How To Unlock Samsung A 20

How to Unlock Samsung A5?

Any gadget during use begins to “clog up”. Superficial cleaning will not give any result. Anyone can have a situation when they need to unlock their device.

And this applies not only to “clogging”. For example, the smartphone may be locked due to the fact that if you forgot your password, pattern, digital access code, Direction Lock gesture.

To prevent this from happening, you can use a method to protect data, fingerprint authorization.

But what if the user did not use such a function? How to unlock Samsung A5 without losing data in it?

There are several ways in which you will now learn how to do this.


To unlock the Samsung Galaxy A5 phone, you will have to apply a hard reset (hard cleaning. ”This means that you will need to perform a factory reset. This will delete all available information).

Therefore, take care in advance about the safety of your data located in the internal memory of your phone. The built-in memory card remains intact, transfer what is important to you (contacts, applications, etc.).

Also for this you can use free storages located on the Internet, this will help you out at the moment when the “equipment” suddenly fails.

Unlocking methods

There are two ways to unlock Samsung A5.

  1. Method one. Find the “settings” directory in the smartphone menu, go into it. There is an element “backup, reset” here, activate it. Go to the line “data reset”, press. Then. “delete everything”. Now it remains to configure everything from scratch.
  2. Method two. This method will help you out in the event that you cannot remember the password or Samsung A5 pattern, or your device does not boot. Connect your smartphone to the charger, charge to the maximum. Turn off the device. Press the following buttons at the same time: home (located in the center of the front), power and volume plus. The Android logo will appear on the screen. Release the keys, wait for the Android system recovery directory to activate. Here you need to activate the “wipe data / factory reset” action using the “power on” button. Now use the volume buttons to navigate the menu and select “Yes. Delete all user data” (command action). Select reboot system now ”, the device will reboot. After that you will see a suggestion that you can make settings.

The first method, of course, is an extreme method in order to return the full “life” to the Samsung Galaxy A5 phone. So don’t use it often.

In any case, you now know how you can quickly unlock Samsung A5 2016. Therefore, this situation will not cause you excess.

I also recommend reading the review, where you can find out how to restart your device.

How to unlock samsung a70 if you forgot your password or pin code and pattern

How To Unlock Samsung A 20

On the samsung a70, unlocking a password, key or code is no different from the thirtieth one. You can see it in the pictures.

Therefore, it makes no sense to rewrite the same text once again. All your actions are the same.

Turn off, turn on holding two buttons, select “wipe data / factory reset”, confirm, agree and reboot by selecting “reboot system now”.

The only thing worth saying is that a locked phone sometimes does not want to turn off. Then if you hold down the power for a long time (no more than 10 seconds), a “reboot” should appear.

If the reboot succeeded, then, as soon as you see the SAMSUNG logo, hold down to make it louder and, along with it, and power, so that the menu appears.

If the reboot does not appear, then press the power to make it quieter, and then when the logo appears, proceed as described above.

How to unlock samsung a30 if you forgot your password or pin code and pattern

You will need to perform a few simple steps on your samsung a30 or a70.

There will be a slightly strange menu, and perhaps even scary for some, do not be afraid. Nothing tragic will happen.

The first step is to turn off the Samsung 30 phone. Then press the power, while increasing the sound.

Do not hold for long. You will see the menu as in the picture above. Release both buttons. You should be interested in the item “wipe data / factory reset”.

You can select with a sound button. Decrease the volume. Then confirm. Confirmed by inclusion.

After that, it will agree with the command “Yes”. Select and press the power supply once. That can be said all (after the process is complete).

It remains to start the phone. To do this, navigate to the line “reboot system now” and click power.

Great job! The unlocking operation is completed in a few seconds. You got the phone off the assembly line.

How to unlock samsung a30 and a70 if you forgot your password or pin code

It is good practice for the owner of the Samsung Galaxy a30 / a70 to set the screen lock with a pin / password / pattern. So others do not have access.

Only once the moment may come when you forgot your password, pin code or pattern.

In the case of phones samsung galaxy a30 / a70, the situation is sad, since they have android 9, respectively, stronger security.

Do not be sad. You are not the only person in a world that has forgotten. There is a way to restore access.

It’s very bad if you forgot your password on Google account, then it will be more difficult to unlock.

Let’s first write the instructions, and then, if I have time, I will share more on this issue.

Can phones unlock the screen differently?

There are some options to remove the password / code / key lock on the samsung a30 / a70, but for this USB debugging must be enabled. Disabled by default. Most do not enable it themselves.

Earlier, in old androids with these problems there were no problems. Now security has improved. I will not be surprised if soon it will be like with iPhones. I forgot the password, you do not remember the ID, you can throw it away.

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Today, a lot of locked iPhones are lying on the shelves. The only way out is to hand over them for change for spare parts.

You can unlock the screen using a Google account, but most of the login information is not dented, which greatly aggravates the situation

Another option to remove the pattern, password or pin code is the manufacturer’s account, in our case SAMSUNG, but unlike Google, where it is absolutely necessary for the play market, it is very little registered.

The manufacturer has implemented the Find My Mobile function. If you have such an account, then after logging in, on any other device with the data of this account, you just need to click “Unlock phone”. It is much more convenient than clearing everything and losing data.

For the future, it is worth protecting yourself from such problems. Program a special Smart Lock, for example, select a place on the map where the phone will not require you to unlock.

At this point, your samsung a70 or a30 will automatically unlock and allow you to change the security method. Thanks for visiting. Have a good day!

4. Reset the machine to factory settings

If other options do not work, it remains to restore the factory settings. This will result in the loss of all data that has not been backed up to your Google account and other cloud services. But you can remove screen protection.

Turn off your smartphone and remove the memory card if it was inside. Then try these key combinations in turn until one of them works (you need to hold down the buttons for 10-15 seconds):

  • Volume down key power button;
  • Volume up key power button;
  • Volume down key Power button Home key;
  • Volume down key Volume up key Power button.

When the service menu appears on the display, select Recovery, and then the Wipe data (or Factory reset) command. If none of the key combinations work or you don’t see the commands you want in the menu, look for the reset instructions for your device model.

After that, the smartphone should return to factory settings within a few minutes. The device can request a username and password from a previously connected Google account, but you no longer need to unlock the screen. After logging into the old account, the system will restore the settings and data synchronized with it.

How to unlock your phone if you’ve forgotten your password, PIN, or pattern

Panic aside. These steps will help you unlock your Android and iOS device.

1. Use the Smart Lock function

Smart Lock function automatically unlocks the screen when a certain condition is met. For example, if the device is at your home or your other device is connected to it via Bluetooth.

You can use the function only if you have activated it in advance and have chosen the condition for unlocking. If so, just follow it. For example, if you chose to unlock automatically when a trusted Bluetooth device is connected, turn on wireless on both. When the connection is made, the phone can be unlocked without entering a PIN, password or key.

If Smart Lock has not been configured in advance or you cannot fulfill the specified condition, then this method is not suitable.

2. Bypass protection with a Google account

Some Android 4.4 and older devices allow you to unlock your screen using your Google account. Provided that the device is connected to the Internet.

To check if your smartphone supports this method, enter any password, PIN or pattern five times. After five incorrect attempts to enter, the message “Forgot your password?” Should appear on the screen. Or a similar tip. Click on it and enter the login and password from the Google account with which your device is synchronized.

After a successful login, the screen will unlock. If you also forgot your Google account password, try to restore access to it using a special company service.

How to unlock your Android phone. Reading now

Unlocking the phone, depending on the manufacturer’s brand

Many modern phone models support the function of protecting the phone using special passwords that the user sets himself. But there is always a risk of forgetting the code set by you, which will make it impossible for the further operation of the mobile device. In this case, you can use the firmware reset function to unlock the phone. In other words, it is a reset of all phone settings to factory values. Of course, you will then have to re-do all the previously installed settings, but there is no other way out. This type of phone unlocking is different for different manufacturers.

Unlocking the SIM card of the phone

A small plastic card with a chip in the middle is that irreplaceable device, without which a mobile phone is simply useless as such. Naturally, we are talking about a SIM card. The chip that is used in it, although small in size, allows you to store a certain amount of information, which is often confidential. For the safety of this data, a protection technology is also used with the help of the so-called PIN-code, which is requested when you turn on the phone. If you unsuccessfully enter the PIN code three times, the mobile device will ask you for another code, the so-called PUK code. It usually consists of eight digits and is provided to you with your SIM card. If you cannot use the phone because you do not know the PIN code, then just use the PUK code. If you do not know him either and he is not recorded anywhere (and the documents from the SIM card are lost, for example), then the first thing to do is to call the support number of your mobile operator. There they will tell you how to find out your PUK code (you may even be able to find it out by phone). If there is no opportunity to call, then contact the nearest customer service center, taking with you the SIM card and the phone in which it was used (you may also be required to have a passport). You can see the numbers of mobile operators in Ukraine, as well as the way of fast communication with them]] here]].

How to unlock a Sony Ericsson phone?

In the case of phones from this manufacturer, two unlocking methods are possible: using the cable that came with the phone and using a special service cable. For the second option, you also need additional software (SEMCtool_v8.4 or TMS 2.45 software). If you plan to use the supplied cable, you will need the WotanClient program, which, unfortunately, is not free. There are also some smartphone models that can be used with the DaVinci client.

How to unlock your phone if you forgot your key or password

Today, a mobile phone is not just a means of communication. This is a multifunctional device, without which it is hard to imagine a weekday (however, a weekend) of the average person. Now the phone can store a large amount of confidential information, the disclosure of which is absolutely not interesting to the owner. In this regard, it is often necessary to block the phone, set different codes and passwords. But in your daily routine, you can easily forget your assigned passwords. Also, the code itself can be accidentally installed by an inquisitive child or prying his nose where friends do not need. So not only the phone may be blocked, but also the SIM card itself, after which you have to pretty much smash your head over the question “how to unlock the phone?” This problem is global, which is why phone manufacturers often provide a self-unlocking feature for phones. But before that, you need to figure it out and determine what kind of blocking happened and what exactly is blocked? To this end, we will break our article into the following points:

  1. Rescue a phone locked by an operator.
  2. Unlocking the phone, depending on the manufacturer.
  3. Unlocking a SIM card.
  4. Restoring the functionality of the phone in which the memory was locked.
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And now, in order.

How to unlock a Nokia phone?

For this procedure we need:

  • Computer (or any of its analogs: laptop, netbook, tablet) with Internet access;
  • USB cable suitable for the phone;
  • Nokia PC Suite software, which must be preinstalled on your computer and (preferably) updated to the latest version. You can download it from the official website of Nokia (nokia.Ua);
  • Nokia Unlocker Tool, which should also be on your computer.

Next, start the program, insert the cable into the computer and connect it to the phone. When your phone is recognized by Nokia PC Suite, you can launch NokiaUnlockerTool. After that, the phone will be recognized by this program as well. Make a request for the code and the program should unlock the phone. If this method does not help, then contact phone repair or the nearest service center of the manufacturer of your mobile device.

How to Unlock Samsung Phone?

The phones of this manufacturer are also equipped with an access blocking function using a special security code that you can easily forget. On your computer a program called Samsung @ home 9.41. With its help, you can easily cope with this problem. The functionality of this utility is quite simple, and you can easily figure out its settings.

How I unlocked the found phone using social methods. Engineering

The end of the working day, evening, I find a phone on the street. It turns out to be a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, the screen is locked with CM Locker (this is important).

The phone is connected to the Internet, Instagram, Youtube notifications are visible, but not a single missed call or SMS. And what’s the point. You can’t click on a notification to go to its details, from a locked state. The notification panel also cannot be called up, you can only start the flashlight, enable / disable data transfer, Wi-Fi, bluetooth and a calculator. Well, decrease / increase the brightness / volume, from where you also can’t get to dialing a phone number or SMS.

A couple of hours later the phone rang. We agreed that the owner will pick it up from me tomorrow, since it is now on the other side of the city.

And at 6 am the alarm clock rang on the phone. I pushed the notice to the right and went back to bed. A couple of minutes later, the alarm rang again. Well, I moved the icon to the left. It wasn’t there. He rang again a few minutes later (looking ahead, I’ll say that it’s not the impossibility to turn off the alarm when the phone is locked, but simply its owner set up about ten alarms with a difference of a couple of minutes between themselves). I didn’t want to leave the phone to callers in another room or turn it off, so it was decided to find a way to unlock it.

(screenshot for example)

After entering the wrong PIN-code, the link “Forgot your password” appears. By clicking on it, an invitation to recover your password using Gmail opens, you just need to enter the password from the mail. But I don’t know him.

Okay, I take a tablet in my hands and look for a person on VKontakte and Facebook by the specified e-mail.

Vkontakte is empty, I find one account on Facebook, but it is not used with real data. I search by e-mail just on Google. Nothing too.
What’s next? Hmm.

And then I remember that on the main screen one of the notifications said that a new one appeared on such-and-such YouTube channel, and the second. That someone liked “my” photo on Instagram.

Ok, I find a girl on Instagram who liked the photo of the owner of the phone. I start looking at those to whom she is subscribed. Among two dozen people, most of the girls, and among the guys, no one has recently posted a photo, or did it from the iPhone in front of the mirror).

Okay, I subscribe to her and go to Instagram’s “Subscriptions”. The actions of my friends are displayed here, and among the rest I can see how she “liked” 4 photos. Three photos of girlfriends, one photo of a guy. The one that was with the iPhone.

So. I go to his account, in the profile I see a link to Ask.Fm.

In Ask.Fm I see a link to my VK profile.

I open the VK profile and guess on the first try unlock password: April 15. 1504. Date of Birth.

The unlock password turned out to be the day and month of birth.

The phone was successfully unlocked and CM Locker shows me a photo of the “intruder” who tried to unlock the smartphone, with a proposal to share it through the standard Android share.

But I return the phone in a couple of hours. My photos on this phone are not needed. I go to the gallery, find a folder with these photos, press “delete”, and then over the question “Delete?” pops up protection with a requirement to enter a pattern. Well, I won’t pick it up so easily) Well, I minimize the application, go to the gallery again and in a couple of such attempts I manage to delete one photo. But there are several of my photos on the phone, and annoying protection, which, as we can see, can be bypassed, prevents conveniently removing the rest.

Ok, Google. I install a simple file manager from the Play Market, go into it, open the desired folder and delete the photo. The security application did not make a sound. Why, it is configured for certain programs, it was not intended to block the newly installed application)

Total: additional protection is good. However, you shouldn’t set passwords as simple as your date of birth. Put at least the dates of birth backwards, I don’t know, or other people’s dates of birth (but not a person close to you, who will be noted in your social profile in the column “Marital status” ;-)).
Anyway, social networks.

By default, CM Locker has the Intruder Photo feature enabled. The function “Send photos by e-mail” is available nearby, but it is not activated by default. It turns out that the developers did not consider it necessary to activate this feature, and users may not enable it. And what’s the use of a photo that remains on a lost phone?
Well, the very slowness of the application, which allows you to perform some kind of operation a few milliseconds before the application lock screen appears, is also a disadvantage for developers.

The smartphone itself is equipped with a fingerprint scanner, and if you choose this method of locking the screen, then unlocking it becomes much more difficult (but also not impossible). It is better to use such protection than a password of four simple numbers.

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Once again: never use simple passwords!

Unlock Samsung with Find My Mobile

The Korean manufacturer has provided fans of the brand with its own remote service with which you can find and unlock a Samsung device. To get rid of your PIN, you need to follow several steps:

  1. From another device or PC, open
  2. Click on the “Login” icon.
  3. Sign in with your current Samsung account settings.
  4. Select the “Screen unlock” section and specify the device.
  5. Confirm the command to unlock the Samsung account password.

Using the archive in Recovery

Now you need to enter Recovery mode as usual. Using various keyboard shortcuts and buttons on the turned off gadget. What and in what sequence to clamp, you can find out on the website or in the manufacturer’s instructions. In the mode menu, you must:

  1. Find the Zip installation point from the memory card.
  2. Specify archive.
  3. Reboot device.

After these manipulations, the PIN code will not be.

How is PIN code removed from Android

A PIN, or Personal Identification Number, is a numeric code used to prevent unauthorized access to your device. It significantly increases the security of user data stored on the gadget. But you have to enter it every time you need to open your smartphone or tablet. This is not entirely convenient, besides, a set of numbers must be constantly kept in memory, which can fail. In such cases, users are looking for options on how to remove PIN from Android.

Using the file manager

You can now delete the files responsible for entering the PIN using any decent file manager. Most experts recommend using AROMA Filemanager. It must be transferred to the gadget’s memory card in the same way and installed in Recovery mode. Then you need to enter the system partition and manually delete several files with the extension.Key.

After a reboot, the problem in the form of a blockage will disappear.

How to unblock Bootloader

The bootloader can be unlocked on most popular devices from various manufacturers. To bypass the PIN on Android, you can open it ahead of time. For this you need:

  1. Install Android SDK on your computer. You will also need drivers for a specific mobile device. Installation information and the software itself are usually available on the manufacturer’s official website.
  2. Launch SDK Manager (if it does not start, a fresh version of Java is required).
  3. When choosing the installation package, check the Android SDK Platform-tools and Google USB driver (only for Nexus), then confirm the user agreement and initiate the installation.
  4. Get the unlock code for your device (excluding Nexus) by ID. It is available on the official websites of some manufacturers. For HTC and LG, you will have to find out the Device ID using FastBoot mode. Typically, it looks like fastboot flashing unlock or fastboot oem unlock.
  5. Turn off Android and connect it to PC.
  6. Press and hold two buttons at once. Power and volume down.
  7. On the PC, open Platform-tools, hold down the Shift key, move the mouse cursor to an empty space and quickly right-click.
  8. In the drop-down menu, select “Open command window”.
  9. Enter the command to unlock and confirm on the gadget: use the volume buttons to select “Yes”, and then press the power button.

An open bootloader is required to install custom Recovery with advanced features. You will have to search the network, since the CWM Recovery project officially no longer exists. Recovery is also needed to get root or user-friendly unofficial firmware.

With Adb Run help

One of the most effective methods is considered to be unlocking using a computer with ADB installed. The option is suitable for any device, even without root. To remove a PIN from Android, you need to:

  1. Download the Android SDK archive from the official website.
  2. Using a USB cable, connect a mobile gadget to a PC.
  3. Run the ADB utility.
  4. Enter the Unlock Pin Key menu.
  5. Choose one of the options. For a device with or without root.
  6. Restart Android.

After that, the device is unlocked without data loss.

Samsung Bulk Lock: How to Liven Up Your TV

After Samsung declared war on its users, smart functions were blocked on Samsung’s gray TVs. How to unlock Samsung smart TVs reports smarttvnews.

The first complaints about blocking devices appeared in February in the official group of “Samsung Ukraine” company on Facebook. Users, when turning on the TVs, observed the message “This TV is not fully functional in this region” (translated from English. “Not all functions of this TV work in this region”).

How to unlock

If a Samsung TV is nevertheless imported through a “gray” channel to Ukraine and does not have a UA code in its name, the device may not work correctly. Users have already found a solution. Unblock the TV using a VPN with the IP address of the country where the TV was purchased.

1. You can unlock the TV using remote controls with voice control.

2. You can also remove the lock through the engineering menu of smart TV settings and VPN connection.

To unlock Smart-Hub on Samsung TVs, you need a regular (push-button) remote, because you need to change some settings in the service menu. With the TV off, you need to press the following key combination in turn (info, setting, mute, and turn on the TV. The input speed should not be very slow).

Or another way, Mute then numbers 119 and OK. One of the menus should appear. Then we press the buttons 1234 and the service menu should appear.

If this remote control is not available, you can use a smartphone with an infrared port. To do this, you need to install the “RCoid Free” application from the Play Market on your phone. Add a remote control in the application (S. Samsung. Any TV since 2008). Next, turn on the TV, from the phone through “RCoid” press “info” then “factory” to get into the extended service menu, then you can use the usual remote control, the application is no longer needed.

In the service menu, go to the Options section. Before changing the settings in Options, you need to go to MRT Options and take photos of the existing settings to bring everything back if something goes wrong.

We change these settings using the example of a Samsung TV model QE55Q9:

  1. In Options, go to Local Set. Change EU to EU_RS_AFR
  2. In Options, go to MRT Options and set: Language Set. CIS; Region. PANUERO; PnP language. Rus; WIFI Region. Q
  3. Next, OFF-ON TV. And voila. No region blocking.

3. The third sure way. Change the region or, in other words, change the IP. At the same time, users are warned that they perform such manipulations at their own peril and risk.

The contains instructions on how to do this:

Unblocking Smart Hub via IP spoofing. Region. France:

Unblocking Smart Hub via IP spoofing. Region. Poland:

Earlier, Ukrainian News Agency wrote about what Ukrainians need to know about “gray devices” and how to distinguish them from the original.