How to Find Another iPhone Using Locator

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When to turn off Find My iPhone

Without disabling Find iPhone, you will not be able to:

    restore the device in iTunes (the program will display a warning that this function must be disabled before restoring);

delete data from the device (Erase content and settings);

restore data from a backup to iTunes;

  • in case of a breakdown of the device, before contacting the service center.
  • Tip: Never turn off Find My iPhone except as described above.

    There are several ways (more precisely 4) how to disable the “Find iPhone” function, you can do this on iPhone and iPad (3 ways), on a Windows computer and Mac OS X, from any tablet and smartphone (including Android on board)

    Ways to Disable Find My iPhone

    • In the settings of the iPhone and iPad in the iCloud menu (2 ways).
    • Find iPhone iOS app (free download).
    • On a Windows computer and Mac OS X, on a tablet or smartphone (including Android) in the Find iPhone web app.

    In order to disable “Find iPhone” on the iPhone, the device from which the function is disabled must be connected to the Internet.

    How to disable Find My iPhone on Windows and Mac OS X computers, tablets or smartphones (including Android)

    Find My iPhone is not only a security feature and the iOS app of the same name, it’s also a web app on

    In addition to the device itself, you can control the function and its individual capabilities (loss mode, sound playback, erasing the device) via the Internet on the official iCloud website.

    Disable Find My iPhone on iPhone and iPad

    • On iPhone, go to Settings. iCloud.

    Turn off Find My iPhone switch.

    Enter your Apple ID (if not connected in device settings in the iCloud menu) and password.

    The security function will be disabled, and you will receive a corresponding notification to the primary email address specified in the Apple ID settings.

    4 Ways to Disable Find iPhone and Activation Lock on iPhone, iPad and Windows or Mac OS X Computer

    Let’s assume that your iPhone is out of order: it won’t turn on and doesn’t respond to button presses or connection to a computer. The service center employee refuses to take the device for repair, explaining the refusal by the fact that the “Find iPhone” function is enabled in the device, which must first be disabled. How to do it if your iPhone won’t turn on and you can’t access its settings?

    Today we’ll talk about why you need to disable the “Find iPhone” function and how you can do this.

    Of course, “Find iPhone” is a great feature that allows you to remotely control a lost or stolen iOS device, block it, send a text message and play sound, and erase personal data so that it does not fall into the hands of intruders. Activation Lock is a powerful tool that will prevent you from activating your device after a restore or firmware update until you enter your native Apple ID and password.

    On the one hand, both of these mechanisms are designed to protect the owners of iOS devices from theft and unauthorized use of personal data, on the other hand, there are cases when the rightful owners get stumped due to the work of these functions, I described one of these in the announcement.

    Indeed, when you contact the service center with a complaint about a broken iPhone, the center employee will ask you to disable the Find iPhone function, so that after recovery, which is required in 99 cases out of 100, the activation lock does not turn the device into a “brick”.

    How to disable the “Find iPhone” function in the iOS application of the same name on iPhone and iPad

    If for some reason (stolen, lost) you do not have access to your iOS device (iPhone or iPad, no difference), you can disable the Find iPhone function in it from any other iOS device.

      On the iPhone desktop, launch the Find My iPhone app.

    Enter your Apple ID and password.

    Wait until the status of all devices linked to your Apple ID is updated.

    On the line with the device on which you want to disable “Find iPhone”, swipe to the left. A red “Delete” button will appear to the right of the model name.

    Please note that you can only delete iPhone, iPad and Mac computer that is not connected to the Internet, with an offline status in the Find iPhone application. If your device is connected to the Internet, the “Delete” button will not appear.

    Confirm the deletion request. The device will be removed from the list, now you can restore the device via iTunes from DFU-mode or Recovery Mode, activation lock will not block the device at the initial setup stage.

    In normal mode, in order to restore a device or data from a backup, as well as to erase data from its memory, it will be necessary to disable “Find iPhone” on the device itself, without this iTunes will not perform the corresponding request.
    In addition, if the remote device is reconnected to the Internet before restoring or updating the firmware, it will reappear in the “All Devices” menu and Activation Lock will be activated on it and “Find My iPhone” is enabled, so after removing the device from iCloud, do not connect it to the Internet.

    Disable Find My iPhone on iPhone by Disabling All iCloud Features

    ICloud features (syncing mail, contacts, calendar, reminders, notes, Safari, keychain, photos, documents and data, and iCloud backup), including Find My iPhone, can be turned off individually or all at once. In the latter case, all functions are disabled simultaneously, for this:

      On iPhone (or iPad) go to Settings. iCloud.

    Tap on “Delete account” and confirm the request.

    Determine what to do with Safari data and iCloud contacts (delete or keep on iPhone).

    Enter the Apple ID and password to which the device is “linked” (displayed in the settings in the “iCloud” menu in the “Account” field)

    All iCloud features will be disabled. There will be no email notification.

    Disable Find My iPhone from iCloud

    • From any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet in a web browser, follow the link: and log in (enter the Apple ID and password with which the device is associated).

    In the navigation menu (top) click on “All devices” and select the device for which you want to disable the “Find iPhone” function.

    Click on “Erase [your device]” and confirm the request (click on “Erase” again).

    Enter the password for your Apple ID (you don’t have to enter the ID itself) and double-click on “Next” (you don’t need to enter the contact number and the text of the message as when activating iPhone Lost Mode), the final touch is “Done”.

    The request will be queued for execution and will be executed as soon as the iPhone is connected to the Internet.

    Erasing data and, as a result, disabling Find iPhone and Activation Lock, as opposed to deleting a device from iCloud, can be performed for iPhone, iPad and Mac computers, both connected to the Internet and not.

    As you may have noticed, the Find iPhone feature has a “self-preservation instinct” called Activation Lock. This blocking does not allow you to disable Find iPhone without entering the Apple ID and password with which the device is associated (tied). In all the described methods, to disable the function, entering the ID and password from the Apple account is a prerequisite and there is no way to bypass it.

    If you have any problems or questions. we will be happy to help in solving them, welcome to comments!

    Main functions

    Find My is a combination of Find My iPhone and Find My Friends. These are two similar programs that were preinstalled on iOS 9-12, have on the one hand similar, but on the other. different functionality. In particular, “Find iPhone” was intended to find a missing device, and the second program. to find friends on the map.

    Also, to the already existing functions, the ability to search for other Apple gadgets that were lying around was added. For example, AirPods or Apple Watch. As a result, users got a convenient application. And now you can find someone else’s iPhone, your own device or another device from the Apple ecosystem in the locator.

    About Locator

    Find My is a new solution from Apple. During development, the manufacturer set a goal to combine the functionality of several applications at once, so that the user can not only find the iPhone in the iOS 13 Locator, but also get additional features.

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    Download and installation order

    There is no need to take additional steps to download and install Find My if the iPhone is based on iOS 13. The application must already be preinstalled on the device. Therefore, it is important to carefully examine the desktop after the update, as well as the system folders.

    If you still can’t find Locator, you can download the app from the App Store. But owners of Apple devices on older operating systems like iOS 11 and iOS 12 shouldn’t even try to find a new program. Such users need to refer to the help of the Find iPhone and Find Friends applications to access the Locator functionality.

    How to use the app

    Since the program is new, not all users have managed to understand its features and functionality. It is also not very easy to immediately understand how to use the Find iPhone and Find Friends features. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully study the instructions before starting the application.

    Find another iPhone in Find My

    Many Apple iPhone owners are faced with the loss of their smartphone. Until recently, you had to use the Find My iPhone app to find your device, but in iOS 13 it disappeared. Now fans of “apple” are invited to find another iPhone through Locator, a new program created for similar purposes.

    How to add an iPhone to Find My

    The first time you launch the application, you must grant all required permissions. But that won’t help you find your iPhone with Find My. To activate this feature, open the settings and go to your Apple ID section. Next, you need to follow the path “Locator”. “Find iPhone”.

    Here you need to move all the sliders to the active position, that is, to the right:

    • “Find iPhone”. helps to manage the device remotely;
    • “Locator Network”. creates a local network between gadgets authorized in the application to search in the absence of access to the Internet or GPS;
    • Last Location. Providing Low Battery Information to Apple.

    You also need to activate the “Share location” option. It is located in the previous menu item. If the function is activated, you can share geolocation with your friends.

    Further, it is recommended to configure the parameters through the program “Locator” itself. Open the settings inside the application and move the slider to the right next to the “Friendship Requests” heading. This allows your friends to add your device so they can find another iPhone in Find My if needed.

    Individual friends can be added to the “Favorites” section. So you can always see where the right person is, and not look for a friend from the complete list of people who are located in the “Users” tab.

    Of the useful functions of the application, it is worth noting the ability to set a name for your favorite locations. For example, at home, work or cafes. The operation is performed by pressing the button “Name the current location”.

    To add a new person on your own and keep track of his location, you need to go to the “Users” tab and click the “Add” button. To add user gadgets (AirPods, Apple Watch and so on) use the “Devices” tab.

    Is it possible to find an iPhone by phone number

    Apple always cares about the safety of its users. This is expressed not only in the protection of confidential information using iOS, but also in the development of special functions designed to help in finding the iPhone if it is lost.

    In particular, Apple allows you to find an iPhone on a map by phone number through the Find My iPhone service. It is available to all iPhone owners, regardless of the model and version of the operating system. In addition, there is the option of determining the location of the device through a mobile operator or a third-party application. In most cases, the user will need to provide a phone number.

    Find My iPhone

    Find my iPhone service allows you to find your iPhone via your computer using a phone number. But he will not be able to help if the corresponding function has not been activated in the phone settings. To enable it you need:

    • Open iPhone Settings.
    • Go to your personal Apple ID profile.
    • Select iCloud and then Find iPhone.
    • Move the slider opposite the option of the same name to the right.

    If you managed to activate the option, and the phone itself was connected to the Internet, then the Find my iPhone service will be able to track the location of the device, as well as perform actions that simplify the search.

    To use Find iPhone:

    • Open on any of the currently available devices.
    • Enter the username and password associated with your Apple ID account.
    • Select “Find iPhone”.
    • Re-enter your account password and click the “Login” button.

    After that, the location of the device should appear on the map. Of course, there is no need to talk about the high accuracy of determining geolocation. Often, the Apple service has a discrepancy with real data up to 200 meters. But even such not the most accurate information will be enough to determine the approximate place where the iPhone is located, as well as to take the necessary actions with it.

    When you press the “i” button indicated near the point that is responsible for the current geolocation of the smartphone, you can select one of several options.

    If you select Play Sound, iPhone beeps and an alert appears on the device screen. This way you can easily find your iPhone nearby.

    The function will be useful for those who are close to the place where the device was lost. If the owner is far away, the sound reproduction can play a cruel joke, because a random passer-by will pay attention to the device before the owner appears.

    While you are looking for an Apple iPhone, it is recommended to enable Lost Mode. After selecting the item of the same name, a menu will open in front of the owner through which he can specify a message for the person who found the device.

    The device will display the message specified by the owner. Therefore, it is important to think about the text before writing it. You should clarify that the iPhone is lost and provide information about the loss with a phone number to contact. Then the person who found the device will be able to dial the owner and give him the iPhone.

    Finally, the Find my iPhone service provides the ability to delete all data stored in the smartphone’s memory. Clicking the “Erase iPhone” button will reset the settings completely. The option works only when connected to the Internet.

    Turning to this option is necessary if the owner no longer has hopes of finding an iPhone, and simply does not want third parties to gain access to confidential information.

    It is also worth noting that the Find my iPhone service can be used not only on a computer, but also on any other device. iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet via the proprietary Find iPhone application.

    How to find an iPhone through another iPhone by its phone number

    No Apple iPhone owner is safe from theft or loss of a mobile device. Such an attack happens quite often, often forcing users to go to extreme measures in search of a device. But at the same time, there are proven ways to find an iPhone by phone number or through specialized services. about all search options. below.

    Ways to Find iPhone

    When it becomes necessary to find an iPhone using a phone number, the owner of the device can use one of three main search methods:

    • Find iPhone function;
    • Find Friends service;
    • mobile operator service.

    Each of these options has its own characteristics and limitations. Therefore, it is recommended to consider all methods in order to identify the most suitable for a specific situation.

    Through a mobile operator

    Using Find My iPhone is not always appropriate. Especially if the option was not previously activated on the phone, and the Internet and geolocation are disabled on the Apple iPhone. In such a situation, one of the most effective search methods is to contact a mobile operator. After all, the SIM card can always be tracked, even if access to the Internet or location determination is limited on the smartphone.

    The catch is that the provision of geolocation information is possible only if a special service is connected from a telecom operator.

    • MTS. Locator (100 rubles / month);
    • Beeline. Locator (7p / day);
    • Megaphone. Radar (3-7r / day);
    • Tele2. Geopoisk (3 rubles / day).

    Another disadvantage of the proposed options is that they work on the principle of parental control. That is, you can only find the phone associated with the main number. And only in a situation when the connection of a third-party device to it was confirmed on the “tethered” device.

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to obtain information about the location of the iPhone by contacting your operator’s phone shop. Therefore, this method of search is unclaimed, despite the advantage in the face of determining the geolocation even with the Internet and GPS turned off.

    Find Friends service

    This is another service created by Apple. But, unlike Find my iPhone, it is not designed to locate the lost iPhone, but to display friends on a map. However, “Find Friends” can also help in finding Apple iPhone.

    The function works through the Find Friends app, which is automatically installed on all iPhones with iOS 9 and higher. But in order to find your lost device through it, the program must first be configured.

    Find iPhone via Apple Watch

    The method is suitable if the geolocation service is turned off on the iPhone. If the device was lost within the apartment and at the same time is paired with a “smart watch”:

    • Turn on Apple Watch and bring up the watch face (press the Digital Crown).
    • Launch Control Center. To do this, swipe up on the touchscreen.
    • An interface with available functions will open. Find the smartphone icon here and click on it.
    • After that, the iPhone will play a melody (even if silent mode is enabled).
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    When the phone is found, be sure to activate the Find iPhone service on it and allow the transfer of the last location to the server. This will help if next time you leave the device outside the apartment.

    Find iPhone with Find iPhone

    Find My iPhone is Apple’s proprietary service for finding and protecting Apple devices. Shows the location of the iPhone and allows you to lock it. Can only be used after preliminary configuration:

    • Using another phone, sign in to Find My iPhone with your Apple ID. It is available as a free download from the App Store.
    • If there is no access to another mobile device, then use the browser on your computer. Open the iCloud website and sign in with your Apple ID. You need to use the account of the lost device (even if it is turned off).
    • In the main menu of the cloud service, select the “Find iPhone” function and re-enter your Apple account information.
    • If you are using multiple devices, select the one you need from the list. After that, the smartphone will be displayed on the map. Click Play Sound to play the melody.
    • If the device is turned on, then it will be possible to additionally send a message to it with a request to call back to the specified number. The text will be displayed on the screen.
    • If the iPhone was lost outside the apartment, then you can find out the approximate location by geolocation. To do this, you must enable the additional option “Last location” on your device.

    The service can only be used if the lost iPhone is connected to the Internet. If it is turned off, then only its last location can be found.

    How to locate iPhone

    An accidentally lost or stolen iPhone can be found using built-in features or special apps. over, this can be done from a computer or other smartphone. Next, we will tell you how to find an iPhone using another iPhone and analyze other possible ways.

    How to find iPhone by IMEI

    IMEI is a unique 15-digit identifier that is assigned to each mobile device. It can be used to determine the location of the iPhone, but only if it has GPS or data enabled.

    If your device has been lost or stolen, follow these steps:

    • Add the iPhone IMEI to the online databases of stolen smartphones. This will help reduce the likelihood of the device being resold in the aftermarket.
    • Report the loss to law enforcement. To do this, you will have to additionally inform the device’s IMEI (available in the documentation, on the box) and Apple ID account details.
    • Try to find your iPhone yourself via IMEI-Poisk 2.0, TrackerPlus or SNDeepInfo. Relevant if found and connected to the network.

    If the attacker has time to turn off the device and replace the SIM card, then the last location of the iPhone can be found through the mobile operator. Information is provided only after an official request from law enforcement agencies. That is why in case of loss it is necessary to write a statement about theft.

    How to track a friend’s iPhone via “Find My Friends

    Find My Friends is a free mobile application that allows you to share geolocation data with your friends. Allows you to remotely search for a device in case of loss. How to see the location of another iPhone:

    After that, you can find your friend’s iPhone and vice versa. The application allows you to find out where the person is (user permission is required) and can be used to search for their devices.

    Search iPhone through a mobile operator

    You can track the location of any person by his phone number, for this you need to obtain his permission and connect a special service through a mobile operator. Features:

    • The cost of connection and other tariffication conditions differ depending on the company that provides communication services.
    • Not all cellular operators allow you to share your location with friends (even after getting permission).
    • You can even track a turned off smartphone.
    • No need to install additional applications. To search, just send a short USSD command or log in to your personal account on the mobile operator’s website.

    The service is suitable for those who want to track the location of children and relatives. Information can be accessed through your personal account or from another mobile phone. Specify features with the operator.

    How to find iPhone if it’s turned off

    If the device has run out of time or has been turned off, then you can find it by Apple ID. To do this, use the official “Find My iPhone” application. It shows the current location of the iPhone or sends information to the server before disconnecting. Instructions:

    • Download the Find My iPhone app to another Apple device and find it using your Apple ID (authorization required). Or go to the service via iCloud from a computer.
    • Turn on Lost Mode through the Find My iPhone service. This can be done through another phone or computer (after logging into the iCloud service using Apple ID). Then, after connecting the device to the network, the screen will display information with a request to contact the owner.

    iPhone sends geolocation data before shutting down. If after moving the device is connected to the Internet, the information on the map will be automatically updated.

    There are many ways to track down a stolen or accidentally forgotten iPhone. The easiest way to do this is to use the built-in Find My Phone service, but if it was not configured in advance, you will have to seek help from law enforcement agencies. Police officers will be able to find iPhone by IMEI.

    How Find iPhone works in iOS 13. Totally different

    IOS 13 has completely changed the Find iPhone app.

    Apple has combined the Find iPhone and Find Friends apps into one, now called Find My. It is very different from the old programs and is equipped with new functions.

    What changed

    ▪ there are now two tabs on the Latitude home page: Users (friends and family members) and Devices (your gadgets)

    ▪ there are three functions for each friend: view a contact, build a route to him and set up notifications

    You can set the name of the current location yourself

    The first tab of the application shows the devices of your friends who agreed to share the location.

    By selecting a user, you can view his exact location. Even the address will be written under the name.

    You are allowed to share your location with other people directly in Find.

    In addition, here you can quickly build a route to a contact, as well as see his card.

    Plus, set notifications either for yourself or for a person: about leaving the place where you are, or vice versa. to show when your friend left, plus share the location at a specific time.

    Alerts depend on the user’s geolocation and are triggered upon arrival or departure from a specific point

    ▪ in the Devices tab, you can additionally block the device remotely

    The second tab lists all your devices. The design of this menu has also changed.

    Here you can remotely play a sound, build a route to the device, notify it upon detection and mark the gadget as missing. And also erase the device or remove from the list.

    If the device is found, you will receive a corresponding message with exact geolocation by email

    Note: Removal from Find iPhone is not accompanied by an additional notification. The device will immediately disappear when you press this button, but will come back after restarting the application.

    Now your gadgets with iOS 13 are displayed even offline. How it works

    IOS 13 adds the ability to find a lost iPhone that is not connected to the Internet.

    With Find iPhone enabled, the device constantly uses energy-efficient Bluetooth LE technology to display its location. And even if the iPhone is turned off, the Bluetooth module remains active It practically does not drain the battery.

    Craig Federighi explained that it actually takes two Apple devices for Latitude to work properly. On the lost device, the geolocation data is encrypted, and on the second, it is decrypted.

    When you hit the search button on, for example, your laptop, the iPad downloads to Apple the same public key hash as the identifier. So Apple can search millions of encrypted locations stored and find the corresponding hash.

    Your lost device creates a secure network that sends a signal to the nearest Apple device. Even on someone else’s.

    Through it, the iPhone will be able to invisibly connect to the Internet and show where it is right now.

    How to install iOS 13 now: instructions and direct links

    Main screen

    Up to iOS 14, all standard and self-installed applications on the iPhone were added as a shortcut to one of the screens. The same happens by default in the current version of the mobile OS, but can be disabled in the settings. To find “Find My iPhone” or “Find My”, flip through all the screens of the device and check the folders, especially the system folders. it will be located in one of the specified locations.

    Find Find My iPhone (Find My) on iPhone


    Spotlight is essentially a mixture of a launcher and search. One of its key features is fast application launch. So, to solve the problem voiced in the title of the article, swipe down from the top of the iPhone screen and, depending on the OS version, start typing the name “Find iPhone” or “Find My”. As soon as the corresponding shortcut appears in the output, you can run it.


    An equally simple and quick way to launch the programs we are interested in within the framework of this article than those discussed above is to contact the assistant preinstalled on the iPhone. Siri. It is enough to call it with a voice command or by holding down the button (“Home” or side, depending on the model), and say “Launch the Find My app” or “Launch the Find iPhone app” (based on the differences in OS versions indicated above).

    Application Library

    One of the notable innovations in iOS 14 was the “Application Library”. a separate screen (far right), where all the components installed on the iPhone are grouped into folders. In one of them (most likely, having the name “Utilities”) and you can find “Locator”.

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    There is also a search facility here, similar to Spotlight, but more narrowly focused.

    If desired, the program shortcut can be displayed on one of the screens, for which it is enough to hold it with your finger, pull in the desired direction, and then confirm the addition.


    Like most of the pre-installed iPhone apps, Find My has a number of options that are not available in its main interface. You can view them and, if necessary, change them as follows:

      Open the iOS “Settings” and go to manage your Apple account ID is the first in the list of available sections.

    Further, if the device has version 13 or 14 of the mobile OS, open the “Locator” subsection.

    If your OS is 12 or lower, first go to iCloud and then open Find My iPhone.
    You will see a list of parameters that can be changed. We recommend that you activate all of them, if this has not been done before, and also configure the application itself. This is exactly what we will talk about further.

    There is also a search in the iOS settings. the corresponding line is invoked by swiping from top to bottom when you are at the beginning of the list of available options. You need to enter the query “Find iPhone” into it, regardless of the version of the operating system. Thus, you can open the application itself, and not its parameters.

    Using and enabling / disabling the function

    The main purpose of the program in question is to find devices associated with the same Apple ID account, as well as those for which family access is open and configured. How to use it correctly and how to configure it for the most convenient work, we previously talked about in separate articles.

    Sometimes in the operation of the function, various kinds of problems can arise, leading to one disappointing result. the lost device is not displayed on the map. There may be several reasons for this, and all of them, like the solution options, we also considered earlier.

    In some cases, you may need to turn off Find My, for example, before selling your iPhone or in order to sign in to another account. A separate instruction will help you to do this.

    How to find your iPhone if it’s turned off

    In the event that the smartphone was turned off or simply discharged, it is not possible to track the current location of the phone, however, iCloud remembers and shows on the map the last place where the iPhone is before disconnecting. But there are some limitations:

    • Feature support appeared with iOS 8 and above;
    • It is only available on devices after the iPhone 4.

    In addition, this function must first be enabled in the settings:

    How to Find Another iPhone Using Locator
    • Go to iCloud Settings Find My iPhone.
    • Toggle the Send Last Location slider active.

    How to find iPhone by phone number

    Determining the location of a device by its phone number is a difficult task. This can only be done by an operator, and when you contact Subscribers Support, you will most likely hear that the company does not have such a technical capability, which is an obvious cunning. But in any case, such information is disclosed solely at the request of law enforcement agencies, and it is almost impossible to obtain it personally.

    Obvious actions that are forgotten

    First of all, we will look at the standard measures that should be taken when losing absolutely any phone, not only from Apple.

    • Call your mobile. If the device fell out somewhere nearby or is completely at your home, but where you were not looking for it, then thanks to the call you will be able to quickly find the phone. If he is lost on the street, then a passer-by can pick him up, and the further development of events depends only on his moral qualities. However, most people make contact, either realizing that they will find the phone anyway, or guided by a banal desire to help. If you do not have a device from which you can make a call, then you can find services for online calls on the Internet.
    • Change the password on your accounts. If you are unable to remotely lock the device because you have not activated this function before, we recommend that you change the passwords in all accounts that are logged into the phone as soon as possible.
    • If you are afraid of wasting funds from your account, then you can visit the mobile office of your operator and ask to block the SIM card. But this is a very controversial measure: on the one hand, blocking will prevent the loss of funds on the account, however, it will deprive you of the opportunity to contact the person who found the phone, and also disable Internet access, which will not allow finding the smartphone through Find My Phone. If you resort to it, then only if information about new costs appears in the Personal Account of the operator.

    Forewarned. Armed: FAQ on Tracking and Finding a Lost iPhone

    The loss or theft of an iPhone is always a big problem, since the mobile contains a huge amount of personal information and all kinds of passwords, including those from payment systems. In addition, in the presence of potentially defamatory information, the user can become a victim of blackmail, and the presence of work-related data in the device’s memory can lead to dismissal.

    There are tons of ways to find your lost iPhone. both official and third-party. Let’s figure out which one is right for you.

    How to find iPhone via another iPhone

    On iOS, there is a mobile application Find My Freinds, the main task of which is to help friends find each other, but in practice it copes quite well with finding lost smartphones.

    How to find iPhone via another iPhone:

    • Install the app.
    • Login.
    • Click on the Add icon (plus sign).
    • Enter the requested information about your friend’s device.
    • Wait for permission from a friend (they must also have this application installed).

    Thus, by installing this application, you can always find your device through another iPhone. So we recommend that you worry about it in advance.

    How to find iPhone from computer via iCloud. using Find My Phone

    If you have activated this function on your phone in advance, then the search for a gadget will be much easier. It is better to turn on FMP immediately after buying a new iPhone so that at a critical moment you will not be left without the main search tool.

    Find My Phone is activated as follows:

      Go to Settings, select iCloud.

    Now directly to how to find iPhone from computer via iCloud.

    • Go to
    • Login with AppleID and password.
    • From the menu, select the Find iPhone icon.
    • On the map that opens, you will see a green dot, this is the location of your phone. If you have several gadgets from Apple, then when you click “All devices” you can select exactly the one that was lost.

    By clicking on the name of the device you need, you will get access to information about the battery charge level, and you can also use the three main functions of the smartphone:

    • Play sound. Used to find a device in the immediate vicinity.
    • Lost mode. Using this mode, you can set an additional password on the device and indicate your contact phone number so that a passer-by who finds the phone can contact you. In addition to the contact number, you can leave a message for the person who found the device. This can be your address, for example, or the amount of the reward. together with the number they will be displayed on the screen of the locked phone. Disabled Lost Mode in the same menu where it was turned on.
    • Erase all data from iPhone. As the name implies, this function allows you to delete all information from the device’s memory. It is recommended to use it in cases when you have a backup of the system, or when the risks associated with obtaining information by intruders are too great.

    Find iPhone by IMEI

    If the previous methods did not suit you, then there is another option. search by IMEI (this is a unique identification number of each phone, consisting of fifteen characters). IMEI will allow you to find the device by GPS, even if data transfer or geolocation was enabled.

    IMEI can be found either from the device documentation or by typing USSD command #. You need to contact the police with the IMEI number, but first it would be better to try using the service for finding lost gadgets. we recommend TrackerPlus or its analogues.

    IPhone search software

    If the official ways to find your device do not bring the desired result, you can try using third-party programs to find your iPhone.

    • iHound. This software not only periodically records information about the movements of the smartphone, but also has the function of sending the exact location of the device when it is connected to a computer. Thus, you can easily track the house of the unscrupulous person who found the phone, or the address of the point where the stolen phones are taken.
    • iLocalis. The program has richer functionality, but JailBreak is required to install it. If you have one, then you can, for example, find out the number of the new SIM card installed in the phone, and much more.

    To summarize, the most efficient way to search is the basic Find My Phone function. It is imperative to activate it in a new gadget, since neither contacting the police, nor an attempt to find out the necessary information from the operator, in our reality, unfortunately, usually does not give a result.