How to throw a video on iPad via iTunes

How to transfer data from a computer to iPhone. Detailed instruction

Apple phones are modern gadgets that differ from others with their certain properties. Iphone allows the user to use different types and types of multimedia files, call, read books, communicate with other people and much more. As soon as a person buys his first iPhone, he is likely to ask the question of how to transfer all the data from the phone to the computer.

There are different data transfer options for this. Several ways that are suitable for the iPhone can also be suitable for other gadgets from this company. The only thing is that a person needs to know the features of the transfer of each method in order to perform it as accurately and correctly as possible.

How to throw a movie on iPhone via iTunes

As soon as the film is in the supported format, it can be loaded to the smartphone. To do this, you can use one of several ways. ITUNES will be the most common. Using this program, you can quickly send a movie from a computer to iPhone.

To get started, the user will need iTunes application. It should be downloaded only from the official site to avoid problems when using. After that, the sequence of actions must be observed:

  • Launch iTunes.
  • Go to the section “Films”. To do this, select the appropriate name from the drop.Down list in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Move the film from the folder to the open window using the mouse.
  • Connect a smartphone to a computer using a USB cable.
  • Go to the “Home Video” tab.
  • Click on the video with the right button and select “Add to the device”. Then press on the corresponding device.

After full load, the film will be transferred to the iPhone. It will be possible to find it in the Appletv application.

How to upload a movie on iPad

There are many ways to download a video file with a movie on iPad. Conventionally, they can be divided into two categories:

Please note that in this article the methods of transmitting video files that the user uploaded from third.Party resources for iOS are understood. If the owner of the iPad has acquired a film in the official Apple store or on other online cinemas, then just download this document on the tablet using the functionality of the application used.

Since each processing processes of films are very different from each other, each method should be disassembled separately.

Through itunes

IOS operating system is extremely protected from any external risk factor. Therefore, in the development of the first versions of the iPhone and the iPad, Apple decided to ban the use of the device as a device for transferring files via a USB connection. Since this method of communication with a personal computer can transfer viruses to “apple” gadgets.

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ITUNES software was invented as a replacement, which not only connects two devices, but also is a platform for controlling a smartphone or tablet. Despite this, the design of the program turned out to be confusing for an ordinary user, which pushed Apple’s owners from this software.

This method is suitable exclusively for video files in the MPEG4 format, that is, for extensions MP4, M4V, as well as MOV. If necessary, it is better to convert the file before transferring from computer to tablet.

So, in order to transfer the film to the tablet through iTunes, you need to follow the following instructions:

  • Launch iTunes software (if there is no download from the official website Apple. Https: // www.Apple.Com/ru/iTunes/).
  • Click on the “file” tab.
  • Select the option “Add the file to the media”.
  • Select the necessary movie.
  • Connect the tablet to a personal computer via a USB cable.
  • Click on the tablet icon that appeared in the upper left corner of the program window.

For this method, it is not necessary to connect to the Internet.

After that, synchronization of the ITUNES software library and the internal memory of the iPad will occur. At the end of the process, the film will be transferred to the tablet.

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With a cloud storage

If the user does not want to understand the confusing integration of iTunes software or the owner of the tablet does not have a USB cable, then a cloud storage can serve as a great option for transmitting the film. These are special Internet services for transmitting and storing files of different sizes.

The user can download the file from any cloud storage convenient for him. Here is a list of the most popular of them:

Please note that data transmission through the presented services occurs exclusively via the Internet.

So, in order to transfer the movie to the iPad using a cloud storage, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Register for any service-free service you like.
  • Create a movie folder.
  • Transfer the file of interest.
  • Open a cloud storage on a portable gadget.
  • Go to the required folder.
  • Watch the video online or download on Apple’s tablet.

Do not forget about the film format. Transcoding the file on the iPad is much more difficult than on a personal computer.

Which cloud storage to use is not so important. Although each service has certain functions and features (for example, some kind of program-shall be paid). The choice depends exclusively on the user.

Through file.Sharing

Similar to the cloud storage, the method of pumping a video file to the “apple” tablet. The use of file organizers. These services are specialized to transmit information using the Internet.

List of the most popular file hosting:

The process of transmitting the film practically does not differ from the method of pumping through the cloud storage:

  • We create an account in any file hosting.
  • We download the movie of interest.
  • We get a download link.
  • We use the resulting address to download the movie on iPad.

Data transmission through file hosting is currently not the most popular way to obtain information to understand why this is the case and if this service is suitable to download the film on the iPad, you should consider the main advantages and disadvantages of file organizers.

How to upload a movie on iPad

There are many ways thanks to which the user can upload a video to his iPad. They can be divided into two large categories. These categories differ only in one basis:

It is worth noting that it is worth considering only those methods when the user uploaded a video file from third.Party resources for the iOS operating system. If the owner of the iPad has acquired a video in the official Apple store, in the cinema, then you just have to download this document on the tablet, as a rule, the form already corresponds to the necessary.

It is worth disassembled by each method of pumping, because there are fundamental differences, which are worth talking about in more detail.

Through itunes

The first method is quite simple, but it may also seem difficult for some users. This is the use of a special program from Apple iTunes. In general, the telephone operating system differs in that it itself is extremely protected. Therefore, the transfer via USB is not at all welcome by the company. The transmission method using a cable can bring additional viruses into the device, an apple gadget can become infected to such an extent that additional repairs may be needed.

ITUNES software fully solves this problem, because with it you can transfer any files. This is a universal platform for managing a smartphone or a tablet. Many users complain that they cannot normally manage him, which is why some users decided to move away from him by replacing iTunes with other convenient programs.

This transfer method is only suitable for MREG4 format. For other files, you will need to convert the file additionally. 4. For other files, you will need to convert the file additionally.

To transfer files using iTunes, the user needs to perform the following:

  • Run the iTunes program itself on his computer, which should be downloaded in advance. At the same time, if there is no program on the device, it is worth downloading the file from the official website of the company;
  • Now tap on the “File” button;
  • Tap on “Adding a file to the media;
  • Choosing the desired film;
  • We connect the tablet to the computer using USB;
  • Now it is necessary to slip onto the tablet icon, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • Now the user needs to slip in the “Settings” menu, open “Films”;
  • We slip on a checkplace of synchronization, the process of transmitting the film will begin;
  • We agree with the changes;
  • Tap on the “synchronize” button until the end.

In order to use this method, the Internet is not so important, however, if the program is not downloaded in advance, then you should take care of this. The film that the user needs so needs to be automatically added to the tablet library.

With a cloud storage

If the user does not want to figure out how the software integration integration works, or the user simply does not have the opportunity to use the planet to connect, then he can download a simple cloud storage from the company or use special Internet services for transmitting and storing information.

The user can download the file from any cloud convenient for him.

Important! The Internet is necessary for this method, since the transfer will be carried out exclusively through it.

It is worth considering an algorithm for transferring a conventional cloud storage. A more detailed process is as follows:

  • We register on any server user convenient for user, for example, it will be Yandex. Disk;
  • After that, he must create a folder for the film and transfer the film that the user needs to be thrown in the future to the tablet;
  • Now we open the cloud storage on the portable device;
  • We go to the folder as necessary;
  • Now, through this server, you can watch a recording online or download it through an official service to the tablet right away.

The user must take care of the video format in advance. Details about encoding are worth talking further.

In general, it is not so important which cloud storage is used by the user. Each service has its own advantages and disadvantages, a person remains to choose the most convenient option for him.

Through file.Sharing

Using file sharing is similar to the pumping method through cloud services. File shares are designed to transmit information from one device to another using the Internet. It is worth watching a list of the most popular services. File exchange applications:

The process of transmitting the film is quite simple:

  • To begin with, on the server that the user has chosen to transmit data, you need to register;
  • After that, we load the film that I would like to convey to our account;
  • We get a link to download the file;
  • We use the received address for our purposes to download the necessary films on iPad.

After that, it is enough to download the file that he received by the link to the tablet. This is not the most popular way to transmit data, because any file can be downloaded directly or transmitted through the cloud, however, file shares have many pluses and minuses.

Among the main advantages of using this method, it is worth noting the following:

  • The user can even transfer those files that weigh quite a lot;
  • Saving space on internal memory;
  • Only a download link is required, no additional applications need to be downloaded;
  • The user can download the video at any time.

Ways to download a movie on iPad

To download films on iPad, there are six different ways. Most users choose a couple of convenient methods for themselves, and use only them.

Through itunes

The easiest option for downloading films on iPad is to use the iTunes software installed on the computer.

  • Install the iTunes program on a computer. The latest version can be downloaded at this link. If your computer is running the operating system from Apple, then iTunes already has it.
  • Now you need to download a movie on PC to subsequently download a movie to a tablet computer. As mentioned earlier, you need to download the file of the M4V or MP4 format. If you cannot find the necessary video of this format, just upload a file of a different type, and then redvert it to M4V or MP4. Converting is carried out through the relevant program on PC, or through online service. Both and the other, in abundance.
  • On PC you need to create a folder, and then move the film from the computer to the created folder.
  • Now you need to connect the tablet to the computer through the wire, and open the “control panel” in iTunes.
  • Here you need to install a checkmark opposite the inscription “Process a manually” and click on the “Apply” button.
  • Then you need to find the “Films” tab under the heading “On my device”. Click on this tab.
  • It remains only to drag the video file from the previously created folder into the opened tab “Films”.

This method does not even have to synchronize iTunes with the device. In my opinion, this is the most convenient option for downloading video on iPad for free.

Using Apple Connection Kit

Apple Connection Kit is an adapter for downloading photos from a memory card on iPad. But you can use this technique for downloading films.

Since initially the Apple Connection Kit is designed to download photos from a memory card that was operated on the camera, you will have to use some tricks:

  • Create a DCIM folder on a memory card through PC.
  • Upload files only in mp4 format.
  • Rename these files as the photo on the camera would be called. For example, Pict0001, Pict0002, Pict0003, etc.D.

After that, you can insert a memory card in the Apple Connection Kit, connect the adapter to the iPad and move films for iPad.

Forter players

Two of the above methods were only about how to download and watch films format only in MP4, because other formats are the standard iPad player does not support. But you can use third.Party players that can be reproduced not only by mp4.

  • Install a third.Party player with the App Store on the device. For example, avplayer.
  • Download the required video to a computer.
  • Open iTunes on PC and connect a tablet to it.
  • Open the “Applications” tab in the iTunes settings.
  • Select AVPlayer.
  • Find the tab “General files” and click on the inscription “Add”.
  • Choose a downloaded object to watch it without the Internet.

This method is good because iTunes allows you to download files directly to the application, and not to the gadget in general.

Cloud storages

You can watch films on the iPad using a rather cunning, and at the same time obvious way.

This option involves the use of cloud service, for example, Dropbox. In this cloud service, you need to download the desired file through a computer or a third.Party device on Android/Windows.

After that, it remains only to open the cloud from the tablet and reproduce the file updated earlier. At the same time, it should be mp4 format.

Directly from the Internet

You can download the movie on the iPad directly from the Internet, without a computer. To do this, use the corresponding application with the video file download function. For example, “offline video player”, which is in the appstore.

  • Install the application.
  • Most of these applications are an improved browser with the ability to download. Therefore, when viewing the video, it will be necessary to click on the download icon.
  • When the video is loaded, it can be reproduced from the same application.

How to download videos and films from YouTube

Youtube platform is poorly suitable for watching films, but some paintings in it are.

There are several ways to upload video from YouTube. I will describe the most relevant:

  • Copy a link to the desired video from the YouTube application.
  • Open the YBMate website.Com from the browser Safari.
  • Insert a copied link.
  • Select MP4 Format and the desired video quality.
  • Click on download.

Ready. The video will be loaded and will be available on the tablet.

About the author of this site

Hey. My name is Petr. I am the author of this site. In it, I tell you that I am very interesting. Namely about tablets. On the blog, I try to talk about firmware, settings and novelties of all modern tablets in simple language. Also, most of the articles are dedicated to the Android OS, which I really like

Copy the video on iPad using iTunes

The easiest way for most people is to use iTunes, Apple’s music software available for Mac and PC. Here we will focus on computers with Windows, but the process is very similar to Mac.

ADVICE. This method is free and simple if your video is compatible with your iPad. It will play common formats, including MP4, MOV and M4V, but if your video is not supported, you can convert it for free.

If you still do not have iTunes on your computer, you need to download it from Microsoft Store. An application built into Windows 10. And enter iTunes with your Apple ID.

As soon as this is done, connect the iPad to the computer’s USB port using a cable that you usually use for charging-Lightning cable. (If your iPad is new, it can use the USB-C cable.)

If you first use iTunes or first connect the iPad to the computer, you will see a request with the question if you want to allow access. Confirm this, then on the iPad screen click “Trust this computer” and enter your password.

Find the icon shown by the arrow below, which represents the connected device. Ipad or iPhone.

Click on it and you may be shown an invitation to download and update to the latest version of the iPados, but you do not need to do this to transmit video.

Instead, click the “Films” in the lower menu on the left and, if you have not copied any other videos on your iPad, you will just see an empty panel.

I prefer to import the video, opening the conductor in Windows (label. Holding the Windows key on the keyboard and pressing E).

Go to the folder in which your video is located. It can be “this computer” “Video”, but it can be your “download” folder if you downloaded it from the Internet.

Finding a video, click and drag it to the empty panel in iTunes, as shown below. Release the mouse button, and the video will be transferred to your iPad: the blue circle shows progress.

Here is an underwater stone: if the video is incompatible with your iPad, you will see a message similar to the explanation below that it will not be copied because it cannot be reproduced.

If this happens, you can try one of the other ways specified below, or convert the video to the format that can be played on your iPad.

How to play a conveyed video on your iPad

After the video was copied from your computer to the tablet, this is how to see it.

Open the application TV (indicated by the arrow); This replaces the old video “Video”, which you may not be looking for and cannot find.

throw, video, ipad, itunes

In the “Library” section, click “Home Video” and you should see the video. Just click on it, and then click “Play”.

How to throw a video from PC to iPhone via iTunes

Itunes. A universal application from the famous company Apple. With it, you can not only download applications, control a computer device through the iPhone, but also send video data from a phone to a computer! This application allows the user to perform all inaccessible operations very quickly and quickly.

In order to throw from PC to the iPhone, you need to open the iTunes program on the computer and drag a converted video into it. You can do this in two ways:

For the first option, just send a convertible video to the desktop, open the application and add a video in conventional drag. It will automatically fall into the necessary section in the program itself.

  • In the program, click on the button called “File” and find the “Add computer file to the media” section section.
  • Next, select the video that you need to throw.
  • When the video is correctly added, it should be displayed in the program in the “My Films” section.
  • After successfully adding, you need to connect the iPhone via a USB cable. Synchronization through Wi-Fi is also possible. In iTunes, an icon in the form of a phone will automatically appear.
  • Next, you need to go to the “My Films” section and click on the box “Synchronize all films”.
  • If you need to throw only one video, then you should put a checkplace only opposite it. After that, you should look at the lower right corner and press the “apply” button.

There will be a transmission and synchronization of data, after which this video can be viewed on the device via iTunes.

Program for transferring files to iPad

In addition to the standard method for transferring files to the Apple tablet computer, there are also options using third.Party programs.


This software is the user version of iTunes. It has a little more functions, but the integration and stability of the work leave much to be desired.

The main advantage over iTunes is that through ITOLS you can transfer very heavy files, while Apple software can block such operations.

Import video via iTunes onto your iPad

  • Download and install iTools on a computer. To do this, follow this link, download the installer, start it and install the software.
  • Run the program.
  • Connect iPad to a computer.
  • Through the “Documents” section, select files on PC, click on them with the right mouse button.
  • Select the Import point and specify the connected tablet.


Official Cloud Service and Apple application with which you can move photos and videos.

The meaning of this method is to transfer the media files from the computer to the cloud storage, and then open the iCloud application on the tablet and load the displaced media files from there.

In addition, it is not necessary to download files in this case, you can just watch them online.

  • On the computer, go to the official website of the cloud storage icloud.
  • Log in the Apple ID account by entering the login and password.
  • Go to the storage.
  • Drafting the necessary photos and videos into it. Wait until the process is over. In the case of high.Quality media files, it can take a lot of time, but it all depends on your Internet. Typically, the unloading speed is much lower than the load speed.
  • Open the iCloud app to iPad. It is among the preinstalled, so it will not be needed to install it. Can be updated to the latest version, but it is at will.
  • Go to the “Internet” folder. It is here by default that all the media files were placed from the computer.
  • Select media files, click on the option “Download”.

All downloaded photos and videos will be available in the Appendix “Photo.

Google Drive

Another option based on working with cloud service. Google Drive is very similar to icloud.

The main difference between the program and Google is that through it you can transmit various formats, and not just photos and videos. For example, text documents, tables, etc.D.

  • On the computer open a browser and go to the official website of Google Drive.
  • Login in the Google account account. If you do not have a Gmail account, here you can create it.
  • Go to the section “My disc”.
  • Transfer any files to cloud storage. You can create folders for more ordered movement.
  • Install the Google Drive application (Google disc) on a tablet. It is available for free in the App Store.
  • Launch Google Drive.
  • Sweep from the left edge to the right, causing a navigation control panel.
  • Click on the section “My disk”.
  • All files stored in the cloud storage will be displayed. You can open and save any of them.

Exactly the same instruction has another Google cloud service. Google photo. Both services use the same accounts, but Google photo is designed specifically for media files, while Google disk for files of different format.


Domestic program for transferring files on iPad, which works very simply. You can download the installation file to the computer from the official software site.

  • Open the program on PC.
  • Connect the tablet to the computer. Fonetrans automatically recognizes the device.
  • In the right menu, select the type of file that you want to move. For example, “music”.
  • Select tracks for moving through the option “Additional”.
  • Click on the “Open” button.
  • Wait until the transfer process is over.

Fonetrans software automatically converts for iPad to the type that is supported by the device.

About the author of this site

Hey. My name is Petr. I am the author of this site. In it, I tell you that I am very interesting. Namely about tablets. On the blog, I try to talk about firmware, settings and novelties of all modern tablets in simple language. Also, most of the articles are dedicated to the Android OS, which I really like