How to Unlock Xiaomi Without Knowing the Password

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Full factory reset

You can restore access to the phone if you have forgotten the pattern using a rather critical method. by resetting the factory settings. In this case, you will lose all the data stored in the gadget’s memory: numbers, accounts, passwords, photos, videos, application data, and so on. If you admit the likelihood of a factory reset, prepare for this in advance.

It is better to copy all important media files to an external medium, and transfer contacts to a PC. You can also pre-configure data backup. For this:

  • Enter the settings;
  • Select the “Recovery and reset” section;
  • Click on the item “Data backup”;
  • Read the description of the function and press the power button;
  • Select an account to reserve.

To reset all settings in your smartphone, you need to go to the Recovery menu. To do this, turn off the phone and hold down a certain key combination. Typically, this is one of the volume rocker buttons in combination with the power key.

Then follow these steps:

  • Enter the Recovery menu;
  • Select “recovery mode”;
  • Use the volume keys to find the item “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”;
  • Click “Yes”;
  • Click on the command “reboot system now”;
  • Wait for the phone to restart.

After you return access to your smartphone, you can return all previously saved data.

Removing the pattern file via PC

The data about the graphic key is stored in a special file gesture.key. If you have forgotten the configuration of your key, you can regain access to your smartphone by deleting this file using your PC.

In order to access the smartphone menu via a computer, you will need to first enable USB debugging. To do this, you must activate the developers menu in the smartphone menu. You can read more about how to do this in the article about the hidden features of Android. Having configured your smartphone in this way, follow these steps:

  • Install the ADB Run control program on your PC or laptop (you can download the program via a torrent tracker or on a technical forum);
  • Connect your smartphone to PC and enable USB debugging;
  • Start the ADB Run program;
  • Using the arrows on the keyboard, select item 6 “Unlock Gesture Key”;
  • Hit enter.

How to unlock xiaomi without knowing the password

Any Android smartphone user at one moment may face a rather serious task. Having secured access to his gadget with a graphic key, a person can simply forget the sequence of connecting points. As a result, the smartphone is blocked not only from the attacker, but also from its own owner.

In detail about what a pattern is and how to install it, we talked about in the article on how to lock the screen of a smartphone. Today we will analyze how to unlock your phone if you forgot your picture password.

In order to regain access to the phone, there are several methods. We will consider the basic ones that do not require special technical knowledge from the user, as well as such an unsafe operation as rooting a gadget.

Restoring access to a smartphone through a Google account

This method will only help if the smartphone is connected to the Network via Wi-Fi or a mobile Internet module. It is also important to give yourself access to your Google account in advance:

  • Enter an arbitrary incorrect key 5 times;
  • A pop-up window will appear asking “Forgot your pattern?”;
  • Click on it, and the system will prompt you to enter your Google account details;
  • Enter your email address and password.

After being authenticated, you will be able to program a new pattern on your phone. If you also forgot your account password, you can recover it through a browser on a PC or laptop on the official Google website.

You can access Wi-Fi on a locked smartphone via the USSD command:

  • Press the emergency call button;
  • Enter the command ###;
  • Select Service Test. WLAN;
  • Connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

If you do not have access to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet is not connected, use another SIM card, where the Network access service is activated.

Using a discharged battery

You can unlock the picture password on the phone using the service message about the low battery. Wait for your smartphone to run out. When the battery level drops below 10%, a warning pop-up will appear on the screen. At this point, you can get into the power management menu, and from there into the security settings. Here you can change your pattern.

Service center

If you are not at all sure that you can unlock the phone yourself, it is better to contact the service center to a master who is guaranteed to solve your problem.

When preparing this material, we used a Fly Cirrus 12 smartphone. By the way, just on it you can get to the Recovery menu through a combination of the volume and Power keys.

The choice of this smartphone was dictated by the following parameters of the gadget:

  • Availability of pure Android without additional firmware and patches;
  • A capacious 2600 mAh battery, which made it possible to try out the basic methods of restoring access to the phone for several hours without recharging;
  • A powerful 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, thanks to which there was an instant switch between browser tabs with technical instructions and smartphone menus;
  • 4G LTE module that provided high speed internet connection while exploring different ways to unlock a smartphone.

You can read more about this model, as well as about one of the most popular brands in the budget segment on the official website of Fly.

Forgot password on Xiaomi. what to do?

How to unlock Xiaomi if you forgot your password or pattern? In this case, a fingerprint could help, but if it is not configured, then there are several ways to solve the problem:

Standard password reset

If you have MIUI 7, then the algorithm is as follows:

  • Enter the wrong password 5 times
  • A notification about the phone blocking will appear, where you need to click on the Forgot your password? / Forgot Password?
  • Select Mi or google account for recovery and enter it
  • Set a new password or key

Password reset using Google and Mi accounts

For MIUI 8 and above, the previous method is not suitable. When you click on “Forgot your password” you will see the following picture:

Unlocking with Mi Account:

  • On a PC, open a browser and go to the website
  • We log in using the login and password from the Mi account
  • Click “Search for device” and select a locked smartphone
  • Click “Clean device”

The password will be removed and you can use your smartphone again.

If a Google account has been activated on your device, you can unblock it in the following way:

  • Log in to your Google account from any other smartphone or tablet
  • Open Google Play and download the Find My Device program
  • Open it and select the locked smartphone from the list of devices
  • The application will be remotely installed on the device, the main thing is that the Internet is turned on
  • Go to the website enter the data of the Google account associated with your locked smartphone
  • Find the device in the list and activate the factory reset

Reset settings via Recovery

To reset the settings via the Recovery menu on some models, you will need to unlock the bootloader. How to do it. read here. There is a chance that you won’t have to unlock anything, but it is small enough.

After unlocking, you need to do the following:

  • Turn off the smartphone
  • Press the buttons Increase the power-on volume
  • The Recovery menu will open (it may differ on different devices), where we select the Wipe Reset item and click Wipa all data
  • The device will reboot, all data, including the password, will be erased

In more recent versions of smartphones, this menu may look like this:

over, it may be in Chinese. In the screenshot above, you can see where the English translation button is located, so click on it. Then click Recovery and OK.

On the most recent firmware versions, after clicking OK, your torment may continue. The device will reboot and require a connection to the PC. We are waiting for the reboot, but do not connect immediately, but do the following:

  • Go to the site, download the program, install it on your PC and run
  • Now you can connect your smartphone to your computer
  • In the program, click Recovery and follow the instructions

After all the frauds, we reboot the device through the same program, the process can last several minutes. After turning on, you will have to re-configure the country, language, time, and so on.

How to unlock Mi account on Xiaomi: after reset, to unlock the bootloader

How to unblock Mi account if factory reset didn’t solve the problem? Today we will look at the main ways to unlock an account, which are easily implemented at home without the help of specialists from the service center.

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At the first stage of recovery, it is worth deciding what data for access and recovery are at your disposal. If you remember the mobile phone number or email address to which the account is linked, the procedure for restoring the unlocking of the account will take a few minutes. If you do not have access to a mobile number, you will either have to use the help of Xiaomi technical specialists, or try to perform a full reset of the smartphone to factory settings, followed by reinstalling the operating system.

Unlocking via hard reset

If you are the owner of an old smartphone (models Redmi 4, 4a, 4x, 5, 5a, 6a) and others, you can try resetting your smartphone to factory settings.

How to unblock Mi account on Xiaomi:

  • Hold the power button on the smartphone until the device turns off completely;
  • Simultaneously press and hold the power button and the increase access button until the Mi icon appears on the screen;
  • Use the volume swing to select the appropriate language for the recovery menu;
  • Go to the factory reset section;
  • Confirm your intention to remove all personal information from the gadget and return it to the “out of the box” state;
  • Return to the main menu and restart the gadget.

After a factory reset, the gadget may take a long time to load. Reset helps unlock the phone in only 50 cases out of 100. If the method does not help, use the method suggested below.

Unlocking your smartphone via support

You can contact company representatives by e-mail. It is worth sending letters to the address, it must be translated into English, in case of problems with knowing the language, you can get the translation in the online translator.

The letter must contain a detailed description of the problem you encountered (the smartphone is blocked due to the lack of access to my account). Representatives of the company may ask the user to provide receipts of purchase, photos of the gadget box, have and other information that will establish that the smartphone really belongs to you.

Lack of cooperation with the support service. the correspondence to unlink the account can take several weeks, all this time there will be no access to the mobile phone. Another drawback is the low percentage of approval of applications, often Xiaomi representatives simply refuse to restore access, referring to the company’s policy in the field of protection against fraud.

Unlock without phone

Many users who own Redmi phones are wondering how to unlock a Xiaomi phone if they have forgotten the password for their Mi account and there is no access to their mobile number. Such situations occur if you changed your SIM card for one reason or another or purchased a handset with a password already set.

Unlocking Mi Account

Consider the simplest option, when you know your mobile number or email and you can request a password reset to access the system through the company’s website.

The process includes the following steps:

  • Using a computer browser, go to the company’s website, go to the authorization form and click on the “Forgot your password” link, or immediately go to the link
  • We indicate the email address or mobile phone number that were specified when creating the Mi account.
  • Enter captcha.
  • We confirm the password reset. A secret code will be sent to the specified number, enter it in the appropriate field on the site and cancel the old password.
  • Enter a new password twice to access the system, confirm the operation.

If the procedure went through correctly according to the instructions, you can unblock your account by entering the ID code and a new password to access the system.

Unlocking via firmware

The choice of the flashing method depends on the processor used on your smartphone. For devices on Snapdragon, flashing is carried out via fastboot, miflash, for devices with MTK core, the procedure is implemented via flashtool loader.

An important condition is that you need to install on the phone not a new, but an old version of the firmware, preferably not higher than MIUI 7, in which there is no mandatory account verification. In 90% of cases, the flashing method helps to unlock devices, some users face the following problem. the smartphone remains unlocked until it is connected to the Internet.

use of third-party software

This method assumes the use of third-party software, namely the Accent OFFICE Password Recovery utility. It can be downloaded from the official website. This program is paid, so it requires a license, but the functionality of the demo version will be enough for one-time use.

    First, we need to open the file we need. To do this, you can use the keyboard shortcut CtrlO. You can also use a special button.

In the next window, where the password guessing script is shown, continue by clicking on the “Finish” button.

After a while, the screen will display a password that will need to be entered when entering the document.

Unlocking a single sheet

It happens that the user, to avoid making any amendments, put a code on a certain sheet, but accidentally forgot it. Undoubtedly, there is a way out of this situation. This problem can be solved by transcoding the Excel spreadsheet file.

Extension of a document with tables created in versions of the program from 2007 and older, usually.XLSX. Therefore, for further actions, you should make sure of this 100%. It can be done this way:

    In the directory where our file is located, select the “Organize” menu, where you need to find the sub-item “Folder and Search Options”.

  • After performing the above actions, the expansion of all documents that are stored on the hard disk will be shown.
  • After making sure that the table file has the extension.XLSX, you can safely start the transcoding process.

      First you need to convert the.XLSX file to the.ZIP format. To do this, by right-clicking on our document, select the “Rename” item in the pop-up menu. And enter.ZIP instead of.XLSX.

    Now you need to open the resulting ZIP archive using the “Explorer”.

    Next, you need to go along the path \ xl \ worksheets (where X is the name of the document itself with tables) and find there the desired sheet from which password protection will be removed. The sheet is signed with sheetN.XML, where N is the sheet number.

  • Open sheetN.XML with any text editor. In this case, the Notepad program will be used.
  • Let’s use the “Find” menu in our text editor and enter the line sheetProtection there.
  • Delete the line where the word selected by the search is located, from the start tag to the end.

  • Now we save the edited file.
  • All that remains is to convert our ZIP archive to.XLSX format. And everything is ready.
  • How to unlock xiaomi without knowing the password

    Usually, in order to protect Excel tables from unwanted editing or to avoid incorrect filling, a password is set on the document. It often happens that the user can forget the password for the required document or part of it. Let’s look at all the possible options for gaining access to changing tables in Excel.

    Unlocking the entire document

    It is known that you can set a password not only for the entire book, but also for a specific sheet of it. In this case, it will be possible to change the entered data in all other sheets of the Excel workbook, except for the one to which access is limited. But it will be possible to view information both on protected sheets of the document, and on those on which there is no protection.

    What to do if the spreadsheet document extension is not XLSX

    Table books that were created in earlier versions of Excel have a different extension. Therefore, to successfully carry out all the above operations without failures, you just need to resave the document in a newer format.

      In Excel, open the “File” menu, where we select the “Save As” sub-item.

    In the save window, select “Excel Workbook” instead of any other value and save.

    How to Unlock Xiaomi Without Knowing the Password

    In such simple ways, you can easily restore access to editing files in the MS Office Excel spreadsheet processor. We hope our tips were helpful to you.

    Tell your friends on social networks. deleting the entered book password

    This method will work if the document is opened by a person who knows the key to it.
    When the entire document is locked, when you open it, we get the following window, in which you need to enter the password:

    Let’s say the password has already been entered by another person. The content of the document is available for both reading and editing.

    In order to remove the password from the book, you need to do the following:

    Open the item “Information”, where on the option “Book protection” click the left mouse button.

    In the menu that appears, select the item “Encrypt using password”.

    In the window that appears, erase the password.

  • Save the document by clicking on the floppy disk above.
  • Method 7. through the smartphone search function

    You can unlock your phone through Google’s Phone Search. All you need is a personal computer with Internet access.

    • Go to the official phone search site from Google.
    • Go through authorization, wait until the site determines the location of your phone.
    • After determining the location of the smartphone, click on the “Erase data”.

    After this procedure, all data in the phone’s memory is erased, which leads to the disappearance of all contacts and accounts.

    It is worth reminding about one more important detail when unlocking your Xiaomi. All unlocking methods associated with a Google account are valid with MIUI 8 shell, at least.

    If your version is lower than 8, then to unlock the phone, you will first need to specifically lock it (by entering incorrect passwords), and then restore it.

    Method 5. removing protective files

    In order not to get into such situations with a password in the future, we can advise one simple solution to this problem. deleting files on the phone that are responsible for the lock password.

    You don’t need an internet connection or computer to delete these files.

    • You need to go to the Recovery menu and select Advanced and then File Manager.
    • You have entered the file system of the phone, where you need to select the Data-system item and delete 5 files that are responsible for the lock passwords of the smartphone itself «gesture.key, password.key, locksettings.db, locksettings.db-wal and locksettings.db-shm “.
    • Reboot your device and you’re done, all passwords are removed from your smartphone, it starts up normally. And the lock screen will no longer disturb you.
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    If you forgot your pattern

    There are times when you forgot the pattern you supplied and the phone cannot be unlocked.

    After several incorrect entries, the phone “freezes”, the more attempts, the longer it is blocked. If your MIUI shell is outdated (up to version 8), then the method with finding a smartphone described under paragraph 7 will suit you.

    In the new MIUI skins, this is not possible. It is necessary to reset the settings through the “Recovery” menu. This will lead to a complete loss of all phone data.

    There are no other methods of unlocking the pattern if you have the latest shell version without losing data. Therefore, if you install a pattern on your smartphone, get ready for such a sacrifice, or install a key that you will never forget.

    Method 6. unblock using PC

    This method is good because your data on your smartphone will not be affected when using it.

    • You need to download the program from the Internet and install it on your computer or laptop.
    • Launch the program, connect your smartphone via USB cable.
    • If you have any problems with the connection, you can use our instructions.
    • Click on the “Unlock Phone” window that appears, put the smartphone into Recovery mode and wait a couple of minutes that are needed to download the recovery files to the phone.
    • After 2-3 minutes your smartphone is fully unlocked and ready to use.

    Method 3. reset a forgotten PIN using third-party utilities

    The principle of operation of the password reset utilities is almost the same, so we will not go into the details of the utility.

    After downloading and installing the Recovery TWRP application, you need to connect your smartphone to your computer. In the window that opens, select the required item (reset the PIN code or pattern), reboot the phone.

    If you do not speak English and are afraid that you will click “wrong”, then remove the flash card and SIM card before all operations.

    The type of boot windows may differ in different versions of the phone firmware.

    How to unlock a Xiaomi smartphone if you forgot your password. Method 1. password recovery via Google account

    If a Google account was connected and synchronized on your device, it will be easy to recover your password. All your personal data will be completely safe.

    This requires several steps:

    • On the lock screen, you must enter the wrong password 5 times in a row, the inscription “Forgot your password?”.
    • By clicking on the inscription that appears in the next window, we see “enter username” and password from the Google account, of course, the device must be linked to the Google account.
    • The system will prompt you to change the smartphone password.
    • We enter a new password, repeat it and write it down or save it in our memory so as not to repeat the recovery procedure.

    This method is the easiest, but only if your device is linked to a Google account.

    Method 4. system reset (Hard reset)

    If your smartphone has not been linked to any account, a complete system reset is required, or as experts call it Hard Reset. This will completely reset all phone settings, remove all third-party apps and files, and remove all your contacts.

    Therefore, before performing this operation, you must save all the important information that is stored on your device. You also need to charge your device to at least 80%. After completing all the preparations, you can proceed to restart your smartphone.

    Hold down the power button at the same time as the volume up key. Hold for more than 10 seconds until the specific vibration of the smartphone, release the keys.

    The phone will load the settings menu, where you need to select Recovery and then Wipe data. The smartphone will reboot and clear all data on the device, delete all previously set passwords and pattern keys.

    You can use programs that require root rights, however, this option is only suitable for advanced users. In this case, it will be safer to contact specialists.

    Getting rid of “This device is locked

    The error occurs after unsuccessful flashing to a custom MIUI version. It is treated as follows:

    • We enter the smartphone into Fastboot mode (see how here)
    • We get permission to unlock on the official website Use Google translator to fill out the application. The result can be expected up to a week!
    • After obtaining permission, download the Mi Unlock program
    • We connect the phone to the PC via USB, log in and press the “Unlock” button

    How to Reset Xiaomi Password without Data Loss

    How to unlock a Xiaomi phone if you forgot your password? I am sure that this problem worries many users of Android devices. In this manual, we will consider the current solutions that will allow you to save personal data. But I will immediately note that there are few such options, and most lead to a complete reset and removal of contacts, photos. Let’s take a look at different options for resetting the PIN, application pattern. At the end of the article you can watch a detailed video.

    Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery

    The software is paid, but useful. Here is the link to the official site

    Alas, the reality is that this is the only way to solve the task and not lose contacts, software, personal files. Next, we will consider simple methods, but with complete removal.

    Remove the pattern

    I recommend that you first read the article on our website. There the situation is discussed in detail.

    In general, the essence is as follows. we enter the password incorrectly several times, the system is blocked, it becomes possible to “remember”, enter the code from Mi / Google into the form. Just!

    But what to do when this information is forgotten.

    If you need to restore access to your Google account (through which most Android services work). here is the link. and for the Mi profile, password reset is possible here.

    How to Reset Xiaomi 4x Password without Data Loss

    The guide is relevant not only for the specified model, but is also suitable to remove the lock on any gadget of the Chinese brand Xiaomi.

    If, after turning on the device, you need to enter a four-digit PIN, but you do not remember it, you should follow these steps:

    • Download the Reset_Lock archive from the link;
    • Using a USB cable and connecting to a computer, we transfer the file to the internal memory of the smartphone;
    • Turn off the phone, hold down the Volume up key and the power button. After 5 seconds, the Recovery mode will load. Here we look at the appearance. if you have an inscription Mi Recovery 3.0 in the corner, and below the buttons. Reboot (restart), Wipe Data (delete data) and Mi Assisstant, then we are dealing with stock Recovery. It is only useful in a situation where you are not trying to save info. In this case, feel free to erase everything, reboot and get a password reset;
    • Suddenly you will see a different picture, for example such a plan:

    or similar:

    well, maybe this is how:

    then you’re in luck. Select the item responsible for installing the update. Install / Apply Update, specify the path to the Reset_Lock archive and start the firmware. At the end of the procedure, we restart the Xiaomi smartphone (Reboot) and enjoy the result.

    If the options listed above are not available in your case, you should install custom Recovery.

    • If there is Root access (what is it, how to do it?), Then the easiest way is to download the TWRP application from Google Play, launch, select your gadget model from the list, download the corresponding img image of the current version for it, then activate it and get access to Recovery mode. And then you can follow the instructions that I gave above;
    • If Root is absent and there is no access to the device (because it is locked), it is worth trying a more advanced method. We are watching a video (in English, but very useful) or looking for information on the network specifically for your device:

    How to unlock Xiaomi if you forgot your password?

    Let’s start with the simplest procedures:

    • Enter the PIN incorrectly 5 times, the device is blocked for 30 seconds, and the inscription “Forgot your password?” Appears at the bottom right, click on it, a warning will be displayed, read the conditions, agree, the smart will restart. Done!
    • Official utility Mi Unlock You need to download it, install it on your computer, open it, enter the data for authorization in the Mi-account, then connect the device with a cable to the PC, after detection, click on the “Unlock” button in the program;
    • Through the “Find device” service from Google. select a specific mobile gadget from the list above, and below click on “Clear.” In this case, the connection to the network is important:

    Now you know how to unlock a Xiaomi smartphone if you forgot your password. Suddenly you have relevant and more advanced methods. share in the comments.

    Removing an erroneous lock

    For some users, after carrying out custom firmware of the operating system, an error with a lock is detected, which looks like “This device is locked”.

    To get rid of the bug, you need a cosplayer with Internet access and much more time than with conventional unlocking methods.

    • Decrease the volume at the same time as switching on. Hold the buttons for 8 seconds until the phone vibrates and goes into “Fastboot” bootloader mode.
    • Open the manufacturer’s official website, select the unlock tab.
    • With the help of an interpreter or knowledge of the language, fill out the application form for permission to unlock.
    • Expect what can actually take a whole week.
    • Download Mi Unlock program, install.
    • Connect your Xiaomi via a USB cable to a computer or laptop, log in and press the “Unlock” button.

    Disable blocking permanently

    If for some reason it is necessary that the lock screen does not appear in principle and does not require any passwords, you need to do the following:

    • Go to the “Recovery” menu as in the previous method. But now select the item “Advanced”, and then “File Manager”.
    • The file system should open, where you need to click “Data-system” and delete the files that are associated with locking the smartphone: “gesture.key, password.key, locksettings.db, locksettings.db-wal and locksettings.db-shm”.
    • Reboot your device and enjoy your work without blocking.
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    Recovery TWRP app

    The principle of operation of the method is approximately the same as with the program from Xiaomi. Recovery TWRP needs to be installed on a computer, connected to a smartphone and in the application window, select “Reset pin-code or pattern”, and then restart the phone.

    If your knowledge of the English language leaves much to be desired, just in case you need to pull out a USB flash drive and a SIM card from your phone.

    Xiaomi software

    To use this method, you need to have a computer with Internet access at hand.

    • Go to the official website of the manufacturer.
    • Download Mi Unlock program.
    • Connect phone to computer.
    • Login to your Mi account.
    • Turn off the smartphone by pressing the power key along with the volume down.
    • Enter Fastboot Mode.
    • Reconnect the phone to the computer and click the “Unlock” button.

    An obvious plus of the method is that the user’s settings and data will remain on the device. Minus. it is necessary that the phone be synchronized with the Mi account.

    “Hard reboot

    How to unlock Xiaomi Redmi 4 if you forgot the password and the phone is not synchronized with either Google or Mi-account? We’ll have to do a Hard Reset. To make everything go like clockwork, do not rush to press the cherished buttons.

    First, you need to charge the phone at least 80%, save all important information on a third-party carrier if possible and, accordingly, remove the USB flash drive from the phone. A hard reboot looks like this:

    • Hold down power and volume up for 10 seconds. As soon as the phone vibrates, you can let go.
    • Select the line “Recovery” then “Wipe data”.
    • After rebooting, configure a “clean” smartphone for yourself and come up with a new password if necessary.

    Unlocking a forgotten password on Xiaomi redmi 4

    Situation “forgot password for Xiaomi redmi 4″ What to do? ” can arise from any phone owner, so it is important to know about a few simple unlocking methods so that you do not have to pay a large sum in the service center for this service.

    Forgot the pattern. dropped the entire smartphone

    How to unlock your phone if you forgot the password in the form of a pattern on Xiaomi Redmi 4 without losing data? No way. Such blocking can be removed only through Google services, or, which is universal even without a Google account, to do a “hard reboot”, which deletes everything that can be removed along with the key.

    That is why the once popular blocking method is now used by few people. There is no chance to save the settings and data, but there is no practicality.

    Google help

    If the phone is synced with a Google account, this unlock option is fine. If not, you can scroll to the next method.

    • Enter any incorrect passwords 5 times and click “Forgot Password”.
    • Log in to Google.
    • Create and enter a new password in the appropriate field.

    As a result, the password for the device will change, all settings and other data will remain intact.

    To unlock the phone, the Internet must be enabled.

    If it is not on a particular seed, you can change it by inserting the one on which the Internet works. Then turn off and turn on the phone and within the first seconds after turning on, slide the shutter and turn on the Internet.

    Another possible problem is that you forgot your password not only from Xiaomi Redmi 4, but also from your Google account. It can be restored using the corresponding function, for which you only need a login and then navigate according to the system prompts.

    Google phone search

    The method sounds harmless, but you must remember that eventually all data from the device will be erased.

    • Open google phone search site.
    • Log in, wait for the system to find a smartphone.
    • Select “Erase data”.

    The service resets all settings, deletes data and “demolishes” accounts.

    Resetting the Xiaomi Redmi 4 password using Google services is possible only if you have a shell version not lower than MIUI 8.


    Immediately, we note that using the following method when unlocking is not possible on all devices. You can only understand whether it suits you in practice. The bottom line is this: you need to make a call from another phone to your own and take the call. After that, minimize the conversation window and make changes by going to the settings. On some gadgets, the system will not allow you to minimize the conversation window if you forget your password. Also, sometimes there is another problem. a forgotten password can be changed only by entering it. Such is an insoluble contradiction.

    Ways to unlock your Xiaomi phone if you forgot your password

    Xiaomi phones allow the user to protect personal data by setting a special password. This is usually a combination of numbers or a graphic sequence that must be entered on the screen to access files stored in the device’s memory. Passwords on the phone help protect mobile devices from prying eyes, and you can be sure that your private correspondence or photos will be seen by someone without your permission.

    At the beginning of using Xiaomi Redmi or any other model, you have to come up with a code by entering it in the settings. In the future, it will need to be repeated each time to unlock the main screen.

    But over time, sometimes the password is forgotten, which makes it extremely difficult to get to the main menu screen. How to get a mobile phone out of this state? Of course, there are options for getting out of the situation, and if necessary, you can also carry out the unlocking procedure yourself.

    There are several ways to solve the problem. some involve minimal interference with existing phone configurations and settings, while others are more radical. You need to choose the method that suits you based on the analysis of the exact conditions in which you find yourself. Today we will talk about how the Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro, Redmi 4a, Xiaomi Redmi 3s, Xiaomi Mi5, Mi Max, Mi4 and other popular gadget models from this manufacturer are unlocked. This instruction is universal, so it will help you even if you forgot your password on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro or Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

    If the phone has not been unlocked as a result of the previous events, we proceed to “heavy artillery”. We warn you right away that the third method will lead to the complete loss of all information stored on the mobile device. Therefore, it is worth periodically saving data on another medium in case you suddenly forget your password one day.

    Forgetting the password, we can go to the remote control of the Android system. This feature must be previously enabled on your gadget, and it must be connected to the Internet at the time of unlocking. This function will erase all data on the mobile phone via PC.

    As a result, the phone will be completely returned to the factory settings. In general, the function is aimed at preventing the use of people’s data by thieves of mobile gadgets. But in our situation it will help. Although the consequences are unpleasant.

    The easiest way to unlock your phone is with your Google account. After five incorrect attempts to enter the password, you will see the following message: “Forgot your password”. This inscription should be clicked. Next, you will see a field in which you need to enter your Google username and password for your account.

    When you have entered all the data, click on the “Login” button. A request for specifying a new password appears immediately. We enter and, of course, remember it, so as not to forget in the future and not repeat the same procedure again.

    The main advantage of this method is that all data and settings on the phone remain intact even after unlocking. So if you forgot the password for Xiaomi, then the first step is to try this particular option.

    The main condition for implementing this method is that you have access to the Internet from your phone. But what if the Internet was not turned on at the moment when, after the third or fifth attempt to enter the wrong password, your phone was blocked? Then, too, there are two options in which unlocking is possible:

    • Change the SIM card by inserting into the gadget the one on which the Internet is already activated.
    • Quickly turn off and on the device, having a couple of seconds to slide the top curtain on the desktop and turn on the Internet.

    If you do not remember the password under which your Google account was saved, you can also remember it using the same “Forgot password” function. You just need to specify the username and follow the system prompts.

    Again, we will talk about a method that deletes all data from the phone. You need to make a Hard Reset (that is, reset to factory settings) of the mobile device. This is done through the Recovery mode. To get into it, on the switched off phone, simultaneously hold down the power and volume up buttons. After a while, you will see an image on the screen. this is a sign that it’s time to release the power button.

    The gadget will reboot and open in Recovery mode. Using the volume buttons to navigate, select Wipe data (clear memory) and confirm your actions by pressing the power button.

    Thus, the phone returns to the factory settings and you can get to the desktop without entering a password. Similar, but even more serious options are flashing the phone or getting ROOT rights. But we hope that if you are faced with a forgotten password on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 or Mi 5, then to solve the problem you will only need to use the methods listed in our article.