How to give an Internet tablet with iPhone. How to enable the Internet distribution on the iPhone?

How to give the Internet with iOS and Android

First, make sure your tariff allows you not to worry about traffic much.

  • Make sure you have 3G/LTE and cellular data are included. To check this, open “Settings” → “Cellular Communication” → “Cellular Data” (convert the runner to the OPL mode.) → “Data Parameters” → “Voice and Data” → LTE (if any) or 3G.
  • After that, we turn on the modem mode as follows: “Settings” → “Modem mode” → Translate the “Modem mode” run to the state.
  • Ask the password in the “Password Wi-Fi” line.

Ready: Our gadget works in modem mode. It remains just to connect to him from the device that you need to distribute the Internet.

By Wi-Fi: on the device on which you need to shake the Internet, click on the Wi-Fi icon and select from the iPhone or iPad list from which the Internet is distributed.

According to Bluetooth: On another device, turn on Bluetooth and select from the iPhone or iPad list from which the Internet is distributed. It is important that both devices are available for detection.

By USB: Connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer via a USB cable. If when the modem mode is turned on, the system asks which connection to use, choose “only USB”. Then the OS itself will determine the new device and automatically connect to the network. The successful connection indicator will be a blue strip at the top of the iPhone/iPad screen with an icon similar to two linked chains and a small number 1.

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What you need to know?

Before turning on the Internet distribution on the iPhone, you need to take into account a few nuances.

  • What is the tariff plan connected. Often the traffic of the Internet is limited, and you risk it to use it.
  • Which coating area is used. The speed of the Internet will depend on this. If 4G (lte) works, then there will be no interruption. 3G can be more problems, when connecting Edge on the Internet, you can not count.
  • Battery charge. When distributing a Wi-Fi, the battery is quickly discharged, therefore, without connecting to the network, it is better not to use the phone as a modem for a long time.

The icon “Modem mode” is missing

Often, users complain that the icon from the menu or line in the settings has disappeared where you can activate the function. Often this happens when iOS updates. How to fix this problem?

  • We go to the “settings” of the phone.
  • We cross the “Cellular Communication” tab, after click “Cellular Data Transfer Networks”.
  • Now we open the item “Modem mode”.
  • Here you need to specify APN, user name and password that are relevant for your operator. They can be recognized by contacting support, or look at the official website.
  • After you indicated the data, the line of the function should appear in the “settings”.
  • If this does not happen, you need to restart the phone.

In the future, if the function disappears, then you can correct this by repeating the algorithm of action.

After correcting the error, you can consider how to turn on the Internet distribution on the iPhone 4s. The instruction is suitable for all IOS versions, the only difference is the location of the function in the control panel. Note, depending on the chosen distribution method, you may need Wi-Fi activation. To know, How to turn it on WiFI on the iPhone can be in a separate article.

What to do if the point of the modem mode is not in the settings

It happens, however, that the modem mode is absent in the settings. Then we must take such steps:

To begin with, you need to make sure if the data network is working on the device. mobile Internet (instruction). If it works, but the mode still does not appear, then we move on to the next step;

We go to settings and go along the path Cellular communication → Cellular data transfer network → Cell data (for past versions iOS, the path is slightly different: cellular communication → Data Parameters → Cellular data transfer network → Cellular data);

Here it is necessary to fill the fields in the sections cell data and the modem mode. There you will need to enter APN, user name and password of your mobile operator. The operator usually sends these data automatically when installing a SIM card. You can also clarify them by calling the operator, calling your tariff plan.

For example, for the Belarusian MTS, the data is as follows:

APN: MTS User Name: MTS Password: MTS

APN data, user’s name and password of some Belarusian and Ukrainian operators can be found on this page.

If the mode does not appear after entering the data, then the device must be reloaded. After rebooting, we turn on the modem mode, select the item enable Wi-Fi and set the password. The blue strip at the top of the screen will indicate a successful connection.


When the smartphone is connected to the PC via USB port:

  • It is discharged faster than usual, but when connecting via USB, the battery charge remains at the same level, and in the moments of “downtime” it gradually charges.
  • GSM module is active, so SMS and calls you can accept.
  • With an incoming or outgoing call, the Internet is interrupted. Restored at the end of the conversation.
  • The entrance to the global network with the iPhone will also be available.
  • Mobile operators’ traffic tariffs are considered by the number of obtained and sent packages.
  • If you do not unlimited, you can check the condition of the traffic in the settings of the network adapter, opening the parameter “condition”.

Windows 10 has a function of installing a limit of traffic used. She will help not to leave the minus and stop the traffic supply in time.

Traffic limit

Using the iPhone as a modem connected via USB to a PC or laptop with Windows 7 or 10, set the traffic limiter in this way:

The system will notify the imminent end of traffic and block access when spent on the entire package.

How to distribute the Internet from smartphone or tablet to Smart TV

Step 1. Turn on the mobile Internet

First you need to make sure that the mobile Internet is included. otherwise it is not from the sun to distribute it to us? This can be done in several ways. the most convenient, for me, through the curtain. But the most universal for any model (including the indicated iPhone 5-5S-6)-through the menu. We do this:

At this step, the Internet should appear on your phone (if it has already been, you can proceed to the next section). If something does not work out-do not hesitate to call your cell operator. Activation of a mobile network makes the “modem mode” mode settings affordable.

Step 2. modem mode

Now it remains only to create an access point and turn on the distribution:

give, internet, iphone, enable, distribution

That’s all. the access point will be created, other devices with the installed password can freely connect to you. If you suddenly need to turn off the distribution. come here again and just turn off the modem mode.

Remember that the Комментарии и мнения владельцев are always open to you below. I will answer at the first opportunity to any question. Have a nice day, everyone!

Turn on the modem mode

From this moment, the smartphone can be used to distribute the Internet in one of three ways:

  • Through Wi-Fi. To do this, from another gadget, open a list of available wi-fi points. Select the name of the current access point and indicate the password for it. After a couple of moments, the connection will be performed.
  • Through Bluetooth. This wireless connection can also be used to connect to the access point. Make sure the iPhone is activated by Bluetooth. On another device, open the search for Bluetooth devices and select the iPhone. Create a couple, after which Internet access will be established.

When the phone will be used as a modem, a blue string that reports the number of connected devices appears at the top of the screen. With its help, you can clearly control when someone connects to the phone.

give, internet, iphone, enable, distribution

If the iPhone does not have the “modem mode” button

Many iPhone users, setting up the modem mode for the first time, are faced with the absence of this item on the phone. This is due to the fact that the necessary settings of the operator are not included in the gadget. In this case, you can solve the problem by prescribing them manually.


If you have any difficulties in setting up the modem mode on the iPhone, ask your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев-we will try to help solve the problem.

How to distribute Wi-Fi from iPhone to a computer and laptop

This method will be especially relevant for laptops, as they should be installed by default Wi-Fi module. On PC, such a module often needs to be bought separately if the motherboard does not support it.

Open the phone settings, go to the “modem mode” section and activate. If desired, you can immediately change the password from Wi-Fi, by pressing it in this section.

On the laptop or PC with the Windows 10, 7 or others operating system, click on the Wi-Fi connection icon in the taskbar, turn it on if it is inactive and find the network created by the iPhone. Connect to it and enter the password indicated on the phone.

give, internet, iphone, enable, distribution

Interesting! About how to share access to the World Wide Web with other phones: iPhone and Android, is written in the material. how to distribute the Internet with iPhone. There you will find detailed and visual instructions on how to do it.

How to give the Internet from iPhone to a computer via USB

Let’s start with the simplest way to distribute the Internet from our iPhone on a PC or laptop with the Windows 10, 7, 8 and earlier operating system. using Lighting Cables. This instruction will be especially relevant for those who do not have a Wi-Fi module on the computer.

Important! ITUNES will need to be installed on the computer, download it from the official site and install it before starting, otherwise the connection simply will not be created.

Connect the phone to PC via Lightning cable. Go to its settings, go to the “modem mode” section and make active. If you are offered to choose the type of connection: by Wi-Fi and USB or Bluetooth-select Wi-Fi and USB.

A new connection will be created on the computer, the connection will occur automatically. If this does not happen, connect to him and immediately be able to go to the network. Everything is done as simple as possible:

a) Click the right mouse button to the connection icon in the taskbar and select “Open the Network and the Internet“.

b) In the section of changes in the network parameters, open “Adapter settings”.

c) there are all the units existing on this moment, among them there should be a network created by the iPhone. connect to it.

Interesting! If the Internet distribution is interrupted when calling or receiving SMS, this is not a connection problem, then you have 3G communication. There is nothing to be done here, these are features of this type of connection. LTE and 4G have no such problem.

If the modem mode is not available

But it can also happen that the point “Modem mode” in the settings is inactive (highlighted in gray) or is not even absent. In this case, select the “Cellular Communication” item in the settings and enable data transfer (“cell data”).

It is also useful to go to the “Data Parameters” section. “Cellular data transfer network” and scroll down down to make sure that the APN field, user name and password are filled and correspond to the now used mobile operator.

Usually the Internet connection is adjusted by providers automatically. But malfunctions and non.standard situations are possible. If the listed fields are not filled or filled incorrectly, you need to get the current parameters from the operator.

The appearance of iOS settings over the years practically does not change. Knowing how to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi or USB with iPhone 5s, you can easily figure out the most modern mobile gadgets from Apple.

Data transmission speed

You can distribute the Internet both by Wi-Fi and USB or Bluetooth. over, you can create several connections at the same time. For example, IPAD to attach Wi-Fi, and a stationary computer that does not have wireless modules is by USB.

When choosing how exactly to distribute the Internet from iPhone to a computer, do not forget about the data transfer speed. Wi-Fi provides sufficient speed for comfortable singing and for downloading files. Data transmission speed in USB depends on the version. 2.0, with which models 4, 4s, 5 and 6 are much slower Wi-Fi. But USB 3.0 and 4.0 show a solid speed. Bluetooth any of the existing versions is inferior to them by 2 orders of order.

Please note that the speed is determined by the most slow of the devices in pairs. Therefore, if you use iPhone 4s with USB 2.0 and the most modern laptop with USB 4.0, the data transfer rate in this bunch will still not exceed 480 Mbps/s.

Cellular data transfer. energy.intensive operation. The telephone battery will be discharged very quickly, so it makes sense immediately after turning on the modem mode, put the phone for charging.

Data transmission speed

On the final device, the Internet speed with the iPhone depends on several factors:

It will not be possible to influence the speed of transmission of the provider, and it depends mainly on the load of the network. The fastest way to distribute is Wi-Fi. It practically does not slow down the connection, and the Internet will be the same as on the smartphone. Bluetooth and USB noticeably slower. And it is better to use the wire.

With a wireless method of distribution with iPhone 6, keep the devices closer to each other. This will improve speed. Also, do not allow physical obstacles, especially if it does not catch the Internet.

If the data transfer disappears, check the network on the phone.

If the modem mode is not available

You cannot turn on the distribution if mobile Internet does not work. First you should check if the data transfer is turned off. The problem may consist in the APN settings: user name and other items. Find out what to do if the problem is in this, you can on the operator’s website.

I figure out why the distribution does not work, you should check the mobile network. You need to go to the settings and open “Mobile networks”. After determining the available options, you will need to choose your operator.

give, internet, iphone, enable, distribution

If none of this helped, try to restart the iPhone. Wait to turn on the cell and try again. In the case when everything is in order, but the modem mode is not available, this indicates problems with the wireless network module.