How to turn on the mobile Internet on your Samsung Galaxy

How to connect the Internet on your Samsung phone

Digital technology has firmly entered the life of modern man, so he feels the overwhelming need to be constantly present on the Internet. Today the virtual space provides a lot of entertainment, opens up a wide range of possibilities, which users have never dreamed of. With the phone Korean brand Samsung, as well as any device based on the Android OS, you can not only quickly find relevant information, but also free to visit social sites, chat in messengers, order a cab, do shopping and use other useful online services. Therefore, after purchasing a brand new gadget, you need to immediately establish a connection to the web space. There are different ways to perform this procedure, each of which takes several minutes.

On all Samsung gadgets, regardless of model and firmware version, the configuration of the Internet connection is made according to the same algorithm. By default, it is performed automatically, without any manipulation by the owner of the gadget. But if automation does not work, you have to write the configuration parameters manually.

Automatic configuration

The most convenient option, which is provided by mobile operators, is the automatic connection of traffic. It is executed at the moment of SIM-card installation and works in 95% of cases. Verify that the procedure was performed correctly, you can through the general system menu of the smartphone as follows:

  • Open the settings menu of the phone;
  • Select a category where all wireless channels are collected;
  • Find and open the “Mobile network” folder;
  • Go to the page of providers and check the correctness of the connection.

Usually after inserting a SIM card into the smartphone and then identifying it, the wireless connection with the provider is instantly detected. If there is no such word, find and tap on the line with the name of the provider. Provider of cellular communication services. Quite often, this method works, and automatic access to the network is still possible. But if these actions did not help, do not waste your time and go to the next option.

Mobile data

The first task is to get a list of configuration parameters. It is possible to request it from each Russian provider in different ways.

  • Megafon. Send an SMS with the word “Internet” to the number 5049.
  • Tele2. Call 679 (call is free).
  • MTS. Send a message with the text “Internet” to a short number 1234 or call 0876.
  • Beeline. Contact Support by dialing 0880.

Almost instantly a service notification will come to your phone, marked with an icon with an drawn envelope with a gear wheel. Next you need:

  • Open SMS.
  • Select the item that says “Internet Appendix”.
  • Activate the process by tapping the “Set” button on the page with configuration settings.

In some cases the system may request the PIN code. By default the combination “0000” or “1234” is assigned. If both variants are not suitable, it is necessary to specify the correct PIN code from the mobile operator.

When the installation process completes, the system will notify you and you will need to enable the “Mobile Data” option in the system settings. Now it remains to restart the device and check the connection.

Manual setup

Sometimes for some unknown reason the default setting is not performed correctly, making it necessary to write the configuration parameters of the Internet connection yourself. The instructions are as follows.

  • Get a list of customizable parameters from the mobile service provider by contacting Support, sending an SMS-message or visiting the company’s web page.
  • In the settings, add a new network by tapping the “” icon.
  • Enter the required parameters. After you finish entering the parameters, save them through the menu, which is called by pressing the button on the top of the screen on the right.
  • Now go back to the “Access point” page and check the connection name.


  • Network name: beeline or any arbitrary.
  • APN: internet
  • User name: beeline
  • Password: gdata or leave the field empty.
  • Access point: internet.Beeline.Ru


  • Name: tele2
  • APN: internet
  • Username: select any or leave the line blank.
  • Password: gdata or leave the field empty.
  • Point: internet. Tele2.Ru
  • Network name: doesn’t matter, but it’s better to leave mts.
  • APN: internet
  • Login: select any or leave the string empty.
  • Pass: gdata or empty field.
  • Access point: internet. Mts.Ru


  • Name: any, but preferably a network name. Megafon.
  • APN: internet
  • Username: select any or leave the string blank.
  • Password: gdata or leave the field empty.
  • Point: internet.Megafon.Ru

Trick To Enable Mobile Data While on Airplane Mode For Samsung Devices and S20 series

How to adjust the Internet on twosimmarine smartphone

Mobile traffic can be comfortably used also on Samsung gadgets, which support two SIM-cards at once. And they can belong to different operators. To avoid problems, it is necessary to set up your own Internet connection for each SIM card. Actions in this case will be performed according to the following scenario.

To turn to the settings of the phone, and in the section of connections to choose the category “Mobile networks.

The user will then be able to adjust a wide list of important parameters:

What is required to connect mobile data

First of all, in order to connect mobile data it is necessary to coordinate this question with the operator. The suitable tariff must be active for a certain number, offering a certain amount of Internet per month over 2G/3G/4G network. It can be unlimited traffic or limited traffic, e.G. 1-2GB of Internet.

How to Enable / Disable Mobile Data Only Apps on Galaxy S20 / Ultra / Plus

In most cases it is possible to connect the mobile Internet automatically. For this, the operator sends all the necessary settings as an SMS, and the user just has to click “apply/install”. If automatic settings do not work, you can ask the operator to give information for manual data entry.

Setting up the Internet via Wi-Fi

By right, Wi-Fi is the most affordable and accessible way to access the Internet via Samsung Galaxy and Note smartphones. While there are paid networks, free Wi-Fi can be found everywhere and in large quantities. This makes such a connection very convenient.

Everyone can get their own Fi-Wi, you just need to buy a router at specialized outlets. After buying the device you will need to contact your provider in order to have the masters set up the device at a convenient time for you.

Wi-Fi networks are available for your Samsung Galaxy and Note in many public places: shopping malls, cafes or train stations. This kind of Internet has undeniable advantages: it is absolutely free, with good speed and stability.

How to adjust the Internet, if there are two SIM-cards in the phone Disconnecting the Internet in Samsung Phones: Phones and old models

For each SIM-card you can configure a different Internet. To do this, go to settings, then to “Connections” and “Mobile networks. After this the user will be able to adjust the following settings:

  • Data while roaming. Here you activate or deactivate data transfer in some cases. Not all Russian operators allow the use of such services throughout the country. That’s why sometimes it is recommended to disable the option, otherwise its costs will increase a lot. The same goes for international roaming, which is recommended to be deactivated.
  • Volte calls. The quality of voice calls is improved when this option is turned on. At least when it comes to 4G networks.
  • Network Mode. In most cases, the LTE option is preferred. You can select the default scheme. For calls and Internet in many cases it is allowed to use up to three standards simultaneously. In the case of 2G Internet will not work, only calls and SMS are supported.
  • Access points. Usually there is no need to make any changes in this point. Internet access point settings are sent and set automatically by the operator. If the user has changed something by mistake, it is enough to restore the default setting.
  • Network operators. The desired cellular connection is selected automatically or manually. Even in international roaming, everything is usually set up without the user. But the network can also be selected manually, if the owner of the gadget knows better what indicators are optimal for him, as well as how to turn on the Internet on the phone “Samsung”.

Manual Internet setup

How to manually turn on the Internet on Samsung:

  • Request information from the mobile operator or read the relevant section on its official website.
  • Enter gadget menu and go to “settings”.
  • Find “connect” block, move to “mobile networks.
  • Find the access point shortcut, click on the “add” button.
  • After opening a new profile its columns are filled in with information from provider.
  • After saving information you need to choose created profile, activate “mobile data” block.

Ends the process by rebooting the hardware.

Mobile network

To manually connect and configure the mobile Internet from MTS, you will need:

  • In the already known “Connections” section, enter the “Mobile networks” subsection.
  • Select “Access points” section.
  • Switch to your SIM-card in the new window, if necessary.
  • Click on the “Add” button.
  • In the fields “Name”, “APN”, “Username” and “Password” enter one value. Mts.
  • Going down a little bit on the page, for the MCC and MNC parameters, specify 257 and 02, respectively.
  • PAP or PAP/CHAP as a method of authentication (on some models. The method of authorization).
  • In the line “Type of access point/APN” enter the value “default” manually.
  • Tap on the three points in the upper right window segment to open the drop-down menu and select the “Save” option.

Important: the changes will take effect automatically; now users can simply select a newly created access point and wait for the connection to be established in order to connect to the mobile network.

You can delete any access point in its settings by selecting the appropriate option in the familiar context menu.


In all the details of how to connect the Internet on Tele 2, the owner of a smartphone can find out in the World Wide Web. For the simplest configuration of the mobile network is enough:

  • Repeat steps 1-4 from the previous point. Type tele2 internet and tele2 in the fields “Name” and “Access point/APN”, respectively.Ru.
  • Unauthenticate in the drop-down list.
  • And as a type of access point enter the parameter default,supl without spaces.

That is all. Now, as in the previous case, you need to select the newly created access point as an access point and start using all the charms of mobile Internet from Tele2.


The process of setting up mobile Internet from Megaphone on Android smartphone looks like this:

  • The user creates a new access point and enters the megafon and internet parameters in the “Name” and “Access point” lines, while the “Username” and “Password” lines contain the same gdata value.
  • For the MCC and MNC, it specifies 255 and 02, respectively, and enters default as the access point type.
  • Alright! Now to turn on the mobile Internet, you just need to expand the notification curtain and tap on the easily recognizable icon.
  • In a few seconds the user will see the icon of the SIM-card with the connected wireless network near the icon of the signal quality; if nothing appears, the phone should be rebooted and the above-mentioned manipulations should be repeated for the operator.


To connect an Android smartphone to a Beeline signal, you will need:

  • In the fields “Name”, “Access point/APN” and “Username” specify beelineinternet, beeline accordingly.Ru and beeline (in some cases it can be required to enter the password. It coincides with the username).
  • For authentication (authorization), apply the PAP parameter.
  • By entering the default value in the last line “Access point type” and saving the changes, the phone owner can finally connect his device to the Beeline wireless network.

Manual Internet setup

If the automatic method does not work, the problem can be easily fixed with your own hands. How to configure the Internet on “Samsung” manually:

  • Ask the cellular service provider for the configuration data required for the Network on smartphones and tablets. Call a techsupport representative or explore the appropriate section on the official site.
  • Open the device menu.
  • Select the item dedicated to settings.
  • Find “Connections” tab. If there is no such section, go to the next step.
  • Then open the item with the name “Mobile networks”.
  • Find the tab with the access point.
  • Click on the “Add” button. Sometimes use the feature with options, if there is no other option. You can select the icon with the three buttons on the right.
  • A new profile opens that has to be filled in according to the operator’s recommendations.
  • Confirm to save the changes you made.
  • Select the created profile.
  • Enable “Mobile Data”.
  • Reboot your device.

Important! At the end all options must be checked to make sure they work.

What Your Phone’s Internet Speed Depends on

Wi-Fi icon on the smartphone

In this matter, the type of connection to the network plays an important role. You can access the Internet on your smartphone either from the SIM card or from a Wi-Fi hotspot. The speeds in both cases will be different, so for a better understanding these options need to be considered separately.

Setting up DNS

DNS is a domain name system, which provides the URL value with an IP address. The DNS settings affect the speed of the Internet on the smartphone. You need to change the default DNS settings for the network to boot up quickly. This process is done in the following sequence:

  • Go to the Wi-Fi or SIM card settings.
  • Click on “Advanced Settings”.
  • Enter “8” in the MAC-address field.8.8.8,”.
  • Save the changes.

Info! On some phones, to change the DNS settings you will need root rights.

Configuring DNS servers on the Android smartphone

Setting up data transmission on your dual-sim phone

If your device supports two SIM-cards, you need to set up in a similar way connection with the second SIM-card and choose from which card you want to connect to the network. At any time you can change the settings in the “SIM cards” section.

The most common reason for not being able to connect to the Internet is a weak network signal. Try to move to a place with a better signal or restart the phone.

The next reason. “Guest” mode on the phone. It is impossible to set and change connection in this mode. Switch to user mode and try to activate data transmission again.

The last reason for not having internet service is insufficient funds on the account. Mobile Internet is a paid service; it is paid for separately or included in the price of the tariff. Check the balance, if there are not enough funds, top up the account or try to connect Wi-Fi.