How To Open Mms On Samsung

How to set up MMS on Huawei and Honor phones

In the era of smartphones that have access to the Internet, sending MMS is outdated. It is always nice to please loved ones with a picture or a melody when there is no Internet connection. Submitting can be a little tricky because you need to debug it first. The article will tell you in detail how to set up MMS on Honor and Huawei phones.

How To Open Mms On Samsung

Setting up MMS

Owners of Android may find it difficult to automatically configure. The way out of the situation is the manual method, for this the operator is asked for the information that is needed for a new access point. Instructions:

  • On the main screen. “Settings”;
  • Scroll down, select “”;
  • Go. Click on “Mobile network”;
  • Go down. “Select the name of the access point”;
  • Click the ellipsis in the upper right corner from the drop-down list, select “Reset to default”.
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The process will recover if there were any failures, if it did not go:

  • Open three points at the top, select “New APN”;
  • Enter the data provided by the operator;
  • Scroll down, enter and confirm.

Now you can send pictures to friends without interference.

How to send MMS to Huawei and Honor

Send MMS from Huawei and Honor is no more difficult than usual. How to send:

  • Go to “Messages”, press the plus and create a new one;
  • Enter the contact number in the upper field;
  • The text can be typed manually, or by voice, for this we click on the microphone in the lower right corner;
  • To attach an image or photo. Plus on the left side of the screen;
  • You can choose from the gallery or take a picture;
  • Upon completion, a picture will appear next to the text, then. “Send”.

How to open MMS message on Honor and Huawei phones

You can open a multimedia message like a regular one, with the exception of mobile phones that do not support the format. In such cases, an ordinary SMS comes, which contains a link to the server where the materials are located and by going through it you can view all the information.

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