution.

It’s extreme, no doubt about it. You’ll need to put almost everything back, including passwords and settings, and you’ll lose all your saved data such as levels completed and game actions, but in most cases your battery life will be better than ever. It helps if your “iPhone” runs out of power overnight or at rest due to system issues.

Why iPad drains quickly?

Rapid loss of battery power brand devices iPad. a problem is quite common. Many users have complaints and questions about how to fix this problem and why the tablet begins to drain faster after some time after purchase?

The reasons for this behavior of the device, while several, are still not very many about half a dozen. So before you start panicking and getting frustrated, it’s worth checking for possible factors that are negatively affecting Apple’s iPad.

The first factor contributing to the tablet’s poor battery life can be a power-consuming application (or even a few) installed by the user and running in the background all the time. Such applications are usually “toys”, which are replete with graphic special effects or 3D shooters. To check how “heavy” the application is for the tablet you can track the percentage of “eating” the battery per hour. It is normal for an application or program to consume no more than 10-11% per hour in the enabled state.

The second reason for the rapid discharge of the iPad may not be the optimal setting of its functioning. For example, the brightness level of the screen is too high, or the item “motion reduction” is not enabled, or in the background mode the content is constantly updated. All of this forces the gadget to work without rest, quickly depleting its battery.

Incorrect configuration of the geolocation service is also one of the reasons why the iPad battery drains quickly (up to 30% of energy per hour). You can, of course, completely disable this feature, but then you lose the ability to use navigation programs. To not deprive yourself of this pleasure, it is worth simply go to the settings of this service and cancel its action everywhere, leaving the “checkboxes” only for those applications for which this service is really needed (for example: maps, airline tickets, camera, navigator).

Too much energy is wasted when 3G or LTE networks are active. It is worth noting that when you actively use the iPad in Wi-Fi network, the battery does not lose that much energy. Therefore, if the cellular module is left without active use for a long period, it is better to turn it off.

Another factor that often “drains” the battery in the iPad is a new version of iOS. And to fix this problem you just need to be patient and wait for a new version, which will fix all the mistakes made by the developer.

The last and most unpleasant reason for the rapid discharge of the iPad battery is its failure. And here without replacing this important and important part can not do.

And you can always replace the battery in the iPad from Apple in our service center iFix in Kiev. We work without breaks and weekends. Our experts will quickly and accurately replace the battery of your iPad for a new and original, that will make your device work like new.