How To Recover Photos On Samsung J5

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Recover Deleted Photos on New Samsung Phones

In the latest models of Samsung Galaxy phones, work with the Cloud Storage Trash is implemented, and the Restore mode here is intended exclusively for documents, SMS messages, phone call logs and more. Pictures are much easier.

  • We go to the Gallery, where all the images from the camera taken by the user at different times are collected. Click the item with three vertically located dots in the upper right corner, select Settings.
    How To Recover Photos On Samsung J5
  • Deleted files in the Samsung Cloud recycle bin are stored for 15 days. This is necessary to maintain sufficient free cloud space for the user account. The basket is cleaned automatically and does not require the intervention of the owner of the phone.
  • The user only needs to select a photo by clicking on its icon and select the desired action. When restoring pictures, the cloud copies the backup stored in it, the image quality does not suffer.

Recover Deleted Photos on Samsung

Recovering mistakenly deleted photos is a fairly common problem faced by users of Android phones and tablets. On this operating system, by default, there is no Recycle Bin, which is familiar to us from personal computers and laptops running under Windows. Nevertheless, it is possible to recover deleted photos on Samsung phones and it is not difficult to do it.

Finding a deleted picture in Samsung Cloud

In Settings, go back to the Samsung Cloud section and select the Restore option. It takes some time to search for recently made copies in the cloud, after which the system prompts you to choose what can be returned to the device memory from the cloud storage. If there is a Photos item, then click on it to restore pictures.

Check if the Sync Gallery option is enabled

Photos on Samsung Galaxy phones are initially sent to Gallery. If the branded cloud sync option is enabled, a copy is sent to Samsung Cloud. If a user or some program has deleted a photo, it disappears from the local memory of the gadget, but the copy remains in the cloud.

  • In Settings, look for Cloud accounts, select Samsung Cloud.
  • The section indicates the amount of space available to the user in the cloud, the degree of its use and the sync options. An important point is the Gallery. There should be a check mark next to it, which means that synchronization is enabled.
  • If the date of the last synchronization is between the photo you took and the moment it was deleted, the gadget managed to copy it to the cloud. Let’s go to rescue her in the Samsung Cloud.

Recovering deleted photos using standard Samsung Galaxy tools

Synchronization with cloud storage is enabled by default on Samsung phones and tablets. This is a proprietary Samsung Cloud service, where a new user is allocated at least 15 GB of space.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Using Special Programs

A number of special programs will help you to quickly carry out the operation to return a lost picture or other file. You can download and install them in the Google Market. Here are the most popular apps, highly rated by users and with a large number of downloads and installations.

Check your internet connection

Internet connection is required to restore a file using Samsung Cloud Recycle Bin. Better to use free or home Wi-Fi. P

Diskdigger app

The easy-to-learn DiskDigger program has a free version, the functionality of which is enough to find and restore old photos and videos on your phone.

Frequently asked Questions

Formatted the phone, deleted the photo, but first imported all the data into the laptop. The laptop caught a virus and had to reinstall Windows. I didn’t manage to transfer it to the hard disk.

You write that you have imported all the data from your phone to your computer. Here it is important to clarify whether the data was copied to the Windows system disk or not. If not, take any resuscitation program like Data Recovery Wizard and restore deleted photos on your hard drive.

If the photos were deleted not on the memory card, but on the internal one, I recommend the Undeleter program for Android.

I deleted the photo in the smartphone, I could not restore it myself, the Trash was empty. I did not use the phone and gave it to the laboratory for recovery. But without success.

You may have deleted files on the sd card or in the internal memory of the phone. In the first case, use any of the recovery programs listed in the list. If the photos have been erased from the internal memory of the mobile device, applications such as GT Recovery, DiskDigger, Dumpster will suit you. The easiest way to download them is from Google Play.

I deleted photos and videos on HTC Desire S. Rather, even the files themselves were deleted. Please tell me “on the fingers literally” for a “teapot” how to restore.

Download Recuva or DiskDigger. These programs are not available on Google Play, because they are installed on Windows or Mac OS. If you need to return deleted photos from the internal memory, then use Undeleter. You will definitely find this program in the Market, it is installed directly on the phone.

All photos on the device have been deleted. There is no memory card in the phone, only a SIM card.

In fact, the SIM card has nothing to do with storing photos. If you have not used a memory card for saving, then it will be more difficult to restore photos on your phone. That is, the choice of resuscitation programs is significantly reduced, and now only the Undeleter utility will help you. We already wrote about it, study the information in this article.

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I moved photos to Google Drive, and as a result, when I deleted them from the gallery, they do not open on Google Drive. Restore using programs failed.

Many readers contact us with a SIMilar problem. The fact is that you always need to wait until the end of the synchronization of photos with the cloud, check if they have been saved properly on the successor and only then delete them from the phone.

A few words about how to get back deleted photos from your phone (most likely, we are talking about an Android device). Check again if the photos have been saved to the Google Drive cloud. Google Drive has a Recycle Bin, files are stored for 25 days, check it too.

When it comes to photo recovery software, try several different options. For example, in Recuva, you can specify the area on the disk where the photos were stored. It is also recommended to select deep scan when scanning.

Updated Android. All default settings were restored and all photos and pictures in the Android Gallery were deleted. How to recover photos on Android after deleting and updating the OS?

Unfortunately, the chances of getting something back are minimal. Tip: store user data (documents, videos, photos) on an sd memory card, and after updating Android you will not have SIMilar problems.

Your deleted photos may be stored in Dropbox, Picasa, Google Photos, etc. However, only if you have synchronized your photos with the corresponding online service accounts.

Lost Samsung Galaxy Tab. There were deleted photos, I don’t want anyone to see them. Is it possible to recover data on a stolen tablet?

Samsung has a Find My Phone feature (google it). Don’t forget about her. You can delete all data on your phone and lock your device. In addition, you can determine the coordinates of the phone, although not always accurately. True, this function should have been activated on the phone initially, before the loss.

If you copied files to your computer or uploaded them to the Internet (for example, to Google Drive), you can restore them. Unfortunately, you cannot recover deleted photos in other ways. For lack of a device. We also advise you to contact the police. Let them find your phone. Good luck!

How to quickly get back erased photos on Android if the phone can’t see the flash drive

Regardless of which phone (or tablet) you have, in addition to the internal memory, as a rule, there is a small memory card (SD card, for example) inside the device. When you try to get rid of files, they are not lost forever! This space is SIMply classified as available, so the phone knows it can now write new data to that area. Lost files will not be recognized by Android phone even if they are present in memory. The answer is obvious: you can recover deleted photos on Android. Chances are high as long as the erased or destroyed Android files are not overwritten by other programs! How to do it. I will tell you in detail.

Recover music, audio files on a flash drive phone

The program knows how to recover deleted files on Android, photos, music tracks or any other lost audio file.

The software is able to recover lost photos, other multimedia files from any internal or external Android media, memory card, SD card, CF Card, mini disks or any other Windows / Mac contained in the hard drive.

Cardrecovery program. Recovery on tablet

Cardrecovery does an excellent job of recovering photos, documents on tablets and phones.

I strongly advise you to install it, since the program has the ability to select an area for reconstruction, as well as file types to search on an Android tablet. You can also use this program to recover lost / erased / inaccessible videos on a USB flash drive, allowing you not only to restore them to Android, but also preserve their original visual quality.

Dr Fone. File recovery on smartphone and tablet

In the Dr Fone program, you can recover not only deleted photos and videos on your phone’s flash drive, but also messages (text / media), contacts, Android files that have been deleted or damaged. You can view images, contacts before recovery. Support for all Android phones, tablets and devices. Works on Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP), Mac OS X (10.4 or higher, including the latest Mountain Lion). Download this program.

A smart program that will recover photos on your Android phone. It will help to recover deleted photos on Android if the phone does not see the USB flash drive, and also finds the disappeared videos, documents and other important information on the smartphone and tablet.

The procedure for reanimating deleted photos, multimedia files

Step. 1: Connect your phone or tablet to PC with a USB cable.

Figure: 1. Connecting the phone to the computer

Step. 2: After carefully reading the instructions on how to recover deleted files, enable USB debugging. To do this, follow these steps on your phone:

  • For Android 2 0.3 or earlier: go to the “Settings” section. “Applications”. “Development”. And check the box “USB debugging”.
  • For Android 3.0 or 4.1 version: go to “Settings”. Click “Developer Options”. Check “USB debugging”.
  • For Android 4.2 or newer: go to the “Settings” section. “About the phone”. Build number as many times until you get the notification You are in developer mode. Then go back to “Settings”. “Options for Developers”. Check “USB debugging”.

This step will help you connect your device to your computer to scan the erased files later. To recover deleted items, follow these steps:

Step. 3: Click the “Start” button to scan your tablet or smartphone, recover deleted photos from your phone. After a few seconds, you will get a picture as shown below, turn to your phone, click “Allow”, then go to the next step. Click the Start button again.

Figure: 2. The procedure for finding pictures after deleting them

Step. 4: After the verification procedure is completed, all recovered media files such as images, video, audio will be displayed.

Photo preview on Android phone / tablet:

Figure: 3. Preview images

Select the photos you want to recover on your Android tablet or smartphone, press the Recovery button. Save them on your computer.

Attention! If you failed to recover photos or contacts, perhaps the whole point is that you do not have root rights to access the phone’s file system. See our guide on how to root Android.

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android OS and Phone

When deleting files from mobile devices, they cannot always be “reanimated” by SIMple methods. We will take a look at the effective ways to recover deleted photos on your phone. If the phone does not see a USB flash drive or memory card. Read this manual carefully.

How to get back deleted photos via Google Photos app (tip of the day)

  • Launch the Google Photos app on your mobile device
  • Find the icon at the very top of the screen and click on the image of the basket
  • Check the list of photos and videos for their further recovery
  • Find the icon with a circle and an arrow at the top right, then the files will be returned to your phone.

Recover Deleted Photos from Phone: Dr Fone

If the phone cannot see the memory card, Dr Fone is one of the best optimal programs. It will help you recover deleted photos from your phone, pictures, photos, videos, movies and other types of multimedia information. This utility will easily detect known media formats deleted by mistake. As for images, the utility will recover JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, JPG, video. 3GP, AVI, audio. MP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC. Therefore, it is not difficult to recover all deleted types of media files from Android smartphones and tablets if your Android phone does not see the memory card at close range.

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You can recover deleted photos from all brands of devices and memory cards, such as Samsung Galaxy, Gionee Android phones, HTC. The software installs and runs on all versions of the Windows operating system.

How to recover deleted photos from samsung galaxy phone

12:09 PM 5/10/2017

If you deleted photos from internal Samsung Galaxy Android phone, or lost photos after formatting Samsung Galaxy Phone card, don’t worry, you can recover deleted formatted images from Samsung Galaxy phones with free Samsung Galaxy photo recovery program. To increase the chance of recovering Samsung Galaxy photo, you will need to stop using Samsung Galaxy android phones and tablets and then download Samsung Galaxy photo recovery software for free:

Samsung Galaxy Photo Recovery Tool can recover photos from all phones and tablets Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, S7, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, A9, A7, A5, Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920, S6 Edge SM-G925, S6 Active SM- G890A, S5 SM-G900H SM-G900F SM-G900R4 SM-G900V, E7 SM-E700H, Samsung Z1, Galaxy A5 SM-A500F, A3 SM-A300F, Alpha SM-G850, Note: Edge SM-N915G, Note 4 SM.N910G, S5 mini SM-G800H SM-G800F, S4 Mini (GT-I9190), Galaxy S4 Mini (I9195, LTE), Galaxy S4 Mini (I9192, dual-SIM) Active (GT-I9295), S4 Zoom (SM.C1010), Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500), GT-I9505 (LTE), GT-I9506 (LTE), Xcover 2 (GT-S7710) G800H SM-G800F, Galaxy S5 SM-G900H SM-G900F SM-G900R4 SM.G900V, Young 2 SM-G130H, 2 SM-G110B, Star 2, Core 2, Galaxy K Zoom SM-C115, G3812), Trend Plus (GT-S7580), Star Pro (GT-S7260), GT-S7262 (dual-SIM), Express 2 (SM-G3815), Round (SM-G9105), Trend Lite (GT-S7390).S7392 (dual-SIM), Fame Lite (GT-S6790), Core Plus (SM.G3500 ), SM-G3502 (dual-SIM), Lig ht (SGH-T399), Galaxy S4 Active (GT-I9295), S4 Zoom (SM-C1010), Neo (GT-S5310), Galaxy Star (GT-S5280)) GT-S5282 (dual-SIM), GT.S5283 (triple SIM), Galaxy Core (GT-S8262), GT-i8262D, Galaxy Y Plus (GT-S5303), Galaxy Win (GT-I8550), Galaxy Grand Quattro GT-I8552, dual-SIM) and all other Android phones and tablets.

Samsung phone photo recovery software can perform Samsung photo recovery to recover lost photos, including JPG, PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, RAW. Samsung photo recovery software can also format Samsung Galaxy memory card for phone / tablet, such as SD card, CF CompactFlash card, microSD card, SDHC, SDXC, xD-Picture Card, MMC, flash card, flash card and restore missing images. From Android phones and tablets from Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Photo Recovery Pro can also recover corrupted photos from Samsung Galaxy android phones after water damage, black screen, crash, etc.

How to Perform Photo Recovery from Samsung Galaxy Phone

Connect your Samsung galaxy phone to your computer. Then in “Computer” you will see that the Samsung phone is displayed as a drive letter (eg E :).

If not, you will need to remove the memory card from your Samsung phone and then plug the memory card into your computer using a card reader (either in the card reader slot on your computer, or in the card reader on your USB card), you should see memory card Displayed as a drive letter in the computer.

Have the deleted files been saved to the internal storage of your Samsung phone instead of a memory card? Check out this tutorial: Android Photo Recovery.

Run Samsung phone photo recovery program as for asoftech photo recovery, and then select galaxy phone storage drive in Asoftech Data Recovery, then click next to start searching deleted image files.

After completing the search, you will see a list of recoverable files. Select the files you want to recover and click the “Recover” button to save the recovered files on your computer.

Download Samsung phone photo recovery software and recover deleted photos from Samsung galaxy phones.

Other useful data recovery tutorials

Samsung Galaxy Photo Recovery has been tested on the following Samsung Galaxy devices

Using Samsung Recycle Bin to Return Photos

As you know, the recently released Samsung models have added the Recycle bin function. It allows you to view and recover photos deleted within the last 15 days. If the deletion of photos happened within this period, you can easily return all data on your Samsung phone.

  • Open the Gallery app on your Samsung;
  • Click on the button with three vertical dots on the top right;
  • Tap on the “Trash” or “Recycle Bin”;

How to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card on Samsung

If you saved your images on an external SD card, then use the functionality of the “Data Recovery” program.

The whole process boils down to the following:

  • Remove the Micro-SD (TF) card from your Samsung and connect it to your PC via a card reader;
  • Run the “Data Recovery” program;
  • Click on “Image” to scan;
  • Select the drive that contains the SD card;
  • Click on “Scan”;

Is it Possible to Recover Deleted Photos on Samsung

Losing photos on Samsung can be a nightmare for many, no matter where your photos were located. In Gallery, DCIM folder, micro SD card or anywhere else.

Photo loss can affect everyone and is usually caused by the following factors.

Reasons: Explanation:
Accidental deletion. You cleaned up bad photos and accidentally deleted quality counterparts.
Damage to SD card. The SD memory card containing the photo was damaged due to various reasons (How to transfer to a memory card on Samsung: photo).
System crash The update of the Samsung system failed, as a result of which a number of files (including your photos) were deleted.
Virus. A virus from an unknown source is running on your phone.

If the deletion occurs, the first step is to avoid adding (downloading) new files to your device, which can change the current file structure. Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And until you recover your lost photos, do not use your device.

Well, now let’s take a look at the ways to get back deleted photos on your Samsung device.

Samsung Cloud. Cloud technology for photo recovery

As you know, Samsung Galaxy phones have a built-in option that allows you to create backups, sync data with a cloud service and restore the photos we need from there. If you have activated this function on your device, then your images from the Gallery will be saved in the Cloud.

To recover deleted photos using Samsung Cloud, do the following:

  • Go to your phone settings (Settings);
  • Scroll down the settings panel to the very bottom, and select the “Accounts and backup” option there;

Recover Deleted Photos with Android Data Recovery

What if you haven’t used the Trash and Samsung Cloud? In this case, various programs will help us to find and restore images from the internal memory of the device. One such application is “Android Data Recovery”.

This software conducts a thorough scan of the device’s memory, and restores the found images in a pre-specified folder on your PC. In addition to photos, the program recovers other types of files, including contacts, messages, call history, media files and more. To restore the photos we need, the program will need root rights on your phone.

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The procedure for recovering deleted photos on your Samsung using “Android Data Recovery” is as follows:

  • Download and install the “Android Data Recovery” program on your computer;
  • Connect your phone to this PC via USB cable and launch the specified program;
  • Select the “Android Data Recovery” option on your interface;

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Samsung

Many of us love to photograph. The cameras built into today’s Samsung phones deliver great quality photos that we have enjoyed for years. But performing any operations on our phone, we can find that the files have disappeared somewhere. What to do in such a situation, and how to recover all deleted photos on your Samsung phone? We will tell in our material.

“Google Photos”. Helps to get all lost photos back to Samsung

Nowadays, cloud services continue to gain popularity among Android users. Google Photos is at the top of this list, offering a convenient and efficient way to back up photos to the cloud. If Google Photos was installed on your Samsung Galaxy. And you turned on sync before deleting your photos, then they should remain in the Google cloud.

To restore them from the cloud, do the following:

  • Open the “Google Photos” app on your Samsung;
  • In the upper left corner, click on “Menu”;
  • Tap on the basket;
  • Select the photos you want to return;
  • Tap on “Restore”. Photos will be restored to your Samsung Gallery.

In our article, we have covered several ways to recover all your deleted photos on Samsung mobile. Use the tools we have listed to recover lost images so you can copy them to another medium and use them according to your plans.

Recover Deleted Photos on iOS

Apple’s interest in the quality of its product manifests itself not only technically (hardware), but also intellectually (operating system). Iphone developers have provided for the possibility of accidental deletion of phone files by users and have created a special built-in utility that can recover recently deleted photos in two clicks.

To get a lost file back on iOS, follow these instructions:

Open the album list.

Scroll to the bottom.

Find an album called Recently Deleted, open it and restore the files you want.

Starus Photo Recovery Tool
to recover photos from phone memory card

Often, standard file recovery methods are powerless to help. They either do not detect deleted photos or refuse to start at all.

We recommend using the Starus Photo Recovery application. The program is designed specifically for recovering graphic documents: from ordinary photographs to projects of various editors (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator). It will be a good choice for both a professional photographer and a web designer.

If everything is clear with files on a PC, then what about a smartphone? In this case, you will need to connect the device to a computer using a USB cable or purchase a card reader.

Having met one of these conditions, let’s move on to the detailed instructions for working with the program:

Run the Starus Photo Recovery app.

Select the drive to work with.

Select scan type.

If necessary, specify the criteria for searching for files (for example, you only need a photo in.Jpg format).

Wait for the scan to complete.

Highlight the files you want and click Next.

Select the appropriate export type.

Finish Photo Recovery.

How to recover data from a damaged SD card quickly and easily

An SD card, like any other storage device, can fail completely suddenly, so.

Google photos

To ensure the integrity of custom photos, the developers created the Google Photos service. It automatically makes copies of your pictures and places them in the cloud of the Google account linked to the device. Thus, you can always recover any deleted file.

Open the Google Photos app on your smartphone.

Find the menu icon in the upper left corner.

Go to the Bin section.

Select the items you want to recover: photos, videos or entire albums.

Press the Restore key.

Complete the recovery process.

Possible reasons for losing photo files

There are several ways to lose a file:

  • Unintentional deletion.
    This happens to everyone. We just scroll through the list of photos, decide to correct one and instead of the coveted “Change” button, press the “Delete” button. That’s it, the file has disappeared and whether it is possible to recover it is unknown.
  • Memory card failure.
    Sometimes we don’t even have time to enjoy the created photo or recorded video. The smartphone’s interface reports that everything went well, but not a single new document is visible in the list of multimedia files. I confess, I have had this twice and each time this event put me in a kind of stupor.
  • Formatting error. RAW.
    In rare cases, without noticing it, we format the memory card and forget that we removed it too soon. Premature removal of the device while formatting or writing new files will easily turn the SD card into useless plastic trash.

Fortunately, the consequences of each of the above causes are preventable. In this article, we will look at 4 ways to recover deleted files on iOS and Android.

How to recover a photo after accidentally deleting it from your phone

Time is mercilessly moving forward, and what was previously unusual and in great demand is now fading into oblivion, making room for new technologies. It happened with photography. Instagram, Snapchat, and other popular apps leave cameras no chance of survival among the general public.

3 Effective Ways to Restore SD Card Visibility

We are all familiar with the situation in which an SD card or Flash drive stops working or loses a sp.

Recover Deleted Photos on Android

Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel that is now used for almost all types of devices (smartphones, tablets, digital players, laptops, set-top boxes, etc.). As a giant in its field, Google has not been able to abandon the concept of creating personalized cloud storage for the operating system. A storage that could recover any deleted file in seconds. You only need internet access.

Diskdigger photo recovery

Preventing loss of photos by creating cloud copies of them is a good way to keep them safe. But what if the Google Photos service was not installed on your smartphone??

Try installing the DiskDigger photo recovery application from Google Play. The tool is completely free and available even for older versions of the Android operating system, which makes it very effective.

Instructions for recovering deleted files:

Open DiskDigger photo Recovery app.

Click on the Start SIMple Image Search button.

Wait for the scan to complete.

Highlight the files you want to get back and press the Restore key.

Choose a convenient type of export.

Complete recovery.

The safety of personal data is something that you should always strive for. Using the tips that are discussed in this article, you can not only recover lost photos, but also protect yourself from deleting them in the future.

We hope the article was useful for you and helped you find answers to the questions posed.