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Is it possible to recover files deleted from the Trash?

From time to time, you can empty the Trash to free up disk space. But do you think that the files cleaned in this way will be quite difficult to return back? Thus, the question arises: how to restore the Trash after cleaning? For this, you will already need special programs for recovering files, and not two clicks of the mouse. Therefore, I advise you to always think about what actions you perform, especially when it comes to cleaning up the “Trash”.

When a file is deleted from the Recycle Bin, many users think that it is sent to / dev / null and it is impossible to recover deleted files in the future, even with the help of resuscitation programs. Even the Windows operating system gives a message saying, “Deleting a file from the” Trash “will delete the file / folder permanently from your computer.” However, in reality this is far from the case. I think that my article is also read by experienced users who do not believe what the operating system tells them and can do what is incomprehensible to mere mortals. So listen to me carefully.

“Windows” (or another OS) changes one character in the file table, after which the file and folders are simply not displayed in Explorer, My Computer or another file manager. However, now we can get any program for recovering files using the functionality as intended. Basically, any resuscitation program from this category will be able to scan your hard drive and perform effective recovery of deleted files from the Recycle Bin. I will advise you a time-tested effective toolkit. First of all, we are talking about such a well-known utility as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Selecting a Drive for Scanning Deleted Data in EaseUS Data Recovery

Select the disk, hard disk partition where you lost the file, click the “Scan” button. The program will quickly scan the selected source in search of files deleted from the Recycle Bin (everything here depends on the size of the source; please be patient). By the way, if you have erased an entire section of the disk, you can use the software option “Find Lost Disks”. Then click “Scan” and wait.

How to Remove From Trash on Samsung Phone

Selecting a disk with erased files and folders in the Easeus Data Eecovery Wizard

Download Data Recovery Wizard

You can download the program in the catalog on this site, on torrents or, of course, on the website of the Recovery Wizard manufacturer. Only there it is paid; but if there is some money, then why not support the guys who made a good recovery program? The free version is also capable of recovering files in demo mode, so feel free to download it, and then decide for yourself whether it is worth your dollars or not.

Recover files and save the received data to disk

After scanning, you can preview the desired deleted files in the Recycle Bin for recovery and then select one or many items to save to disk.

Tip of the day. I strongly advise you to save files and directories NOT on the disk where the files for resurrection from the Recycle Bin are located. Copy them to another partition: this will avoid overwriting data, which, in fact, is still at the recovery stage (and it is not a fact that you will succeed in recovering a deleted file. although we will not talk about sad things). It is very easy to mistakenly erase the information needed for reconstruction. At the same time, deleted files from the trash can not always be returned back to the storage source.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard app: whoever searches will always find

I hope this lesson helped one of the readers answer the question: “How to recover deleted files or folders from the Trash”: photos of kittens, favorite movies about love, or an abstract on the topic of finding deleted files in the Trash.

How to recover deleted files and folders from the Windows Recycle Bin

In this guide, you will learn about 2 ways to recover data on your hard drive using the popular recovery software Recuva, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and DiskDigger. In detail, you will learn:

  • how to recover deleted files using the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard;
  • how to return the basket to the desktop;
  • what is the most reliable way to restore a deleted folder to your hard drive;
  • how to recover files deleted by antivirus after resetting, reinstalling Windows 7, from the lost dir folder, etc.
  • how to recover all deleted files from recycle bin area to computer.
  • is it possible to restore the contents of the Trash after emptying it

How to recover all files deleted from the Recycle Bin using the DiskDigger utility

If you’ve emptied the Recycle Bin or deleted several files from it, you still have the opportunity to get those “thrown in the trash”, deleted or accidentally erased files back. To do this, follow a few simple steps in the DiskDigger application.

When choosing a drive, select the one that contained the files before they were moved to the Windows Recycle Bin. Explorer will display only the system Recycle Bin, but in fact files that were moved from another drive are stored in different system directories. That is why it is so important to specify the correct drive for data recovery from the Recycle Bin.

After selecting the desired drive, click the “Analyze” button. When finished, select the “Recycle Bin” folder in the DiskDigger window that appears. It contains files and folders that you can recover deleted files in the usual way using the “Recover” button on the toolbar or a similar reconstruction command from the context menu. You can recover a deleted folder in the same way as a file.

If you do not see files in the specified directory, you can go in DiskDigger to advanced analysis of the hard disk file system. Let’s go further. If you still did not find the items you were looking for after an advanced analysis, try looking for files in the system folder belonging to the Trash. The folder name depends on the OS and the theme of the disk file system. Let’s say for Windows 2000 and XP, the folder will be named “RECYCLE.BIN”.

How to recover files in the Trash

Before the worst happens, you still have a chance to restore, reanimate files from the destroyed directory, from the emptied Recycle Bin. The process of returning erased data is quite simple.

  • To get started, you find a file or folder by going to the Trash
  • Then find the deleted file or folder you are looking for
  • Click on the element with the right mouse button, select the “Restore” option through the context menu.

How to Recover Trash or Deleted Folder Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Data Recovery Wizard is an excellent and effective program that has helped me more than once to restore the Trash and find files deleted after cleaning it. In addition, it will help you recover the deleted folder. I used it under Windows, and in fact, it restored everything that I cleared out of my stupidity. One of the key features of this program is that you can quickly look at the files, that is, make a preview of them, before actually restoring. This can save you a lot of time, especially if there were a lot of files in the Recycle Bin and they all ended up, as they say, under distribution. Next, read my guide on how to get back erased files from the Trash using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

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Trash is the area from where you can recover a deleted file or folder

What is Shopping Cart?

When you delete a file through Explorer or another file manager, it is placed in a special staging area of ​​Windows. the Recycle Bin. Generally speaking, this area is present in any normal operating system with a graphical interface: not only Windows, but also Mac OS or Linux. The recycle bin (or Recycle Bin, as it is called in the original version) can be installed even on a mobile phone running Android or iOS.

One way or another, deleted files are stored in the Recycle Bin for a certain time until one of two situations occurs:

  • You are emptying the System Trash because there is no free space left on your hard drive
  • The Recycle Bin uses limited space to store “erased” data. When there is not enough space, old files are simply overwritten with newer ones over existing information without the user’s knowledge.

Sometimes you look into the Windows Recycle Bin. and the most necessary things are gone: in fact, there is only useless “garbage” left! Chances are, you just emptied the Windows System Recycle Bin and valuable files are actually gone. We will look at ways to restore the Trash in other ways.

How to completely remove files from the recycle bin?

Open the “Trash”, right-click the desired file / folder and, in the pop-up menu, select the “Delete” section. from). Right-click on the “Trash” icon on the desktop, and then select the “Empty Trash” section in the context menu.

How to find a basket in a smartphone?

If you want to recover a deleted item, check if it is in the recycle bin.

  • Open the Google Photos app on your Android device.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on the Library icon, select Trash
  • Press and hold the item you want to restore.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click Recover.

How to enter cart?

  • Click the Start button and select Control Panel.
  • Click Appearance and Personalization, select Personalization, and then Change Desktop Icons.
  • Check the Recycle Bin checkbox and click OK.

How to empty trash on Samsung? How to empty the trash from my phone?

If you want to manually delete all Dumpster files. empty the Trash, open the application menu (in the form of three dots) and select Delete all. This will empty the contents of the Dumpster Trash. Be careful: by emptying the Trash, you will destroy all data in the Trash on your phone!

Where is the Recycle Bin in Windows

In fact, the Recycle Bin is a regular folder that can be found on a disk. precisely, this is not an ordinary folder, but a system folder. It is created when installing Windows on a computer at the root of each local disk.

How to find the shopping cart on your LG phone?

“Trash” is in the photo albums. This section is called Recently Deleted. If desired, all deleted photos and videos can be restored. You can also add a shopping cart to your smartphone using third-party applications.

How to empty the trash on a Samsung tablet?

We return to the main page of the application, go to the basket and see our file. To restore or delete it permanently, press and hold on it. A check mark will appear on the file, and an additional menu below.

Where is the recently deleted folder?

Check your Recently Deleted folder

You may have accidentally deleted a photo or video and it is now in the Recently Deleted folder. Select Photos Albums Recently Deleted. If the lost photo is in this folder, you can move it back to the All Photos album.

To do this, in the gallery, click on three dots and select “Settings” from the menu. Find the item “Trash” and enable it. Done. Now images after deletion will be moved to the trash, and not permanently deleted.

How to Transfer Contacts from SIM Card to Android Phone

If you need to transfer contacts from a SIM card to your phone (to your phone memory, to your Google account), it’s very easy to do this with the built-in Android tools.

This tutorial details how to transfer or copy contacts to SIM cards with stock Android and on Samsung Galaxy phones. By analogy, the action can be performed on smartphones of other brands. May also be helpful: How to Recover Contacts on Android Phone.

How to Transfer Contacts from SIM Card to a Clean Android Phone

If your phone is running stock Android, or you are using the Google Dialer and Contacts app, the steps to transfer your SIM contacts will look like this:

  • Go to the “Contacts” application. Attention: it is not enough to open the “Contacts” tab in the “Phone” application, you must launch a separate built-in “Contacts” application.
  • In the “Contacts” application, press the menu button and select “Settings”.
  • In the “Manage contacts” section, click “Import contacts”.
  • Select SIM in the “Import” window and click “OK”.
  • In the “Save to account” field, choose whether to save contacts to your phone (phone memory) or to your Google account. Check the contacts you want to transfer. Confirm the transfer with the button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Wait for the transfer to complete.

On this, the contacts will be transferred. precisely, they were copied from a SIM card to a phone or to a Google account. If you also need to remove contacts from the SIM, go to the “Additional Information” section for a method to do this.

Additional Information

If you need to delete contacts from a SIM card on pure Android or on another phone where only copying is available, but not actually moving contacts, you can do this using third-party applications available in the Play Store. With their help, you can also carry out the transfer.

In my case, the SIM Tool Manager turned out to be the most efficient application available on the Play Store: The app is in English, but easy to understand:

  • It displays SIM contacts in the “SIM Contact” tab. When you hold a contact, you can delete it (item Delete) or perform other actions.
  • If you open the menu, you can select the “Delete All” item to delete all contacts from the SIM or Import / Export to copy contacts from the SIM to the phone (Copy to phone).

Transfer Contacts from SIM Card to Samsung Galaxy Phone

If you have Samsung, then transferring contacts from SIM to phone using built-in applications will consist of the following simple steps:

  • Go to the “Contacts” application (as in the previous case, you just need to open a separate application, and not the “Contacts” tab in the “Phone” application).
  • Click on the menu button and select “Manage contacts”.
  • Click on the item “Move contacts” if you need to move to the phone with simultaneous deletion from the SIM card or “Import and export contacts” if you need to copy contacts from the SIM to the phone without deleting. Further, it will be considered exactly the transfer, copying from a SIM card to a Samsung phone is implemented in the same way and will not be problematic.
  • Choose where to move contacts from, in our case. from the SIM. If there are no contacts on the SIM card, you will be informed about this.
  • Select which contacts you want to transfer from the SIM card and click “Done”.
  • Specify where to transfer contacts: to phone, Google account or Samsung account.
  • Click “Move” and you will see a confirmation that the contacts have been moved from the SIM card to the phone or to the selected account.

Video instruction on transferring or copying contacts from SIM to smartphone

In conclusion, I note that when you store contacts on a SIM card, some of the information (compared to storing on the phone or online) disappears. Therefore, I recommend that you do not use the SIM card storage to transfer contacts between the old and new phone. If you are not ready to keep your contacts synced with Google, you can export them to a memory card or store them as a file on your computer, see How to save Android contacts on your computer for more information. Also in this context, the material may be useful: How to transfer contacts and other data from iPhone to Android.

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Delete Phone Call History on Samsung Phone

Deleting call history on Samsung is not difficult. Launch “Phone” and move to the last tab.

This location displays a chronologically ordered history of links. Select “Three dots” and click delete.

If you want to delete one call, select the contact, then select the “Connection Information” option and click the trash can icon or at the top right “Delete” (depends on samsung and android version).

In this way, individual lines can be deleted. If you want to remove all this. select the first icon from the top.

After selecting the history of all calls, click “Delete”. this way you can clear the call history. As a result of this operation, your Samsung will be cleared.

How to clear browser search and browsing history

Unfortunately, this method only works correctly if you are using the Chrome or Yandex app (Yandex uses chrome technology), so if you are using the default app to browse sites, and on Samsung this is the “internet” browser you will not be able to use this way.

Step # 1. open the Google Chrome app.

Step # 2. tap the three-dot icon located in the upper right corner of the app.

Step number 3. a menu will appear, and in this menu click on “Settings”.

Step # 4. After that, you will be able to see all the settings of the Google Chrome app. Click on the option “Personal data”.

Step # 5. Scroll down and tap on the “Clear History” option.

Step # 6. A small notification window will appear on the screen allowing you to select the data you want to clear from the browser.

Step # 7. Make sure all the checkboxes are checked in the fields “Browsing history”, “Cache” and “Cookies and site data”, as well as any others that you want to remove.

Tap “Delete data” and then click “Clear”.

As I said above, the big disadvantage of this method is that if you are using a standard pageview application, you cannot use this method.

If you want to remove traces of visiting some sites on your Samsung phone without deleting all information from the device, then you should only clear browsing data.

Why clear history on Samsung phone

There are many different reasons for clearing history on Samsung Galaxy duos a3, S8, a5, j3, j2 and so on. Below are the two most common reasons.

Memory. If you browse the internet a lot on your Samsung mobile and then clear your history, you can clear some places that may be filled with other data.

Confidentiality. If you are looking to sell your cell phone and want to make sure that you still have personal data, knowing how to clear Samsung’s history will ensure that no one can view your history.

These are just some of the most common reasons for clearing browsing history on Samsung.

Perfectly Delete All History on Samsung Phone

Let’s start by completely cleaning your Samsung phone from data. To do this, you need to restore your smartphone to factory settings. Then he will be in the state in which we were after removing it from the box.

It is good to make a copy of the most important data in advance and remove the memory card. To restore the original settings of the smartphone, enter the settings menu, and then find the tabs “Backup” and “Reset”.

Then look in the submenu “factory settings” or “reset”. We approve the team if we are convinced of the need to delete all data from our device.

After a while, our phone should restart and after a few seconds you will see a welcome message and a request to reconfigure your Google account.

Please note that the path to a specific menu may vary depending on the manufacturer, but in all cases, the procedure for restoring factory settings is the same.

How to Delete Browsing and Browsing History on Samsung Smartphone

At some point, using a browser on a Samsung phone or tablet, you may notice a rather significant drop in application performance.

Some people mistakenly believe that slower browser performance is the result of internet problems.

For this reason, like so many others, it’s time to clear all your search and pageview history, cookies and cache.

Most modern browsers are equipped with mechanisms that allow you to browse the Internet in the so-called “private mode”.

When enabled, the browser does not save any search history, cookies, temporary files or page browsing history on the Samsung phone.

After clearing all browser-generated elements when visiting subsequent pages, you can expect both positive and negative effects. slightly longer loading times, but only when visiting for the first time

Delete Text Message History on Samsung Phone

How about SMS? Also, you shouldn’t have any problems deleting unnecessary messages. To do this, we need to open the list of messages, click the three-dot icon (or a menu, depending on the device and manufacturer’s overlay) and find the option “delete messages”.

You can then flag all messages or individual conversations with that person. Only if you want to remove only one text from the sequence of conversations, and not all correspondence with this person, we must go through a message from this person.

Then scroll down the list for that specific text message what we mean, keep your finger on that message until you see additional options and select “delete message”.

You will get the same effect by designing a three-dot menu already in this post. Removing all history from our device or individual categories is not a difficult task.

Samsung allows you to erase data in almost any case and configuration. Whether it’s entire lists or individual cases.

Just remember to make backups before completely rebooting your device, as you never know when we’ll need them. Success.

3.Erase all SMS / MMS by resetting Android to original factory settings

According to some Android troubleshooting guides, factory resetting Android phones is not only a way to fix system crashes, but also a way to clear your phone and start over from the beginning.

Here are the steps to factory reset your Android device:

Home Settings Backup & reset Factory data reset RESET PHONE

However, this method cannot permanently delete Android messages. If the texts on the mobile phone contain important personal information, it is recommended to use a third-party double check tool, even if your Android device has been restored to factory settings.

How to Recover Deleted Messages from Samsung Mobile Phone. Dr. Fone

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Samsung from Cloud

Samsung Cloud and Google Drive provide users with cloud storage for storing Samsung files, including text messages. If you’ve synced your SMS messages to a cloud account, you can even get them back without backing up this way.

Here’s how: (The buttons may differ on some Samsung devices.)

  • Open the Settings app on your Samsung phone.
  • Find out and click “Cloud & Account”.
  • Select “Samsung Cloud”.
  • Select “Messages”.
  • Click “Cart”.
  • Select the text conversation you need.
  • Click RESTORE NOW to recover deleted texts in your galaxy.

It also has a Google Drive Trash feature. You can try to recover lost SMS from Google. Deleted files can be stored in the “Trash” for some time. (Google stores it for 30 days.)

Keep in mind that you need to enable message sync before data loss.

See also:

How to Backup Samsung Galaxy to Cloud?

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Samsung

What happened when deleting text message threads manually on Android?

If you use the usual method to delete texts, you cannot completely delete SMS from your Android phone. Why? With some third-party data recovery software, it is possible to retrieve data directly from the device. Let’s now take a closer look at why this is so.

Usually, to delete certain text messages on Android phones and tablets, you simply press and hold the message or message thread, select it, and hit Delete. But does it really delete SMS from your Android phone? Seriously, the answer is NO. In fact, this step is just visually deleting the texts, and this is not real deletion.

It can be understood as follows: the delete phase allows the Android phone to determine the location (where messages are stored) as available for new data, but it does not erase the content. As long as the storage space is not occupied by new incoming files, your deleted text messages can still be recovered on Android.

Thus, if you are planning to resell your Android phone in the aftermarket or send it to a friend, make sure your private text messages are completely and permanently deleted.

[Solved] How to Recover Text Messages on Samsung Phone

I am looking for a way to receive text messages on my Samsung phone. I tried to recover the disappeared texts from Samsung Cloud, but after the recovery is complete, the message threads are not returned. Did I do something wrong? I would be grateful if someone can help me.

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So, you’ve lost your text messages on your Samsung phone and want to get them back. Perhaps you’ve been the victim of mistaken deletion, update failure, or even unexpected glitch. Well, no matter what the reason, you’re out of luck. Please follow the below methods to recover deleted text messages from Samsung Galaxy phone. Just keep moving down until you find a way that works for you.

Read to know more about the methods of recovering texts on Samsung phone.

Recover Text Messages from Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud gives you the ability to back up several types of texts, including rich messages, MMS, and SMS. Provided you have a Samsung Cloud backup of your Galaxy device before your text messages disappeared, you can restore them.

For many, this is the easiest way to recover deleted SMS messages on Samsung.

  • In Settings, tap Accounts & Backup
  • Click Backup & Restore
  • Click Recover Data
  • Select Messages and tap Recover

After the recovery is complete, deleted text messages should appear on your Samsung phone again.

In addition, some telephone operators provide cloud backup service. For example, if you are a Verizon user and use the Verizon Messages app. You can recover Samsung phone messages that have been synced to Verizon Messages in the last 90 days. Verizon Cloud and Verizon Messages.

Using Samsung SMS Recovery Software

If you are unlucky with Samsung Cloud, the next option is to turn to a third party text message recovery software by scanning your Samsung phone memory. Actually there are many programs that are positive about the ability to recover deleted messages on Samsung Galaxy. and Android Data Recovery is a program that can be used in this example.

This program provides a high rate of successful data recovery on Android devices. It uses deep scan mode to access hidden SMS and other files that have been deleted on your Samsung phone and display them on the panel in a short amount of time. You can recover all texts or specific messages with a specific contact.

It also comes with a backup option that allows you to back up your device.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Samsung Internal Memory

Connect Samsung Phone to Computer

First, launch the program on your computer and you will be presented with an intuitive interface. Among the three options, select the “Android Data Recovery” mode to go to the next window.

Then connect your Samsung phone to your computer and set it to USB debugging mode. You can complete it by following the on-screen wizard or refer to this article: How to enable USB debugging mode.

Select file type (texts) to search for lost messages

The next window that opens will display a list of data types available for selection for scanning purposes, such as contacts, messages, call logs, photos, video, audio, etc.

For the purposes of this article, you are going to recover deleted SMS on Samsung Galaxy, so here just check the “Messages” box and click Next. to continue.

Root your phone for a full scan

The program will try to scan the device and find deleted SMS texts. If it cannot be found, you can click the Rooting Tools button. to root your device for a deeper and more thorough scan of the device’s file system.

Check out our article on how to root your Android device.

Deep Scan may take a while (10-20 minutes or so) for a larger storage device, please be patient.

Retrieve Deleted Texts from Samsung Phone

When the scan is finished, the program will display all the found texts in the window. You should now be able to view the details of each text chain.

After previewing, you can highlight the message (s) you want to return and click the Recover button

You will now be asked where to save the file in a pop-up dialog box. You can specify a new location if you want to change the default path.

Click the Restore button again Let the program do its thing.

This way you have deleted the Samsung texts which will come back and stay on the computer.

Receiving SMS from a telecom operator

Another way to get SMS messages on Samsung Galaxy is to contact your service provider. Some carriers have copies of messages available for 3-6 months for their users on the Internet and they can send them to you if you request, for example Bell Mobility at Canada. Please note that there may be a small fee for this service depending on your carrier.

Never Lose Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy Again

Backing up your Samsung phone is the smartest way to keep all your text conversations from being lost. We have an advanced Android phone backup guide to help you back up your important files on Android.

Of course, if you just want to back up your SMS messages, there are tons of services and apps in the Play Store that you can choose from. One of the simplest backup apps is SMS Backup Restore. It backs up your phone’s SMS (text) messages, MMS and call logs (XML format). You can choose a recurring scheduled time for automatic backups, or choose conversations to back up. In case of a crash, you can quickly recover messages in Samsung without a computer.

It includes other useful features like transferring data quickly between 2 phones via Wi-Fi directly, sending a backup file via email and freeing up space on your phone.

By Nathel. Last updated on November 14, 2019 at 8:19 PM

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Supported Samsung models: Galaxy Note10, Note10. S10, S10e, S10 Plus, S9, S9 Plus, Note 9, S8, Note 9, Note8, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, E5, Note 5, Note Edge, Note 4, J1 Ace, C7, C5, J5, J7, A9, J1 Mini, A7, A5, On7, Active Neo, On5, A8, S5 Neo, Trend 2 Lite, S6 Active, S6 Edge, E7, Galaxy Alpha, Grand Prime, Tab S2, Galaxy View, Tab E, Tab S, etc.

Recover deleted texts on Samsung from telecom operators

Many carriers keep user text messages, call logs and other personal data for 3 to 6 months, so you can recover deleted text on Samsung from your carrier. However, like ATT, T-mobile, Verizon and other mobile operators collect your personal information mainly for political purposes. It can be difficult to recover deleted Samsung SMS message this way.

over, you may have to pay for it. But you can try this by logging into your mobile carrier’s website and finding your Samsung text messages. You can also ask their support team for help.

Extra: how to avoid repeated data loss?

Completed data recovery, don’t forget to backup your Samsung Galaxy if you don’t want to lose data again. Data loss always happens unexpectedly. In this case, you may have no time to back up your files. Therefore, you need to back up your Samsung data daily. You can use this professional software. Samsung Messages Backup to backup Android files to computer with one click.

You can download the program for free and try:

Here is the main interface of the program, you can use it to backup and restore Android files on computer intuitively.

Choose one method you like to get deleted Samsung texts. Keep in mind that here are two things that are more important than data recovery: in case of data loss permanently, you need to stop using Samsung Galaxy after accidentally losing data, and you should develop a habit of backing up Samsung files on a daily basis after returning the lost data.

To determine if your SMS message has been completely deleted on Android, you can use a third-party Android data recovery tool that is designed to scan and recover accidentally deleted messages from Android phones and tablets.

After downloading and installing this software on your computer, you can scan Android phones and view data that can be recovered for FREE.

Overall, this article covers 4 aspects: what happens when you delete a text message on Android, how to use FoneCope Android Data Eraser to permanently delete text messages, what to do to restore your Android phone to factory settings, and how to check if the deleted ones are completely deleted. personal data (text / SMS, etc.) After reading this article, it can be said that you have a certain understanding of how to delete Android text messages permanently. Now it’s your turn to try this software.