How to tie WhatsApp web without QR. What do I need to use WhatsApp Web

Why WhatsApp Web is not in the phone settings. What to do and how to solve the problem?

WhatsApp Web is not in the phone settings and you cannot enter your profile on the computer? It is urgent to understand what is the cause of the problem. believe me, you can correct the situation on your own.

If WhatsApp Web is not in the settings, connecting to the browser version of the messenger will be extremely problematic. What to do if you need to go to the account from the computer? Where does the error come from and how it can be fixed?

Lack of update

If WhatsApp Web is not in the phone settings, you should think about updating the application. Perhaps you have not put a new version of the messenger for a very long time? Hence bugs, mistakes, serious problems.

  • Open a program of programs on a smartphone (Google Play or App Store);
  • Enter the name of the messenger in the search line or find it in the list of installed applications;
  • If, on the contrary, there is a button “Update”. Feel free to press. and wait until the process is completed automatically.

When WhatsApp web is not in the phone settings, first check the availability of updates in the store. We will not get tired of reminding: timely updating applications will protect you from many problems, enhance security and open access to new functions.

WhatsApp Web QR code is not loaded or not scanned

The most popular message application today is WhatsApp today, and despite the appearance of tools such as Telegram and Signal, over the past couple of years, WhatsApp has been holding its crown. Now WhatsApp is known as a mobile application, but it can also be used on a desktop computer in the form of WhatsApp Web.

Several WhatsApp Web users are faced with a rather strange problem, due to which they cannot download the QR code. If the QR code cannot be loaded, the users touched will not be able to scan it with their smartphone to use WhatsApp through a web browser. The question is that it makes the WhatsApp QR code not boot or work? Well, there may be several reasons why this is so, and therefore we are going to discuss them all in this article.

WhatsApp Web QR code is not loaded or not scanned

If the WhatsApp Web QR code does not work, does not work or not scan, here are a few steps that you can take to successfully solve the problem.

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1] leave the system from all connected devices

To begin with, we propose to leave the system from all devices currently connected to WhatsApp. It’s easy to do. Just take out your smartphone or tablet and go.

In some situations, a simple renewal of a browser can solve the problem with a QR code once and for all or until it returns again. This post will show you how to update the browsers Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera.

If you use any other web browser not specified in the article, leave us a message in the comment section, and we will help you.

The next step that users should take to ensure the download of the QR code when trying to connect to WhatsApp Web is the cleaning of the web browser cache. If you do not know how to complete this task, please read the following:

Tell us if any of the above solutions helped to solve the problem with the QR code of WhatsApp.

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Setting WhatsApp Web

To work WhatsApp on a computer, you need to synchronize it with your smartphone. In this article, we describe in detail how to do this, so we will not repeat ourselves. Today our goal is to deal with the problems that may arise when using WhatsApp Web.

Opening whatsApp web on a computer, you found that a QR code is not displayed there. In this case, most likely, the cause of such a problem is one of the browser plugins. The easiest way to check this is to open the “incognito” tab and try to go to WhatsApp Web.

Antivirus programs can also block WhatsApp Web very often. Disconnect them for a while and check if this site will work in this case. If so, then you need to go to the settings of your antivirus and add WhatsApp Web to the exceptions so that it no longer blocks the launch of its script.

WhatsApp QR code is not read

WhatsApp Web displays a QR code, but it is not read by a smartphone. Often this is due to its small size and problems with the camera of your mobile gadget. This problem is solved as follows:

Increase the tab with WhatsApp Web in the browser by pressing the Ctrl and “” key or holding Ctrl and scaling the page with the mouse. Thus, the camera of your smartphone will be easier to consider the QR code of WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp QR code is not read

WhatsApp Web displays a QR code, but it is not read by a smartphone. Often this is due to its small size and problems with the camera of your mobile gadget. This problem is solved as follows:

Increase the tab with WhatsApp Web in the browser by pressing the Ctrl and “” key or holding Ctrl and scaling the page with the mouse. Thus, the camera of your smartphone will be easier to consider the QR code of WhatsApp Web.

I can’t send and receive messages at WhatsApp Web

Most likely the problem is related to connecting to the Internet on a smartphone or computer. Let’s figure out how to eliminate it.

Check the Internet connection on the smartphone:

As you already know, to work WhatsApp Web, you need to have an Internet connection on both devices. If this is not the case, then you will most likely be given such a message:

  • Go to WhatsApp on a smartphone.
  • Update it to the most current version.
  • Disconnect from the Internet and connect to it again.

How to Use WhatsApp on PC without Scanning QR Code BlueStack and ARCWelder

  • Reload the smartphone.

Check the Internet connection on the computer:

If everything is in order on the smartphone with the Internet, then, most likely, something wrong with the connection of your computer.

  • Check if it is really.
  • Update the page by the CTRL R, CMD R or CTRL F5 commands.
  • Try to leave WhatsApp Web and go into it again.

Checking a call

Sometimes users have problems with obtaining a PIN code of confirmation. sent using SMS. Usually this platform provides you with other alternative options. so that you can get them, one of them requests a call. You can activate WhatsApp. without using the verification code in this way. The most important thing in this part is to correctly enter a number with the corresponding code of the country in which you are. The steps are as follows:

  • After you have accepted network politicians, enter your phone number with the corresponding code of the city depending on the country where you are.
  • Select the option “Get a PIN code of confirmation for a call” and wait.
  • After a few minutes the voice operator WhatsApp will call you and indicate the code.
  • Enter it, and you activate the chat to exchange instant messages.

Checking rooms without a SIM card

If for some reason you do not have a telephone line and you want to use WhatsApp, you can do it. Since there are many pages that allow you to virtually create and use numbers, but for this you need to download the application.

In this case, one of them is Textnow. A tool that helps you make calls and send text messages. absolutely free. All you need to do to use it is to create your own user account. In this case, you can install WhatsApp without SIM card. You only need the Internet connection and follow the following actions:

How to introduce WhatsApp without code

Do you use it for the first time on your iPhone, Android or PC, this will not change much: you know that it is impossible to introduce without the WhatsApp code. When installing WhatsApp for the first time, a request for entering a check code received by SMS will appear to confirm the phone number. The same applies to access to WhatsApp Web: there is a QR code that authentics access to the portal and shows all the conversations. However, in the case of espionage or failure in the work of the Internet or telephone communication, it is impossible to obtain or scan the code. So, in situations such as getting into WhatsApp without code? After you asked this question on the Internet, you were on my blog.

Well, officially, there would be no way to connect to WhatsApp without code, in any case. However, with the help of some tricks, you can circumvent these restrictions and gain access to your profile and chats from both the smartphone and your computer. For example, I ended up in a situation where I could not get a confirmation code to install the application. Somehow, I had to get around the obstacle, and, fortunately, there was. In the next guide, I will explain to you how to enter WhatsApp without code to continue to exchange messages, photos and videos with your friends and acquaintances. However, note that the proposed methods are published for information purposes. So act in accordance with your duties.

How to introduce WhatsApp without code

In the following paragraphs, I will show you two different procedures that allow you to enter WhatsApp without code. The first allows you to get a confirmation code, even if you don’t have a field. This can be achieved using the second option of the application authentication. The code will not be delivered to you by SMS, but you can still listen to it. The second method allows you to connect to the WhatsApp web service without the need to constantly scan a QR code again.

Both solutions are not very complicated. All you need is a smartphone (or PC), a few minutes of free time and a little patience. Then let’s see how to act.

confirmation code

You are trying to enter WhatsApp without code, because you cannot get a confirming message? Do not be afraid, you can still unlock the service within a few minutes.

The authentication procedure developed by the engineers of the messaging platform actually requires that attempts to send the code with a text message take 5 minutes. After this time, you can request a confirmation code that will be sent to you by phone. If you can answer, the better. If not, just wait for the WhatsApp automatic service to leave the voice in the voice mail that you can listen to when you want or when you want.

It is worth noting that after a confirmation message, if two.factor authentication was activated, without code you still cannot enter WhatsApp. This is possible only if you can get a PIN code to confirm the authenticity of the control element.

QR code

If you need to enter WhatsApp without code, because you need to enter WhatsApp Web without a phone, you need to do this in another way. The QR code is obviously necessary to check its performance to be able to use the service exchange service with PC or Mac. Nevertheless, it does not need to scan it every time and, above all, you do not need to constantly have a smartphone at hand.

Many people use WhatsApp Web to monitor WhatsApp their children or to find out whether they are changing them Partner. Perhaps you are in one of these situations, or just want to access conversations without a smartphone. In any case, in order to solve this problem, at least at the first entrance to the system, you will definitely need the phone with which the WhatsApp account that you want to use is associated.

After you have a phone, check the Internet connection, regardless of whether it is Wi-Fi or 3G/4G cellular network. If the Internet works, I recommend installing WhatsApp on Windows or install WhatsApp on Mac, avoiding access to the browser. Thus, you can connect WhatsApp to your computer without deleting a cookie that stores your access.

Then open the WhatsApp Desktop program and wait until you see a QR code. When viewing, make sure that the option is selected to stay in touch. Then take the phone, open the WhatsApp application, select WhatsApp Web and insert the camera frame on the QR code. Automatically, you will enter the system. From this moment, you can always enter WhatsApp without code through the WhatsApp Desktop program.

How to scan the image

We move on to the next important part of our review. you already realized why you need an encrypted image. Let’s figure out how to scan the code in WhatsApp if you want to start communication immediately!

  • Enter the messenger;
  • Click on the “Settings” button on the lower panel if you use the iPhone;
  • If your smartphone operates on the Android OS, click on the “menu” button and find the WhatsApp Web line and click on it;
  • A new page with a cwar code scanner will open.

But that’s not all. we mastered only half the way. It’s time to go to the next step and start scanning QR code on a computer. To do this, do the following:

  • Open any browser on a laptop or computer;
  • Dial the website of the Web.WhatsApp.COM. scan the code for the phone can only be here;
  • A small picture that we are looking for;
  • Pull the smartphone camera on the computer screen and try to scan the image;

We discussed in detail how in WhatsApp to scan a QR code. nothing complicated, even a novice user will cope. Now you can use the desktop version and enjoy communication on any device.

Possible problems

Difficulties can have any person. even if you previously opened the desired site without any problems and corresponded with friends. What to do if the phone does not scan QR WhatsApp code, is there any way out? You should not despair, we will try to find a solution to the problem!

First, let’s try to take initial measures:

  • Make sure that the Internet connection is at a stable level;
  • Check if the smartphone battery is charged;
  • If necessary, check the quality of the router and reboot it;
  • Try to introduce a smartphone into the aircraft mode for a few seconds.

WhatsApp does not scan QR code for several reasons. let’s figure out in detail where the difficulties come from.

If your smartphone model is equipped with an unreliable camera, you will have to suffer:

  • Try to bring the picture closer to the browser, increasing the scale several times (optimally. 300%);
  • Wipe the eye with a soft cloth thoroughly;
  • Remove the load from the smartphone. turn off all the applications that consume energy and try to scan again.

Now you know exactly how to scan the code in WhatsApp through the phone if necessary. In a couple of minutes you will communicate with friends, loved ones and colleagues on a computer, using the functionality of your beloved messenger! Save our instructions in bookmarks so as not to lose and use them at the right time to scan the code.

The main reasons why the QR code is not scanned in WhatsApp Web

Among the main reasons due to which the phone does not scan the code include:

Occasionally errors can be associated with the parallel launch of several WhatsApp sessions from one account at once. In this case, the program most often warns about the entrance from another device and redirects you into the authorization window. However, some users faced the impossibility of scanning the QR code and the absence of a specific error.

Bad Internet connection or it is completely absent

To scan code and transmit information to the server, a high-quality Internet connection is required. If there is no or too slow data load, you will not work in WhatsApp Web.

An error may be associated with the absence of an Internet connection.

If the program gives an error at the scan stage, try to do the following:

  • Reload the smartphone. In most cases, this is enough to improve the quality of the connection. After rebooting, it is possible to fix part of the software errors. Additionally, unnecessary applications are disconnected.
  • Check the settings. The reason for the lack of an Internet connection may be, for example, the activated mode “on an airplane” or traffic restriction. Sometimes when checking it turns out that the phone is simply not connected to the router or to the operator data transfer network.
  • Change the location. If you use Wi-Fi, come closer to the router. Obstacles on the signal path worsen the quality of communication. When using the operator’s network, stay away from lowlands and large buildings. Worst of all, smartphones “catch” the Internet in basements.
  • Connect to another connection source. If possible, try changing several routers or switching to the operator’s network. Sometimes it turns out that the cause of the “WhatsApp” failure was a breakdown of equipment or emergency work by the provider.
  • Reload the router. Sometimes after this the quality of the connection improves, which allows you to log in to the “WhatsApp”.
  • Close all the programs that can consume traffic. In rare cases, the problem lies not in a poor-quality Internet connection, but in too high the load on the channel. The latter may be associated with the background application of applications. Try to close unnecessary programs through the manager. Change the settings: turn off the background operation of the applications and download the operating system updates. After authorization at WhatsApp, re.activate these options.

Several sessions have been launched at the same time

The messenger allows you to run only 1 session at the same time. If you want to go with PC, you will have to close the application on the smartphone after authorization. In some cases, during system failures, the program does not close automatically, which leads to errors when trying to go to the account. To eliminate the failure, you need to close extra sessions.

You can clean the list of sessions in t t. h. through WhatsApp Web.

If you often see suspicious devices in the list, change the password: this sign may indicate an unauthorized access to the account.

Problems with a camera on a smartphone

If WhatsApp Web does not scan a QR code, the reason may be a camera malfunction. The most common problem is the lack of permission from Vatsap to scan.

The reason for the failure may be a disconnected camera.

To eliminate the problem, do the following:

  • Open the overall smartphone settings.
  • Go to the section with installed applications.
  • Find WhatsApp.
  • Open the tab with permissions and put a checkplace opposite the “Camera” line.

If this has not helped, wipe the lens glass. Disconnect the filters and any programs that can affect the work of the camera. Try to increase sharpness a little. If the device has been purchased for a long time, you will have to come to terms: some models are simply not able to recognize codes.

A scanner is used

The use of scanners can become both the reason for the appearance of an error and the way to correct it. If you have additional software, first delete it: it can interfere with the check check.

In the absence of a result, set a scanner. Suitable, for example, QR Code Reader. This method does not always help, but there are chances.

Tips and recommendations on how to correctly consider QR

First of all, make sure that the QR code is displayed correctly. If the browser does not show the image, restart the page. Use the other observer, turn off and re.turn on PC.

Sometimes a positive result gives a simple approach of the lens to the screen. You can try to increase the scale of the image in the browser. To do this, click the Ctrl key and scroll the mouse wheel in the direction from you.

If nothing helped, and you need to go to WhatsApp from the computer, install the Android emulator: noxplayer, bluestacks or analogue. The messenger works in the same way as on the phone. It does not require scanning code for authorization.

Check the Internet

The first thing to do is to check the Internet connection. Often the reason for the occurrence of problems is a poor.quality connection:

  • Open any web page and check the connection quality;
  • If necessary, reboot the router or router;
  • Try connecting to another network;
  • Reload the computer.

Nothing helped, in WhatsApp web is not read the QR code? Contact the provider’s Support. perhaps you are hindered by technical problems that the user cannot eliminate yourself.

We follow further. You know that scanning is made using a camera. We will look for the problem here! If WhatsApp web does not scan the code, you need to check the presence of permits.

Whether the camera is working

Often users forget to open the camera to the messenger. so you can’t scan qr. What do we have to do? We give a general instruction for all mobile devices:

  • Open the smartphone settings;
  • Find a section with installed applications and go to the messenger;
  • In the tab with permissions (if any), turn on the toggle switch opposite the “Camera” parameter.

We continue to work with a camera. If you use the old device. do not be surprised why the WhatsApp Web code is not scanned. Better take the appropriate measures!

  • Wipe the glass of the lens thoroughly;
  • Try to manually increase sharpness if such an option is provided in the camera settings;
  • Bring the smartphone closer to the screen or increase the scale by hand.

What to do if WhatsApp web does not show a QR code through a browser? First reboot the computer! Then check which version of the browser you use-the messenger will only work in modern web browsers Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera or Safari.

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