How to unlink the bank card from the Apple ID

unlink, bank, card, apple

How to unlink a bank card from the iPhone: instructions

To fully use “apple” gadgets, each owner creates an Apple ID. During registration, the system asks for payment information, so that in the future it will be possible to make purchases in the App Store. But sometimes there is a need to change the data. If this happens for the first time, the user wonders how to unlink the card from the iPhone.

The need to change or delete information occurs, for example, due to the fact that the attached bank card expires, is lost or blocked.

Why delete the bank card

From time to time a person changes the bank payment instruments, as the validity of such a device is far from eternal. As a rule, it is limited to three years, and the expiration date becomes the main reason for the smartphone owner to unlink the payment props.

But this is not the only reason, forcing the user to get rid of the bank card. You can imagine a situation where a person gives his iPhone to a child for a while. Of course, no one wants a boy or a girl to accidentally make a purchase. You can protect yourself by unlinking the card. Here are the basic methods that allow you to easily remove the bank details from your iPhone.

unlink, bank, card, apple

How to tie a card to your Apple ID?

Just in case, attach the reverse algorithm. In case of an accidental action, you can always return the deleted card back.

  • Go to “Settings,” “iTunes Store and Apple Store” section.
  • Choose a new Visa, MasterCard or AmEx payment card, and then enter all the payment details. Number, expiration date, and security code on the back of the card.
  • In case of correctly entered data the card is confirmed. Disconnected card continues to work.

Apple ID supports debit and credit cards, physical plastic and virtual cards, such as from Yandex.Money or QIWI. When filling in the data, do not forget to specify your payment address. Several address lines can be combined into one, in our country it is not critical.

unlink, bank, card, apple


Keep your card information safe! Don’t worry if iTunes or the App Store wants to charge you. Now you can link and unlink it quickly if necessary. Have a good use and have a good day!

How to permanently unlink your bank card in the App Store

You will need to do the same steps as listed above. Only in the payment method settings menu, select “No”.

How to delete it

If you select “No,” all of the payment card data previously linked will be deleted.

Change your payment information on the mac with touch ID

Changing the main bank card is available in the system settings. Under “Wallet and Apple Pay” selects the default card from which the user will pay for purchases. If there are no additional accounts, the only plastic becomes the main one automatically, without manual settings.

All described ways you can make changes to other information: address, phone number, email, delivery options. After making changes, the new information must be saved.

Can deleted cards be kept in the profile

After unlinking a bank card, many people continue to worry that information about the payment detail is still somewhere. But do not worry. If you pressed the “Delete” button at the appropriate step, the card will not appear anywhere else. To be sure, you can double-check all the sections of your phone where you use to pay for purchases:

Once again, review your saved card information to make sure that the payment props have been successfully deleted once and for all. Nevertheless, if you once decided to unlink the card only for the subsequent resale of the iPhone, it is better to use another method:

unlink, bank, card, apple

This way all information, including bank cards, will be deleted from the mobile device. The new owner will not be able to find out information about your payment details. You can feel completely safe.

How to disable purchase sharing?

When setting up the family access feature, the organizer must specify the payment method so that each family member can subscribe or make a purchase from a branded store. If you are an organizer and you need to remove payment information, the first thing to do is disable purchase sharing.

To do this, visit settings. Your name. Family access, and then exchange purchases. If you have any problems, it is recommended to seek help from technical support specialists or the nearest service center. There you can get help for sure.

How to Transfer Data from One Apple ID to Another

Now you know how to update the payment information on your iPhone, which can be done in two ways. Using a smartphone on any operating system or a computer with the iTunes app installed. Each of them is simple enough and will lead you to the desired result.

The following video clearly shows you how to update the billing information on your iPhone from your computer or any phone:

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