How to make a TV from a monitor at home

How can you use a monitor as a TV

Many people keep old monitors, not daring to throw them away. The old display can find a second life if skillful hands turn it into a means of viewing television programs. This article will tell you how to make a TV out of the served monitor without the complex use of motherboard.

Many are sure that such a “magical rebirth” of the monitor is unrealistic. This opinion is erroneous: in order to implement this “transformation”, you will need: desire, a minimum of free time and certain knowledge.

Experts carefully analyzed how monitors work. Before remaking the TV from the monitor, it is useful to learn about the results of expert surveys, drawing the appropriate conclusions:

DIY Transparent Screen

  • The well.Known Samsung brand “Samsung” is rightly considered the leader in the remodel of the monitor to the TV.
  • Two world brands can boast the second prize place: Sony and LG. They offer their fans screens with update and exclusive design execution.

Attention! When using the monitor as a TV, you should take into account such an important parameter as the screen resolution. In case of high resolution, the quality of the picture of the future TV. The receiver will be of high quality.

Wanting to make such an alteration, it should be understood that the main problem will be the lack of specialized skills. For example, not every person knows how to work as a soldering iron, connect components of parts, etc. In order to avoid offensive errors, experts recommend strictly follow the instructions for remaking, or asking for help from specialists.

The necessary knowledge to make a decision on remaking the monitor

Before turning the monitor into TV. A receiver, you must understand: how they differ among themselves? Why, in general, you need to redo something, because both devices have a video signal? The understanding of the differences that are between the monitor and the TV will help to answer these questions:

  • TV. Receivers favorably distinguishes the presence of a wider size row;
  • To qualitatively see what is happening on the monitor, you must sit directly near him. A, TV. The receiver is convenient to watch even from a very decent distance from the screen;

Monitors have higher resolution. They are able to support a much larger number of formats than TV. Receivers.

How i made my Own Transparent tv/ Monitor

They are much cheaper than TVs. Therefore, having planned to redo the monitor. On the TV, you will be able to save. Such alteration is especially profitable for giving. To implement it, you should understand some details, as well as know the principles of display work.

Helpful information! You can not only remake the monitor in TV. The receiver, but also use the TV as a monitor. For this, mystery budget TVs are great (for example, Smart TV Mystery MTV-2429LTA2). These TV are the receivers are very inexpensive, but at the same time, they have a computing core with the Android operating room.

TV from the monitor

Now a little theory. Quite a bit and the simplest words. What is the difference between the TV and the monitor. The difference is that the TV is a finished device, you just need to connect the antenna to it and you can watch cartoons. The monitor, a finished device is not, to display information, the monitor requires a computer or another device that will submit a video signal and control synchrome.Impulses. Also, the difference is the absence of a sound source in the monitor (acoustics is needed), and finally, the most important difference is that the monitor does not have a television tuner that is necessary for receiving a TV signal. But despite all these differences to make a TV out of the monitor. It’s not hard !

To turn the monitor into a TV, you will need a digital tuner, its function will perform a digital air receiver DVB-T2.

You can connect the receiver to the monitor in several ways. Through standard monitor entrances. HDMI or VGA.


If your monitor is not very old and it has an input HDMI (photo HDMI) then everything is completely simple, we connect the HDMI cable from the receiver to the monitor and the TV is almost ready.


When connecting, old monitors that have only one connection method. Through the VGA connector, you will need an adapter from HDMI to VGA, such an adapter can be bought at any computer store or order by mail on Ali. HDMI connection to old monitors does not always go smoothly. Often when connecting the receiver on the monitor, information is displayed. Input Signal Out of Rfnge. “Input signal is not in the range”. This means that the resolution of the monitor does not coincide with the resolution of the signal of the digital receiver.

In order to set the desired permission, you will have to connect the receiver to this TV and install permission for your monitor in the receiver settings, after which everything will become good.

make, monitor, home

Image on the TV screen. Install the right resolution

After installing the desired permission on the monitor, the image appeared the same as on the TV

The next step connect the sound. The simplest computer speakers will be required.

If the receiver of the audio exit is made by RCA connectors, a special adapter (photo) will be required, in the case when the audio exit is made on the type of type. “Jack 3.5 ”(photo) the adapter will not be needed. This must be taken into account when choosing a receiver, read my article. How to choose a receiver. Acoustics connection is as follows. STETER “Jack 3.5 ”Acoustic speakers is connected to the RCA adapter or if the receiver of the sound output on“ Jack 3.5 ”Then directly to this connector if the acoustic power is used from the USB connector, connect it to the USB receiver.

Full set

As you can see, making a TV from the old Monica is quite easy, you just need to find a suitable tuner in stores. Be careful when choosing a device, since not all of them are suitable for these purposes.

On this topic:

Hello. On my prefix HDMI and AV there is no exit. There is only Skart. You can come up with something?

Hello, Alexander. Look for an adapter from Skart in the connectors on those connectors that are on a monitor or TV. They exist. Write in Yandex a request, for example (without quotation marks), “Skart DVI adapter”, or “SCART RCA adapter”, or “SCART HDMI adapter” and choose. Only when choosing, do not confuse forks with sockets (Male-Female), they are also called “dad” and “mother”, respectively.

I think in my case you need Scart VGA. And with scart, display AV for acoustics. Just just needs it, an adapter or adapter? Please correct me if I’m wrong. Waiting for an answer.

Hello, Alexander. You are right, you need a scart vga cable. In this case, an adapter or adapter is not important, since different sellers call it differently, and the product is the same. There is nothing to “adapt” in terms of signal. Both analog.

Then one more question. It is possible to really make such an adapter in the presence of the necessary details?

Hello Sergey. I apologize in advance. I still have a question. What kind of adapter is needed? There are many of them on the internet, there are on microcircuits, on transistors, on resistor. I want to make myself. But what?

Good morning, Alexander. I did not smoke the topic thoroughly, but according to the available information, many home.Made ones who are trying to collect the scheme have various problems. If you have appropriate skills and knowledge in electrical engineering, you can try. Type in Yandex or Google a request “SCART VGA adapter with your own hands Scheme” without quotes. Watch this video, the author is not a pro and voices some useful things. A little chaotic, but the main idea is understandable. Https: // www.Youtube.COM/Watch?V = 5klh7z8uvau as for me, it is much easier to buy a piece of iron in the store, because its independent manufacture is also an adventure.

Any channel shows the picture and the video itself does not go. Why?

PHILIPS E224 Monitor year 2010) with a digital prefix BBK through NDMI output and NDMI adapter works normally. When using the ASUS VB172 monitor, do not work. On the screen the message “outside the range”. I changed permission for the smallest, result the same. How to be? Sincerely

So let’s start with the fact that I have connected everything that is required, but there is no image on the monitor, there is a television sound, when you switch the channels, the sound changes but there is no image. When you press the button on the Samsung monitor, a floating window comes out to English. “Test Norm”, as I understand it, the monitor is a worker, but there is no image. I connected an adapter with VGA to HDMA with an audio output, also connected the speakers and prefix digital receiver DVB-T2 D-Color DC700HD. I can’t understand what’s the matter! I thought, maybe the adapter is not working, they rang out in the store and said that there was a working one. I googled and found that the length of the VGA/VGA cable is possible too large, asked at work for ITSHNIKS less length. In the evening I will test, if it does not help, then I will probably need to take another television setup. Tell me maybe something is wrong!?

We turn the old monitor into TV

You need a TV, but there is only an old monitor? Or I want to save on buying a TV for a kitchen, in a car or garage? We know how to help you in these situations.

In the classic Russian apartment, TV. Everything is the head. It is usually installed in every room. In general, the extra screen will never hurt, especially if it is already in the form of an old LCD monitor.

There are quite a lot of ways to use the monitor as a TV. You can purchase a television setup, say, Roku. You can slightly increase the budget and connect a mini-computer to an old friend, such as Raspberry Pi. But there is a more radical method similar to the conversion of a boomb into the MP3 player.

Almost all LCD monitors have an input-output integration called LVDS. If you remove the cover from the monitor and get to the insides, you can see that the connectors are located on a separate board. To other fillings, this board is joined by a rather flexible train, similar to IDE for hard disks.

To modernize the monitor, you will need to purchase an extension fee for this Inte Wear, which has a built.In video signal decoder. Similar devices can be purchased, for example, here. The decoder and its conclusion will make it possible to play analog (and in the case of a more advanced board. And digital) television directly, without the use of a variety of prefixes and even a computer.

  • Frequency range. 48.25–863.25 MHz.
  • Color system. Pal / Secam / NTSC.
  • Sound system. B/g, d/k, l, m/n, nicam/a2, BTSC.
  • Number of channels. 200.
  • Teletecst. 10 pages (chip 39. 10 pages, chip 59. 1000 pages).
  • The input format of the video signal (VGA, HDMI). Until 1920 × 1080 @ 60 Hz.
  • Supported video permits. 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p.
  • Output power of the sound amplifier. 2 × 2.3 W (40) 1 HD N 10% @ 1 khz.
  • Numbering voltage. 12 V.
  • Nutrition. 12 in.
  • VGA input.
  • HDMI input.
  • Input composite video and stereo sound.
  • Sound input when using TV as a computer monitor.
  • Flood exit.
  • USB input (to update the firmware).
  • Entrance for connecting the antenna or cable.

Actually, the easiest way on this ends: the purchased fee and monitor are related to the audio.Videutics repair service. Some time after paying a small amount on your hands, you have a new TV. It remains only to install it and connect the antenna or cable television wire.

A slightly more complex way of independent installation is described in detail by a colleague on Mysku resource.Ru. Consider it briefly.

  • First of all, you need to remove the back cover of the monitor.
  • Find the necessary expansion fee and dismantle it. Disconnect from a train. Attention! Dismantling must be carried out with maximum accuracy: the train may stop working even from an unsuccessful bend.
  • At the same moment, you can accurately determine the marking of the matrix and find the firmware on it, as well as determine the supply voltage.
  • Then you need to connect a new fee. There are two options: order a suitable train from the Chinese or solder. The second process is long, tiring, but there is nothing impossible for a soldering iron. So cheaper and faster. Unfortunately, you need to search for each specific model.
  • After you need to decide on the improvements of the case. New, due to the presence of an integrated decoder of analog and/or digital television on it, will be more overall than the previous. In addition, you have to make additional holes in the case to display new connectors.
  • After installation, it is necessary to decide on the voltage that will apply for the matrix, and set it with the help of a jamper (see the instructions for the purchased device).
  • The payment receives the power supply from the external power supply. Required 12 V. This voltage is necessary for the functioning of the filling of the monitor. So if you wish, you can freeze from the board and get rid of extra wires.
  • The fee purchased for modernization most often has an infrared radiation receiver (or the possibility of configuration) and remote control. In the cheapest models, you will have to take care of the recording of the receiver to the front panel of the device or even go after it to the nearest store. The receiver can be connected to the boards more expensive through the external port, as was realized in old PCI TV tuners. This option will not require additional cuts and can be placed anywhere. Ordinary photo receiver, tsop1736.

    The method is a TV tuner

    Inexpensive connection option for which you need to buy a TV tuner, for it from 500. Therefore, its purchase will cost cheaper than the purchase of a SMART setup.

    Simplicity of connection. For synchronization, it is enough to connect the ends of the cables, and configure the search for channels.

    Cheapness. For TV tuners start at 500, which is much cheaper than buying a new TV.

    Difficulties in transmitting audio. If the monitor is not equipped with an HDMI partition (and the old devices do not have it), then you will have to additionally connect the speakers to transmit audio.

    You need access to the Internet. Without the Internet, the prefix will be useless, which creates difficulties when using a monitor in the country or in a country house.

    It will not work to use in the country. In places with a weak network, you can forget about viewing channels through the monitor.

    You need to purchase an adapter. In addition to the prefix, you need a special adapter through which the devices will be connected.

    How to connect

    Complete the simple instruction to connect the prefix to the monitor:

    • Connect the monitor to the tuner and connect to the Internet.
    • Press the Menu button on the remote control and select the channel search tab.
    • Click on “Auto Search”.
    • After that, the search for channels available for viewing will begin.
    • Choose any channel and turn on. Ready.

    The whole process will take a few minutes. As soon as the prefix finds the channels, you can look at the channels by clicking only on the power button on the remote control.

    If the monitor is not equipped with an HDMI partition, buy an additional external adapter. Outwardly, he looks like a flash drive, and his

    Which TV tuner to buy

    There are dozens of tV tuners on the market, and so that you are not mistaken with the choice of the right model, we will talk about the best devices in 2020:

    • Avermedia TV Box 3. Taiwanese tuner with high quality picture and stylish design. In the kit you will receive a remote control with a receiver, as well as instructions in Russian. Part of the inputs and outputs is behind the leaning lid, there is also a stand with which the tuner can be installed vertically;
    • Yuan Iwatchtv. Tuner with wide functionality and strict design. Here are quasi.Youth buttons for convenient use and a large number of cords for connecting. Unfortunately, the adapter has a short size. The device supports VGA in and VGA OUT, has an antenna input RF Input, and is also equipped with other connectors;
    • Chinese models-tuners from China have all the same VGA-divisions, only additionally equipped with the ability to connect built-in speakers and external speakers.

    In fact, the tuner is a functional TV, only without a monitor. Just connect and turn on the channels.

    Method. Buying a special fee

    Sometimes they buy an electronic fee for connection. For this purpose, you can use Universal LCD Driver Board. It must be built into the monitor. To do this, the owner must have special skills. Otherwise, to do the work, it will be necessary to invite a specialist.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    In this case, the connection is more difficult compared to other options. At the same time, the owner receives the following opportunities:

    Advantages disadvantages
    Built.In boards can be used for both analogue and digital broadcasting. In order to conduct a connection, it is necessary to have professional skills.
    In this case, a complete display of sound is possible without the use of additional sound columns. When placing a board in a liquid crystal monitor, it is difficult to find a place for her.
    If you have a fee, a television receiver is available using a distance point.
    The board is compact. This method of connection does not require large parts and additional wires.

    How to connect

    In order to integrate the fee, you need to perform the following actions:

    make, monitor, home
    • Before you start work, you need to prepare the necessary materials and tools in advance. For work, you will need a purchased fee, which must be connected, soldering iron, screwdriver, wires and train.
    • You need to remove the cover from the monitor. To do this, unscrew the screws and neatly fold.
    • You need to find the existing expansion fee and carefully disconnect it from the train. This must be done very carefully. If damage is caused, the monitor can become faulty and unsuitable for working with a computer or as a TV.
    • When examining, it is necessary to read the internal marking for the screen matrix. This is necessary in order to find a suitable version when searching for the firmware.
    • Instead of a standard board, install the one that was prepared. When carrying out soldering, it is necessary to ensure the compliance of the wires used by the rolling.
    • After the fee was connected, you need to set the correct voltage using a jamper. In most cases, it is required to install 12 in.

    Such boards are usually supplied with infrared nodes. You need to check the presence of the sensor and understand how it is installed. Some put on the board, others. From the outside. IR device allows you to carry out control using the remote control. Before installing the monitor cover in place, you must make sure that the IK sensor is turned on.

    After the installation of the electronic board is completed, it will be necessary to check the performance of the system. After turning on, you need to find available channels. To do this, it is most convenient to cross the settings and use the Auto Poland option. All detected channels can be viewed and verified as a reproduction.

    make, monitor, home

    If necessary, some channels can be installed manually. To do this, you will need to indicate their frequency. These values ​​for different channels can be clarified on the website of a local company, which provides TV show.

    Alteration of the LCD monitor in TV

    The world is actively abandoning desktop computers. And this is not surprising: in fact, today it is easy to buy much more compact devices, with greater functionality. If you have an unnecessary LCD monitor, don’t get rid of it. It can be turned into a good TV.

    First of all, you need to buy all the necessary details to turn the LCD monitor into a TV:

    For a high.Quality connection of a new TV, at least two outlets are required:

    First connect the antenna cable, and then insert the plugs into the outlet. At the same time, a tuner with an adapter who is responsible for food should be fixed behind.

    Note: the tuner has built.In speakers, so its sound will satisfy only the undemanding listener. But if you are an esthet and a music lover, you will have to acquire an external speaker system: the sound will expand, you will immediately feel the difference. For example, a soundbar or standard speakers is suitable.

    A TV made of LCD monitor will perfectly catch channels. However, the television broadcast in the HD format will not be available. It is this moment that can be considered the main drawback.

    Making a television from a laptop display

    If you have a non.Working laptop with a whole screen, you can easily convert it to the TV. In the presence of special skills, it is possible to cope yourself, or contact specialists. You will need a built.In fee, which was mentioned in the previous sections of the article, as well as a controller for the matrix. The case can be used (after dismantling the unnecessary “iron”), or to make a new. All parts need to be soldered together, and the TV tuner for the monitor is connected through the matrix controller. If the laptop columns remain in working condition, then the audio output can be soldered to them. As a result, you get a compact TV panel, convenient to use.

    So, as we found out, with a great desire it is quite possible to make a TV from the monitor. Of course, this will not be easy, since it is necessary to make a receiver from a simple output device. However, we live at such a time that on sale you can easily find a suitable TV tuner of any configuration. Connecting such a device will not take much time, and for money it will cost much cheaper than buying a new TV. Therefore, if you have old computer equipment left, do not rush to carry it to the garbage. With the help of such articles and drops of ingenuity, they can easily give a second life!