How to remove the buttons on huawei. When the “circle” on Android helps?

How to remove the circle (navigation button) on the screen of Huawei and Honor

How to remove the circle on the screen of Huawei and Honor is not known to all users. The settings of this software are made in the system settings, but not on behalf of the developer. In practice, it looks like a regular semi-transparent circle, which is freely dragged around the desktop area. Developers have introduced such a tool in modern gadgets of firms Huawei, Honor, Meizu, Xiaomi, Samsung, Nokia and others. The button is installed by default, so it is impossible to download or delete it. About the peculiarities of work and disabling it we will talk in this guide.

If you have a circle (round button) on the screen of your Honor/Huawei phone, do not panic and look for virus programs. Its main purpose is to simplify the work for users. A special feature allows you to move the control area from the bottom to the screen. As the survey and preliminary research have shown, there is indeed a demand for it, and a quarter of smartphone owners use the virtual panel.

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What is the circle on the screen Android Huawei

The circles at the bottom of the Honor or Huawei screen are the control panel of the multitasking gadget. There are three basic Android commands:

They may be small in size, but they take up a certain amount of space on the display, which is not always convenient. In all the latest models of Huawei and Honor such active areas can be removed from the phone, and, if necessary, return again.

How to connect the virtual buttons

If the keys were simply hidden, which is done in the settings of the device, then to bring them back, go to “Settings”. “Navigation bar” in the “System” section and opposite the item “Hide navigation bar” move the toggle switch to the inactive position. On different models of devices the menu can be different, for example, to replace the on-screen buttons in Xiaomi smartphone gesture control, you need to go to “Settings”. “Unlimited screen” in the “System and device” block. And to return the virtual keys here in the menu, you need to select “Navigation buttons” and they will appear on the screen.

In the settings of your smartphone you can find another solution, for example, Xiaomi smartphones have a built-in touch assistant in the advanced settings, which, if necessary, can replace the non-working elements of navigation.

Virtual buttons can disappear due to firmware upgrade or other hardware or software reasons. They can be displayed again and there are several ways to do this with and without root rights. Some Android custom versions allow you to enable the navigation panel through the settings, in others you can modify the framework-res.APK from the system\ framework folder.

Configuring Buttons in Button Mapper

How to enable the “Home” button and other navigation keys on Android by means of the system

This method implies the presence of root rights on the device. The Android operating system has a debugging variable qemu.hw.mainkeys, which can be used to control the visibility of the navigation buttons on the screen.

To enable the buttons, perform the following steps:

  • Open the Root Explorer file manager and enable it to show hidden elements.
  • Open the build file in the System folder with a text editor.prop.
  • On the last line set qemu.hw.mainkeys=0 (writing of this variable with the value “0” means that buttons will appear on the screen; with the value “1” they will disappear).
  • Reboot your device, after that you will see an active bar with the navigation keys at the bottom of the screen.

How to return the “Home” button on Android using

There are many software solutions for resetting and configuring virtual buttons, many of which can be found on the Google Play store. In most cases, specialized software will need to provide root access, but there are some that do not require root.

Assistive Touch, Navigation bar, Full Screen Toggle, Back Button (No root) and other products are popular among applications used for the return and configuration of virtual keys. This software is installed in the standard way from Google Play or other reliable sources in APK format. Usually the software of this category has rather wide functionality and allows not only to switch on/off the navigation panel or separate buttons, but also to perform customization, change the design themes, get a floating “Home”, etc. ะด.

Experienced users can also install Xposed Framework (because of the interaction of software with the system at a deep level, its use without the appropriate knowledge and skills is not recommended, because it can lead to serious consequences for the device), it has a module for enabling virtual buttons.

How to get the missing navigation items back after a firmware update

Users have experienced the disappearance of the home button and other navigation elements, including the notification curtain, after updating Android. The way to fix the bug involves using a computer with USB drivers and Android SDK installed (we need the ADB program). Perform the following steps:

  • Establish a USB connection to connect your Android device to your PC or laptop.
  • Open command line window and write here adb shell am start.n
  • On the screen of your mobile device you will see the first launch window. The user will be asked to choose a language and join Google Now. Then the desktop will appear.
  • Reboot device. Gone navigation tools will return to their place.

Changing buttons via Swipe Home Button

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What are on-screen buttons?

These are buttons that are not physically present on your phone, but can be accessed on your screen. That is, they can be operated using the touchpad. In addition, they are hidden when applications are launched, giving the user more free space.

The disadvantage is that they accidentally appear as a result of a downward swipe anywhere on the screen. This distracts the user and slows down the work or gaming process.

In addition to the standard virtual panel of three Home, Back, and Launched apps icons, the Honor 9 has another one called the navigation button. It can replace the touchpad, because it combines all its functions. Another plus is that it can be moved to any convenient location on the screen.

On devices with Android 9 and above, the control system is supplemented by two ways of control. physical and touch navigation buttons. For example, on the Honor 10 and Huawei P20 smartphones it is possible to switch between apps, minimize them and return to the desktop with a fingerprint.

About the navigation virtual bar

Honor understands how important the screen size is to smartphone owners, so it increases the display by removing the usual buttons on the virtual navigation bar. Thus, honor 10 users control the smartphone by touching the screen itself. Many owners of such an interface is uncomfortable and unusual, especially after using ordinary physical buttons. By default, the navigation bar includes 3 buttons: “Back”, “Home” and “Menu”. These keys are located at the bottom of the screen, taking up part of the workspace.

It really takes time to understand what the triangle, the circle and the square at the bottom of the screen are for. If the triangle somehow resembles the “Back” button, the other two pose a problem. There are only 3 buttons, but at the beginning it can be quite difficult.

The navigation bar looks like this:

Fortunately, you can edit the navigation bar or remove the on-screen buttons altogether in honor 10.

Customizing the virtual navigation bar

To configure the panel, you need to go to Settings. System. System navigation. Virtual navigation bar. Settings.

So you can easily customize the navigation bar based on personal preferences. For example, with the settings you can hide the buttons, add a number of keys, and change their order as you wish.