How to give the Internet tablet Samsung. iPhone as a USB modem

How to distribute the Internet from the Samsung smartphone (Android 7.0) by wi-fi

In this small instruction, I will show how to give the Internet via Wi-Fi from the Samsung phone. I had the opportunity to write instructions on the example of the Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone, with an already installed new Android 7 system.0 nougat. The same as on Samsung Galaxy S8 and other models. I think this article will be relevant for a long time and will be useful to many. In fact, setting the function “Access point and modem” on Android 7.0 is very simple, as on other versions and devices. But many users have all questions about this function.

We will distribute mobile Internet on Wi-Fi network to other devices. You can connect other smartphones, laptops, TVs and other devices. Samsung phone will be in the role of a router. In the settings “Access point and modem” can also be distributed to the Internet via Bluetooth and even on USB cable. Bluetooth is not very relevant now, but the cable can come in handy. For example, if you need an Internet on a stationary computer on which there is no Wi-Fi adapter. You can use the phone as a wired modem to enter the Internet via mobile operator.

note! Since we will distribute mobile Internet, I advise you to clarify the terms of your tariff plan. What is your megabyte limit and what is the limit on the limit. The device connected to the access point can pump out all the traffic, and an additional fee may be charged.

Some operators block the distribution of the Internet to other devices. Therefore, there is an option that it may not work will share the Internet.

Wi-Fi Internet distribution from Samsung

Open the upper curtain. If your mobile Internet is disconnected, then turn on the “mobile. data “and go to the settings. In the settings, open the “Connections” section.

Then we open the section “Access point and modem”. We turn on the distribution of Wi-Fi with a switch opposite the “Mobile Access Point” item. The status of “inclusive” should appear. If you have Wi-Fi, then the phone will offer it to turn off.

If you notice, then there is an opportunity to activate a Bluetooth modem and a USB modem.

Our Samsung is already distributing a Wi-Fi network to which we can connect our devices. By default, the smartphone itself sets the name of the network and password. To see them and change them, as well as see the list of connected devices, just click on the “Mobile Access Point” item itself.

Network and password, if desired, can be changed. Just click on them and change. The password should be at least 8 characters, and the name of the network in English letters.

I connected my laptop on Windows 10 to the Wi-Fi network, which Samsung Galaxy J5 distributes. The device immediately appeared in the list of connected devices. If you press it, you can see some information, or change the name of the device.

In my case, the Internet on a laptop through a smartphone Samsung earned immediately and without problems. In the screenshots above, you probably noticed that it is only 2G (edge). Using such an Internet on a computer, of course, is not very nice. But now a very good 3G/4G coating, and everything flies there. Even if you distribute the Internet for several devices at the same time.

If you plan to use the function of a mobile access point somewhere in nature, I advise you to take a blank, since a mobile Internet paired with an access point will very quickly put your smartphone battery. I also advise you to disable this function when you do not need it. Well, follow the expenditure of traffic and the conditions of your tariff plan. So as not to get a “terrible” account for mobile Internet.

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Smartphone like a USB modem

Samsung uses the Android operating system in his work. In this case, the provision of the Internet as an access point is one of the standard functions. Providing this communication service is possible by connecting to a stationary computer or laptop through a USB port.

  • To do this, install the necessary network settings on the phone and initialize the access point.
  • You need to connect with the port of the USB computer using a wire.
  • On the phone, it is necessary to initialize the connection. To do this, go to the settings, and then in the connection.
  • Go to the “Access point” page.
  • Now you need to pay attention to “other networks”, and then click on “more”.
  • In the menu that appears, click on the “USB modem”. In this case, in front of the text, a mark should be established.

After a few seconds, without any additional actions, a badge will appear in the Windows Trea, indicating the presence of a connection with the Internet.

Important! If there are problems with communication, then first of all you can check how much traffic was paid on a smartphone. Another common cause may be the insufficient power of the signal accepted by Samsung.

This connection method has its advantages:

  • In parallel with the Internet, the phone is charged thanks to USB connection.
  • In some cases, the speed may be higher than with a wireless connection.

At the same time, you can pay attention to the fact that when using a non.original connecting wire, the communication speed can significantly decrease. It is also necessary to understand that only one device is possible to connect in this way at the same time.

Use as Access Point

When using a smartphone as an access point, it is necessary to take into account the following:

  • Internet distribution is outgoing traffic. Incoming through the networks of a mobile operator. It is usually limited. Before turning on the access point, it is necessary to control the existing traffic balance.
  • Not all operators allow you to distribute Wi-Fi. Some of them are banning such actions.
  • In some packages, a slowdown in communication may be provided in such cases. And to make it quickly resolved for a fee.
  • When the smartphone takes on an additional load as an access point, this significantly increases energy consumption. The charge can end much faster than the owner awaits this.
  • On hot summer days, it is necessary to take into account that work in access points can lead to overheating of the device and its breakdown.

When the phone helps access to the world network to other devices, traffic consumption usually increases sharply. This method of providing communication may be more expensive.

Wi-Fi Modem

Android has a built-in Wi-Fi modem function. We will show an example on the Honor 8 Lite device to control EMUI 8. On devices of other manufacturers, the process should be similar. To access this function, open the settings screen of your phone, click on the “Wireless Network” item and click “Modem mode”.

Press the “Wi-Fi access point” and then “configure the Wi-Fi access point” and you can configure the Wi-Fi access point of your phone, change its SSID identifier (name) and password. Leave WPA2 PSK if you do not need to use an older device that does not support this encryption standard. WPA2 PSK is the safest option if you do not want other people to connect to your access point and use your traffic.

After setting the parameters, turn on the access point. Now you can connect to the Wi-Fi access point of your phone from your laptop, tablet or any other device.

Bluetooth modem

You can also choose a modem via Bluetooth connection. If your laptop has a built-in Bluetooth, you can turn on Bluetooth on your phone and turn on the Bluetooth modem.

First, you need to connect the computer to the phone. In Windows 10, open the Bluetooth menu and make sure that the device is available for detection.

On the phone go to the Bluetooth settings and find new conjugation devices. Wait for your computer to appear. When it appears, click on it to start the conjugation process.

When both devices begin to exchange data, you will receive a hint for each request to confirm that the unique code is the same on the devices. If this is so (and it should be so), click “connect” both on the phone and on the computer. After that, they must be connected via Bluetooth.

Now that the devices are connected, you are almost ready to use the Bluetooth modem function. First return to the modem mode on the phone, then turn on the Bluetooth modem.

Returning to the computer, click the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar with the right mouse button and select “join your personal network”.

When this menu opens, your phone should be present in the list. Click on it, then in the opening list “connect via”. Select “Access point”.

Now you can use the Bluetooth connection for Internet access.

How to give the Internet tablet Samsung

Quite often there are situations when you need to use the Internet from a tablet or laptop, but neither Wi-Fi access points, nor wired connection to the global network nearby. The solution to this issue can be a mobile Internet that can be distributed from your smartphone for use on any other devices with a Wi-Fi module. How to give the Internet on Samsung?

First of all, you need to make sure that the mobile Internet is working on the smartphone, because it will be distributed via Wi-Fi for other devices.

If everything is in order with the Internet, we go to the “Connections” section in the smartphone settings and click on the “Mobile Point and modem” item.

After that, click on the point “Mobile access point”, if necessary, change the name of the future access point and password for its connection, and then we activate the switch near the “Disabered” item. The function of the mobile access point allows you to simultaneously connect up to 10 different devices that receive the Internet using the mobile data of the phone. It is worth noting that this function increases the battery charge consumption directly proportional to the number of connected devices.

In the future (after the name and password are configured), you can activate the mobile access point through the quick access menu by pressing the corresponding button.

In addition to a laptop or tablet, you can also give the Internet from a phone to the Samsung TV, but do not forget that an additional fee can be charged for using the Internet, and video content in high quality contributes to the rapid consumption of Internet traffic.

how to connect dongle sim to samsung tablet A

How to give the Internet from phone to tablet

Below I described the methods of distribution of the Internet for different devices

On the iPhone-ah and iPad-ah with the signature of Cellular (it means that mobile communications are supported via the SIM card) is the function of the wireless modem mode.

Through it, the device becomes a Wi-Fi access point to which other gadgets can be connected, including a tablet computer.

Instructions for distributing the Internet from a mobile device from Apple:

To see the name of the created Wi-Fi network when distributing the Internet with the iPhone, you need to click on the “Wi-Fi password” item. In addition to the name here you can change the password, which should consist of at least eight characters.


There are several methods for distributing the Internet to the tablet from the device running the Android operating system: via a wireless network, via USB, through Bluetooth.

Important! Since the firmware and versions of Android are different, all the names of points and tabs in the following instructions may vary.

Wireless network

The most popular and convenient version of Wi-Fi distribution from a tablet or phone is Wi-Fi access point. So you can use a mobile network from another device without wired connections. This method is also faster than another wireless way through Bluetooth.

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the “Wireless Connections” section.
  • Click on the inscription “Access point Wi-Fi”.
  • Activate the access point by placing the slider to the on position.

In this tab, you can set up a wireless access point by changing the name of the network, password and frequency signal range. The last setting happens only on the flagship phones, there are two choice in it: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

All gadgets support the range of 2.4 GHz, it works slower than 5 GHz, but has a more extended area of ​​action. The increased speed of 5 GHz is justified by the fact that this range is practically not filled with other users, whether it be neighbors or other users.

Important! When distributing an access point of 5 GHz, the receiving side on a laptop or tablet should support this range.

USB cable

In this case, connection is required via a USB cable. Most often, the method is used to distribute the Internet to a computer or laptop, because standard chargers can be connected to the gadget, and the other to PC.

Therefore, for distribution from a smartphone to a tablet, you will need the corresponding cable.

  • Open the settings on the smartphone.
  • Go to “connection” or “more”.
  • Then open the section “Access point”.
  • Tap to the “USB-modem” tab.
  • Connect the device via a USB pipeline.
  • Move the slider on the phone to the on position.

This method is convenient in that there are no passwords and names of networks here. Just connect the wire and use the smartphone as a modem with a mobile Internet.

Bluetooth shield

The second option is for a wireless connection, but this time already according to Bluetooth. To do this, you need to have a Bluetooth module both on the phone and on the tablet computer.

  • Go to the settings.
  • Open the section “Wireless networks”.
  • Tap on the inscription “Modem mode”.
  • Select the “Bluetooth Modem” item, activating the function.

Thus, the network will be distributed through Bluetooth. For automatic connection, you need to conjure the devices.

How to connect to someone else’s Internet

The Internet connection is performed quickly, and a specific list of actions depends on the type of connection. If a wireless access point is used, then just turn on the search for Wi-Fi networks by selecting the desired point from the list and entering the password to it.

For a USB modem, nothing needs to be done, since if nothing is connected on the acceptor, then it will find the device and offer to join it.

If this does not happen (in the case of a computer), you need to go to the “control panel” through the start menu, open “network connections”, find the option in local networks and connect to it.

Well, in the case of Bluetooth, it is necessary to enable this wireless way, find a smartphone in the list of Bluetooth devices, press it and enter a password.

There are restrictions, low speed, without access to the Internet

It happens that we set up the distribution of the Internet, everything works on the phone, connected other devices, but the Internet does not work on them. Or it works, but very slowly, low speed. Or maybe it only works for some time, after which the message appears “without access to the Internet”. It happens that SMS comes from the operator, with information about writing off a certain sum, or that the traffic limit ends.

All this can be for various reasons. For example, low speed due to the fact that your phone does not even catch 3G, but uses a 2G network. Or “without access to the Internet” on the same computer because of some kind of problems in Windows (in this case, try to distribute to another computer). But most often the reason is the restrictions on the part of the mobile operator.

I wrote about this at the very beginning of the article. Indeed, now almost all operators, on almost all tariff plans, either completely forbid their subscribers to distribute the Internet to other devices, or they limit this opportunity, or remove an additional fee for this. Even at unlimited tariffs. I already talked about this in a separate article: the Internet does not work when distributing from the phone.

If this is your case, then there are not many options:

  • Will agree to the terms of the operator (usually this is an additional fee).
  • Do not give the Internet from your smartphone. Or change the tariff to another where it is allowed to do.
  • Use a variety of ways to circumvent blocking. Actual solutions can be found in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the article on the link above. Only if it was not difficult to get around these restrictions earlier, then in 2020 the same MTS began to use more serious technologists to determine the “violators”. In addition to TTL, they are monitored by requests that come from the devices you connected. For example, when Windows, antivirus, or other programs are updated. There are requests that should not be when using an Internet connection only on the phone.

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Windows 10. All instructions for setting up the Internet and solving problems

Roter setup. Instructions for different models and manufacturers

Useful programs. for configuring Hotspot, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G modems. Entrance to the settings of a router or modem.

How to configure the Samsung Galaxy smartphone in Wi-Fi Rooter mode

In order to distribute Wi-Fi from a smartphone or tablet Samsung Galaxy, you need to perform a series of simple actions. The first thing to need is to connect to a mobile Internet, it is from it that we are going to distribute. For stable speed, it is recommended to connect to 3G or 4G, since a simple mobile Internet is quite slow.

In different firmware and smartphone models, this is done in different ways, however, in each case, first you need to go into “settings”, and then click on the menu item “”. Further, depending on the firmware version, there may be different points: in one version of the OS, the item is called the “modem mode”, in others it is “access point Wlan” or “personal access point”. One way or another, the same function is hidden under this item, it is it that allows you to make the Internet distribution work.

How to configure an access point, more details will be said later.

Using settings

The modem function works on almost any smartphones, this applies even to fairly old models. So, even on Samsung Galaxy A1000 Wi-Fi distribution is carried out without the slightest problems and interruptions.

To safely enable access points on Samsung Galaxy, you must first put the password and change other settings. If this is not done, then anyone can connect, which means that this user will be able to spend your precious traffic or, even worse, try to enter the device and steal any data.

How to distribute the Internet

It was impossible to give out Wi-Fi from a mobile device not so long ago. Fortunately, relatively recently, Wi-Fi Direct technology has been introduced into modern devices. What is Wi-Fi Direct, and for what purposes it is needed? In fact, this is a special technology that allows you to distribute the Internet directly from android, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. In this case, the need for an intermediary in the form of a router is absent. This possibility is implemented using a special hardware module, which is built into a mobile gadget.

The ability to distribute the Internet from the iPad and other mobile devices appeared relatively recently. Consider several ways to give the Internet from a mobile device to a tablet, phone, laptop, computer, etc.

Modem mode

Perhaps the simplest way to distribute Wi-Fi from the phone is to use the so-called modem mode. With it, you can share the Internet with other users.

Consider the process of its activation on the example of a smartphone from Samsung. So, to enable the modem mode, you need:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu. There you need to find the “connection” item and slip on it.
  • Then you need to go to the section called “Access point and modem”.
  • There is the point “Mobile access point”, and on the contrary, you can notice the switch. Click on it to activate the modem mode.

After conducting the above manipulations, a mobile access point is activated, and your phone will be able to act as a router. You can distribute the Internet from a phone to a laptop and other devices that have a Wi-Fi hardware module.

iPhone : Setting a static IP address for wireless network | NETVN

Attention! Before turning on the Internet distribution, make sure that your tariff plan provides you with mobile traffic.

Connection to Wi-Fui from a tablet

You can connect any device that supports work with wireless networks to the modem operating modem. For example, it could be a phone. To do this, you need to activate Wi-Fi on it and select an access point created on the tablet from the list. After introducing the password, the Internet will work.

Important! If a data transfer fails on the tablet or the traffic limit ends, then the Internet connection with the phone will remain, but the data will not be transmitted.

In addition, you can connect the tablet to the TV in the same way. For this, it is necessary that TV and gadget are united by one access point. In addition, a special application will be required. The most convenient and common. Media Server.

It is possible to connect to the network using a USB connection on a computer. For this you need:

  • Connect the tablet using a cable to the port on a laptop or computer, after which there will be an automatic installation of drivers.
  • If this does not happen, you need to download them yourself from the site of the tablet manufacturer.
  • After that, select: “Settings”-“Wireless Networks”-“Still”-“Modem mode”-“USB modem”.
  • To activate the Internet connection on the computer, you need to go to the “Network Connections”, click on the menu on “Local network connection” with the right mouse button and select “Turn on”.

Features of distribution on tablets of different manufacturers

There are no special differences as such. The only thing that is essential is that on Android gadgets many manufacturers have provided the function of automatic disconnection of the access point if the network is inactive over a certain period of time. Therefore, you need to disconnect and re-make an Internet connection.

note! The option can be configured in the “Wlan access point”. “Auto Skipling”, selecting “always enabled”.

Internet distribution from the tablet using a Wi-Fi network is possible due to the modem mode, which is very convenient. It allows you to use the device as a conventional router. You can configure the Internet connection from any other home device and use all the benefits of the global network. However, do not forget about the limit of mobile traffic.

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