How to reset Samsung TV settings to factory

Resetting TV settings Samsung, LG, Sony, Dexp, BBK, Philips and Xiaomi

One of the most radical, but also effective measures to restore TV operability is their rollback. If you drop the TV to factory settings, most likely we will get a fully operating device without various software failures. There are many other reasons to perform such a procedure, because of which we are every month monthly asking for it about it. In order not to answer in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to other articles, we decided to make a separate material that will tell about the features of reset on different brands of TV, in particular Samsung, LG, Sony, Dexp, BBK, Philips, Xiaomi.

At first it will reasonably talk about situations in which the reset of TV is really appropriate, since some users perform it for any occasion. Manufacturers initially laid this opportunity as an extreme measure of counteracting software failures and it is in this angle that it should be used.

  • The TV is very lazy;
  • After installing some application, advertising or improper behavior appeared;
  • The full-time functions of the TV do not work, such as connecting to Wi-Fi;
  • TV does not start, hanging at one of the stages or a black screen appears and nothing happens;
  • The device refuses to display the connected devices;
  • Does not play video, graphic or audio content;
  • Reset is part of the preparation of equipment for sale or transfer to other hands.

It will rightly describe a couple of situations in which one could do without it:

reset, samsung, settings, factory
  • Some kind of application ceased to work (there are a lot of other measures for its restoration);
  • The tongue has flown;
  • An attempt to roll back the version of the operating system (sometimes it makes sense, but most TVs do not change the firmware, but simply delete all the data).

How to reset the settings on Samsung Smart TV

The owners of the Smart TV series D should adhere to the following sequence:

After confirmation, the TV will be updated.

Series K

For owners of SMART, the KE receiver K, it is necessary to observe such an algorithm of actions:

Series H

  • On the PU click “Menu” or “Keypad”.
  • Buttons to sink to the “menu” section in the new window.
  • Go into “support”.
  • After: “Self.Diagnosis”.
  • “Reset”.
  • Standard PIN code-0000 and confirm the actions by choosing “yes”.

Series F

For F series Samsung Smart, it is important to open the menu items also in a strictly set order:

    Enter the installations thanks to the buttons of the remote control with the signature “Menu” or “.

E-series Smart TV to zero installations requires the following manipulations:

  • The entrance to the general menu occurs after it is clamped on the PU key named “menu”.
  • Enter the support section.
  • Click on “self.Diagnosis”, and then to “reset”.

Do not be scared if the TV turns off. This is normal behavior. The reloading of the system that occurs automatically.

Series M, N, Q, LS

After the TV is rebooted, the settings will be zeroled.

Series R

After rebooting, you can configure your own Smart TV Samsung from scratch and enjoy all its capabilities.

Automatic reboot

Samsung new flagships can make a restart on their own, as a rule, they are rebooted at night and necessarily. With the screen off. The process allows you to save a little charge and increase productivity, although Samsung owners who “played” with a function note that the changes are insignificant. Users can make changes to the process schedule by selecting dates and the right time:

Consider that the automatic restart is initiated only if the charge is more than 30%. In addition, the internal memory should not be encrypted, and the SIM card should not be disconnected, otherwise the restart will not happen.

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Reset to factory settings

To find out why the TV is reloaded arbitrarily, you need to establish the cause of the software failure. Often the problem is precisely in incorrect user settings. Therefore, the operating system is not updated, but the usual restart and zeroing of installations set by the user.

Consider a real example. Users prefer to install firmware updates in automatic mode, which is actually a big mistake. Due to the use of this function, the TV begins to turn on sharply in the middle of the night or reloading directly while watching a favorite film, series. Attempts to return the default parameters will probably not be crowned with success. The only way out of this situation is to reset Samsung TV settings.

As noted earlier, the rollback procedure for the default parameters will directly depend on what kind of model you use. Consider all possible scenarios of the development of events and add them step.By.Step instructions.

Series D

As practice shows, the rollback to the default indicators on all Samsung TVs is carried out approximately the same. The difference is only in the names of the menu items. Now we will define how to drop the settings on the Samsung D TV TV.

First you need to open the TV section, then click on the remote control “Exit” button. Hold this key for about 10 seconds. As a result, a new dialog box will open. The text of the alert indicates that all default values ​​will be restored. This applies to both the parameters of the TV itself and Smart TV. To start rebooting, click on the OK button.

At first, experts strongly recommend updating Smart TV, if the error does not disappear, and the TV will be arbitrarily rebooted, then dump user settings.

Series K

Take the remote control and open the main menu, for this, click on the “Menu” button. An alternative option. Click on the console on the “Home” button, and then on the TV screen select the “Settings” section.

Select the Support subsection, namely the Self.Diagnostics team. In the list that appears, you need to select “Reset”.

To confirm the return to factory values, you need to enter the PIN code, by default-this is 0000. After that, the TV will restart on its own.

Series J

To reset the TV settings and restore the default parameters, follow the step.By.Step instructions:

How To Factory Reset | Reboot | Samsung TU8000 43″ UHD 4K [Online TV Services]

Series H

You can reset values ​​according to the same principle as on the Samsumg series J, open the settings, select “self.Diagnosis”, and then click “Reset”.

Before rebooting, the device will ask for a PIN code to confirm the action.

Series F

Reset of settings on the TV is carried out as in series H in accordance with the following instructions:

  • Click on the “” button, which is located in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Choosing “menu”.
  • Section “Support”.
  • Tab “self.Diagnosis”.
  • “Reset”.

The process of changing user parameters to factory settings in all cases is identical, only the name of the buttons on the remote control is changed.

Series E

In order for the parameters to be automatically reset, it is necessary according to the same principle as in step.By.Step instructions for the models of the series J.

When turning on, you will notice that the parameters you set were erased.

Series M, Q and LS

Before you make a return to standard settings, you need to specify PIN.

Reset of settings via Smart Hub

An alternative way of engineering parameters. Smart Hub. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Take the remote control and click on the “Smart” button.
  • In the emerging window of basic parameters, select the “Reset” subsection.
  • As in previous methods to confirm the return to the factory attitudes, you need to enter the PIN. 0000.
  • When all the actions are confirmed, click on OK, as a result of which television equipment will restart.

Samsung Smart TV Factory Reset | How to Reset Samsung TV

After performing this procedure, all applications, programs and extensions will be deleted, and previously set values ​​are dropped. You will also have to create a new account.

The second method:

To turn off the device, press and hold the power button on the remote control of the TV.

Next, on the remote control, use the following buttons sequence: Information. Menu. Without sound. Nutrition.

You should see the service mode of your TV.

In the next menu you must open the parameters.

Finally, select the Factory Reset. By pressing the OK button on your.

Rollback through Smart Hub

You can use the alternative failure method.

  • Click on the remote control control Smart key.
  • In the menu that appears, select the section of the cancellation of the characteristics.
  • To confirm your actions, if the code has not changed, dial 0000 and click OK.
  • TV will reboot.

After resetting the settings on the TV, all previously installed applications will be deleted, and the account will be reset and will have to create it again. It will also be possible to make the same rollback on other models. Supra, Philips, Sony Bravia, Toshiba.

Satellite television

In rare cases, we may need to reset the LCD TV settings to the value of factory settings or default settings. This can be done by reset using the control panel.

Basically, on all modern Samsung TVs, the discharge is the same. The only thing that may differ is some names for menu settings.

Consider the process of resetting settings to factory using the Samsung TV TV from the series D.

Using the control panel, go to section TV. To do this, click the EXIT key on the remote control. Hold it up to 7-10 seconds.

After holding the key, a new window will appear. See the photo below.

In the window that opens, it is proposed to restore all the default settings values, both the general TV menu and Smart TV and Smart Hub settings. To do this, you just need to press and subject the OK button.

In some models of Samsung series f, h this key does not work. Therefore, the owners of the LCD of TVs of this series, in order to reset the settings to the factory, will need to make the following manipulations.

You need to click on the “Menu” button on the Samsung TV remote control and go to the “Support” menu section.

reset, samsung, settings, factory

After that, select the “Self.Diagnostics” menu subsection.

Next, select the menu item “Reset”. You will need to enter the PIN safety code. By default, this value is 0000. A window with a warning about reset will appear. We agree with him and press the screen “Yes” key.

On TVs D of the series there is a similar option.

Also click the “Menu” button on the remote control. Then go to the section “System” menu section. We switch to the subsection “Plug Play”.

Press the OK key. In the window that appears, we enter the PIN security code. The settings will automatically reset to the factory.

After that, it will be possible to re.Configure the TV from installing time, country, setting television channels, video, audio and others.

The next step in resetting to factory is the transition to Smart Hub. Click on the remote control button “Smart”.

Next, select the settings section by pressing the blue key on the remote control. See the photo below.

Next, in the window that appears, select the “Reset” section. Look at the image above. This section is the second in the list. Again enter the default password 0000. After that, the remaining settings will be reserved.

Smart TV reboot. After the restart, it will be possible to see that all the widgets previously installed by you will be removed.

If you try to enter the “Develop” account now, we will see a window that will indicate that the account will need to be re.Created. In this case, it will be necessary to adopt the terms of the agreement on maintenance.

After that, services will update and install services and widgets.