How to open the lid of LG air conditioner

The conditioner does not switch on: the main reasons

Air conditioner. Household appliances that stand almost level with the refrigerator, especially when the weather outside is very hot. In addition, if it is too early to turn on the heating, this appliance allows you to heat the room to a comfortable temperature. But, no matter how it is sad, technique cannot be eternal and it often happens that you take a remote control to switch on a conditioner, but it simply does not respond. It often happens after a long idle time, for example, after winter when the conditioner has not been used for several months.

The main reasons why the air conditioner does not turn on:

Signs of air conditioner pollution

  • If you have smelled something bad right after the start of a split-system, you should know that it is the most obvious sign of contamination. It is possible that on the grill of heater the dirt is formed or the problems with drainage are appeared.
  • If electricity expense has changed in more side and power has changed in less side. it is the high time to open conditioner and check its cleanness inside.
  • Peculiar hum and crackling when split-system is operating can be a signal of filter or turbine clogging. The knocking can come from outside case, if it is plugged up by itself. In this case the fan blades will not be able to spin normally and will catch the walls of the case or other object.
  • Condensate leakage is another indicator that your air conditioner is contaminated with dust and dirt.
  • “Spluttering” and “bubbling” appear in case of bad work of drainage or loss of coolant.

Once you’ve noticed any of these signs of deterioration in your system, you can either call in professionals to clean it or you can do it yourself. To what and how to proceed, we will now understand.

Professional air conditioner cleaning in Odessa: Where to go

SuperSplit is a team of qualified specialists with many years of practical experience. We provide professional air conditioner disinfection and cleaning services for any model. No matter how difficult the job, our specialists will conduct a complete cleaning of the split system from contaminants, which takes place in 3 stages:

✩ Manual cleaning with special brushes. we remove dense deposits and dirt.

Antibacterial processing. we use special agents that kill all germs and bacteria.

✩ High pressure machine washing. we effectively clean even stubborn dirt with Kerher.

In the air conditioner cleaning service in Odessa from SuperSplit includes a complete disassembly and reassembly of climate control equipment. All types of work are covered by warranty.

How to clean an air conditioner: the indoor unit

You will need: a vacuum cleaner, a brush and a disinfectant for air conditioners. Chlorhexidine from drugstore is a budget alternative. Approximately 300 ml per wash.

Cover a wall under conditioner with film or an old towel from dirty sweat.

Turn off the power. If air conditioner was working before, wait half an hour to let the insides cool down.

Remove the front cover and filters. Wipe the plastic parts with a damp cloth.

Brush dust from the fins of the heat exchanger with a soft brush and vacuum it up.

The fins are only 0.1 mm thick, so they are easy to bend. Brush gently from top to bottom. Keep hard brushes and hard objects away.

Fill a spray can with disinfectant and spray the heat exchanger. Manually open the louvers and spray the fan drum.

Wait till conditioner is completely dried out.

Do not try to speed up the process with a hair dryer so as not to damage the plastic parts.

Replace filters and cover. Only after that plug it in.

For general cleaning once in 1-2 years, call a service technician. They will disassemble the housing, wash all the parts, clean the drain. And at the same time they will check the freon level and condition of electrical connections.

Dismantling of the air conditioner: price and its components

Additional payment is required if you need to move the equipment to another room, transportation over long distances. Agree such nuances with the executors in advance.

How to disassemble the inside of LG and other air-conditioner‘s unit for cleaning

For effective and safe operation of the air conditioner it is necessary to regularly clean the inside elements of the system, and in addition to the outside, it is necessary to disassemble and clean the internal block. Most often in offices, apartments and private houses wall-mounted SPLIT devices are installed, which are presented by different manufacturers and modifications. Taking into consideration the popularity and demand of climate control equipment, probably many people will be interested to know how to disassemble the wall-mounted air conditioner, in order to be able to do it with your own hands.

Constructional features of the indoor unit

Wall-mounted SPLIT system brands LG and others, which include Daikin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Ballu, Samsung and Hitachi have a similar construction of the internal module. Thanks to this if you know the basic principles of the disassembly of the air conditioner, each owner may well cope with such a task on their own, but to do this you should identify the main nodes and parts that make up such a unit:

Standard construction of the wall-mounted air conditioner

  • Front (front) panel
  • The coarse filter
  • Fine filter
  • Fan
  • Evaporator
  • Horizontal louvers
  • Display panel
  • Vertical louver

It is necessary to understand that the correct disassembling consists in following a certain sequence of actions that allow you to gradually get to the elements that need to be cleaned. Only the careful disassembling can exclude the risk to damage the internal nodes and modules, that is why you have to act carefully, not making excessive physical efforts. Among the tools you need several shaped (cross-shaped) and straight (flat) screwdrivers of different sizes, as well as several hexagonal stars.

Before disassembly, make sure that the air conditioner is unplugged! It is very important to avoid the electric shock.

Disassembling of an internal block of wall-mounted conditioner

One begins to disassemble the conditioner by removing the front plastic panel, which can be fixed with the help of clip elements (LG) or screws (Toshiba), depending on the producer. In the first case one should use a straight screwdriver and pick up the clips, which are situated on the top and bottom, and in the second case, one should use a proper tool. The next step is to remove the mesh filter (coarse filter) and plastic shutters from the inside unit, which are simply taken out of the corresponding slots.

Mesh filter that needs to be cleaned

Next, you should carefully dismantle the drainage system of the internal block of air conditioner, which is usually done in the form of a tray. In some models it can be one piece with the case and can be removed only with it. Before removing it, you should prepare a container or a container in advance to remove the condensation formation. To disconnect the tray in LG models, it is required to unscrew one bolt and unclip the clips located in the bottom.

Drainage tray (on the right side detaches from the louver motor)

Variants of fan/impeller removal

Next you need to remove the fan of the indoor unit of the SPLIT system, made in the form of a shaft. Here it is required very accurate and responsible work, because it is important not to damage the internal nodes and components of the conditioner.

  • Simplified option that does not require operations on the electric motor and control box (shaft is pulled out from below). Usually it is chosen when performing the work with your own hands, which requires less time and effort. Here the sequence of operations is as follows:
  • Loosen the bolts/screws and free the radiator on the left side from the main main body of the SPLIT system
  • Carefully loosen the mount on the right side, where you will need to carefully unscrew the screw on the shaft itself (it is usually very tight, so act carefully and slowly so as not to twist the head of the fixing element)
  • Carefully remove the shaft component from the casing, being careful not to damage the fan blades (holding the screw with a screwdriver)

Important! At the reverse sequence of the assembling (mounting) of the fan fixing screw must be in the same position as it was originally, otherwise there is a great risk of the fan blades colliding with the walls of the indoor unit.

  • A more complicated variant, when the shaft is dismounted from the right side, for which the control unit and the electric motor are removed. To perform the operation, proceed as follows:
  • Disconnect wiring and sensors of electronic type from the control unit, unhook the clips fixing (in some models unscrew fixing screws) and gently remove the unit
  • Unscrew the elements fixing the electric motor and disconnect the shaft from the cover
  • Very carefully and slowly disconnect the shaft from the motor and unbend the radiator tubes

It is important to remember all the manipulations in order to reassemble everything correctly after the service of the SPLIT unit.

What requires cleaning?

After carrying out these manipulations it is possible to proceed to cleaning of internal components, and here in a mandatory manner remove dirt deposits from a rotor and an evaporator, using for this purpose antibacterial compositions (active foam), pure water and steam (steam tool). The condensate pail is also cleaned from dirt and all parts are then dried thoroughly. Besides it will be useful to grease all movable parts with silicone grease, that will prolong their service life.

How to clean the outdoor unit of an air conditioner

Unlike the indoor unit, cleaning the outdoor air conditioner unit with your own hands is not always possible, especially if it is mounted high off the ground and on the side of a window opening. In such cases it is better to entrust this work to professionals. You can safely clean the external block of air conditioner by yourself, if it is mounted:

  • on the lower floors of a high-rise building or private home that can be reached with a ladder;
  • on an unglazed loggia or balcony;
  • under a window of your apartment.

Cleaning of the external unit of split-system is not very difficult and is performed in the following order:

  • Removal of the top cover and fan guard, for which you will need to unscrew a few screws that hold the cover, and pull up the grille;
  • Removal of the impeller of the fan. to do this you just need to unscrew the nut and remove the impeller from the shaft. To prevent water from getting into the fan motor when washing the air conditioner‘s external unit, it should be wrapped in plastic film;
  • applying air conditioner cleaner to the radiator grille of the condenser heat exchanger (the cleaner should be left on for 5-10 minutes to soften the dirt);
  • Flushing the radiator from a sprayer, or better yet, from a mini-washer. (it is carried out until clean water flows out of the unit).

At the end of works on cleaning of outdoor unit of split-system, wash the cover, protective grid and impeller of the fan, and after drying reassemble the unit.

Now you can clean the air conditioner with your own hands or order its professional cleaning and maintenance in “KievComfort” company.


Approximate cost of equipment, installation and start-up ventilation system for 1 sq. square meter of the object area is as follows: 35-75 for apartments, 25-90 for offices, 30-200 for production.

open, conditioner

As the total area increases the price of ventilation per 1 sq. square meter. This price includes arranging both supply and exhaust ventilation.