How to create a folder on the Samsung desktop

Folder in the Android gallery. How to create / delete / restore / put a password

Now I will talk about manipulations with folders in the Android phone gallery: how to create a new one, delete unnecessary, restore remote from a photo or put a password on the one that others should not see.

This article is suitable for all brands that produce phones on Android 11/10/9/8: Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Meizu, Fly, Alcatel, Xiaomi, Nokia and other. We are not responsible for your actions.

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When it is required?

Of course, not everyone needs the creation of folders. If you only install something on your smartphone from time to time, then you can easily do without folders. Their creation is necessary if your device has accumulated a very large number of applications that you regularly use. You can combine labels by type of programs. For example, one folder will contain games, while the other will consist of antivirus and various system utilities.

We must not forget that recently, smartphones have begun to get more and more spread, which in addition to desktopes have nothing. That is, in such devices there is no separate menu containing the labels of all applications. Now imagine a situation when seven or eight dozen programs and games are installed on such an apparatus. All their labels will be located on the desktop. Without the function of unification into folders, this would greatly complicate navigation. Sometimes the right application you would have to look for several tens of seconds or even more! Fortunately, creating a folder on the desktop is not difficult.

Typical actions with a new element

An important advantage of the system is working with files and folders to optimize the gadget space. However, in practice it is difficult to get to the file zone, so program managers are installed.

To completely remove the catalog storage with invested files or applications, it is enough to slip on the icon and, holding it, move it to the basket on top of the screen. You can also transfer the internal files to the desktop. The catalog will automatically disappear after devastation. This option does not work on all shells, so users are offered an alternative.

To combine shortcuts in one catalog on the work field using a standard launcher, you can move one icon to another icon. A new storage file arises in the place of the second label, in which both icons are located. The user presses the label, holds his finger and quickly drags.

Computer me folder kaise banaye

To add the icon to the directory, then click on the “Add” icon. You can hide data that is not intended for third parties on Android using a file manager. To do this, the user needs to find and open the file, then select a item for renaming from a large list. Using the keyboard, a point is placed before the name without a gap.

In the point “Show hidden files” you need to remove the mark. To view hidden files, in the settings the checkmark is activated back.

To classify information on the catalog, a password is set. You can create a closed android folder (for example, OBB) with additional tools. To do this, you need to download the KNOX, Apps Locker Master or Smart Applock applications. Each option pursues a certain goal (protects with a password photo, video or text files).

Creating a directory for Android

Folders have different purposes. Depending on the place in which they are located, they can be divided into:

The first two points belong to the “visual grouping”, since physically, new elements are not created in the memory. They allow you to combine applications in accordance with their purpose to accelerate the search. Next, we will tell you how to add a folder to the desktop in the Android operating system.

How to make a group of icons on the desktop

To create a catalog on the desktop, you need to make a long press on the icon with the application. The working area will change the appearance, allowing you to move the label with the program.

We drag it to another icon. A folder of two elements without a signature is formed, we repeat the action for other applications.

To rename it, open and click on “without name”. A panel with a sympathetic input will appear.

Note: the catalog will be automatically assigned the corresponding, when adding programs of the same type. For example, it will be called “communication” if you add messengers and social networks.

Folder in the application menu

The function of creating a directory in the menu with applications is not presented in the “pure” Android. It appeared only in branded shells from Samsung and LG. Therefore, the instruction is relevant only for some phones models.

We go to the panel “All applications”. On most phones, it opens by pressing the average button, in the “Favorites” section at the bottom of the screen.

On Samsung‘s smartphones and tablets in the upper right corner is a icon with three points. Click on it, causing a context menu. Select the line “Editing/removing applications”. Now you can move the programs of the programs. To create a folder, drag the elements on top of each other, using a long press.

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Or just transfer the icons from the folder to the desktop and it will disappear (this method does not work on all shells, so you will have to use the method described above).

How to create a new Android folder using a file manager

File managers are provided for moving, creating, creating and renaming folders in mobile gadgets and PC systems. In addition, you can download and install more functional conductors on them.

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Using a computer

You can quickly create folders on gadgets using PC.

In this case, it is required to do the following:

  • Connect the device to PC using a USB cable.
  • After a successful connection, you need to turn on the gadget as an external drive.
  • Further, using any PC file manager, you need to create a folder on a gadget connected to a PC. To do this, in the desired directory, click on the right button and in the new window that opens, select the “Create” tab → “folder”.

Using special applications

You can quickly create folders with standard gadget tools. This requires a standard conductor or a more functional conductor downloaded in Google Play.

Using “ES conductor”

  • We open the right directory in the program (operating system, internal memory of the device or external flash drive).
  • After that, in the upper right corner of the program integer, it is necessary to press the threefold icon.
  • Further in the proposed list you need to select the “Create” tab → “folder”.

To send labels on the folder on the screen in this conductor, you need to do the following:

  • Click on the required folder so that it is marked with a green checkmark.
  • After that, in the lower right corner of the conductor, you need to click the “” tab.
  • Next, additional options of the utility will appear, where you need to select “Add to the desktop“.
  • Then it will display on the working screen of the gadget. This will allow you to quickly open the necessary files to work with it.

Using the X-Plore File Manager

With this conductor, it is created in this way:

  • Run the conductor.
  • Choosing a directory where a new folder will be located. Click on it and hold it until the list of program options is displayed. Choose in it “create a folder”, after which it must be called a suitable name.

Create Desktop Shortcut Your Daily use Folder or Drives

Using Total Commander

In Total Commander, it is created in this way:

  • It is necessary to start the program.
  • Then you need to choose a directory where a new folder will be placed.
  • Next, it is required to select the Explorer File icon Troetogo in the upper right corner.
  • Then, in the list that opens, you need to select the “New folder” tab, and then give the appropriate name for the created folder.

How to create a folder on Android phone

You can create a folder on a working screen in several ways. I propose to consider them in detail.

We move the application

There are no difficulties in this method. The folder can be made in a few seconds according to the following instructions:

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After performing the above instructions, you can create a folder with the necessary contents and the name. Now let’s move on to the consideration of other ways how to add the folder to the work screen of the gadget.

Settings “Desktop

Users have the opportunity to create a folder through the settings of the “desktop“. We perform such steps:

    Click on the main screen of the smartphone with your finger until a special menu appears.

Through a computer

You can create a folder on the working screen of android using a personal computer. Instructions:

  • We connect the gadget to the computer via USB cable.
  • After determining the device by the device, we go to the phone file system via “My computer”. Find the tab where you need to create a folder.
  • Click the right button in this tab in a free place. The context menu will be displayed, where we click “Create”, then select the “folder”. A new folder will be displayed in the file list.
  • To indicate the name of the folder, click on its icon by the right button, then indicate “rename”. You can also use the F2 button. Enter the name of the folder, click “Enter”.
  • Disconnect the gadget from PC. In the new folder, now you can move the icons with simple drag.

Through the file manager

Multifunctional file managers allow you to create folders on Android. Let’s look at this process using the example of the ES conductor:

  • We find this utility in Play Market, download and install it on the device.
  • Run software. Initially, the program comes off on the “Home page”. We perform a swipe from right to left to start the “device” tab. It will show all the phone catalogs. We go to the working screen to create a folder.
  • Click on the “menu” button (has the form of 3 horizontal stripes), then select “Create” (plus icon).
  • Click “Folder”.
  • Indicate the name of the folder, select “OK”.
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Programs allowing you to create an album in a gallery on a smartphone

The App Store and Google Market presents a huge number of third.Party applications and file managers. They differ in functionality and convenience for users. You can read more about these and other applications on Appsetter.Ru. All programs will require access to phone files. Consider how to create an album using additional tools in the Android gallery.

Oi File Manager

At the first inclusion, the program will ask you to confirm the consent with a license agreement. To make a new folder, click on the button in the upper right corner and select the last item in a pop.Up menu. Enter the name and click “OK”.


At the first launch, a welcome panel will appear with gratitude, licensing agreement and a review of new functions. The main feature of the program is the synchronization function of cloud services and network local disks.

Click on the item “File Manager”. A window with a list of all files on a smartphone will appear. Click on a green icon with a plus in the right lower part of the screen. Enter the name for the new folder.

File Expert

A pleasant manager with file sorting in several categories depending on the format. Click on the blue button. From the context menu, select the “new folder” and assign the name to it.


Convenient application for viewing photos and images. If necessary, the user can not only make a new catalog, but also hide the chosen directors. Select a button with three points in the upper right corner. Click “Add”, a window with a list of folders will appear. Click on the inscription “New” and give the name. An album will appear on the smartphone, in which you can transfer photos.

Creating folders is very simple, although android developers for some reason did not bring functionality to a prominent place. But, this is easily corrected by additional software. Allowing to sort and hide certain files, simplifying the daily use of the smartphone.