How to Remove Password from Honor Phone

How to Disable Screen Lock on Huawei and Honor

How to remove screen lock on Huawei if the system shows an error like “Forbidden by administrator”? Some users do not need the presented standard feature in smartphones. If Huawei prohibits disabling the lock, arguing this with the existing encryption policy or administrator rights, then you should familiarize yourself with the available methods in our article. Let’s see how you can turn off this function.

How to Remove Password from Honor Phone

How to Remove Screen Lock on Honor and Huawei Phone

Detailed instructions suitable for all Honor and Huawei line:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Next, go to the screen lock section as indicated in the screenshot.
  • Click on the “Password” tab.
  • Enter the PIN password if you set it on your smartphone.
  • Select “Pattern”.
  • In the next window, the system will display a warning. If you set a graphic pin for the locked screen, it will disable fingerprint unlock. Just click “Next”.
  • Draw a key of your own accord.
  • Then Android will ask you to set up the pin required for the recovery procedure.
  • After setting the pin, save the settings and turn off the screen.
  • Press the smartphone’s power button again. The system will ask you to draw a key to unlock the phone.
  • Make five wrong attempts. After incorrect keys specified, the smartphone will warn you about blocking the entire system for half a minute.
  • After waiting for the allotted time, at the very bottom click on “Emergency code” and specify the pin that you set in the settings.

After the actions taken, the display lock should turn off.

There is also another method to disable screen lock on Huawei or Honor:

  • Go to the options again and select the “Security” tab.
  • At the very bottom, find the section through which you can erase the account. Delete certificates in the same tab. Do not be afraid, the information on your smartphone will be saved.
  • When you do the cleaning, go to the screen lock settings and disable the password by simply selecting “No”.

We’ve reviewed all the options available to disable the standard phone feature. If you did everything correctly and according to the described instructions, then the smartphone will no longer require a pin or another type of password when unlocking the screen.

How to share internet from Honor phone?

You have an Honor smartphone. You went to a barbecue somewhere far from the city, taking with you, let’s say, a laptop. How to do so, having a smartphone and a laptop at hand, so that the latter can receive the Internet? It’s very simple. distribute mobile Internet via Wi-Fi from your smartphone. But how to do it, you will learn from our instructions.

Let’s say right away that the system interface in your case may be slightly different, but this does not change the essence of the process. Go.

Call the shutter and turn on the data transfer, that is, the mobile Internet.

After that, you can safely open the “Settings” on your smartphone.

Or. the item “Wireless networks”.

Here select the line “Modem mode”.

Click on “Wi-Fi Hotspot”.

First you need to configure the access point.

Specify the name of the network (device), the type of encryption (WPA2 PSK can be used), and, without fail, the password. Remember it, you will need it soon. Then click on the “Save” button.

Then you go back one step. And now you can turn on the access point.

The access point is working, as indicated by the icon.

As an example, we decided to connect from another smartphone. the network is visible.

We connect to it by specifying the same password.

In the same way, you can connect from a laptop or other Wi-Fi-enabled device.

11: for HTC mobile

  • Install Sync;
  • We connect the phone to the computer;
  • Using HTC Sync, activate the Screen Lock Bypass application;
  • We reboot the gadget and remove the protection without problems.

If it doesn’t work the first time, try using this technique several times.

3: discharged battery

Use a discharged device battery. This method is good if you do not need to use your mobile phone urgently. You will have to wait until the smartphone is discharged and when an alert pops up that the battery is low. Now we turn to the data about the battery, and from here the path to the settings is open to us, where you can get rid of the key. For those in a hurry, this simple option will not work, but if you take your time, you can quickly and easily overcome the problem.

9: Sony firmware

  • Download and install our Flashtool rescue program from Sony firmware;
  • We set all the necessary parameters;
  • Adapting Sony firmware for FlashTool;
  • Go to the “Tools-Bundles-Create” tab;
  • Now it is important to fill in the fields correctly: Select source folder. location of the firmware; Device. select your version of the model; Branding. prescribe locked remove; Version. it is boring to indicate the firmware number;
  • From “folder list” to “firmware content” we transfer userdata.sin and loader.sin

Now click Create and create our file directly to unlock.
Flashtool flashing what happened.

Step 5. removing gesture.key

This method will help you get rid of the need to enter a password. However, to use it, you need to install a special Recovery menu.

  • Download the file Aroma File Manager;
  • Install it;
  • Go to / data / system /;
  • And here we delete gesture.key, locksettings.db, locksettings.db-wal, locksettings.db-shm;
  • We reboot the mobile phone and draw any key, after which the smartphone is functional again.

12: for Samsung phones

If your phone is from this company, there is a special account that can save you. It should have been entered into a password-protected mobile.

  • Go to the Samsung account website;
  • Open “Content and Services” and look for your gadget;
  • Click on “Unlock Screen”.
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7: for those who do not have a Recovery menu

If you do not have a special menu installed, use Fastboot mode (this option will not work if you own a Samsung smartphone), or install Recovery using Odin (and this option is just for Samsung owners).

Then we boldly take into operation the previous instructions for removal.

making a call

You can call the phone. This unlocking method should work if your device has an Android 2.2 or lower operating system, their security system is somewhat weaker and you can use one loophole.

To remove the key, we call from another number to the mobile and pick up the handset quickly go to the settings menu, and there we disable the lock.

13: full reset

Using this method, you will unlock your phone, but you can forget about all the data stored in the internal memory. This method is for the most desperate, because by getting rid of the need to puzzle over the password, you get rid of all the content, right down to the initial settings. At the same time, all your SMS, photos and other files on SD will remain unharmed. Therefore, if you do not care about the fate of previously installed applications, use this method.

First, you can open an emergency call and dial one of these codes on the keyboard:

  • 27673855 #
  • ###
  • ###

If that doesn’t work, use the longer path:

  • Turn off the phone;
  • We enter the Recovery mode;

For this, there may be several different combinations, depending on the manufacturer, you can search for them on the company’s website for your gadget.

  • Now choose “wipe data / factory reset”;
  • And then we clear the internal memory using “Yes. delete all user data”;
  • We complete the reset with the command “reboot system now”.

After that, a reboot will occur and your smartphone will become the same as when you first turned on.

10: reset with ADB

For those who still have not dealt with the problem, this method may be useful, but in order to use it effectively, the phone must be equipped with USB debugging. If this is not the case, it is pointless to try. The essence of the work will be to connect the phone to the PC and control some commands directly from the computer. So let’s move on to the detailed instructions.

  • We connect the gadget to the PC;
  • Download the Android SDK file in any location, it doesn’t matter;
  • Unzip it;
  • We go through sdk / platform-tools and find ADB;

Further interaction with the program will occur in the command line.

  • Open the Start menu and select “Run”;
  • Enter “cmd” and confirm with the Enter key;
  • Now we will write the path to the desired folder and enter the commands one by one, saving them using Enter.

And after rebooting, our phone is saved!

How to remove screen lock on Honor

Personal information protection tools, in particular various mobile device screen locks, pin codes, Face ID, can be very useful. Even if we lose our phone, it is unlikely that any data will be available to those who find it. After all, they will have to do a Hard Reset in order to gain access to the system. These tools are good for those who really need them. In this article, you can read how to remove the screen lock on your Honor smartphone.

  • How to turn off the pattern on Honor
  • How to remove the screen lock if you forgot your pattern
  • Disable pin code request on Honor phone
  • Remove key request to lock screen on Honor

How to turn off the pattern on Honor

One of the main ways to lock the display on Huawei smartphones is a pattern. Usually, these are nine dots on the screen that need to be connected in the correct order. The key is set by the user.

We also have to disable it manually. If you bought a used phone and cannot unlock, contact the owner and ask him for the appropriate login information.

  • Open your Honor phone settings;
  • Select “Security and Privacy”;

Select “Privacy & Security”

  • Then select the line “Screen lock and passwords”;
  • Now find the line “Disable unlock password” and confirm in a new window.
  • Select “Turn off screen unlock password”

    You should now be able to log in without entering a pattern. If you need to enable it, follow the same path again and complete the activation. You will need to come up with a new combination of dots for your Honor, which you need to connect to answer. You can use the old combination if you like it better. We examined the instruction to disable the lock if we know the key. Now let’s try to disable it if we don’t know the key.

    Disable pin code request on Honor phone

    Each mobile device has a pin code This is the password that the operator’s SIM card provides to the device. By default, this password is always activated. And when you turn on the phone, you need to enter it to gain access to the OS. The code can be seen on the plastic card on which the SIM card was attached.

    To turn off the carrier pin-code on Honor:

    • Open the settings;
    • We find the item “Advanced settings”;

    Select “Advanced Settings”

  • Then select “Confidentiality”;
  • Find the block called “SIM card lock” and select the operator you need, select “Pin code”;
  • Select “Pin-code”

  • Move the slider to the “Inactive” position.
  • If we are talking about a code that is set separately in the Honor mobile device to lock the screen, then in this case you will not be able to find it anywhere. In case it is forgotten and you cannot remember the device pin-code, you need to reflash your mobile phone. Since this problem is not solved by factory reset or Hard Reset. After this procedure, the smartphone continues to require a code to enter.

    How to remove the screen lock if you forgot your pattern

    If for some reason you cannot remember the pattern for entering your Honor smartphone, you can try to unlock it in the following way:

      Enter your picture password several times, even if it is incorrect. Along the way, you can try to remember him in this way;

    Enter the wrong password several times in a row
    The system will freeze your actions for 1 minute or more. Then it will be possible to enter a backup pin-code. Select this item;

    Click on the item “Reserve PIN”

  • Enter in the next window a code of four characters to unlock the screen.
  • Once you get to the desktop, you can turn off the touchscreen lock on your Honor smartphone using the instructions above. But knowledge of the backup pin code is required. It is he who gives us access to the device even if you forgot the main key.

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    Remove key request to lock screen on Honor

    If you cannot reset the screen access pattern using the methods described above, try using a more radical method. It consists in resetting the settings of the Honor device

    Things to remember when performing a factory reset: Explanation:
    All files from the phone memory will be deleted. as well as all settings. In addition, games (and all achievements) and programs that you installed on the system will be removed.
    Lockout reset only needs to be done if you know your Google account login details Otherwise, you will not be able to log into Android. Nevertheless, the current account can be deleted, and upon login, create a new one.

    How to reset the settings on your Honor smartphone:

    • The mobile phone must be turned off;
    • Then press together and hold the power button and the volume button (increase);

    Hold the buttons to go to the Recovery menu
    An unusual menu of three items will appear on the screen. In it you need to select “Wipe data / factory reset”. Touch input is not supported on this screen. But you can change the position of the cursor using the volume up / down keys. And the choice is the Power button;

    Select “Wipe data / factory reset”
    After enabling this item, the system will start the process of returning the settings to the default value. It does not last long, about 2-3 minutes

    Wait for the factory reset to complete

    After enabling, you will need to log in to the Google system. In the window where the system offers authorization, you can select the item to create a new account. In the new system, you can create or remove a complete screen lock on your Honor. Since the new system will not require you to enter a pattern. Use fingerprint access if your device has one.

    A few tips to avoid future problems

    In order not to think about how to unlock your phone if you forgot your password in the future, first of all set memorable codes: date of birth, phone number, etc. something that you can remember and will not forget.

    In addition to intuitively memorable combinations of letters and numbers, it is recommended to:

    • Make a backup of the necessary smartphone data, this will help in case of loss of the device. You will be able to transfer all saved information to a new phone in full.
    • Set up smart unlocking, i.e. unlocking by face, fingerprint or by connecting another device to the phone via Bluetooth.
    • Write down the pin code in some notebook so that it is always at hand.

    Answers to popular questions. Video instruction

    We also recommend watching the video with resetting settings through recovery for greater clarity.

    What to do if you forgot your Private Space password?

    Remove screen lock on Honor by resetting certificates

    This method is to delete your Huawei phone password certificates.

    Go to “Settings”, then find “Security”.

    Scroll down until you come across “Clear credentials”, clear the certificates (This won’t delete anything).

    After everything has been cleared in “Display lock” you can remove the password. Select “No” and the screen lock on Honor will be removed.

    Restoring access through a Google account

    You can remove graphic or password lock through your Google account, but only if your smartphone was released before 2014-2015. All smartphones with updated firmware on Android 9 and higher cannot be unlocked by Google.

    When you turn on the device, you need to enter the pin code, if it is entered incorrectly, the device is blocked. First for 1 minute, then for 30 minutes, one hour, and so on. If you click on “emergency calls”, you can call the support service, send geolocation data or a medical record.

    You can unlock a tablet or phone from Huawei and Honor using your Google account as follows:

    • Enter the wrong unlock code several times in a row.
    • Below, next to the “Emergency Call” button or in the upper right corner, the “Forgot your password?” Button will appear. (or something similar), you need to click on it.
    • After that, in a new window, you need to enter the data of your Google account, if you forgot your account data, you need to restore your account on your computer, and then enter the data into your phone.
    • Confirm the entered data.

    When unlocking in this way, an Internet connection is required. You can use a home Wi-Fi network if your smartphone has previously connected to it, a public network. If data transfer is connected via a SIM card, that is, mobile Internet, then no additional manipulations are required.

    How to Unlock Honor and Huawei Phone If Forgot Password

    The unlocking methods for Huawei phones are practically the same as the standard ones provided for Android devices.

    There are two ways to unlock your smartphone if you have forgotten your pattern or PIN:

    • Through recovery using a Google account. The method does not work on new smartphones, the button “Forgot the access code?” (or something similar) just doesn’t appear.
    • By hard resetting your phone to factory settings. However, in this case, all data is permanently deleted.

    Is it possible to restore access without losing data?

    Unfortunately, restoring access without data reset on Huawei smartphones is almost impossible. On older versions of EMUI, there is such an opportunity, since there is a button for restoring access through a Google account on the locked screen, but on version EMUI 9.0 this is not possible. The only way to unlock such a smartphone is to hard reset data through recovery.

    Full factory reset via Recovery

    The only 100% way to reset password on Honor and Huawei is Hard Reset. Hard Reset. hard reset the phone to factory settings, including all firmware updates, user data, saved passwords and application data. After the reset, no user data remains, the phone becomes what it was when it was first turned on after purchase.

    In order to unlock Honor and Huawei without a password with a full data reset, you will need:

    • Turn off the phone.
    • Hold down the volume up button and the power button.
    • After the Huawei logo appears, release the power key. You cannot release the volume up key until the menu is fully loaded, otherwise the phone will boot in normal mode.
    • Click on “Wipe data / factory reset”, on new models you will have to click on “Wipe data / factory reset” several times, confirming your actions.
    • Confirm selection by clicking on “Yes”.

    On older devices, the volume key allows you to lower the “selection line” to the desired item, the power key confirms the selected actions.

    Complete reset

    Hard Reset, or hard reset, will also remove the PIN from the device. To do this, you should:

    • With the device turned off, press the volume down / up keys (varies from model and manufacturer) and the power button and hold both (on some devices you also need to press the “Home” button) until the vibration and logo appear.
    • After entering the Recovery menu, select wipe data with the volume button and confirm with the power button.
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    Another screen will appear with a warning and a request for confirmation of your actions. This can be done using the same keys. This is a short description of the procedure.

    With Screen Lock Bypass Pro

    If the Android version is not higher than 4.1, you can use the Screen Lock Bypass Pro app, available for paid access on Google Play. The device must be connected to a Google account and to the Internet, since the program will be installed remotely. This method is good because no root is required. To reset your PIN, you need:

    • Log into Google Play from your PC.
    • On the Screen Lock Bypass Pro page, click the “Send to” button.
    • Select the locked device in the list that opens and send the application to it.
    • Reboot device.
    • In the utility window that opens, click “Activate” and create a new code.

    After that, the gadget is unlocked.

    With Adb Run help

    One of the most effective methods is considered to be unlocking using a computer with ADB installed. The option is suitable for any device, even without root. To remove a PIN from Android, you need to:

    • Download the Android SDK archive from the official website.
    • Using a USB cable, connect a mobile gadget to a PC.
    • Run the ADB utility.
    • Enter the Unlock Pin Key menu.
    • Choose one of the options. for a device with or without root.
    • Restart Android.

    After that, the device is unlocked without data loss.

    With Recovery

    It is easy to reset the PIN code on Android using the Recovery mode, the name in translation means “recovery”. In our case, the point is to restore the system before setting the PIN. The fact is that when you turn on the lock, system files appear in the OS, the deletion of which will unlock the gadget. This operation will require:

    • Unlock Bootloader. By the way, some do it right away, without waiting until the question appears, how to remove the PIN code from an Android phone.
    • Install custom Recovery.
    • Download file to memory card.
    • In the Recovery menu, install the archive-update
    • Reboot device.

    This, of course, is not a complete reset, but it allows you to solve the problem one hundred percent if USB debugging is pre-enabled on the device.

    The easiest way to unlock

    The system will prompt you to unlock Android if you forget your PIN. Five times in a row, an incorrectly entered code will prompt a message asking you to sign in with your Google account. The method is recommended by the OS developer, is simple to implement and very effective, but you need to remember the login identifiers. the password and login that were used on the locked device.

    And it looks like this:

    • After entering five incorrect combinations, the device will remind you that the number of attempts has been exceeded, and a link will appear on the screen with the inscription: “Forgot the key?”.
    • After clicking on the link, the user will be taken to a page where you need to specify the password and login of the Google account. Usually one account is used, so it is easy to restore it on another device.
    • After logging in, the device is unlocked.

    It is important to consider that the device must be connected to the Internet (via Wi-Fi or mobile). After that, in the settings, you can easily change the forgotten PIN-code.

    Using the file manager

    You can now delete the files responsible for entering the PIN using any decent file manager. Most experts recommend using AROMA Filemanager. It must be transferred to the gadget’s memory card in the same way and installed in Recovery mode. Then you need to enter the system partition and manually delete several files with the key extension.

    After a reboot, the problem in the form of a lock will disappear.

    How to unblock Bootloader

    The bootloader can be unlocked on most popular devices from various manufacturers. To bypass the PIN on Android, you can open it ahead of time. For this you need:

    • Install Android SDK on your computer. You will also need drivers for a specific mobile device. Installation information and the software itself are usually available on the manufacturer’s official website.
    • Launch SDK Manager (if it does not start, a fresh version of Java is required).
    • When choosing the installation package, check the Android SDK Platform-tools and Google USB driver (only for Nexus), then confirm the user agreement and initiate the installation.
    • Get the unlock code for your device (excluding Nexus) by ID. It is available on the official websites of some manufacturers. For HTC and LG, you will have to find out the Device ID using FastBoot mode. Typically, it looks like fastboot flashing unlock or fastboot oem unlock.
    • Turn off Android and connect it to PC.
    • Press and hold two buttons at once. power and volume down.
    • On a PC, open Platform-tools, hold down the Shift key, move the mouse cursor over an empty space and quickly right-click.
    • In the drop-down menu, select “Open command window”.
    • Enter the command to unlock and confirm on the gadget: use the volume buttons to select “Yes”, and then press the power button.

    An open bootloader is required to install custom Recovery with advanced features. You will have to search the network, since the CWM Recovery project officially no longer exists. Recovery is also needed to get root or user-friendly unofficial firmware.

    How is PIN code removed from Android

    A PIN, or Personal Identification Number, is a numeric code used to prevent unauthorized access to your device. It significantly increases the security of user data stored on the gadget. But you have to enter it every time you need to open your smartphone or tablet. This is not entirely convenient, besides, a set of numbers must be constantly kept in memory, which can fail. In such cases, users are looking for options on how to remove PIN from Android.

    Using the archive in Recovery

    Now you need to enter Recovery mode as usual. using various keyboard shortcuts and buttons on the turned off gadget. What and in what sequence to clamp, you can find out on the website or in the manufacturer’s instructions. In the mode menu it is necessary:

    • Find the Zip installation point from the memory card.
    • Specify archive.
    • Reboot device.

    After these manipulations, the PIN code will not be.