How to enter a router through a browser. How to go into the settings of the ASUS router

How to set up a router without the Internet (how to go to Wi-Fi settings)?

Many, and especially new users, are faced with problems related to entering the router settings when there is no Internet connection. The entrance to the web-integer and setting up the router without connecting to the Internet can be performed in several ways, even if you forgot the login and password.

For beginners in this case, it is worth first to determine what a router is. In simple words, it is a device that distributes the Internet between two or more users connected to the Wi-Fi network or using a cable. Due to this, the Internet is made not from one, but from several devices.

Router (router) is an independent station. It works, even if there are no connections to the computer and the Internet. This is the main essence of the topic under consideration: the entrance in the Router settings menu does not require access to the Internet.

How to set up a router without Internet connection

Often, questions are directly related to enter the settings of the router without the Internet. If the user input in the control panel, then problems with the setting itself should not arise. At the same time, the unconnected Internet does not affect the entrance to the page with the installation of router parameters. However, if you do not know how to set up a router without connecting to the Internet, we recommend that our instructions below.

It is necessary to perform the following list of actions for the transition to the settings:

  • connection to the router is required;
  • Find the address on this page for entering the control panel;
  • Open the IP address or site for entering any browser;
  • Try to open a page;
  • If the main page of authorization has appeared. this is good;
  • Enter the factory login and password of the router, after which you will go to its settings.

The manufacturer of the router does not matter. Connection to the Internet occurs only on condition that the necessary settings for the router are set, or if there is a connection called “Dynamic IP”.

Description of the problem

This combination of numbers is already familiar to some, inexperienced users, especially after the first purchase of a router, are faced with this incomprehensible number for the first time. This address is used to enter the settings on a large number of routers from different companies, for example: D-Link, TP-Link, Zyxel, and T.D. In case of problems with access to a router or modem, you can see the following message in the most popular browsers:

It is not possible to access the site exceeded the response time from the site


The waiting time for the connection has expired the response time from the server expired

Microsoft Edge:

You can’t open this page try the next check the web address: http: //


1) The most common problem is that this address is entered into the search line in the Yandex or Google search engine, and this is not necessary to do this. To go into the router settings, you need to write this address in the browser line and press Enter. As in the screenshot below:

Google Chrome: Firefox: Microsoft Edge:

2) also very often problems are that an incorrect address is gaining in the address bar of the browser. The most common erroneous addresses: 192. 168. 0. 1 (error: instead of points, a comma is indicated) or 192. 168. 0. 1 (error: instead of points, the symbol of the hyphen is indicated) or 192/168/0 / 1 (error: instead of points, the slash is indicated, most likely due to the wrong layout of the tongue) or 19216801 (error: no points between numbers) or are indicated) or between the numbers) or between the numbers) 19 (error: indication 198, not 192) or 192.168. O.1 (error: indicating the letter O, instead of the number 0) or (Error: Convised in places of numbers 6 and 9 when writing an address) or (Error: At the end of the address there is a point that should not be) and cannot get into the settings of the router, The browser considers this combination a search query and instead of the configuration window. Opens the search results so that this does not happen, it must be remembered that the numbers in the IP address are always divided by a point, not a comma or a hyphen. Also very often users do not notice the point between 0 and 1, gaining 192.168.01 is merged, which also leads to an error.

3) on some models of the routers, their intese only works on HTTP or HTTPS to the protocol and because of this, when indicating the wrong protocol. I can’t go to the Web-Inteatheis. Therefore, you must try to indicate as an address first http protocol, t.e. Dial in the address bar of the browser http: //, and if you could not enter, then dial the address indicating the HTTPS protocol, t.e. Dial in the address bar of the browser https: //

I can’t go to

In fact, the reasons because of which you may not have access to there may be a lot, but we will analyze the most common:

  • You have not installed drivers for network equipment (network card or Wi-Fi adapter)
  • You have not connected your device to the router
  • The router did not give an IP address to your computer, and you need to put it manually.
  • The router’s address differs from
  • wrong login or password

Press two keys on the keyboard. Win R. and enter the Control Netconnections command there. Press Enter (entry), or button “OK”.

Windows of the properties of network connections will open. In many cases, it is possible that you may have several. for example wired and wireless.

If you have it even empty there. then you either have not installed drivers for network equipment, or some hardware problems.

If you have all the connections have the status of the “network cable is not connected”, then check. whether the router is turned on and whether your computer is connected to it.

If your connection has the status of an “unidentified network”, then you did not automatically receive an IP address from your router.

In such a situation, you need to put it manually. To do this, click on this connection with the right mouse button and select the “Properties” item.

In the window that opens, we find a item called “IP version 4 (TCP/IPV4)”, select it and click the “Properties” button.

Then the window with many settings will open. Choose the item “Use the following IP address”, and prescribe the following settings:

  • IP address:
  • Mask subnet:
  • Main gateway:
  • Preferred DNS server:

And after that, press the OK button, then again “OK”. After that, we try to go to the treasured address

The router’s address differs from

It is possible that the speed of the router is not It was then, when you try to go into the router’s settings through the browser, you will see messages like “you can’t open this page”, “you can’t get access to the site”, “the waiting time for the connection has expired” or something like that.

In this case, network settings will help to determine the true address of the router. The easiest way. View these settings through the command line. To do this, you first need to start it, just typing the “command line” in search of the menu by the menu, and start.

Then, in it you need to type the text of the ipconfig and press the Enter input key. After that, the following will appear on the command line:

DNS-Suffix Connections. : IPV4 address: mask subnets: main gateway. :

In all this, we should be interested in the item “Basic gateway”. It denotes the address of the router (of course, provided that the computer is connected through the router). In this example, this is the address So, and you need to try to go to this address through the browser, typing the text http: // 192 in the address bar of the

wrong login or password

A fairly unpleasant situation when access to the router settings is not possible due to the wrong login or password. Let’s look at what to do in this case:

  • First of all, it is worth checking the correctness of the set of the password login from the default values ​​that were given at the beginning of the article.
  • Then, if they did not fit, you should look at the bottom of the router. Usually there you can also find a login password, and they may differ from those written at the beginning of our article.
  • If they did not come up, and you have absolutely no idea what the login and password on the router are installed, you will have to carry out the procedure for resetting the settings. It should be understood that when resetting the settings, you will have to set up newly by the network parameters for the Internet and Wi-Fi settings, porting ports. Thus, after resetting the settings, it is likely to be left without the Internet and Vifay. Therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to contact the right specialists from the provider or many companies offering their services for working with computers. asus routers

If the device is produced by ASUS, to enter the web-integer simply. You just need to enter ai-PI address True, sometimes the entry of router is

So, the computer is connected to the router, from which the Internet receives, and then, using the browser, I-Pi address is entered. If the actions are performed correctly, you will work to see a window where you need to register a ligament “Login/Password”. As a rule, this is admin/ admin.

After connecting the indicated method, a personal account opens, where you can choose a suitable control language. Two options for the intense are possible. new and old. The age of the router model should be taken into account.

8.0.1-Web-Inteateis of the router D-Link

It is difficult to work here, since there are several versions of the integration, at least four, which are fundamentally different from each other. True, there is one plus-it will be possible to enter the personal account if you just enter the AI-PI Bunch: Login/Password. Admin/Admin. True, the option is possible when only the user name is entered, and the key field remains empty, or the one that the factory was changed to the factory is prescribed.

Despite the fact that there are many options for the appearance of the integration, everywhere there is the possibility of installing the Russian language. And that pleases. But it is worth noting that it is not always easy to configure a router without knowledge that the specialist owns.

Router’s web-intake and with what it is eaten

All settings of the modern Wi-Fi router are assembled in one graphic integration, which is called the web-intese or web configurator. Many users call it even as a “router website” or “personal accounting room”.

Although this is wrong, but not without logic. The fact is that in order to go into the settings of the router, you need to use a regular web browser, with which you plow the Internet-chrome, opera, explorer or faeox. So it turns out that you need to go to the router’s website in order to configure it and the sequence of actions in order to enter the settings of the router, is simple like 5 kopecks.

8.0.1 or which address to use?!

So, excellent, we already realized that all this is easy and simple, but we have not yet figured out how to go to the web-integer router. To do this, you need to know his IP address. How to find it out?! Again, nothing complicated! We take this hellish piece of iron in our hands and turn it over! On the reverse side there should be a sticker-lacquer with a bunch of beams and zifirok. Here is the model, and serial number and a lot of the like Beliberda. Among all this riot of information, we need to find the IP address of the device. That’s what he will look on the sticker:

Typically, IP addresses or 192 are used to access the router or Less commonly addresses, 192.168.eight.1, or any other. Nearby, the user name and password for entering are usually indicated. In the example in the picture, this is the login Admin and the password Admin.

On many modern network devices, instead of IP, a text, domain address is used instead of IP. An example is TPLINKWIFI.NET with TP-Link, my routers.Keenetic.Net with Zyxel Keenetic, Router.Asus.COM for ASUS routers.

No need to be scared. everything is the same, but a little different form. Everything is used the same way-we launch a web browser (chrome, opera, faeox, and t.P.) And we enter either the IP address of the Wi-Fi router or its URL in the address line. That’s all!

IP what kind of address is it and how to use it

Any modern Internet access device. Whether it is an ADSL modem, Wi-Fi Roter or XPON optical terminal is a whole mini-computer! He has his own processor and RAM, and he is controlled by a special operating system. Therefore, do not be surprised at such an abundance of various settings and functions that are endowed with modern routers. Two networks are usually connected to this mini-computer:

  • Wan or Wide Area Network is an external network coming with a provider cable.
  • Lan or Local Area Network is your home network that will have a computer, laptop, phones, tablets and Smart TV TV.

So is the IP address of the router in the local network, using which you can enter its settings. The same ay-Pi is a gateway for a home network.

Recently, manufacturers began to appropriate domain names in the local network to ordinary home Wi-Fi routers. The most striking examples:

That is, in the address line of your web browser instead of ai-Pi address you need to enter a symbolic name and click on the “Enter” button.

How to find out the IP address of Wi-Fi router

As I said above, for organizing a home network and access to management, each router has its own local IP address through which it will be available to all customers. It will be indicated as a gateway for everyone connected to it. How to find out the address of the router? Yes, very simple. We pick it up and turn it over. For example, I will show the sticker on the Netis DL4320 modem:

On the back of the case there will be a sticker on which all basic information about the network device is written. manufacturer, model, serial number. Also, in a separate area, the IP address of the router will be spelled, or any other. It is this set of numbers that will need to be entered in the address bar of the browser.

If a symbolic address is spelled out instead of ai-pi, then it will already be injected. Example-TP-Link TL-MR4320 Wi-Fi Roter:

ASUS RT AX88U User Interface walk through

By the way, login and password for entering the router through written there. As a rule, this user name is Admin and password. admin.

If the device suddenly does not have a sticker, then use the instructions from the manufacturer.

Roter Administration

The manufacturer D-Link provided the entrance to the router in three different ways: using a computer via a local or wireless network, and through a gadget via a Wi-Fi network using a mobile application. Further, below, we will consider in detail how to enter the D-Link router settings, using various connection options to the device.

On the local network

Before you configure the router on the local network, you need to correctly connect it. This will need to take such steps:

  • In a WAN-slope that often has a yellow color, you need to insert one end of the Ethernet Cabel of the Service Provider. The other end of this cable is connected to the Internet machine.
  • Then the router must be connected to the mains. To do this, connect the power cable connector to the power supply (“DC in” or “12V DC in”), and the adapter of the network unit itself connect 220 volts to the household power supply.
  • Then you need to connect the computer to the router. To any LAN-section of the device, you need to connect a network cable that is in standard setting of the router. The second end of this cable must be connected to the computer network card.

After all the devices are connected, you need to turn on the power of the router and the computer by pressing the corresponding buttons. Then you have to wait a bit while loading all the devices on occurs.

Now the router is ready to set up. But before setting up the router itself, you need to set up a local connection. In this case, it will be necessary to take such steps:

  • We press the combination of hot keys “Win” and “R” to open the search line in the operating system.
  • Then we enter the command in the line: “NCPA.CPL “.
  • Then the section with network connections will open, where there will already be a new connection created by the router.
  • Next, click on the right connection with the right mouse button to call the dialog box. In the menu we click on properties.
  • In the opening properties of the connection, we find the line “IP version 4 (TCP/IPV4)” and click on it twice.
  • In the new tab, we install automatic receipt of addresses for the DNS server and IP address. We confirm the changes made by clicking by OK.

Setting network connection after that is considered completed. Now you can configure the router D-Link itself. Next, consider how to go to the D-Link router settings.

You can enter the D-Link router admin using the following instructions.

  • We open on a computer any available browser.
  • In the address bar of the browser we enter the IP address: “”. For all D-Link routers, including the DIR model line, you can also use the address “Dlinkrouter.Local “. An important point that must be taken into account. Enter the address for the transition to the settings of the D-Link router must be targeted, and not in the search line of the browser. In the last option, the search results will be displayed, and the administration of the device itself will not open.
  • Further, the system will automatically redirect the user to the authorization page, where the user name and access code will be required. For the entrance, we use default data. “Admin/Admin”.

Next, you need to wait until the system checks the entered data and redirects the user to the personal account. Here you can already configure both the main and additional installations of the router.

If when trying to authorize the router in the admin panel, the standard version of the login and access code “Admin” is not suitable, it is necessary to reset the device settings. This is especially true if the router was purchased from another person who could change data for access, but not provide them with the new owner. To reset the router settings, you need to clamp and hold the Reset key for about 10 seconds. Then he will roll back to factory installations and a standard user name and password “Admin” will be used to enter the router admin. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that after resetting the settings, it will be necessary to repeatedly configure the router.

Via a wireless network

We examined earlier how to enter the router admin when the Internet connection to the Internet. Next, we will tell you how to go and configure the D-Link router using a wireless connection to the Internet network. It is done much easier. In this case, the following must be done:

  • We connect the router to the mains using the option given in the previous section.
  • Then you need to connect the computer to the router using the LAN partition. This procedure is performed in a similar way, which are given in the previous section.
  • After all the devices are connected, you need to turn on the power of the router and the computer by pressing the corresponding buttons. Then you have to wait a bit while loading all the devices on occurs. You also need to activate the reception of a Wi-Fi signal on a router. To do this, press the combined “WPS/Wi-Fi” key or a separate “Wi-Fi” key, depending on the router used model.
  • Then you need to check that a wireless adapter on a computer or laptop is connected and works. On laptops, wireless adapters can have a button or switch that are responsible for activating this device. To connect the router to a wireless network, we use the access code that is registered on the label of the router (“PIN” or “WPS PIN”). The name Wi-Fi network always coincides with the name of the router. If, for example, the D-Link Dir-615 router is used, then the network created by him will have the name “DIR-615”.
  • Next, you need to make sure that a Wi-Fi adapter to a PC as a DHCP client can automatically receive an IP address. How to do this was described earlier in the article.

After tuning a wireless connection, we enter the router’s admin panel using such steps:

  • We open a browser on the computer, then enter the address in its line: “DLOCAL” or “”.
  • After redirecting to the entrance page, enter standard login and password. “admin”.
  • If after that you went into the admission of the router, then the data for authorization did not change earlier. Otherwise, it will be necessary to reset the settings and only after that make re.entering the admission of the device. About resetting settings was previously described in this material.
  • After you entered the route of the router, you can configure the main and additional parameters of the device.

Possible problems

So, we now know that in D-Link there are 3 ways to enter the device administrator. However, sometimes it is not possible to enter the device for a number of reasons. It is necessary to find and eliminate the problem that has arisen. Possible problems with the entrance to the router admin panel are listed below:

  • The standard user name or password is not suitable, because of which it is not possible to enter the router admin panel. This may be associated with a change in standard data for entry that the user cannot remember or does not know, as well as due to internal problems with the electronics of the router himself.
  • Incorrect input of the address of the administration of the device-the use of another language layout, incorrect entry of letters or numbers, entering data with register violations, the use of not those punctuation marks.

The first problem is quite easily solved by absolutely all routers D-Link button “Reset”. It is located on the rear or lower panel of the device. It is enough to press and hold this key for about 10 seconds. The router will independently reset the settings and roll back to factory installations. After reset and reboot on the router, standard parameters will be installed.

With the second problem, the following should be taken into account:

  • IP address is entered only into the address bar of the browser. In no case should you enter it in the search bar.
  • When entering the address, you do not need to use the values ​​”www”, “http”, “https”.
  • There are no gaps between the numbers, only points are affixed there.
  • At the end of the address, the point is not placed.

Problems with the entrance of the BB Admin Panel D-Link may also occur due to the following reasons:

  • A ban on connecting to the device from the antivirus, VPN service or other. You should turn off these applications and repeat the attempt to enter.
  • Cable damage, which is why the router cannot connect to a PC or laptop. At the same time, creating a local network connection is impossible.
  • Incorrect setup of the protocol “TCP/IPV4”. The setting of this protocol was described in this material above.

The user should carefully take the connection and input of data for entering the administrator panel.

Software supplied

Everything is as simple as possible here. We insert a DVD-disk supplied with a router to a computer or connect a USB flash drive with it. The configuration program will either open itself, or you need to find it through the conductor and start it. It will often be the only executable carrier file.

After the start, the utility can, as if entry into the router settings through the browser, ask the user name and password. Introduced similarly. admin, admin.

If there is no disk, but I want to use a separate program. you can download it from the site of the manufacturer of the router.

Through the terminal

Some routing devices, especially a high class, allow a connection for configuration not only through graphic pages or applications, but also a regular text terminal. Microsoft Windows uses the Putty program, which can be downloaded from the site of the manufacturer https: // It is located in the “Download” section of the page where it is recommended to select “Portable” version for its subsequent launch without installation.

After activation of the utility, the window shown in the figure below will open.

In it, in the input field “Host Name (Or IP Address)” we set the speed of the router. For the presented case, this is Connection Type: “We put it in” Telnet “. Everything, click the “Open” button of the program.

The terminal with the invitation is opened to enter the user’s name “User:” introduce the default “Admin”, unless of course this is an option for your device. We remind you that you can find out information about the login from the documentation of the router or on its label (in some cases). Click on the Enter keyboard. The next question of the router will be about the password “User Password:” Gather “Admin” and again click Enter. With a high probability, the password when entering will not be displayed either at all, or the symbols will be replaced by “”.

If everything is introduced correctly, then the text menu of the device will open on the screen.

How to go to the TP-Link router settings

As in previous versions, no complex procedures. We launch any browser and try to go into the TP-LINK router settings at the following addresses (the most common addresses are listed here):

An authorization window should appear, in which we are interested in the fields of “user name” and “password”. In both cases, introduce Admin and click the “Send” button.

I can’t go into the router settings

In rare cases, when trying to move to the address “ “or” “Users are faced with an unpleasant problem. the browser knocks out an error. If this happened to you, then do not be upset. There is a very simple way to determine the correct address and solve the problem why it does not go into the router settings.

Click the key combination on the win r keyboard. In the window that appears, enter the CMD command and click OK.

How to Set Up the ASUS RT-AC3200 Router

Next, already on the command line enter the IPConfig command.

Provided that you have successfully connected the computer to the router using a cable connection (as we described earlier), we look at the value of the “main gateway” in the “Ethernet” field. In our case, it is “”. It is these symbols that must be introduced in the address bar of the browser. This simple, but at the same time, an effective way is suitable for a router from any manufacturer.

If you are faced with difficulties in entering the settings of your wireless router just because you forgot the username or password, then drop all the settings to the factory using the standard “Reset” button (most often it is located on the rear panel of the device). After setting up the router, we recommend that you check the Internet speed.