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How to disable Google Assistant on an Android smartphone

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How to Turn Off Google Assistant on Android. 2021. Completely Disable Google Assistant

Google Voice Assistant is a feature that many Android smartphone owners don’t like. In all current devices, it is activated by default, while the user is deprived of the opportunity to remove the annoying assistant. But you can still turn it off, and in this article we will tell you in detail how to turn off Google Assistant.

Disable Google Voice Assistant completely

Method for those who want to completely deactivate Google Assistant.

    Launch the Google app, go to the rightmost tab and select “Settings” from the menu.

After these actions, the Assistant will not be called by either a voice command or by holding down the Home key.

Disable Home Button Assistant Launch

If you do not want to completely remove the Google Assistant from the system, but it pisses you off that it pops up when you hold the Home button, follow the algorithm below:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Select “Apps & notifications”.
  • In the “Default Apps” section, find the “Help & Voice Input” tab.
  • Click on the first line. “Assistant”.
  • In the window that opens, select “No”.

After following this procedure, the Google Voice Assistant application will not pop up when you hold down the Home button. Note that the menu items may be called differently, depending on which version of Android your smartphone is running on. But the sequence of actions itself is the same on devices of any manufacturer. Honor, Samsung or Xiaomi.

Removing updates

If you are determined not to use the Google Assistant, it makes sense to uninstall its updates to free up some free memory.

  • Open the main settings menu.
  • Go to “Applications”, then “Manage applications” (or “Show all applications”).
  • Find Google there.

Now you know how to uninstall Google Assistant. This is done in an elementary way, just a few minutes and inappropriate artificial intelligence will no longer bother you at the most inopportune moments.

How to disable Google Assistant

If you do not use voice commands, then to disable the Google Assistant on your Android smartphone, follow these steps:

Open the “Settings” menu.

Scroll down the page to the “Device” section and select “Applications”.

A list of applications installed on the device will open. Click the gear icon.

A menu with additional settings will open. Here find and select “Assistant and voice input”.

Click on the “Assistant” item at the very top of the list.

A window will appear where you will be asked to select an assistant application for controlling your smartphone. Click “No” to completely disable Google Assistant.

Please note that after this you will not be able to use other functions and features related to the assistant. This means that by turning off the assistant, you turn off voice commands and activation by the word “Ok, Google”.

How to disable Google Assistant on Android

Google Assistant is a personal assistant developed by Google LLC and available on all modern Android smartphones.

The assistant is suitable for voice control, can respond to simple commands, search the Internet, interact with applications installed on the smartphone. If you do not like the functionality of the Google Assistant or the utility simply interferes with using the device, then you can disable it. Therefore, below we will tell you how to do it.

How to remove Google Assistant

If this is not enough and you want to completely get rid of the Google voice assistant so that it does not take up free space on your phone, then follow these steps:

Go to the Settings menu again.

Scroll down the page and select “Applications”.

A list of applications installed on the device will open. Find and select “Assistant” or “Google Assistant” in the list.

Click “Uninstall” to uninstall the application from your phone or tablet.

Click “OK” to confirm the action and completely remove Google Assistant from android.

After that, the assistant will not work. Now you know how to disable Google Assistant on Android or uninstall the app from your phone. If in the future you need the assistant’s functionality, you can activate it in the settings at any time or download it again from the Play Store.

On stock Android

If you have a smartphone that runs on a stock version of the Android operating system, then you need to follow these steps to disable the opening of the Google Assistant.

  • Open “Settings” and go to “Apps & notifications”.
  • Click on “Advanced” to expand the full list.
  • Select “Default Applications”.
  • Go to the “Help and voice input” section, and then the “Help” application.
  • Should be set to Google by default. You need to select “No” from the list.

It’s all! Now the personal assistant will not be called when you long press the “Home” button.

On Samsung smartphones

Samsung is a very popular manufacturer offering great phones to users. They recently launched a new user interface called One UI. On all smartphones with One UI or Experience, you can follow the steps below to disable invoking Google Assistant.

  • Open “Settings” and go to “Applications”.
  • You should find a three-dot button in the upper right corner. Click on it and select “Default Applications”.
  • Find “Device Assistant”.
  • Should be set to Google by default. However, in our case, you need to select the “No” item to remove the functionality from the “Home” button.

How to disable Google Assistant on Android phone

Regardless of the stock or custom firmware on your Android phone, you can still use the personal Google Assistant. The only problem with Google Assistant is that it takes up the Home button. In other words, if you press Home for a certain amount of time, this assistant appears. If you do not like this and want to disable the assistant, then we will tell you how to do it.

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On OnePlus mobile devices

If you have a OnePlus mobile phone and want to disable Google Assistant from the home button, then you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Applications” section.
  • Open “Default” and select Assist, and select “No”.

By default, Assistant is always on on all OnePlus Android smartphones. With the above actions, you will disable it, and the program will not be called when you click on “Home”.

On Xiaomi smartphones

Xiaomi has become one of the most popular mobile companies. If you have a Xiaomi mobile phone with their MIUI branded skin, you must follow the steps below to disable Google Assistant.

  • Open “Settings” and click “Advanced settings”.
  • Find “Launch Google Assistant” in the menu that appears. If you open it, you will see several options that you can choose.
  • Select “None” from the list to disable the feature.

That’s all. As you can see, everything is very simple.

By the way, in addition to removing the assistant from the Home key, you can assign another program to it by following the same steps as mentioned above in the article.

On Samsung

In Samsung gadgets, the utility can be deactivated in two ways, depending on the software environment running on the device:

  • swipe the home page with your finger to open the list of applications;
  • go to the “Google” application;
  • in the left corner at the top of the screen, select “Menu”, and then. “Settings”;
  • go to the “Settings” section under the item “Google Assistant”;
  • set the slider to inactive position.
  • hold down the “Home” key;
  • find the “Advanced” section at the top and enter;
  • go to the sub-item “Settings”;
  • deactivate Assistant.

How to disable Google Assistant on Android

The program is activated randomly, which is not always convenient. The assistant often turns on when not needed, for example, when unlocking the screen. As a result, you have to spend time to close the option before you start performing the actions you need with your smartphone.

This happens, as a rule, due to accidentally pressing the “Home” key, which launches the Google Assistant.

To turn off the Google Assistant, you can tap on its widget and move it to the top of the display in the trash. After that, the utility will remain active and will be present in the list of device programs.

You can completely disable Google Assistant on Android if you deactivate it through the configuration options:

  • Go to the “Settings” of your smartphone.
  • Select “Applications”.
  • A list of installed programs on your smartphone will open. Go to additional configurations by clicking on the ellipsis or gear at the top right of the screen.
  • Select “Help and voice input” and the “Assistant” tab.
  • In the window that appears with a list of control programs to choose from, press the “No” key. the service will become inactive.

After the installation, voice commands on the device will be disabled, and the smart assistant will stop responding to a voice request.

Another recommendation on how to disable the Google Assistant is through the Home button. After performing the necessary actions, the display of notifications on the need to turn on the personal assistant will stop. To disable, follow the steps:

  • Hold the Home button on your smartphone until the utility starts.
  • Click on the white-on-blue drawer icon in the corner on the right.
  • In the displayed list, go to “Settings” and “Phone”.
  • Move the toggle next to Google Assistant to an inactive state.

On Huawei

The sequence of steps for Huawei phone is the same:

  • Go to device configuration.
  • Then select “Applications and notifications”.
  • In the sub-item “Applications by default” select “Help and voice input”, and then “No”.

How to turn off Google Assistant on Android phone

There are several ways to disable Google Assistant on Android. Through the “What’s on my screen” function, the icon of the personal assistant application, or completely disabling the utility and related auxiliary functions.

On Xiaomi

On Xiaomi mobile gadgets, a virtual assistant widget is installed on the home screen by default. It helps in finding information when giving a command by voice or entering a text query.

To remove it from the Xiaomi screen, you need to hold the icon for a few seconds and then move it to the basket that appears at the top of the display and confirm the action.

The application widget will be removed, and the utility will remain in the device. To disable Google Assistant through settings, you need to do the following:

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

  • Enter the parameters, scroll to the very bottom and open the Google item in the “System and Device” section.
  • Scroll down to the sub-item “Search, Assistant and Voice Control”.
  • Go to its parameters.
  • In the “Assistant” submenu, go to the “Phone” section, uncheck or move the slider opposite Google Assistant to an inactive state.

On Honor

To disable the Google Assistant on your Honor phone, you need to go to the smartphone settings and do the following:

  • select the section “Applications and notifications”;
  • go to “Default Applications”;
  • select “Help and voice input”;
  • in the upper right corner, click on the inscription “Start” or “Google” with an arrow;
  • in the pop-up window select “No”.

How to remove Google Assistant from the Home button

You can disable Google Assistant on Android using the Home key. After deactivation, the display will no longer pop up notifications about the need to activate the function. To do this, follow these instructions:

  • Hold the key until the assistant starts.
  • In the upper right, find a widget with a box of white and blue colors.
  • In the drop-down list, go to “Settings” and click on the item “Phone”.
  • Move the slider opposite Google Assistant to inactive state.

How to remove Google Assistant from Android

When you turn off Google Assistant using the Home button, the program remains in the phone, the assistant window pops up when you hold down the key. To completely remove the utility from the device, you need the following:

  • go to the menu and select “Settings”;
  • select “Apps and notifications”;
  • go to the “Applications by default” section and select “Help and voice input”;
  • click “Assistant” and select “No” in the pop-up window.

Now the window will not pop up. To remove Google Assistant from the screen, you need to hold down its shortcut. Then move to the trash can at the top of the display and confirm the action. When the action is taken, only the icon is deleted, the utility remains on the device

Turn off Google Assistant

It’s been a long time since Google Assistant launched. The search giant’s voice assistant has received a huge number of updates during its existence. While it can be a very useful tool for Android users, the Google Assistant can get in the way at times. What if you just don’t need Google Voice Assistant? In this article, you will learn: how to disable the Google Assistant on your smartphone.

Why is it activated without the user’s knowledge?

The fact that the Google Assistant activates on its own is not very pleasant. The assistant can be activated at a time when it is completely unnecessary: ​​when unlocking the smartphone. As a result, you have to close it yourself before performing any action on the screen. There are quite a few reasons for spontaneous activation. This usually happens due to accidentally pressing the Home button, which is also responsible for launching the smart assistant.

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As soon as the application starts, it will begin to process your voice and execute the given commands. Even if your smartphone is in your. the Google Assistant can be activated by voice. If you are talking at a certain moment with a person, the system may think that you are referring to it, and then answer you. So, for example, words about some Egyptian pyramid and its history may start coming out of your. although your conversation was completely not about that.

Turn off Google Assistant

If you constantly encounter a similar situation, it’s time to turn off the assistant. You can do this in three ways.

Disable Google Assistant completely.

If you decide to completely disable the voice assistant, do the following:

  • Open the application itself and press the “Menu” button (three strips).
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • In the “Assistant” section, tap on “Settings” “Phone” and disable the Assistant by moving the slider.

Disable activation of the Google Assistant on the Home button.

In most cases, the above method will suffice. But, it is much safer to remove the activation of the assistant by pressing the “Home” button. Thus, you will not see constant recommendations on what to enable the Assistant, as is the case with the first method.

  • Go to the menu “Settings”. “Applications”. “Default applications”. “Assistant and voice input”.
  • Here you can choose which voice assistant you want to use by default. Select “No” from the list of available helpers.

Another plus of this method, in addition to annoying reminders, is the ability to use the Assistant at any time convenient for you, without having to turn it on again. It should be noted that the path may differ on different devices.

Another simple but effective way. Just uninstall all Google Assistant updates. Of course, there is one drawback, you will not be able to access all the features of the application that work only on certain versions of Android.

Go to “Settings”. “Applications”. “Application Management”, and search for “Google”.

When you open the menu (three small dots), you will see the line “Uninstall Updates”.

What do you think of Google’s voice assistant? Does he interfere with you? Have you had any strange experiences with the Assistant? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to disable Google Assistant on Android

Users of phones based on the Android operating system often face a problem. turning off and uninstalling built-in and unnecessary applications.

Among which is Google Assistant. how to disable it? This can be done using several different options, after which, it will no longer take away the resources of your smartphone and constantly pop up with a proposal to turn it back on.

You already know what a swipe is. Now we will deal with one annoying process for many, you will learn how to disable Google Assistant on Honor, Samsung, Xiaomi and other Android devices.

Interesting! It is better to try all the options, and if one does not work, try another. If you have your own method of how this can be done. share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, everyone will be interested to find out.

Method 2. in the Google app

If you did not find the items from the first chapter in the parameters, and the Google application is installed, then launch it, go to the settings and already in them go to the Google Assistant settings.

Again go to the main settings and from there to the item “Voice search”.

In the “Headset” section, make all the items inactive, then go to “Voice Match” and disable everything here.

Method 3. for Honor

On phones with EMUI shell, open basic settings, go to “Advanced options” and go to “System navigation”.

Go to Gestures options and turn off Google Assistant.

Important! Remember that depending on the version of the firmware itself and the EMUI launcher, the names of the menu items may differ, and sometimes they are located in a slightly different place. Therefore, if you cannot find something, look for a name that is close in spirit.

Method 6. dramatically

A cardinal option, but one hundred percent off. Go to device settings, open applications and search there for Google and / or Google Assistant.

Delete data and turn off. You will have to use a different browser, but the offer with a request to enable will no longer be sent out.

How to disable Google Assistant. permanently

It is better to do all the methods in order to make sure to turn it off and not to pop up a suggestion to turn it back on. Menus may be called slightly differently on different Android OS versions.

Disabling the voice assistant

Today, a huge number of voice assistants are available for use on Android, each of which has its own settings and deactivation methods. We will pay attention only to some of the options from the most famous developers, while most of the other analogues are unlikely to cause difficulties.

Microsoft Cortana

Cortana, a voice assistant originally introduced by Microsoft specifically for Windows 10, is currently available on several other platforms, including Android. Like any other similar software, this application can be partially used by disabling unnecessary functions through internal settings.

    Expand the application and open the main menu in the upper right corner of the home page. From the presented list, select the item “Settings”.

When the page with the settings appears, tap on the “Phone Settings” block and after the transition, find the “Entry point” block. Here, first you need to expand the subsection “Cortana on home screen”.

On the “Cortana on home screen” you need to move the slider with the same name to the left to deactivate the function. Other items will be disabled automatically.

Return to the page with the main parameters “Settings” and in the same block select the section “Hey Cortana”. To turn it off, slide the “From the Cortana app” slider to the left and you’re done.

When you return to the main page with application settings, both options considered should be in the “Off” state. Please note, as in the case of Marusya, you can completely disable Cortana by logging out of your Microsoft account.

Unfortunately, the Android application does not support the Russian language even in the text version; nevertheless, most of the settings are intuitively clear. As a last resort, you can always resort to the removal mentioned below.

How to disable Google Assistant on Android

To begin with, Google Assistant is an assistant that helps you find the information you need through voice input. However, for many users this is not very convenient, so they are interested in how to disable Google Assistant on Android. This and not only will be discussed below.

Removing applications

Each presented application, including the Google Assistant and, under certain circumstances, the accessibility of the Android operating system, can be uninstalled by standard means through the “Settings”. This deactivation method is the most radical, although it does not require clearing memory. Using the example of other programs, the procedure for uninstalling applications was described in detail by us in a separate article.

Disable Google Assistant completely

If you decide to disable the assistant completely, then use this guide:

  • Go to settings.
  • Go to the “Advanced settings” section, where we select the “Buttons and gestures” tab.
  • Click on the item “Launch Google Assistant”.
  • In the menu that appears, select “No”.
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Now, when you press the “Home” button, nothing will happen.

How to disable Google Assistant on Android?

In the latest versions of Android, Google’s voice assistant is enabled by default, which, of course, is not to everyone’s liking. However, you can still disable Google Assistent through the settings. You will learn how to do this in our article.

In general, the voice assistant can be very useful, so we would not be in a hurry to disable it. Here are just a few of the things he can do:

What, you still want to turn it off? Okay. First, open the Settings app on your desktop.

Then find the Google section. it goes as a separate item in the menu.

Now open the subsection “Search, Assistant and Voice Control”.

Here you need to be careful, because from update to update, Google can change not only the names of sections and subsections, but also the arrangement of elements or even add new menu items, etc.

Select the “Assistant” tab. Find the item “Phone” on it and click on it.

The assistant is on. Disable it by translating the corresponding lever.

That’s all. you just turned off the assistant.

Yes, an important detail. to disable the functionality, you will need an Internet connection.

There is another way to disable Google Assistant, which almost copies the previously mentioned method. The only difference is that you need the google app.

On the “Assistant” tab, select “Phone”.

Both methods are simple and convenient, so which one is better to use is up to you.

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Yandex Assistant (Alice)

Artificial intelligence Alice from Yandex has wide functionality and performs a wide variety of actions. The main list is as follows:

How to Turn Off Google Assistant on Android 2020. Disable / Deactivate Google Assistant

  • search for information on the Internet;
  • application management;
  • answers on questions;
  • providing information about the weather, exchange rates, time, traffic situation, etc.;
  • making calls to specified numbers;
  • inclusion of music;
  • games and communication.

Disabling Google Assistant via Settings

Disabling the voice assistant (and removing it from the phone screen) is as easy as any other application. You just need to click on the icon and drag it to the Trash. However, keep in mind: the utility is still listed in the list of system applications and may be active.

You can completely disable Google Assistant on Android through the system applet “Applications”. For this you need:

  • Open the “Settings” menu.
  • Find the “Devices” section, and in it. item “Applications”.
  • A list of all available applications will appear on the screen, and a gear-shaped icon will be visible in the upper right corner.
  • Clicking on the icon will bring up a menu with additional settings. Among them, you should find the item “Assistant and voice input”, and then select the “Assistant” tab at the top of the list.
  • A window will open asking you to select a program to control the device. To disable Google Assistant, you just need to click the “No” button.

As a result of these actions, all voice commands will be disabled and the assistant will stop responding to the voice request “Ok, Google”.

Apple’s Siri voice assistant

Siri Assistant was originally available through the App Store for iOS, but then Apple bought it and began to use it in its gadgets. Siri’s capabilities are as follows:

  • making calls and sending messages using voice commands;
  • informing about weather conditions anywhere in the world;
  • playback of any musical composition available on the device;
  • management of alarms and timers;
  • connection to the “Smart Home” system, control over sockets, switches, air conditioners, etc.

Removing Google Assistant updates

Virtual Assistant is a relatively new software development that was not present in previous versions of Google. Therefore, you can get rid of Google Assistant by uninstalling all updates. This approach has one drawback: new application features that the user liked will also become unavailable.

  • In the “Settings” menu, find the “Applications” tab, then “Application manager” and click “Google”.
  • When the application opens, a menu designation will appear on the screen in the form of three small dots. After entering it, you need to find and click the “Remove updates” button.
  • A pop-up window will ask you to confirm the removal action, you must click “Yes”.

Disabling the Google Assistant call via the Home button

A safer method is to remove Google Assistant using the Home button. In this case, notifications will no longer appear on the device screen that you need to turn on the assistant. This requires:

  • Hold the Home button on the device screen until the assistant starts.
  • A blue and white icon in the form of a box with a handle will appear in the upper right corner. Should click on it.
  • In the list that appears, go to “Settings. Phone”.
  • The switch in front of the Google Assistant application must be switched to the “Disable” position.

What can be used instead of Google Assistant

In addition to Google Assistant, other assistant applications are also popular, which can be used instead of the standard Android component. Consider them.

Three ways to disable Google Assistant on Android

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered app. Its main features:

  • search for the necessary information according to the specified parameters,
  • dialogue with the user, answering voice requests,
  • simplification of dialing, converting speech to SMS,
  • prompt provision of information: data on weather, traffic situation, etc.

You can activate Google Assistant on any modern smartphone with the Android operating system using the phrase “Ok Google”.

Many users say that Google Assistant can perform completely unwanted functions, sometimes even annoying. So, it can appear several times after unlocking the phone and, before performing any action, you have to close it, which takes time. It accidentally starts when the phone is in a bag or. catches part of the conversation and perceives it as a question. And, of course, he answers at the most inopportune moment.

Therefore, there is a natural need to deactivate this application on Android. How to disable the assistant on Xiaomi, HTC, Fly and other devices will be discussed in today’s review.

How to get Google Assistant back

You can reactivate the assistant using the Home button.

  • Start the assistant by holding the Home button.
  • In the settings menu, open the “Phone” tab.
  • Set the slider opposite Google Assistant to the “Enable” position.

You can restore Google Assistant differently:

  • Launch Google app.
  • Open the menu and select the “Settings” item.
  • In the “Google Assistant” section, enable the assistant.

If this function is not available or the assistant has been completely removed from the system, you can download and reinstall it from the official Google Play website.