How to open the remote from the TV Samsung

How to disassemble the remote from your Samsung TV: tips and instructions

January 11, 2017 MaSteR

Situations where you need to continue to actively use the TV, but the remote does not work well, happen quite often. In most cases, it is recommended to clean the remote control, as contamination in the form of small pieces of food or spilled liquid is the reason that the remote stops working. A disassembly of the device with an understanding of how this task is performed is recommended for cleaning.

Samsung Smart TV remote control buttons. How to unlock the remote control from the Samsung TV

The TV remote control was invented to make life easier: sit on the couch and flick channels. But the wicked remote control keeps disappearing or breaking at the wrong moment. How can you get to the channel with your favorite TV series or a soccer match without the remote control??

  • The “Menu” button allows you to manually enter the TV menu to adjust the desired settings.
  • The “Ok” button confirms the option or setting.
  • Press “▲” and “” buttons to change channels. If the user presses the “Menu” button the buttons are used to switch between the TV options.
  • Buttons with the name “” and “-” (or “”, “”) are responsible for adjustment of sound. In the TV menu, perform the function of increasing / decreasing the settings.
  • The “AV” button. In some televisions, when you turn on a VCR or DVD player, it automatically switches to their broadcasts.

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This is interesting if we use apps that require forms or text fields, such as e-commerce or social media apps. It allows moderately hearing and elderly people to listen to television in a more flexible and convenient way: they can decide how to listen to it, the volume at which they want to do it, and given that there are battery-operated speakers, place them at a time that is convenient for them.

The universal remote control is another TV remote control option that can also control a receiver, DVD player and many other types of controllable home appliances. Universal remote sold separately. Depending on the cost, the universal remote can control both remote-controlled models from one manufacturer and add new brands and models of equipment to the list of available devices.

Today’s technology industry offers many options for replacing your TV remote control. But the old-school way of switching channels by hand will not only make you stretch your muscles, but it will also make you watch each channel longer and more thoughtfully, avoiding constant program switching.

It’s smart TV with care in wonderful usability and multiple ways of handling: pointer, keyboard, voice and gestures. The operation of the interface and various applications is smooth and fast. They include very prominent accessibility features, such as an on-screen device that can be used in almost every section of the TV. Other settings, such as the colors or typography of the virtual keyboards, are improved to be perceived by people with moderate visual impairments.

It allows you to easily connect to various wireless devices such as speakers, headphones or keyboards. Getting the full benefit of this television requires a learning process and time to learn everything it offers, but the manufacturer has strived to make it user-friendly for people of all abilities.

The remote control was designed specifically to make life easier for the average user. In fact, with its appearance, it has become much easier to control your TV or other modern devices. But there are quite unpleasant situations when the remote is lost. the batteries run out or, even worse, it breaks. Of course, it is inevitable. But what to do, while the remote control is in repair, how to switch between your favorite programs? Some users have a logical question: how do you turn on the TV without a working remote control?? No need to panic, every problem has a solution.

First TV sets with remote control had a rather large control panel on the side, featuring buttons for switching on and tuning. Very often, the one large button was the only one that could be used to turn the TV on and off, and to switch channels. Gradually, this navigation became shallower and shallower as the manufacturer made the panel smaller and smaller. When developing new TV models, designers tried to get rid of the push-button navigation, constantly reducing its size and even removing it to the back panel.

The TV turns on immediately, and the apps are ready to use right away, just like on your smartphone. The TV remembers what you were doing and turns on in the same place you were when you turned it off. unusual today is to find one of the classic ports of another era. Nowadays, the technology has returned to present itself for colonization between smart cell phones of great range, albeit for different purposes.

In this case, it serves to expand the functions of the device and transform it into a universal remote control. And in the fact that the ambition of every smartphone has always been to remotely control the operation of the TV in the living room, stereo or home theater. This is why the presence of the infrared port in the room was, as once explained, so suggestive. First, logically, it is to open the application that we specified.

There is always a manual control in every appliance, you just have to look for it. In the operational documents that come with it, there will definitely be a description of the panel and the purpose of each item. Even with the most modern TV thanks to the push-button navigation you can not only turn the device on, switch channels, but also adjust the sound, brightness, and even spend.

How to disassemble the remote control from the Samsung Smart TV?

The situation in which you urgently need to switch the TV to the desired channel, and the remote is bad enough. a fairly common occurrence, if you are not timely engaged in cleaning your remote. Various contaminants are to blame. It can be a meal, because who does not like to eat while enjoying a favorite program or movie on the TV, and pouring liquids. from the very tea to the liquid, which is used to remove paint. The result of all these situations is only one, we ask ourselves the question: how to disassemble the remote from the TV Samsung Smart TV to clean it from contamination, because this process is not a simple matter, it requires certain knowledge and skill. At this point we will consider in detail how to disassemble the remote to the TV “Samsung“.

First thoroughly inspect the remote control. Pay your attention, whether the cover is fastened with screws or not. Then follow these steps:

  • Open the back cover where the batteries are located.
  • Remove the batteries and see if there are any fixing screws in this compartment. As a rule, they come in small sizes and for a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Next take a screwdriver and unscrew the screws all around the perimeter.

Important! Don’t forget the battery compartment. Otherwise you will forget about the fasteners during disassembly of the remote control and you can mutilate the whole case.

Help card

To further disassemble the remote from your Samsung Smart TV:

  • Take the plastic card, insert it with the corner inside the remote control by gently prying the lid off.
  • Slide it along the entire perimeter of the case, but be careful not to break the latches.
  • Once you have done all this you need to carefully remove the battery contacts from the slot.

Important! Inside the cover itself are the batteries, and their power system, namely those terminals or springs that provide power to the remote control.

The inside of the remote control

Once you have opened the back cover, pay attention to how and with what the board is attached in the remote control circuitry:

Important! In most cases it happens that the chip is simply pressed by the back cover, which we have already opened.

Pay attention to the way the IR diode is located inside the socket. In most cases it is loose. If somehow it appears to be locked in place, take it out or remove it from the socket with extreme care. Next, remove the circuit board.

Buttons of the remote control

The rubber buttons are incredibly easy to reach. You need to shake them out of their seats. In case they don’t want to come out, then you can press them from the front side and release.

Now you can begin to do what you have planned, such as cleaning this device, because you have already managed to cope with the disassembly. And this is one of the most important tasks in this process.

Important! To reassemble the entire device in reverse order, lay out the parts on the table in the order in which you remove them. Preferably, there should be nothing else present on the surface other than the parts of your technique.

How to clean the remote control?

In order to properly eliminate dirt from the console, prepare the appropriate inventory:

  • nail polish remover, alcohol or a liquid containing it;
  • A specialized product for professional cleaning;
  • Clean rags;
  • A soft brush;
  • cotton swabs;
  • toothpicks.

Important! Probably our other reviews, instructions, useful tips will also be useful for you when using such modern equipment. Read separate articles:

  • Try to keep the remote from your favorite plasma TV as far away as possible from food and drinks.
  • Leave it in one and the same place, then you will not be forced to hurriedly look for it in order to quickly switch to another channel or just turn off the TV.
  • Periodically conduct the process of cleaning the remote control, because the dust will penetrate into the interior in any case, clog contacts and will contribute to premature wear and tear of the mechanism elements.

To disassemble the remote from your Samsung Smart TV, you do not need to do anything complicated. You have already made sure the scheme is the same for remote controls of any TV models. The main thing is not to let the process run its course, and to take care of the device in time, then there won’t be any problems with its operation at all.

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TV remote control doesn’t work: what to do and where to start

It is best to start diagnostics with the batteries. If you drop the device they are most often the cause of its failure. The test itself is to remove the cover of the remote control and check the position of the batteries. If necessary they need to be reinstalled, observing the polarity. Pay attention to how tightly their contacts make contact with the electrical leads of the device. If the batteries are loose, it may be necessary to bend the minus leads (springs).

If the remote control for your TV works after these measures, close the cover and continue to use it. If this does not happen, we proceed to the next stage of diagnosis.

How to choose a remote control for your Samsung Smart TV

At one time, Samsung Smart TV technology was a revolution in the field of TVs. This is a very creative and interesting solution from the company. It has a large number of functions that are now indispensable. For the correct functioning of this function, you need a good connection to the Internet, so the company installs in the TVs with Smart TV good equipment to ensure high speed internet. For a more comfortable control of this technology, you can use special remote pointers, which are highly functional.

TVs with Smart TV technology are essentially multimedia platforms. For their manufacture, the most modern technologies are used, which can achieve maximum image and sound quality. This contributes to the fact that the cost of these devices is quite high. Select the device should be based on your requirements for a particular TV model. There are push-button and touch-type devices. If you have problems setting up or operating a smart remote, look for a solution online, or contact your equipment supplier.

  • Button type device. The main advantage is the absence of the need for adjustment. It can be used immediately after the batteries are inserted in the special compartment. It can be connected to multiple devices at the same time. This makes the remote control universal. It is also often chosen for its ease of operation, as well as the low cost of purchase.
  • The touchscreen type is characterized by a more complex connection process. First, insert the batteries and press the power button. Then press the “RETURN” and “GUIDE” keys for a few seconds until the “Bluetooth” icon appears. When this notification appears, it indicates that the device is paired with the TV. Remotes that come with your television work only with this device.

Important! Before you buy a universal remote, make sure it’s exactly right for your TV model.

Faults in the remote control and their signs

Before you disassemble the remote control, it is recommended to read the service manual. Technical documentation from the manufacturer often shows typical problems typical to the operation of a particular remote control. By the way, the manual can give recommendations on how to disassemble the remote control, taking into account the specifics of each model.

  • Moisture or contamination. Buttons do not respond, send a command intermittently, or jam. If you’ve been using your remote control for a long time, the problem of contamination seems logical. But if the device is packed in cellophane, the cause is usually faulty batteries. For example, the batteries leak, the liquid gets on the chip, breaking contact with the buttons. This leads to oxidation or corrosion of the board.
  • Interference. If there is, for example, a bright light source located near the TV or receiver, it can clog the pulse transmitted from the remote. Microwave ovens, electronic gadgets, dimmers, and even concealed wiring can all cause electromagnetic waves and interference.
  • Wear of graphite coating. Wear on buttons, which are used more often than others. They need to be pressed harder because of the wear and tear on the plating.
  • LED failure. One of the most common problems. Signal transmission from remote control is only at close range. LED is a bulb, which sooner or later burns out or begins to shine with less power. The problem could be a broken contact between the diode and the board.
  • Damage to the contact tracks. If you disassemble the board you will see cracks. Dropping the RC may damage the contact tracks. Such failures are the result of low quality electronics and components.
  • Before disassembling the remote from the TV, make sure that the device uses working batteries. Install new ones if possible. If there are no working batteries but you have a multimeter, you can check the charge with a tester. Connect probes to “plus” and “minus” of power supply, take a reading. The voltage of each battery should be at least 1.3 V.

The TV sometimes stops responding to the remote control.

If TV stops working with remote control from time to time. Possible reason. insufficient battery power. You are very far away from the TV The maximum recommended distance between the remote control and the TV is 30 feet (10 meters). The actual distance could be much less, influenced by the energy field in the house, created by other electronic devices.

First, check the batteries of remote control and replace them with new ones. If the batteries are dead, the remote control will not work properly. Usually the remote does not stop working right away, but you may notice that you have to press the button 2-3 times before it responds. Also a clear sign of battery problems is the problem with the distance. the lower the battery level, the closer you must bring the remote control to the TV for it to work.

How to disassemble the remote control

In practice, remote controls may not respond due to a build up of dirt and dust. In such a situation, it is necessary to properly clean all components of the device, with the disassembly of the device in accordance with the prescribed procedure immediately prior to cleaning. In practice, such a procedure is carried out as a regular maintenance, because the sensor remote controls are quite different from the traditional push-button versions and react to any contact or lack of contact. In this case, to disassemble the device before cleaning, it is necessary to perform the following algorithm of sequential actions:

  • Turn the device off beforehand, so that its function and mode of operation are not affected.
  • Subsequently the batteries used for powering such a device must be removed.
  • The next step is to carefully unscrew all the screws that are present on the back panel, which hold the construction.
  • After that it is necessary to carefully detach the present protective back cover from the device.
  • The following is a sequential disassembly of all the modules present except for the sensor unit.
  • All the keys and pins of the device will also have to be carefully disconnected.
  • Subsequently, the device is carried out a complete cleaning of the device with the necessary devices.
  • At the final stage the device is assembled one by one and then the device is checked for proper functioning.

When disassembling and then reassembling, the sequence of actions corresponds to a certain mirror order. At the same time it is not allowed to make any omissions, or excessive mechanical impact, which can significantly affect the subsequent performance of the device. The consistent disassembly not only allows the components to be subjected to the necessary cleaning. But also if necessary to perform troubleshooting for its subsequent elimination during repair work on the device.

Important! When disassembling small elements it is very important not to damage the contacts present on the circuits, as they are extremely sensitive to any mechanical action from the outside.


After the apparatus has been completely disassembled, complete cleaning of the apparatus is necessary. In such a situation it is recommended to use components that do not contain moisture or other liquids. The use of cotton swabs, and in addition the usual alcohol-based wet wipes are required here. In practice, the excess dust and dirt accumulation is removed with a cotton swab, and then the individual element is gently wiped with a napkin. Subsequently, after all the elements will be cleaned from the presence of dirt and dust, you only need to completely dry the elements from moisture, which came in wiping devices with a wet wipe. Only after the complete drying of these elements is the subsequent assembly of the entire structure, followed by a performance test. All external elements, including the sensor, need a simple cleaning with wipes.

Information about the codes is usually contained in the manual