How to insert a SIM card into a Nokia phone

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When registering a tariff and concluding a contract, the owner of the phone receives an operator’s SIM card. It will need to be installed in a special slot inside the phone in order to be able to make calls and use the Internet.

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How to install two SIM cards in a smartphone

Most gadgets have the ability to install two SIM cards in addition to a memory card. The user can put 2 SIM cards in the battery compartment or in the hybrid tray and use both. It should be borne in mind that the SIM card installed in the slot with the SIM1 indicator will be the main one for calls, correspondence and the operation of 4G Internet. The second SIM, placed in SIM2, will only be able to catch 3G signals.

insert, card, nokia, phone

To install 2 SIM cards in the battery compartment, you need to do the following:

  • Turn off the device and remove the back cover from the phone. Take out the battery and find the SIM card slots;
  • If necessary, trim the SIM-cards to fit them to the size of the slot, or remove the SIM cards from the plastic, if there is a combined card;
  • Install SIM cards according to the directions (pay attention to SIM1 and SIM2). The contacts of the chips must match, otherwise the SIM cards will not work correctly;
  • Turn on the phone and check the work of SIM cards.

To install 2 SIM cards using a special tray, the user will need:

  • Turn off the device to avoid further problems. Using a paper clip, you will need to get the tray out of the phone case. To do this, press the end of a paper clip into the hole near the hybrid tray;
  • You will need to measure the SIM cards, or pull them out of the combined card. The tray uses Nano-SIM format. They are installed according to the picture below;
  • As a rule, the main SIM1 is in the first small compartment, and the second SIM2 is in the second. Some users prefer to use a memory card instead of a second SIM card.
  • After installing 2 SIM cards (or SIM cards and flash drive) in the compartment, you need to put the hybrid tray back into the phone. Then the device turns on, and the user checks the correct operation.

There is another method that hybrid tray owners use, however, it can damage the SIM card and flash drive. With it, you can successfully use 2 SIM cards and a MicroSD card. If you carefully follow the entire algorithm of actions, then the cards will function properly:

  • The device will need to be turned off. The tray should be removed from the compartment as described in the previous algorithm. The first SIM card SIM1 is cut off and installed in its compartment;
  • The main manipulations take place with the memory card and the second SIM card. You will need to remove the chip from the plastic. To do this, take a lighter and tweezers (it is convenient for them to hold the card), and the plastic heats up from the side of the operator’s logo. Microcircuits should not be damaged;
  • Carefully wipe off any remaining glue from the chip. You should make sure that the SIM-card is firmly attached to the USB stick. Using the Moment glue, fix the chip on the flash drive as shown in the picture. MicroSD pins must not overlap with the chip. After returning the tray to its place, you should check the operation of the device.
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Card slot under the cover

The latter method is most typical for push-button smartphones or some moisture-proof devices. For example for the tablet Sony Xperia Tablet Z.

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Installing a SIM card in the slot of the battery compartment

There are 2 ways to insert a SIM card into the device. The SIM card can be installed in the slot of the battery compartment, in other words, inside the phone itself. The installation procedure will be as follows:

  • The user will need to turn off the device so that there are no interruptions in work and the possible deletion of some files;
  • Often, the memory card is also installed in the slot of the battery compartment, so you will have to install the SIM and MicroSD at the same time. You need to turn the phone over and remove the back cover of the device. The device contains a battery that needs to be removed to open access to the slots;
  • Slots can be marked with SIM and MicroSD icons, but if they are not there, then yellow shiny contacts will be visible in the SIM card compartment for synchronization with the chip. It is necessary to install both cards so that they are located according to their sizes and contacts: the thin part of the MicroSD should be inside the device, and the inscriptions should be located with the front side towards the user. In the case of a SIM card, the microcircuit must be synchronized with the device inside, and the yellow contacts of the phone must match the gold chip of the card. The operator’s logo on the SIM card should be located towards the user with the front side;
  • Next, you need to put the battery back in the device and turn it on to check the operation. The gadget should display the SIM in the upper left or right corner (depending on the phone). It is also necessary to check the operation of MicroSD by going to the gallery and viewing the files. If everything is displayed correctly and the phone does not issue the “No SIM-card” command, then you can close the case cover and continue working with the phone.

How to install a regular SIM card in the Micro-SIM and Nano-SIM slot

Consider installing a SIM card in a slot in micro- and nano-SIM.

How the SIM card is installed

Today, there are two main options for how you can insert a SIM card into your phone. mini, micro, or nano format. So, most modern smartphones have a pull-out tray on the side of the gadget. This option is convenient for the user in that it is possible to replace the SIM card without having to turn off the phone.

The second option is to place the SIM card tray under the battery cover, and this design can be divided into two subspecies. The first is the tray is located directly under the battery, and the second is next to it. However, despite the different tray placement options, both require the battery to be removed.

Earlier, some manufacturers also used the third option for installing a SIM card. On the side of the device, there was a cover or shutter, behind which there was a compartment for the card. Unlike the ones widely used now, the tray does not slide out, but the SIM snapped into it. This option became inconvenient to use after micro and nano sim cards became widespread.

Depending on the option of installing a SIM card in your gadget, if the installation rules.

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So, if you have an iPhone, iPad, or a Samsung phone with a similar SIM card tray, then in order to correctly insert or change the SIM card, you do not have to disconnect your device.

To open the tray, you need a paper clip that comes with your device. However, if you lost it, or you needed to change the SIM card when the paper clip is not at hand, then you can use a regular stationery. However, in this case, you should consider its size, since using a thicker paper clip can lead to deformation of the tray lock.

Note that using a paperclip does not involve user effort and should not be pushed with excessive force. After inserting a paper clip into the opening of the tray, press until it clicks, after which the tray will be detached from the case.

Next, you need to get it out and install your SIM card in it, or two if this device is dual SIM. Please note that although the holes in the tray are through, there are sides on the bottom edge, into which the card is installed. Regardless of the manufacturer of the device, the SIM card is installed in the tray with the contacts down.

insert, card, nokia, phone

After you have installed the SIM card in the tray, you will need to insert it back into the device. At this point, you should be careful that the SIM card is completely immersed in the tray, and do not make efforts if it interferes with the installation of the tray into the phone.

How to Insert SIM in Nokia 105 | Put Nano/Micro Sim into Nokia 105

If you have a SIM card installed in a tray inside the phone, then before removing the back cover, we recommend turning off the phone. After removing the cover, take out the battery, insert the SIM card. Pay attention to the diagram, which is usually located near the slot. The card is usually installed with the contacts facing down. After that, install the battery, close the cover, and turn on the phone.

Types of SIM-cards

The evolution of SIM-cards is expressed in the form of a change in size and functionality, which is due to the emergence of new gadgets. Slots are not universal, so the operators have a problem: when purchasing a SIM card, the user should be able to insert it into the phone by himself without making a return. The operator in the office undertakes to inform the client about the SIM card and its features, and in case of uncertainty, you can ask the employee of the communication store to insert the card into the phone slot.

How to Insert SIM card into Nokia 106

The very first SIM cards were the size of a bank card, and most users never used them. Older phone models required such large cards because they were loaded and equipped with all the necessary circuits, which are now significantly reduced. These card models were produced from 1991 to 1996. and now they are out of production, being considered a rarity.

If you classify modern SIM cards, you get 3 types of SIM cards:

  • Mini-SIM. This model is considered standard, although it is not the very first, as already described above. For that time, comparing with the first models of SIM-cards, the SIM card seemed small. In addition, it is called a mini-SIM due to its size and small chip, since it was actively used for older generation devices. Mini-SIMs were purchased for phones such as Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, etc. With the help of these phones, it was possible to make calls and write text messages, and this was the end of their functionality. Now Mini-SIM is practically not used due to its size, in rare cases it is inserted into the slot of ordinary push-button telephones, which are still being marketed;
  • With the advent of new devices, specialists have developed Micro-SIM. Only the size of the SIM card has decreased, the chip and functionality remained the same, while the capabilities of the phones have greatly increased. Cutting off the plastic on the card meant that the SIM card itself did not take up much space and did not require a large slot, which made it possible to accommodate other components in the phone case. The modification had a positive effect on the operation and options of the device. Initially, the idea of ​​reducing the amount of plastic was visited by the creators of Apple, and the idea was implemented for the iPhone 4. Later, the innovation was popularized among other models of smartphones, thus Micro-SIM is the most widespread at the moment;
  • Nano-SIM is the smallest SIM that is known in the communication shops and device developers. It was designed for the iPhone 5 and rivals the previously described Micro-SIM card in popularity. Competitiveness is confirmed by the emergence of new smartphones, the slot of which can only accommodate nano-SIM. The Nano-SIM itself is just one chip, which has virtually no plastic on the sides. Another difference is the thinness of the chip compared to Micro-SIM.

In order not to get confused when buying a SIM card in the communication salon of the selected provider, you can ask for a combined format.

What to do if Nokia can’t see the SIM card?

Today, the question is becoming quite relevant, why the Nokia phone does not see the SIM card? Probably every cell phone owner has encountered this problem sometime. The staff of our service center will help you figure out this rather unpleasant situation.

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If Nokia does not see the SIM card, the first step is to determine what the problem is: the phone or the card. To do this, you need to try to replace it, perhaps it is out of order. If the SIM card is working properly, the problems may be as follows:

In most cases Nokia will not detect the SIM (SIM) card if it is defective itself, its holders or the electronic components of the phone. Naturally, if Nokia loses its SIM card, it does not allow the use of cellular services. SIM card often becomes unusable as a result of careless handling.

In order for such a sad story not to happen to you, you must adhere to several rules during their operation of Nokia:

The girl dropped her phone into the water, after which he does not see the card. She made the right decision. turned to us for help. Our service center made a diagnosis and found that there was a short circuit on the board. After a couple of hours, the device started working again and post-repair quality control showed that the mobile was fully functional. The girl received a guarantee for the message of the phone.

By purchasing a mobile phone, we count on its long-term operation. But it is not always possible to avoid unpleasant situations. If you still run into trouble. Nokia does not recognize the SIM card, then go to our service center without slowdowns and long thoughts. We do not recommend repairing Nokia on your own, as unskilled intervention often leads to disastrous results, and it becomes more and more difficult to restore work. Thanks to the use of special equipment, we will quickly carry out diagnostics, which is absolutely free. We have original parts in stock, and this allows us to quickly and efficiently repair the device. We are suppliers of spare parts for the whole of Russia. After repair, the device undergoes quality control. And you get a guarantee not only for the replacement part, but for the entire device. After the first renovation, you will receive a vip client card and a discount of 10%.40%. We will solve all technical issues and make sure that your equipment works as much as possible.

The best conditions of service only in our service!