How to install a widget on Smart TV LG

Applications for Smart TV. How to download and install widgets on the Samsung and LG TV?

We continue to torment TV. Today our question is how to install the Smart TV application, or widget, on the Samsung (Tizen) or LG (Webos) TV. By default, several of the most standard applications from the manufacturer or third.Party developers, such as YouTube, TV channels, cinema, wink and so on have already been installed on them. However, many television channels or Internet resources have their own applications for working with Smart TV. Let’s look at the Smart TV Apps installation using the example of the two most popular TV manufacturers. Samsung and LG.

A widget for a TV is a program that is designed specifically for the convenience of use on a wide.Screen TV with control through the remote control.

In general, everything that your soul wants. You can install a similar widget as from a flash drive to which you must first download the application file through the computer, and then connect to the TV. And directly via the Internet, online.

Please note that since different operating systems are used on Samsung and LG, Tizen and Webos, respectively, will not be suitable for installation on another. For each brand you need to look for your own applications even to view the same service.

Nowadays, programmers are actively and everywhere implement cloud technologies, so Smart TV does not take up much space on the TV drive. All the main content is loaded as needed from the remote developer server.

Thanks to this, you can install quite a lot of programs and games without affecting the speed of the TV. At the same time, they are optimized for not too powerful iron, on which it is often impossible to watch the same high.Quality films through a regular TV browser.

Installation of widgets from an official application store

A large number of widgets have been collected in the LG Content Store store. Software has been tested for performance and safety, sorted by thematic categories, popularity and novelty. The best utilities are located at the beginning of the section. Part of the programs can be downloaded for free, others will need to be bought for the price indicated in the description.

Important! There are two main conditions for working with the official service-the presence of a stable Internet connection (via Ethernet or Wi-Fi) and confirmed registration.

How to start an account in the system

To create a personal profile in the system that opens access to the installation of applications, you must first enter the Smart TV menu (is carried out by pressing the button with the image of the house on the remote control). Then you should perform this procedure:

  • Enter the SMART-TV settings by pressing the icon in the form of a gear in the upper right corner of the screen or the Settings button;
  • Select the item “General”, then. “Management of the account”;
  • Click “Create an account”;
  • Agree with the conditions of service;
  • Enter the login (valid e-mail), password and date of birth in the corresponding fields;
  • Confirm the actions by pressing the OK button;
  • Check e.Mail and, to confirm registration, click on the link in the letter received.

Then you will need to leave the section of registration, and then enter the account again, pressing the icon with the silhouette of a person and indicating the created login and password.

Advice! Registration is easier and faster to go to PC, and then go to the account on TV.

Как устанавливать сторонние приложения на LG WebOS

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Menu installation

Now the user can run the LG Store, click on the arrow in the upper part of the screen, then. According to the inscription “Search”, print the keywords of the desired application in the line and press “Entering”. To display all the widgets found in the official store, you should choose the line “more” (“more” (“more”).

Then, from the search results, you will need to select the right application and go to its description. It is necessary to carefully read the information about the compatibility of the software with the TV model used. If the program is suitable according to the requirements, you can start the installation: Click on the “Install” and “OK” buttons sequentially. The process will end automatically, after which the label of the program will appear on the TV menu.

Installation with a flash drive

If you do not work out the program from the store (due to a break in the connection or for other reasons), you can use the external carrier. For this, the flash card should be formatted in FAT32, and then downloaded software to copy in its root section. Next, the drive is inserted into the USB-connector on the SMART. When a new icon appears on the screen, you need to click on it to open the contents of the flash drive. To install the application on the TV receiver, you will need to click on the selected file, confirm the installation, accept the terms of the user agreement and wait for the process to end (it may take some time). After the installation is completed, the widget is launched in the same way as the rest of the applications.

Attention! If the Smart television receiver does not see a flash card, the reason may lie in its malfunction. In this case, the carrier needs to be replaced. In the absence of a USB-Gnezer, the flash drive can be connected to another integrator through the adapter.

Install third.Party applications on LG Smart TV

Immediately you will not be able to install any third-party applications on the LG TV, because it does not work under the control of Android TV OS. However, if you have streaming devices such as Amazon Firestick, Roku, Chromecast or even Apple TV, you can use a wide range of applications available in the streaming device store. For reference, we will use FireStick to install applications in this manual.

  • Connect Firestick to the port of HDMI LG TV.
  • Make sure your TV is turned on, as well as Firestick.
  • Most importantly, make sure your TV is connected to the Internet.
  • Switch to the entrance channel to which Firestick was connected on the TV.
  • Now enter your Amazon account to gain access to Firestick functions.
  • View various applications available in the store, and immediately use them.
  • You cannot download the application, but you can immediately broadcast its content.

If you have a laptop, you can always use the screen demonstration function or screen demonstration and translate the content from the laptop directly on the LG Smart TV. Yes, you can also use your smartphone to broadcast on LG Smart TV.

Forkplayer via Media Station X

This is the most recommended use of FORKPLAYER. No need to change the Internet settings, stop the operation of other utilities.

The player may not start for the entire screen.

Как устанавливать и удалять приложения на Смарт ТВ LG | Топ 5 приложений

The very video will be played in full screen mode.

Installation of applications on Smart TV

To install applications on different models Smart TV will take several minutes of patience. Self.Setting up the programs on the TV will save money on calling the master and will help create a convenient selection of widgets “for yourself”.

Each TV manufacturer has its own operating system on which the device works. Unique widgets have been developed for her, which help control the intese. The remaining applications can be downloaded in a special store.


Communication on social networks has become the daily routine of most people. The MediaScope portal conducted research in the field of Internet projects of Russia. During October 2022, 3 sites for communication were included in the TOP for attendance. The list includes WhatsApp, Instagram and Odnoklassniki.

Smart TV opens access to all browser social networks and those that have a separate application.

What programs for communication can be downloaded to TV:

  • Skype. Popular application for calls. You can talk for free with friends and relatives from other countries, correspond in private and common chats. For use on the TV you will need an account, webcam and microphone;
  • , VK. The most common social networks, which are also installed for Smart TV. They have an adaptive extended integration for a large TV screen. For the entrance, an current account is required. After the login you get all the functions of the social. Networks: chat communication, audio calls, listening to music, watching videos, buying gifts and games service.


Services that are originally included in the set of TV. These are TV players and utilities for playing video. The entire list of recommended programs can be found in the Smart TV menu.


Programs of various topics that the user himself can download in the application store.

Examples of popular user widgets:

  • Megogo. 40 million uses online cinema. Man from the CIS countries. In the catalog. 250 television channels and 77,000 videos. The user pays for viewing content. Over, all films and programs are in excellent quality, including in HD format. You can pause the video, and continue to watch from the same place on another device;
  • Youtube. Video hosting, which has practically no competition in its niche. According to the general director of the site Susan Voichitski, in May 2022 they used 1.9 billion. Of people. And the figure increases. People love YouTube for a large collection of free content, recommendation system and stream. In many models of TVs with Smart TV, the application has already been installed by default;
  • TV. Downloading this application will simplify the use of TV. It is installed on a smartphone. The TV is not required for additional software. You just need to make sure that the device has an infrared port;
  • Twitch TV. The largest streaming platform on which you can see the broadcasts of the developers of games and their fans. Fans of popular streamers communicate with the author of content in chat, make donations and sign on the channel for a fee. Great opportunity to see your favorite pro-players on the big TV screen.

How to update applications

It is strongly recommended to be updated due to the fact that bugs, critical and small errors are corrected in updated versions, performance increases, new functions are added. In addition, if the television system itself is updated, but there are no programs, then over time significant malfunctions are possible, up to the impossibility of starting.

If you often open the programs, then you should not worry about their obsolescence. When connecting to the network, the TV always scans the server for updates independently. Therefore, when a new version will be available, when trying to launch, a pop.Up window will appear with a notification of the availability of the update and agree to agree by pressing “OK” or refuse “Cancel”.

The proposal to be updated will be available every time after turning on television equipment.

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You can also upload updates through the store, for a particular program or for everyone at once.

  • Go to LG Content Store.
  • Go to the application card, instead of the “Launch” button it will be written “Update”. Moving nothing, click OK once (confirmation button) and update will occur.
  • If you need to update all the added programs, use the button in the top of the television screen.

Setting up the LAMPA application

To watch films through the LAMPA application, you need to make 3 simple settings: turn on the Parser in the video tape itself, configure torrserv (if you did not do it earlier) and connect the application to the server. All procedures are generally simple, of course, if everything goes smoothly.

Turn on the parser

  • Launch an application or website on TV.
  • The buttons of the remote control move to the gear image and click on it ok.
  • Choose the Pariser tab and click on the first item “Use the Parser”. The value of “yes” should appear.

In fact, now the plugin will work on Android TV or other TVs after introducing a link to Torrserv, but provided that you have already set up a local server. If such a procedure has not been carried out earlier, you will have to perform it right now.

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We set up Torrserv

Torrserv-an application that converts a torrent stream into http address. Its application is easily reproduced. It can be installed on almost any smartphone, tablet, TV and computer with Windows.

  • Download the APK file from the Internet. It is better to do this from the 4pda developers forum.
  • Through the built.In conductor, find the uploaded file and start it.
  • If a request for installation from “unknown sources” appears, we agree by activating this menu item in the settings (usually throws it here automatically, but it can also be found independently in the “Safety” settings section).
  • After installation, start the application and click on the “Add” button.
  • Click on the “Install/up” server “button.
install, widget, smart

Important! For Torrserver to work normally, it is important to assign a constant IP address to the device. This is easy to do through the settings of the router, if not configured by default.

Set up the connection of the application to the local server

  • We go to the LAMPA application to the “Settings” section (from the main menu or in the line on top, click on the gear button).
  • Open the Torrserver tab.
  • Click on the “main link” and enter here the IP address and the port that is displayed in Torrserver after the server is turned on.

It remains only to check the result by moving into any card with the film and running its torrent.

What to do if there is no account

If the SMART TV function for the first time on the LG TV, then it is necessary to register. The authorization process itself is not complicated, but some conditions must be observed. After connecting the device to the Internet, you need to choose the country where the user is located and the language convenient for work. It is important that all the data is correct, especially the location of the device. This will provide stable television functionality.

Before registration, the user will be provided an agreement that must be accepted. Otherwise, registration will not be carried out.

It should be remembered that the applications can be removed from the device and install new. Which allows you to use the TV for entertainment and pleasant leisure.