How To Turn On Bluetooth On Samsung TV

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Ways to output images from a laptop to TV

There are wireless and wired methods for displaying images from a laptop to a TV. With a wired connection, you do not need to have the same ports on both devices. If they are different, then you will need to use adapters. If you need to translate digital data to an analog input, you will need additional converters or attachments.

The disadvantages of a wireless connection are limited bandwidth and possible signal interruption. The disadvantage of connecting via a cord may be the presence of the cord itself, as well as the limit for the cable length for different standards. However, if you need to connect a laptop and enjoy viewing, this drawback is completely weightless and will not cause inconvenience.

All modern TVs are equipped with DLNA technology, which allows devices to exchange data within the home network. This can be done both via cable and WI-FI. If there is a connection via WI-FI, then both the laptop and TV must be connected to it. But the TV will only “see” the shared folders. In order for the TV to have access to all the information, you can open general access to all folders in the “Network” settings on the laptop. But this is not recommended for security reasons. After all, in this case, everyone who will be connected to your network will be able to use your data. Another option is to make a specific folder publicly available.

How To Turn On Bluetooth On Samsung TV

But for more convenient display of the image on the TV, it is better to download the program. One of the recommended ones is “Home Media Server”. It is free and universal for different TV models, and also has wide functionality. To install on a laptop, just download the application (better on the official website) and run the installation file. After starting the program, in the settings window, you can select the category of media resources and already specify access to folders there.

If your devices support Miracast or Intel WiDi technologies, then it is enough to enable these functions on the TV. Then he can connect wirelessly to your laptop without a router, directly. On the laptop, however, you need to install the appropriate application. But when connected, you can display any picture from a laptop.

If the TV does not have a WI-FI module, then you can use various adapters that can be connected to the HDMI port. For example, one such device is the Google Chromecast, which looks like a USB flash drive. The gadget is designed for streaming multimedia content.

Connection via HDMI can be called optimal in order to transfer media data from one equipment to another. This standard provides high-speed transmission, even of Ultra HD-quality files, and transmits not only video, but also multichannel audio.

How to output images from a computer to a TV using HDMI? It is enough to connect the two devices with a cable. Then switch to TV AVI mode and select the port to which the cord is connected. On a laptop, you need to call the screen settings and set the required resolution there, as well as select the display of displays. This means that on a laptop you will be able to control both screens, and you will need to select a display for the TV screen. The options are:

  • Duplications. The same image on both screens;
  • Display on 1 screen. The second one will be disabled;
  • Screen Enhancements. TV will become a second monitor.

Settings may vary depending on the version of the operating system.

The next way is how to transfer the image via DVI. The DVI standard was developed for transferring video content to digital devices. Predecessor to HDMI. And, unlike the latter, it does not transmit sound. In this case, you will need a TRS connector or adapter, otherwise called “minijack”. A very popular audio connector, probably familiar to many as an input for connecting headphones. To duplicate the screen of a computer or laptop, you will need to follow the same steps as for HDMI. After connecting, transferring the played file is not difficult.

Determine available connections

To transfer images from a laptop to a TV, you need to find out what methods are available for this. First, you should look at what ports are present on the TV and laptop, and then decide how best to duplicate the laptop screen.


S-Video is an analog interface. It can only transmit video files of standard definition television (576i and 480i), which means that modern speech quality formats are out of the question. Tvs are rarely equipped with such a port, so in order to project an image from a laptop, an S-Video to RCA adapter is additionally required. Also, do not use an S-Video cable longer than 2 meters, as this will degrade the signal quality. To transfer sound to TV, SIMilar to DVI, you will need to use a “minijack”.

Let’s consider how you can output an image to a TV via USB. In this case, it will not be possible to view video with a USB-USB connection, since this standard is not designed to transfer video data. In this option, you can view images, presentations, text documents. With this connection, the TV will see the laptop as a USB flash drive.

But to duplicate the laptop display, you can use the output to the TV’s HDMI port. To do this, you need an adapter, which is an external video card. You will need to install the driver from the video card to the laptop. When purchasing such an adapter, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the transmitted video (support for Full HD) and sound.

We have already examined the connection using a local network wirelessly. Lan is a network but wired (Ethernet) connection. If the TV does not have a Wi-Fi module, then you can use this method. To mirror the computer screen to the TV, you will need to follow the same steps as for the WI – FI connection. Namely:

  • Connect TV to a router using a network cable. In this case, the dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) must be configured on the network device. Otherwise, you will have to manually register the network settings in TV;
  • Connect your laptop to the same network. Wired or wireless. It doesn’t matter;
  • Install the program on the laptop to output files to TV. We’ve already covered the Home Media Server application, which is easy to set up and install;
  • Share the required folders. That’s it, now you can transfer images and send video for playback.

How is it possible to transfer an image from a computer to a TV using VGA? The VGA standard allows only analog signal transmission without sound. To reproduce sound, you will need an additional adapter with the so-called “tulips” or “minijack” plug. Another option is to leave the sound playing on the laptop or through the speakers connected to it. To do this, you can use the function keys of the laptop. It should display 2 screens, for example, F10Fn (function enable key). It is now possible to display videos from a laptop on a TV. When setting up display on a laptop, you can increase the resolution to get a better picture.

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The color image is formed by means of three main signals: Red, Green, Blue. If the image is output from such a connector, then it is logical to use the same TV input. RGB replaced Scart when Scart became impossible to use in thin TVs. Mostly RGB is available on older models. Compatible with Scart and composite RCA (tulip) cables. Videos or games from the computer monitor will be streamed to the TV just like any other cable connection.

9 ways to transfer images from your computer to your TV screen

The laptop is very convenient for work with its dimensions and low weight. But when it comes to watching videos or playing games, you want to replace a small monitor with a larger screen. In case you have a TV with a large diagonal, you can connect your device to a TV or home theater. In the article, we will consider how you can display an image from a laptop on a TV.


Scart is a European standard for transmitting analog and digital signals. It has different specifications, so it can transmit different signals (audio channel, video, control). The convenience of the interface is that it makes it possible to connect a high-quality RGB video source to the TV without intermediate coding.

To broadcast a movie from a PC or laptop, it is better to use a VGA-SCART adapter. This is due to the fact that a large number of TVs are equipped with a SCART connector, and computers. VGA.

If you have a large number of connectors, it is better to choose a wired connection from the latest technologies. The best option is HDMI. In general, setting up your laptop and TV is straightforward. The main thing is to select the input signal on the TV, and on the laptop perform the settings that are required for the corresponding technology.

Enabling Bluetooth on your LG TV

As you know, LG Smart TVs use their own operating system “WebOS”, which previously only supported branded sound devices from LG. Starting from the third version of webOS, you can connect devices from other manufacturers to your TV.

You can activate Bluetooth module on LG Smart TV as follows:

  • On the remote control of your TV press the “Menu” or “Setting s” button;
  • In the menu that opens, select the “Sound” section;
  • Check the box next to “LG Sound Sync / Bluetooth”;

If full-fledged work with Bluetooth on your TV is blocked, we recommend using the capabilities of the engineering menu.

To call it, press and hold the OK buttons on the remote control, as well as on the TV panel for a few seconds, and the service menu will appear on the screen.

For some TV models, you may need to press the “Menu” buttons on the remote control and on the TV panel at the same time for a few seconds to access the service menu. On some TV models, both methods work and open different service menus.

If a password is requested in the service menu, enter 0000 (four zeros). If 0000 doesn’t work, try 7777 or 0413 or 8741 or 8743 or 8878.

Then you can make changes to the desired settings. Press the button on the remote control to save the changes.

How to enable Bluetooth on Samsung and LG TV

Modern TVs are not just TV sets. These are entertainment media centers that allow you to surf the Internet, play various games, connect various media devices. In the latter case, the operation is performed using a Bluetooth connection that pairs the TV with the desired device. Many users don’t know how to activate this option. In this article, we will analyze how to enable Bluetooth on LG and Samsung Smart TVs. And also we will describe the steps that we need for this.

How to activate the engineering menu on Samsung TV

As we wrote above, Bluetooth connectivity may be blocked for devices from other manufacturers. To resolve this issue, it will be necessary to activate the engineering menu in Samsung TV, and configure it to activate Bluetooth and support for third-party devices.

To activate the engineering menu on TV, do not turn off your TV. Leave it on, then quickly press the following buttons on the remote:

Mute 1 1 9 (OK / Select)

The “OK / Select” button is located in the center of the “Left”, “Right”, “Up”, “Down” buttons. After dialing this sequence, a secret menu will open, which will allow you to turn on / off the desired Bluetooth mode (for example, “BT Audio ON”).

What you need to know about turning on Bluetooth on your Smart TV?

As you know, not all Samsung and LG TVs support Bluetooth. Therefore, turning on Bluetooth on all TVs will fail. Usually, this requires a Smart TV and a hardware module responsible for the operation of this technology.

You can find out if your TV supports Bluetooth connection by examining the specifications of your TV. To do this, type in the full model name of your TV into a search engine, and study the technical characteristics of the device. Specialized web resources like fullspecs.Net can also help.

If you have Smart TV brands “Samsung”, “Sony”, “LG”, “Philips” with Bluetooth support, then it is likely that your device will not allow you to connect via Bluetooth from other manufacturers. For example, many Samsung models only allow you to connect soundbars from the same manufacturer. And do not interface with other brands of audio devices.

However, in many TVs, you can activate a special system menu that allows you to unlock the Bluetooth functions and connect the desired device to your TV. Below we give options for a set of buttons on the remote. Allowing access to the specified menu.

Let’s figure out how to enable Bluetooth on your home TV from Samsung and LG.

How to turn on Bluetooth on a Samsung TV

To connect the desired Bluetooth audio device to your Samsung TV, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the settings menu of your Samsung TV;
  • In the menu, select the “Sound” section and click on “OK”;

This procedure is generally SIMilar for most Samsung Smart TVs, differing only in details.

How to enter the service menu of a Samsung TV

Any TV, including those that are not smart TV devices, have a service menu that controls vital settings. In particular, the size of the image horizontally and vertically, brightness correction, and other parameters that can seriously affect the operation of the device. Therefore, if you do not understand how and what to do, it is better to leave this service altogether.

It is not surprising that the service menu on Samsung TVs is usually called extended, because it is used if you need to make serious changes in the operation of the TV itself. And to use it, you need to have a special remote control. Over, it is important that it be “native” for the TV, that is, it comes with it. Otherwise, even if you get into the menu, it will be difficult to be there, since the control is not reliable.

What are the functions of the Samsung TV service menu

As already mentioned, the average user is not recommended to experiment with the service menu on Smart TVs, including Samsung K series or any other series, even J. It’s not that this is a whim of the developers. On the contrary, users can press the wrong key on the remote control, and all settings will fail, which will lead to a complete loss of the normal performance of expensive equipment.

But in the hands of the master who entered the service menu of TVs, it can turn a standard Smart TV into almost a home theater. Nevertheless, sometimes such settings can be opened completely by accident, by involuntarily pressing some key combination. If this happens, then you can change:

  • The spectrum of the image, for example, by choosing a green palette or red, in connection with which, the picture on the screen will become a country. Few people want to watch TV in this format.
  • Screen image size options. It may turn out that the picture will not occupy the entire screen, but only half of it, moreover, from below, from above or from the side. The picture can break into pixels, and suffer other, unpleasant changes.
  • Naturally, the service menu of a Samsung TV can change the sound parameters, making it so that even at the highest volume, the device is barely audible. Or uses various sound effects, due to which an echo may appear, acoustics will increase, which also does not contribute to a comfortable viewing of content.
  • In addition, once in the service menu of a Samsung TV, you can connect and disconnect various built-in functions.
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In general, if the user needs to change any automatic settings, then this is done right here.

How to get into the service menu of Samsung TV 6

  • Take the remote control and press the following sequence: info. Menu. Mute. Power;
  • Having learned how to enter the service, you need to wait a couple of seconds, since the TV after pressing the specified combination will reboot to display the necessary information;
  • After that, the incoming person must learn to move in such a way that they do not accidentally change the settings. If you need to change something, you must press “Enter” and only then enter the amendments;
  • Go to “Control”, “Cloning” and so on;

It is important, before finishing the work in the “Hotel Option” section, to mark “OFF” in order to save some functions from failures. And also, since the user has entered the menu, and knows how to enter here at any time, you still need to understand how to exit and not damage the settings. This is done in this way:

  • You can exit by turning off the TV normally;
  • Then go back to MENU-SYSTEM, and see what has changed;
  • If everything is fine, we entered without any problems and I am satisfied with the settings, which means that you can continue to use the TV with an updated menu.

How to turn on Bluetooth on a Samsung TV

How to choose an adapter?

First, you need to figure out what a Bluetooth adapter is. This device is capable of receiving and translating the signal into read format for any gadget with Bluetooth. The signal is sent via radio frequencies, due to which pairing and data transfer is performed. It is advisable to choose a device with two or three connectors for connecting several devices at once. The Dual Link function is responsible for connecting several gadgets at once.

The choice of a Bluetooth adapter for Samsung TVs is also based on the presence of a battery and a charging socket. Some devices operate on batteries or completely on mains power. Signal transmission devices are distinguished by audio reception. This is a mini jack 3.5, RCA or fiber optic.

Standards support is taken into account when choosing a transmitter. Support parameters for AVRCP, A2DP and A2DP 1, SBC, APT-X, HFP differ in coverage area and audio bit rate. The presence of standards in adapters significantly increases the cost of the device. However, some users advise against buying too cheap models. An inexpensive gadget often delays the transmission of sound or completely interrupts the signal.

With the 5.0 adapter standard, the device significantly increases the data transmission speed range. You can connect several gadgets to such an adapter at once.

When buying a transmitter, consider the compatibility of the device with your TV, as well as the Bluetooth version. For 2019, the current version is 4.2 and higher. The higher the version, the better the sound quality. Stable connection contributes to less power consumption of both the adapter and connected gadgets. It is worth noting that when purchasing an adapter of version 5.0 and Bluetooth version 4.0 of the connected device, incompatibility may occur.

There are models of transmitters with the ability to switch tracks and control the volume. Such models are expensive. But for those who love fully stocked gadgets, this device will be to their liking. Some adapter models have several ways of working:

  • Signal transmission;
  • Reception.

How to Pair Bluetooth Devices with Samsung TVs 2018

While there are many wired devices that you can connect to your TV, you can also connect many speakers or headphones via Bluetooth. Wireless connection. A great way to get rid of the cable clutter that inevitably builds up when connecting your home entertainment equipment, and it’s pretty easy to set up. The process isn’t much different from pairing devices to your phone, although you’ll navigate through menus with your remote. Here’s how to do it:

Open the Connection Guide. From the Source menu, select Connection Guide, which will guide you through the process of connecting devices if they are not automatically detected when they are connected. The fourth item from the top. It is a speaker that makes multiple audio connections. Options. Select Bluetooth.

2.Activate pairing. You can activate pairing mode on your audio device in the same way as if you were pairing it with a smartphone. If the device does not appear in the list of available connections, SIMply refresh the list to re-scan for additional Bluetooth devices.

Select your device. Select the device that matches your headphones or speakers and click the Pair and Connect button. The TV will do the rest of the process and tell you when the connection is complete.

Find the device among the available outputs. After pairing, the device appears in the list of available audio output options. To deselect a device, SIMply switch the output back to the TV’s internal speakers or another device.

How to Pair Bluetooth Devices with Samsung TVs 2018. Samsung TV Setup Guide: What to Enable, Disable and Set Up


Setting up the transmitter is very SIMple. Usually, the Bluetooth adapter is connected to the TV via the Audio (RCA) input. Modern Samsung models have this connector. But if there is no such input, you need to purchase a special additional RCA to USB / HDMI adapter.

After connecting the adapter, the device to be paired automatically connects to the TV without any settings. It is also worth noting that the TV receiver is able to recognize the connected transmitter. This can be seen by first going to the settings menu. In the menu, select the “Connected devices” item. After that, the presence of connected devices will be displayed in a separate window. If the synchronization between the gadget and the TV has not been completed, the user must restart both devices.

When adjusting the volume, it is worth considering the distance at which the paired gadget is from the TV. At a great distance from the TV receiver, sound may be reproduced with interference or partial loss of signal. Because of this, it will be problematic for the user to adjust the desired volume level.

Connecting devices via Bluetooth is the best option for connecting to a TV. If the manufacturer does not provide this interface, then you can connect via Bluetooth using a special transmitter. These devices are very compact and easy to use.

The recommendations in this article will help you connect the adapter to Samsung TVs. Please note that the above settings for checking and connecting Bluetooth refer specifically to Samsung models. The choice of adapter depends on personal preference and convenience. You can choose the cheapest model with minimal functionality. Expensive adapters have advanced options and more advanced “stuffing”.

See below for what a Bluetooth transmitter is.

How to connect?

Before turning on the module to the TV, you need to install it. Find the Audio input on the back of your TV. To this connector you need to connect the wire that goes from the transmitter. A flash drive is inserted into the USB connector to power the device. You also need to turn on Bluetooth on the paired gadget (phone, tablet, PC).

Next, you need to press the device search key on the transmitter. Typically, these adapters are equipped with an indicator light. The search key must be held down for a few seconds. The adapter light will blink during the search process. You need to wait a little while the devices find each other. After connecting, you can hear a beep in the TV speakers. After that, go to the menu, select the “Sound” section and activate the paired device in the item “Connection devices”,

If the adapter looks like a large battery pack, it must be charged using a separate cable before connecting. A charging cable is included. After charging, you need to choose the best connection method: RCA, mini jack or fiber optic. After the cable is connected to the transmitter, its other end is connected to the TV. After all these steps, you need to check the pairing of devices.

Solved: Unknown Bluetooth device connects to TV. Samsung Community

I recently returned from vacation and turned on my Samsung Curved smart TV and a warning popup appeared in the lower left corner of the screen. He says that a new device has been discovered and asks if I want to listen to TV through it now. Device name. GT-HD-Transmitter. I haven’t bought any new devices since I left and even when I choose no, if I want to hear TV sounds through this new device, it keeps popping up every 15-30 seconds. I went through all the menu options and turned everything off current devices I have with bluetooth to watch until this solves anything and I go crazy dealing with this popup. Is there a way for me to just turn off Bluetooth on the TV? Or is there anything else I can do to stop the popup or block this wacky device that the TV is constantly receiving? I am very grateful for any help before I break this thing to stop it

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How to turn on Bluetooth on a Samsung TV?

Transferring content from your phone or other device is made possible by a variety of TV connectivity options. One of the most common methods is Bluetooth data transmission. In this case, it is worth considering this type of connection on Samsung TVs. How to enable Bluetooth on Samsung models, how to choose and connect an adapter and how to configure. That’s the topic of this article.

RESOLVED: How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Samsung Smart TV? TV

Hi @ Harvey Himberg,

TV model: HU6900 or NU6900?

The HU6900 does indeed support BT. Here is the link to the user manual. It explains how to connect BT devices

The NU6900 may or may not have BT capabilities, depending on where it is sold. Here is the link to the user manual. It explains how to connect BT devices if your specific model has one.

If BT settings are missing on TV, here is a video showing how to connect 2 BT headphones to BT adapter connected to TV’s RCA audio output jacks.

The BT transmitter dongle in the video shown below with the link to Amazon is not currently available from them, so here is the direct link to the supplier.

Other alternative BT transmitters may be available, I have not tested.

Most BT transmitters with BT Ver. 4.1 or later supports multiple connections, and you’re in luck that your headset model supports multipoint and. Which means they can connect to one BT source at the same time. Many BT headsets do not have this, so only one headset will be able to connect to BT source at a time

You will need to change your TV audio settings to route audio to the TV’s external RCA audio ports, away from the TV’s internal speakers.

Step 1 Load DVD to Samsung TV Converter.

Launch UniConverter on your computer and insert the DVD into your drive. If using an external drive, connect it to your system. In the software interface, select the Video Converter tab and click the appropriate option. A new DVD Boot Model window will open, asking you to add main movies or all movies. Select the option you want and click OK.

How to Connect DVD to TV Samsung, LG and Others

DVD players are common enough to expand the entertainment world significantly. Their cost is low, so anyone can buy such a device. There are many ways to connect a DVD player to a TV, and all have their own characteristics, but are not complicated. After setup, you can watch movies as many times as you like and countless times.

Step 3 Play Videos on Samsung TV.

Hover your mouse over the video you want to play on your TV and the Wi-Fi icon will appear on it. Click on the icon and the video will also start streaming to your TV.

How to enable HDMI-CEC on Samsung TVs 2018. Samsung TV setup guide: what to enable, disable and configure

Step 4 Transfer MP4 Videos to USB Drive.

Select those converted videos and go to the Toolbar Transfer section. Open the Transfer tab in the API and connect the USB drive to your computer. The dropdown menu in the upper right corner will show the connected devices. Select USB from the list. Then select the converted DVD movies and click “Transfer All”. DVD files converted to MP4 format will be successfully transferred to USB stick, which you can plug in and enjoy playback on Samsung TV.

Step 2 Connect Samsung TV to PC.

A new window will show all the videos available on your computer in the PC library. Click the Import button to add videos from the inserted disc to the library.

10814, 10037, 10030, 10056
10110, 10217, 10427, 10250
11581, 1080005, 1080005, 1080006, 1080006, 10702, 11959, 11060, 10766
10329, 10587, 10482, 10019
10032, 10178 900. Samsung Remote Control Program for DVD Player

Turn off your DVD player.
2. Press the Mode button on the remote control to switch the remote control to DVD mode. (your remote may have a row of component buttons at the top labeled DVD. In this case, press the button for the device you want to program.
3. Press the Set button on the remote control.
4. Enter the three-digit DVD player code found in your TV’s user manual. If the code is only one or two digits long, you must convert it to a three-digit code by adding zeros in front of the number. For example, if the code is 7, enter 007.
5. Press the power button on the remote control. The DVD player should turn on.
6. After you have set up the universal remote, press the Mode button on the remote and switch the remote to the appropriate mode, or press the corresponding component (DVD) button before you can use it to control your DVD.

Step 1 Launch UniConverter and open the media server.

Download, install and run Wondershare software on your computer. In the main interface, select the Toolbox tab, which will open the Media Tools category. Click on the Cast to TV option and a new Media Server window will open.

How to Edit and Sort Channel List on Samsung TV?

The issue of editing the list of channels, of course, can be sorted out using the “typing” method. Banal attempts to figure it out. There is, of course, this point in the instructions for the TV itself. But our mentality is such that we look into the instructions last, and where, as often as possible, we SIMply lose it or do not remember where it lies. Therefore, sometimes you just need recommendations on how to make the same setting.

I will note right away that I will not consider old TVs. Their settings are obvious, but more modern TVs raise a lot of questions, and not the most obvious ones. It’s hard to believe, but one of the most popular requests from service centers is an application for setting up a channel list. Many of my former colleagues even made a separate, albeit small, but business on this.

How to configure?

So, modern smart TVs are pretty obvious to set up. But channel sorting on Samsung TV is not in the obvious place, which makes it difficult for users. To deal with this problem, you can SIMply clearly follow the instructions. By analogy, you can configure any Samsung TV.

  • We enter the TV Menu. Button of the same name on the remote control.
  • We select the item “Broadcast” in this menu.
  • Scroll down the list using the navigation buttons. It is important to remember that you can only change the channel number after automatic channel tuning. At this point, click on “Change channel number” and activate this function.
  • Now we select the item “Change channels”. Before us opens a menu that allows you to move channels. In it, select the channel of interest and press the “Change. Rooms “.
  • Now we can move this channel to another location. It is important to know that channels that have a name are digital and when you move one to another, they just change places. And if the channel does not have a name, it is analog and moving it will move the remaining channels down.

So it’s not hard to see that reordering channels on Samsung TVs is not a difficult task. It is enough to show this procedure to a person a couple of times, and he can easily repeat it.

Think it doesn’t work with grandparents? Ha, in my experience of working for a provider, it was this category that wrote down the order of actions on a piece of paper least of all repeated calls. But younger people paid twice, and sometimes three times. And many dealt with the instructions on their own. Special knowledge is not needed here, it is enough to know that all this can be found and done.