How to enable keyboard on Asus vivobook laptop

Enabling laptop keyboard

If you accidentally blocked the built-in device or the buttons stopped responding as a result of an error, then in order to fix the problem you need to know how to turn on the keyboard on a laptop.

Driver Verification

The built-in keyboard does not require the installation of special software, but if the input device does not respond, you should see how it is defined in the device manager:

  • Set the “Large icons” mode in the control panel. Open the “Keyboard” section.
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  • Go to the Hardware tab. Make sure the “Status” line says that the device is working properly.
  • Click on “Properties” and make sure that the hardware is also detected correctly in the device manager.

You can try to install a hotkey utility on your laptop (downloaded from the laptop manufacturer’s website). Perhaps the absence of such a utility prevents you from unlocking the buttons using a combination with the Fn key.


Judging by the forums, most often the spontaneous shutdown of the keyboard occurs after a little cleaning. Wipe the laptop with a cloth. the buttons stopped working. If the cloth was not wet, and no liquid got into the case, then this problem can be eliminated quickly enough. Most likely, you accidentally pressed a keyboard shortcut that disables the built-in input device.

On some laptops, a combination of the Fn function button and one of the F1-F12 keys. for example, FnF1. is used to turn the keyboard on / off. To understand which key you need, take a close look at the icons. Look for a lock button, if you press it together with Fn, the keyboard will be locked.

If you need to enable only the block with numbers on the right, press Num Lock or FnNum Lock combination. If these combinations do not help, look for the desired combination in the instructions for the laptop.

Lifting the ban

The keyboard on a laptop can be disabled intentionally. To make sure there is no ban, check the Group Policy Editor:

  • Open “Start”, launch the “Run” menu. Enter “gpedit.msc” and click “OK”.
  • Navigate to Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / System / Device Installation / Device Installation Restrictions.
  • Open the option “Prevent device installation”.
  • Click Show and make sure there is no data inside. The ban itself must have the “Disable” statute.

If you checked all the software methods, but did not understand how to turn on the keyboard on a laptop, then pay attention to the physical condition of the laptop.

Hardware failure

If water gets on the keyboard, or the laptop has been subjected to mechanical stress, you should contact the service. But you can try to independently determine the extent of damage to the laptop. See if the USB ports, network cable connector, and touchpad are working. If these components are also inactive, then the cause of the problem is the failure of the south bridge of the system board.

If one keyboard does not work, try to disassemble the laptop yourself (provided that the warranty has already expired) and check the flex cable. Before opening the case, it is recommended that you read the disassembly manual for your model in order not to damage fragile components.

On many laptops, the keyboard is held in place by recessed latches. You can move them away with a screwdriver. You should start from the left edge. Lift the edge of the keyboard with a screwdriver, pry the canvas with a needle, or gently pull the Esc key.

In this way, release the entire upper part of the keyboard so that it becomes possible to pull the canvas out of the case. You will see that the input device is connected to the motherboard with a ribbon cable. To remove it, you need to rotate the frame (there may be a different type of attachment, read the manual for your model).

Clean the contacts, and then reinstall the flex cable, securing it securely with the latch. If the keyboard or ribbon cable is damaged, you can replace it yourself.

Enabling the numeric keypad

Sometimes not the whole keyboard does not work, but only the numeric block, which is on the right. When disabled, no numbers are dialed: the buttons perform other functions. for example, they act as navigation keys.

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To turn on the side numeric keypad, press the Num Lock key. It allows you to activate the right keyboard: the numbers are unlocked and you can type them. If there is no separate block, and the numbers themselves are located on some keys with letters, then you can unlock the numeric keypad using the combination FnF11.

Be careful: on some Asus notebook models, this combination will reduce the sound. See laptop instructions for how to unlock numbers. If there is no instruction, carefully examine all the keys in the F1-F12 row. they contain icons that inform about the purpose of the button.

Enabling, configuring and disabling laptop keyboard

The laptop keyboard rarely requires attention: if you have not broken it, did not fill it with liquid or change it, then it works without problems. But sometimes the question of how to turn on the keyboard on a laptop becomes relevant for users. there are no prerequisites for a device breakdown, but the keys stop working.

Diagnosing the problem

There is a simple way to test the keyboard for working capacity: restart the laptop and enter the BIOS. If the buttons work in the BIOS, then the error must be looked for in the software.

  • Roll back to the checkpoint when the keyboard worked correctly.
  • Run a virus scan.
  • Roll back keyboard drivers or install their latest version.

If the keyboard does not print on the laptop (individual keys do not work), check if the excessive contamination of the device is the reason for the incorrect operation. Using a can of compressed air, remove small items stuck in grooves.

If the keyboard turns off, check the USB ports, RJ-45 connector (for network cable) and touchpad. If they also do not work, then the motherboard is faulty.

If the ports are working, then check the loop of the keyboard itself. Gently pry up on the latches to remove the module. Disconnect the loop and clean its contacts. they could oxidize. Reinstall the ribbon after cleaning.

On some laptop models, the keyboard cannot be removed by yourself. for example, the Asus X550C does not have a separate module; the buttons are recessed in the case.

Using the virtual keyboard

If you have not figured out how to turn on the keyboard on a laptop or activate the number pad, then use an alternative solution. a virtual input device. The keyboard on the screen was already available in Windows XP, so on later versions there are no problems with launching it either.

  • Open the “Start” menu and use the built-in search (convenient on Windows 7).
  • Open the section “All Programs”. “Standard”. “Accessibility”.
  • Click WinR and run “osk.exe”.

On Windows 8, you can add a touch keyboard icon to the taskbar. It will be docked near the system tray.

  • Right click on the taskbar.
  • Expand the “Panels” section.
  • Add touch keyboard.

On Windows 10, the order has changed slightly: you need to click on the taskbar and select the item “Show touch keyboard button”.

To enable the dialing mode, click the “Options” button and check the “Enable numeric keypad” checkbox. The “NumLock” key will appear on the right. click on it to make the number block appear. This method works on all models, regardless of the manufacturer, be it Acer, Samsung, HP, Lenovo or any other brand.

Disable keyboard

In some situations, the keyboard built into the laptop stops working. For example, after a liquid spill, some keys fail. You can just connect an external keyboard, but then it will be inconvenient to work. Therefore, let’s see how to disable the onboard input device if a USB keyboard is already connected.

  • Start Device Manager.
  • Open the properties of the built-in keyboard and go to the “Driver” tab.
  • Select the property “Equipment ID” and copy the first line.

Now you need to establish a ban on the use of equipment. Let’s look at the example of Windows 7:

  • Click WinR and run “gpedit.msc”.
  • Go to the path “Computer Configuration”. “Administrative Templates”. “System”. “Install devices”. “Restrictions on the installation of devices”.
  • Double click on the item “Prohibit installation of the device with the specified codes”.
  • Enable the option and click Show.
  • Paste the copied equipment code and click “OK”.

For maximum effect, remove the keyboard in Device Manager. After a system restart, the built-in input device will no longer work. Plug in an external keyboard and use it peacefully. If it becomes necessary to enable the “native” laptop keyboard, then reopen the Group Policy Editor and disable the above option.

How to turn on keyboard backlight on Asus vivobook laptop

You, many users of Asus vivobook 15 / s15 Asus vivobook 14, Asus vivobook 17, x420f, x420fa eb075t, 15 x512dk, x412da, x705ub bx097t are faced with the problem of keyboard backlight inoperability.

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There may be several reasons why the Asus laptop keyboard backlight does not work, but the main one you simply did not turn it on.

Let’s first briefly analyze how to turn on the backlight of the keyboard keys in the Asus vivobook, and only then why it does not turn on.

How to fix Asus Laptop Keyboard not working

It turns on depending on the model. It can be pressing the Fn F4 key at the same time, and the constant will help you to increase the brightness of the lighting.

Continuously pressing the Fn F3 keys will help you decrease the brightness and eventually turn off the backlight.

That’s not all. On some models, these options are available by combining Fn and the arrow keys.

Another option is the F7 key. On many, the button is simply drawn with a keyboard and the light is on. this button is responsible for the backlight, so take a closer look at the key drawings.

How to control keyboard backlight in Asus vivobook

You can easily control the key illumination on your laptop and customize the colors as you wish.

You can also set different lighting effects, so don’t miss this opportunity.

To do this, you need to install the “Armory crate” software. this is an assembly from Asus that has many features, including Turbo Mode, Hyperfan Mode, Highlights, Aura, GPU overclocking, etc.

Download the Armory crate from the original Asus site (you can also download it from other sources), although my personal recommendation is to download it from the original site.

Once Armory Crate has loaded, navigate to the game console icon on the left. Click on System. In the system, you will see three options. Click on “Backlight”. Scroll down a bit and there you will see “Customize”.

After clicking on the settings button, you will see a pop-up message. Press OK and your keyboard will be out of sync with AURA and turn off the lights.

Now on the right side you will see a box labeled EDIT BUTTON TO ADJUST AURA. Click and can adjust the keyboard lighting.

How To Fix Keyboard Not Working on ASUS Laptop Windows 10

The second reason why it does not work is the lack of proper ATK drivers. ATK. Assigns functions to various keys such as changing screen brightness, turning on wireless, switching between monitor and external video source, and turning on keyboard backlight.

To install the correct ATK drivers, you need to download them from the Asus service. Another way is to turn off the laptop.

To do this, turn it off completely. Take out the connected cables to let it rest. Now wait 2-3 minutes. After that plug everything back in and check if your problem is solved or not.

Having such a cool laptop like vivobook 15 / s15 Asus vivobook 14, Asus vivobook 17, x420f, x420fa eb075t, 15 x512dk, x412da, x705ub bx097t faced with the problem of keyboard backlight inoperability, it’s like living in heaven.

Just due to some minor issues, if the laptop’s backlight remains inactive, it is a complete disappointment.

You can try the fixes listed below in the table that I have provided to fix this problem, but nevertheless, if you do not see any changes, it is most likely that your laptop does not support any features or perhaps something is wrong with it. it is not so.

Asus laptop repair in 1 day

Order a repair in our service center, and you will receive a working device on the same day, with a guarantee up to 1 year

Instructions for unlocking the keyboard and touchpad on an Asus laptop

When actively working on a laptop, you may encounter a problem such as a keyboard lock. You can do it by accident, without even noticing, especially when you are actively typing, or children were playing on it. The unlocking process is not difficult and does not require special skills, so you can handle it yourself without wasting a lot of time. The main thing is to follow the instructions exactly and remember, if you doubt your abilities, it is better to contact an Asus service center for a professional keyboard repair.

So, a few easy ways to unlock the keyboard on an Asus laptop:

  • After turning on, when you see the desktop, simultaneously press the “Fn” and “NumLock” buttons, which in different models are located on different sides.

ATTENTION. Do not use this key combination simply to turn on the numeric keypad. This will further lead to the failure of individual buttons or even the entire alphabetic part of the keyboard. If you are a fan of online games, then especially pay attention to this point.

  • Your problem can also be solved by pressing the buttons “n” and “F12”, “Fn” and “Pause” or “Win” and “F1” / “F2” / “F3” / “F4” / “F5” / “F6” “/” F7 “/” F8 “/” F9 “/” F10 “/” F11 “/” F12 “. This method is more effective in comparison with the others. So try it first.
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ATTENTION. Just in case, before pressing these combinations, check in the instructions for your laptop what they can lead to. Since, sometimes on different models, the hotkeys are different.

If your problem is that not the keyboard is locked, but the Touchpad, then the following method will suit you:

  • Press the Fn and F7 keys at the same time.
  • You will see something that looks like a pictogram. Don’t worry, this is how it should be.
  • Take a close look at this image and pay attention to the place where the lock is drawn and it says “Lock”.
  • Check if the touchpad is working.

Knowing a few of these simple secrets, you will forget about the problem with random locking, but for this you need to periodically check “NumLock”.

ATTENTION. If the above methods did not help you, then you should contact a service company, where you will be provided with quick and qualified assistance. You can also read about the peculiarities of the operation of different laptops on the manufacturer’s website:

In no case, do not disassemble the laptop when faced with such a problem, because you can damage the internal parts.

We hope our helpful instructions helped you and you didn’t waste a lot of time. Have a good use.

You can ask a question to the masters from our service center by calling by phone or by writing your question on the feedback form.

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How to turn on the keyboard on an Asus laptop

How to enable keyboard on Asus laptop? I think that upon hearing such a question, most system administrators will want to be given a specific reason for asking it. But we will now try to figure it out based on the possible reasons for the failure of this gadget necessary for a laptop. So let’s get down to the debriefing, hello everyone on the blog for novice computer users, we will revive the non-working keyboard of the Asus laptop.

In general, I’ll start with the fact that in essence the question of how to turn on the keyboard on a laptop is not set correctly, because you don’t need to turn it on, it must do it itself “by default”.

Therefore, if you mean that the part of the keyboard that is responsible for the number input block located on the right side of it does not work for you, then try pressing the Num Lock key and everything will work.

And if the keyboard does not work completely, then first go to the computer settings. This can be done by following the path: Start. Control Panel. Keyboard and go to the “Hardware” section. The operating system will give us all the information and describe the properties of this device. (Screenshot) Having received a negative answer in the “Status” section, we try to update the Asus driver package first. How to do it I wrote here.

If this does not give a positive result, then it is necessary to check the connection of the keyboard loop. The price of this action is that if you have never come across the replacement of laptop components, then it is best to entrust it to professionals.

But in principle, if you really want to, you can watch the video on and check for yourself that the loop is connected correctly. Do not forget to disconnect the laptop power from the network and remove the battery before.

Thus, we have sorted out some of the reasons for the refusal to turn on the Asus laptop keyboard. I also want to remind you that you can enable the touchpad on a laptop in the ways that I described in this article. But sometimes the battery on a laptop starts to drain quickly. And how to get out of this situation, you can find the answer in this article.