How To Find Xiaomi Earphones If Lost

How to find AirPods

You will need the Find iPhone app or the web version of the iCloud service.

After authorization in the application, you will see a list of devices connected to the Apple ID. To do this, go to the Find iPhone section on the website.

Choosing a headset in the list of devices.

Click the Play sound button.

The headphones will begin to play sound with increasing volume for two minutes. You can separately enable or disable playback on the right or left earphone.

How to find AirPods if they are lost

The AirPods headset has both disadvantages and a number of significant advantages that make using an accessory in a pair with an iPhone very convenient.

One of the great features of wireless headphones is the built-in search system. You can use it when you have lost one or a pair of headphones.

How AirPods search works

The search engine has its own characteristics and limitations that you should be aware of before using.

First, the system works if the earbuds are outside the charging case. They will play a sound signal to help you find the accessory.

Secondly, to send a signal, any of the gadgets that are paired with AirPods must be within the Bluetooth range. It is from him that the signal will be sent, if the headset is outside the range of the module, the signal will not be sent.

Thirdly, the headphones will be displayed on the map rather conditionally, which is clearly not enough to find the device, you will have to focus only on sound. You can only hear him in complete silence.

If the headphones are in the case, you will have to look for yourself, if the search area is large, you will have to walk to find the Bluetooth signal. Searching for the headset outdoors will not be successful, the sound being emitted outdoors is impossible to hear.

The app itself will tell you about the AirPods search capability.

The blue indicator will mark the device that is used to search for the headset, the green indicator next to AirPods indicates that the device is online. You can start searching. A gray light next to AirPods means the earbuds are turned off, low, out of range, or in a case.

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Setting up the TWS IS series headphones

The instruction is relevant for modifications TWS i11S, i7S, i12.

  • Activate blues on headphones.
  • On the phone, select a model by name, allow pairing.
  • A flashing blue light will notify you of a successful connection.
  • If pairing failed, you should restart the headphones. Press and hold the power button.

Connection rules without errors

Wireless headphones are not always capable of high-quality wireless communication. If you properly calibrate the headset, even the most budget model can get good voice and sound transmission. For stable operation, you will need to perform a number of SIMple steps.

1 Fully charge your wireless headphones, turn them on
2 Adjust headphone audio and microphone volume
3 Connect headphones and phone via Bluetooth
4 Evaluate the audibility of music and phone calls in headphones
five If necessary, re-adjust the volume of the gadget
6 Save optimal settings if automatic synchronization is not provided

Pairing Bluetooth Headphones with iPhone

Connecting wireless headphones and smartphones from Apple is no more difficult than connecting with Android devices.

Find the Bluetooth icon in the quick settings menu
Activate connection
Find the desired device in the list of available ones, click on the connect button.

If the required headset is not displayed in the list of available devices, you need to do the following:

  • Click on the “Add a new device” button.
  • If after that the gadget does not appear in the list of available ones, restart one or both devices.
  • Repeat the steps to connect and search for available devices.

The procedure for connecting Redmi from Xiaomi to each other

The connection of these wireless headphones is carried out as follows:

  • Cancels any interaction between the headset and other devices.
  • The headphones are turned off by holding the shutdown button for at least 5 seconds.
  • After the red LED indicators light up, re-press both keys for 15 seconds until the sensors begin to flash alternately red and white.
  • Then hold down the power key again for a couple of seconds until the left element finds the right one, after which it synchronizes with it.
  • Now you can connect the headset to your smartphone.

Is it possible to connect AirPods to “Android

Apple’s branded AirPods can also be used with Android phones. The connection process will, however, be slightly different:

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    Place the earbuds in the branded charging case. Press the button on the bottom of the case to activate charging.

Turn on the headphone charging

Wait until the LED in the case itself lights up, which will indicate that charging has begun.

The light in the case should light up

When the headphones are charging in the case, open the Android settings and the Bluetooth section. Turn on the technology and select AirPods from the list of found devices. Click on the item and confirm pairing.

Tap on the AirPods item in the list

Basic connection method

First, charge the earbuds fully and turn them on. For instructions on how to turn it on, see the instruction manual that comes with the device. If your model is at least mid-range, it should have a charge and power indicator. There must be a distance of at least 10 meters between the headphones and the phone (for expensive models, the parameter 100 meters may apply).

When the headphones are on, take your smartphone:

  • Run settings. Go to the “Bluetooth” section. He is usually one of the first on the list.
  • Slide the switch to the active position to enable wireless technology.

First enable “Bluetooth” in the settings

  • The smartphone will start searching for devices. This should include your headphone model. Tap on the item with its name.
  • If necessary, enter the pairing code. You will find it in the manual for the headphones. Usually the password is 0000.
  • Click on your headphones in the device list

    How to find Bluetooth headphones?

    June 17th, 2019 Ekaterina Vasilieva

    Headphones that connect to the phone via Bluetooth are more convenient than wired ones: nothing gets tangled, you can listen to music at a short distance from the phone. Plus, thin wires can be easily damaged. After that the headset becomes inoperative, you have to buy a new one. How to pair Bluetooth headphones with an Android phone if you just bought them?

    Phone connection

    The picture shows a sample of wireless headphones:

    Depending on the operating system installed in the device, access to the settings may vary. Therefore, a user who decided to figure out how to connect headphones to a phone, in addition to this article, should use the smartphone manufacturer’s instructions. It shows step by step the process of accessing the settings and the principle of changing the phone parameters in order to connect two devices wirelessly. Next, the connection method will be described using the example of an iPhone and a mobile phone with the Android operating system installed.

    The instruction will be useful for iPhone users of different models, which allow you to connect additional devices via wireless Bluetooth. The principle of connection is approximately the same for both specially designed products for the iPhone and equipment popular among users of smartphones from other manufacturers.

    Recommendations: How to charge wireless headphones, How to connect headphones to a TV, How to use wireless Bluetooth headphones

    Turn on your wireless headphones. The attached instructions should describe how to turn on the device and start the hardware discovery mode to establish a wireless connection. Typically, headsets have an indicator that glows in different colors, depending on the mode in which it is currently.

    In the phone, enter the mode of changing the operating parameters. That is, the user needs to find the “Settings” button on the screen, go to the menu, find “Wireless networks” in it and turn on Bluetooth.

    After a short wait, the smartphone will find the connected equipment and, depending on its settings, will offer or will not offer to enter an access password. If the user has not changed the default settings, then the wireless headphones will connect without asking for a password. How to change or find out the default password, the user will learn from the instructions included with the headset.

    By going to the Bluetooth settings settings, you can see all the devices connected wirelessly of this type. The user should see the connected wireless headphones in the list. If they are not there, then communication with the device has not been established, therefore, you should check the sequence of setting up and compare with the sequence indicated in this manual.

    After a successful connection, the user will see a special icon in the status bar of the smartphone, signaling the connection of wireless headphones.

    Owners of mobile phones running the Android operating system sometimes face the problem of connecting two devices wirelessly due to incorrect settings. Problems can arise not only with the combination of two devices, but also with music playback.

    Turn on the headset;

    Activate the data transfer mode via Bluetooth in the phone;

    Enter the wireless settings and start the search mode for new devices;

    Connect the found device by clicking on its name in the list of found equipment;

    Enter the code, if required;

    It is important that the sound goes not to the built-in speakers, but to the connected headphones, you need to enter the phone sound system settings and cancel the “Sound during a call” function;

    By activating the “Multimedia Sound” function, the user will be able to listen to music through wireless headphones.

    Not all models of wireless headphones support multimedia streaming. Such restrictions are introduced at the software level, so, if desired, the user can easily bypass them by installing the appropriate software.

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    The 7 best wireless earbuds for your phone, tablet or smartphone

    Establishing a wireless connection between the phone and headphones.

    Download and install the program.

    We launch the application and switch the broadcast of the audio stream to the headphones.

    The disadvantage of using software is the high energy consumption. The battery will drain quickly as the wireless data transmission is always active. To save battery, you will have to regularly disable the application manually.

    Usually, after a software update, there are various malfunctions in the connected devices. If after updating the operating system, the wireless headphones do not appear in the list of available devices for connection, try following the instructions below.

    Instructions for eliminating software failures:

    Reboot the operating system using the corresponding button on the screen.

    If it doesn’t help, do a system reset to return to factory settings. All important user data should be saved before resetting. Upon returning to factory settings, all user data will be permanently deleted.

    The last global way to solve all problems is to flash the device. This method will get rid of all software glitches, but if done incorrectly, can do more harm than good. Therefore, if all the above measures did not help to configure the wireless connection, then contact the service center.

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    05 December 2018

    Wireless Bluetooth headphones have started to appear more frequently in articles on our blog. And today I will show you how to connect wireless headphones via Bluetooth to a phone running the Android operating system using the example of Xiaomi. Despite the difference in the characteristics of various TWS earbuds with headset and microphone, they all connect to Android and iPhone according to the same principle. Therefore, this manual will be universal for all types of “headset”, whether it be pretentious JBL, Marshall Major, Apple Airpods or inexpensive iFans or Elari Nanopods from AliExpress.

    Connection through additional programs

    If you have a Bluetooth headset (used for talking on the phone, system sounds are transmitted through it), and not headphones, and it does not support A2DP technology, you SIMply cannot listen to music through it. You need to download and install the third-party program “Bluetooth mono router” in the “Play Store” by the link.

    Download the Bluetooth Mono Router software from the Play Store

    After installing the utility, turn on Bluetooth on the headset and phone, perform pairing as usual. Now run the program and turn on the router.

    How To Find Xiaomi Earphones If Lost

    Search options

    Finding headphones at home is easy. The most common case. The headphones fell into one of the technological slots of the sofa, got entangled in a pillowcase or duvet cover, and so on.

    Through the “Search” function

    The first company to take a responsible approach to the safety of lost devices is Apple. It was followed by others. Samsung, LG, Philips, Panasonic and dozens of purely Chinese firms, such as ZTE and Huawei: they all use the Android system in their gadgets. The “Find device” function works directly from the gadget and when switching from a PC to the site of the desired service. To use the Find Device (or Find Gadget) function, this function must be activated in advance. The user assigns a password for the smartphone and all devices with which this gadget periodically connects. Do the following:

    • Go to the icloud website from your mobile device or PC browser. Com and enter your username and password;
    • Go to the “Find iPhone” (or “Find Devices”) section and download a map of your region, city and / or district;
    • Select headphones connected to iPhone or iPad;
    • Zoom in (zoom in) until you see a possible geolocation where you last used them;
    • Click the Play Sound button; if the headphones are nearby, they will emit a trill or tone.

    Information about all devices connected to your iPhone or iPad, including Bluetooth headphones, is regularly recorded according to the dates and times of their use. Geolocation will indicate your recent actions: if the headphones were last used (or are currently being used) not in your city at all, and independently move away from your current location, and you have not gone anywhere from the city, then someone found them and took them away to yourself. In this case, it is necessary to involve law enforcement agencies in the case, providing them as material evidence the following:

    • Screenshots of location;
    • Box with the MAC address of the bluetooth headphones;
    • Information about your movement, which the police will ask your cellular provider.

    Via bluetooth

    Searching for lost headphones via Bluetooth makes sense when they have not had time to be completely discharged. To successfully detect them, they must be connected to a smartphone. The fact is that any modern device is hidden most of the time from being searched by other gadgets. Earlier. Released in the 2000s. Smartphones and mobile phones constantly “shone” on the air of Bluetooth. But 10 years ago, manufacturers made the visibility of Bluetooth devices optional, turned on for a few minutes upon request. Do the following:

    • Give the command “Settings. Wireless networks. Bluetooth”; the items and structure of the (sub) menu may differ between the iOS and Android operating systems;
    • Give the command “Bluetooth headset. Headphones and speakers. (searched device). Connect”.
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    If the connection fails, walk around the house (and area), apartment, periodically trying to connect to the headphones. Connections will not occur when the headphones are discharged or not added to the list of Bluetooth devices for this gadget in advance. Try to remember where you put them the last time before you need them again.

    If the connection was made, send them a command with a ringing signal: you will quickly find them using it. So, AirPods headphones play a ringing melody with a gradually increasing volume over two minutes. The distance between the “search” device and the headphones should not exceed 10 m. Hidden in the case, they also will not allow you to detect the loss.

    Reasons for the loss

    A user who has lost one or both headphones at once is primarily a person, not a robot. And negligence (carelessness) and forgetfulness will help him to prevent loss. Wired headphones connected by a headband are much more difficult to lose. Any of the wireless, if the headphones themselves, again, do not form a single system connected by a cable, may fall out of the ear if you move or tilt.

    Headphones lost at home are easy to find. Which cannot be said about losing them on the street. Any passer-by can find them. And use them. Despite any protection, he may never return them. And so that he is not tracked, use them outside the home.

    How to find headphones?

    Wireless headphones have a number of disadvantages, one of which is the ease of loss. Modern options, for example, AirPods, released by Apple as a convenient accessory for iPhones and iPads, do not have any wires at all. They have their own batteries, wireless devices and amplifiers powered by the earphone itself. In the article, we will take a closer look at how to find headphones.

    How to prevent loss?

    In case someone finds your headphones, assign your mobile number instead of the default device name. The finder will use it to contact you. But for a return he may demand a reward. Finding headphones if they are forgotten somewhere at home is an easy task. It is hardly possible to find them outside the home. Train yourself to keep all your frequently used items. And wireless headphones as well. In an easily accessible place so they won’t get lost.

    Search using cloud service Mi Cloud

    Still don’t have a Mi account? Then it’s time to register it. If you already have it, go to Mi Settings Mi Cloud Account

    Here you need to activate the “Find device” function (or Find device)

    Now, in case of loss, go to the website. Enter your username and password. There is a chance that the page will open in Chinese, you can change it by clicking on the icon at the top with a planet icon. We are interested in the Find device item.

    A map and a list of available devices will open. Click on the name and its position will be indicated on the map.

    At the bottom of the screen you will see four icons:

    • Located
    • Noise
    • Lost mode
    • Wipe devise

    With the first, everything is clear. It indicates a place on the map, let’s deal with the rest.

    Noise. Sound signal

    This button turns on the beeper at maximum volume. If Xiaomi is lost nearby, you can hear it. You can turn off the signal manually on the device itself.

    Lost mode. Remote device lock

    The phone can be locked so that no one can use it. You will see a message like this:

    • The device will be blocked if it is turned on and can be unlocked after the correct login and password from the Mi account
    • If the SIM card has been replaced, you will be notified of this

    Wipe device. Erase all data

    If you see that the phone is already far away and cannot be returned, you can take care of the safety of your personal data by completely clearing all memory. This will delete files both from the smartphone’s memory and from the sd card.

    How to find a Xiaomi phone if it is lost

    What to do if you lost your Xiaomi smartphone? There are two easy ways to find it, which we’ll cover in this article. Please note that for a successful search, the phone must have GPS activated or the Internet enabled.

    • Search using cloud service Mi Cloud
    • Noise. Sound signal
    • Lost mode. Remote device lock
    • Wipe device. Erase all data
    • Google search

    Google search

    For this method, you need a Google account and of course it must be added to your smartphone.

    To find your Xiaomi, go to and enter the data of the Google account associated with the smartphone. In addition to the map, you will see the name of the device (in our case, it is Xiaomi Redmi 3S) and the menu:

    Here, as in the case of Mi Cloud, you can ring the device, block or erase all data.