How to connect your Samsung tablet to your LG TV

Ways to connect your tablet to your TV

Synchronization of the tablet and TV can significantly increase the functionality of this technique. With the tablet you can control the TV, run a variety of applications, use the big screen to watch videos, photos, movies.

If you have a tablet, you can use it to broadcast pictures and videos to the big screen. The TV. In principle, all brands of tablets can do this. From Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Huawei, and other brands.

Any tablet has a jack that can be used for a wired connection. All you need is a suitable cable to connect the tablet to the TV. If you have a new, advanced TV with Wi-Fi support, the connection is even easier. Wirelessly.

Often it is not even necessary to download special applications, as in the TV software with Smart TV manufacturer initially built in functions that allow to synchronize their work with tablets, cell phones and other gadgets.

What it gives?

Let me give you five reasons why you want to connect your TV and phone:

  • You’ll be able to watch movies, videos, and more from the Internet on the big screen. Even if your TV doesn’t have Wi-Fi!
  • Do you know how convenient and beautiful it is to watch photos from your mobile screen on your TV? Try it, you’ll love it!
  • You have a favorite game on your cell phone? You’ll be able to play it on your TV!
  • You’ll be able to browse the sites, that is, use TV as a computer or mobile gadget, but with a big monitor.
  • On the screen of the receiver you can make a presentation. Show documents, photos and other things from your smartphone.

So, you have decided to connect the TV and phone? Then read on!

All options for connecting any TV to your phone are described here:

Connecting with cable

This method has its advantages, for example, you do not need special utilities and applications to synchronize the two devices with each other. Which is especially true for older TVs without Smart TV functionality.

The most popular ways to connect by wire are considered to be the following interests:

Below each presented method will be considered in detail, with all the pros and cons.

HDMI connection

The most advanced and multi-functional way to connect your tablet to your TV, you can achieve with HDMI-connection. Thus the tablet will take on a part of the functions of a Smart set-top box. You will only need a special adapter.

And almost any appliance or electronics store sells HDMI adapters. It is not uncommon for it to come with a tablet.

HDMI has every modern TV, but there are also on some older models, which you can find out from the instructions that come with the device, as well as see what the correct port for connection looks like.

If you have the required connector in the tablet initially, no adapters are needed, a double HDMI cord is enough.

After both devices are connected, you must run the audio signal and video signal setup, if this did not happen automatically. Will need to activate the debugging mode from the tablet and TV receiver. Specify the input value parameters for HDMI in the TV set, and on the gadget specify the same port for the signal output.

In a situation where devices have different port generations, you will need to use an HDMI adapter, which will adversely affect the quality of the signal display.

With the latest HDMI 2 standard.0 achieves the best possible signal display quality, which is supported up to UltraHD resolution. And the channel can have a bandwidth of up to 18.2 gb/s. Unfortunately, the new standard was introduced not so long ago, and is not yet widespread.

Once the configuration is complete, the picture from the gadget will be broadcast on the TV screen, and the tablet can be used as a control panel for the media system.

Due to the fact that the signal that goes through the cable, digital, high quality images are provided, even without the use of Smart set-top boxes.

And when you activate the function “display mirror”, the same image will be displayed on both devices. This method is also convenient because of the absence of a large number of wires, connected only one cord.

This is the most convenient method of pairing devices that works with different models, including LG, Samsung, and others.

Connecting the tablet to the TV via USB, one of the most simple and proven methods. In this situation, the USB cable will be used as an external drive. Therefore, to activate the mirroring function (simultaneous picture transmission from the tablet screen to the TV) is not possible.

First of all, you will need a USB cable, which will help connect the devices and take over the function of the USB flash drive. With it, you would be able to view data from your tablet.

Set up this type of connection in the following order:

  • Connect a USB cable to the TV, and the other part of the wire plugged into the micro-USB jack device;
  • The screen of the tablet will display the type of connection, you must connect as a drive.
  • Using the remote control, you must specify the external source of connection, namely “USB memory stick”.
  • Large TV screen, after successfully connecting to the tablet, display available files stored in the device memory.

With this type of connection it is not possible to display gameplay, browser pages or streaming media. However, USB can cope with such tasks as playing audio files, watching videos and pictures.

MHL is the most common solution to connect your tablet to the TV. Mobile High-Definition Link. The full name of this technology, allowing smartphones and tablets to freely connect to the TV.

This way provides a high-class resolution of picture transmission from gadget to TV. At the same time charging the device at the same time. The undeniable plus is the small price of this miracle device.

Not every TV has an MHL input, but if at least one HDMI port has support for MHL, the TV will be labeled MHL. If your TV does not have an MHL input at all, you can buy an adapter and an MHL-HDMI cord.

Thanks to this technology MHL-compatible devices can share files without losing quality. So it can display, photo, music, and video on the big display.

And the TV remote control can control MHL-compatible devices.

  • Connect the plug from the cord to your MHL device;
  • Attach the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the TV that supports MHL;
  • Turn on the tablet and TV;
  • The TV menu should be set to auto-adjust when connecting MHL-compatible devices. This option may not work or may not function properly if the tablet does not support such functions;

Also, the compatible device may not support the remote control.

For more detailed and clear information on the above steps, please refer to the user manual that comes with each TV.

Note: Some MHL-compatible smartphones and tablets have an interesting feature that allows you to receive calls or messages when paired with a TV.

RCA cable

In case your TV has no HDMI ports, or all of them are already occupied and there is no possibility to connect the tablet this way, and the above options are not suitable, you can use the RCA connection. RCA interface fits any TV, and is also commonly referred to as a “tulip” connection.

To combine your device and TV together, you need a special HDMI-to-RCA or HDMI-to-HDMI converter adapter, which is inferior in its functionality to modern adapters.

  • It is not available to use a tablet, to control the TV, but you can connect it as a screen, to watch movies or play music.
  • The picture will be output identical to the tablet.
  • Through the RCA-adapter picture of higher quality (digital) is transformed into an analog signal, inferior to the digital.
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Can I connect my iPad to my TV??

Although iOS is a closed operating system (OS) with a higher degree of security, but it still allows you to interact with the TV quite easily. The easiest way to display the iPad on your TV is to use the “Mirror” or “Wireless Screen” mode. The idea is to duplicate the image from the tablet on the TV screen. The TV turns into a large monitor on which we can adjust the zoom, resolution, and more.

In general, all connection methods can be divided into two main groups: wired, where you need some kind of cable, and wireless, most often. Via Wi-Fi. We can not mention how to connect the iPad to LG Smart TV will be the best, because each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Another choice depends on whether there are at home, appropriate cables and whether both devices support the necessary technology.

Via Wi-Fi

If there is no Apple TV set-top box at home, we can establish a connection between the tablet and TV through special programs. They use the intermediary server that sends the data between the devices in both directions. There are the following applications in the official store: Reflector (paid), AirServer (free), but the best is Belkin MediaPlay.

How to connect the iPad to the TV via Wi-Fi :

  • Log onto the Wi-Fi network on your TV.
  • Activate one of the programs on the tablet.
  • Go to “Settings” and activate the element “Show”.
  • Open the site through the program, the content will be broadcast to it.
  • Select your own TV in the “Display Device” section of the properties.
  • Press the “Beam” button.

Important! If the button to launch the playback does not appear, you should reload the site and wait a while.

On the plus side, we can include the lack of cables that bind the tablet and TV to each other. On the other hand, the resolution of the picture will be limited by the bandwidth of the network. Most often you will be satisfied with FullHD images instead of 4K.

Using HDMI

The main advantage of the method is the high quality of the picture, and all due to the huge bandwidth of the network. The method allows you to easily watch 4k and even broadcast video from games, etc. П. Other benefits include the ability to stream high-quality audio and video, ease of connection, and ease of use. It is true that tablets of previous generations can limit the quality of the picture.

How to Connect an iPad to a TV via HDMI :

  • Connecting one plug to your TV.
  • Connect the other end to your tablet. You’ll need either a special cable or an iPad HDMI adapter.
  • Select the TV signal reception mode through HDMI.


Apple TV allows you to quickly and effortlessly connect your tablet to the TV. It’s expensive, but useful because it makes it easy to sync all your Apple devices together. Its main task is to show videos from streaming web resources like YouTube, iTunes and others. The set-top box includes AirPlay support. The function of broadcasting video from mobile devices to a large TV display. After the basic setup you can watch any video, listen to music, run programs, and even play games. All this is available in high quality.

  • Connect the smart set-top box to the TV.
  • Open the settings and enable AirPlay.
  • Set up a connection to the same Wi-Fi network on both devices.
  • Double-click on the “Home” button to go into multitasking mode, and then specify the correct settings for the brightness settings.
  • Press AirPlay and wait for the device to be detected.
  • Select the set-top box and turn the “Mirroring” option on. The picture from the tablet is now duplicated on the TV.

How To connect your Mobile Phone or Tablet to your TV Wirelessly using SCREEN MIRRORING

Using Google Chromecast

Another method of connecting devices without using wires requires a Google Chromecast adapter. The device is almost the same as a flash drive, but uses an HDMI connector to connect. TV and mobile gadget must be connected to the same network for it to work.

  • Go to Apple Store and download the specialized app to set up Chromecast.
  • In the menu set the broadcast parameters, and make a connection to Wi-Fi.
  • If you set it up correctly, the picture will now be displayed in HD quality.

VGA adapter and USB

The method involves the possibility of synchronizing the picture between devices in a second display, but it does not support the transfer of sound. You will either have to be satisfied with the sound from your tablet or buy wireless speakers. The method is more suitable for demonstrations and presentations, but not for a full movie at home. The advantage of the approach is the ease of setup, because USB interface is on all TVs, and the cable is included with all tablets.

What tablet can be connected to the TV??

Any Android or even Windows Phone tablet can connect to a TV. Yes, not all methods will be available, some have their limitations, but at least a few methods will be available in any case.

The tablet can be connected to the TV in many ways, but they can all be divided into 2 parts: wireless and wired. The first ones are interesting because you don’t need additional cables, adapters. The second category is better for people who use the picture transmission frequently, as it provides greater speed, less latency.

Wireless ways to connect your tablet

There is a sufficient number of technologies for connecting the tablet to the TV via wireless networks. We will describe the main of them, as well as their features.

  • Wi-Fi Direct. In the settings under “Wireless Networks” on the tablet you need to activate Wi-Fi Direct. You need to do the same thing on your TV and then select the device. The devices open a direct channel between them, even without the use of Wi-Fi network from the router, and can exchange files. From the TV, you can select any file that is saved on the tablet and play it back. The only problem is that Wi-Fi Direct is not available on all TVs.
  • Wi-Fi Miracast. The beauty of this kind of network connection is that you don’t need any additional equipment in the form of a router. Also, with this technology, the TV can act as a second monitor. Picture quality at the highest level, it is possible to broadcast in 4K. To turn it on, open “Settings” on your TV and turn on Wi-Fi Direct. On your tablet, go to “Miracast Display Duplication”. Start the process by pressing the “Start” button.
  • Airplay. The technology is designed for Apple tablets. Provided you have a compatible TV, the tablet’s menu will allow you to start streaming. Here’s how to connect your iPad to your TV.
  • DLNA. This technology connects gadgets: computers, phones, tablets, TVs, forming one big unified digital network. Once there, the devices communicate with each other perfectly. Details on the DLNA setup we have described before.
  • Allshare or Samsung Smart View. Designed to connect to a Samsung TV. Learn more about the technology in our separate article. What is Samsung Smart View.

If you want to use the tablet as a replacement for your TV remote, you’ll need to download a special app. For example, “Mi Remote controller”.

Wired methods to connect your tablet to your TV

Synchronizing the picture between your TV and your tablet can go through several ways. Each has its own features that you need to be aware of. So below you will find descriptions for each of them.

  • HDMI. The best and relatively convenient way to synchronize the two devices. Bright advantages: Digital signal = excellent sound and picture quality, no frame delay problems, easy to set up. Once connected, you need to press the “Source Selection” option on the TV or the Source button on the remote and select HDMI. The picture must be dubbed.
  • MHL. This is an adapter from USB to HDMI that allows you to transmit the picture from your tablet to the big screen. As a bonus, the tablet recharges, albeit slowly. The adapter is inexpensive and works quite well.

RCA (Tulipan), DVI, USB. All of these are either obsolete, do not work, or simply impractical to use in today’s world.

Wired connection

To duplicate the screen of your smartphone with minimal delay displayed on the Samsung TV create a wired connection.

There is a special accessory that allows you to connect Samsung Galaxy phones (j5, j7, a7 or other line) with any TV. The accessory is called: “Dex Station”. It works in two variations:

  • Smartphone duplicates the image on the screen with a large diagonal.
  • The smartphone is used as a mini PC and the “Dex” shell appears on the screen.

This accessory connects to any TV through an HDMI cable. It is a hybrid docking station for phone combined with TV-Box features for larger displays.

  • Use an HDMI cable to connect the station to the TV.
  • Put your phone on the cradle by plugging it into the MicroUSB port.
  • On the TV, select the source of this station.
  • On your Android device, set the type of output to “Dex”.
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How to connect your phone to the TV Samsung to watch movies via USB port

The most common and most comprehensible way to perform the output of content from the phone on the TV Samsung is synchronization via USB, you can transmit both video files and files for viewing and further editing of the desired content, depending on the situation.

Wire, or adapter, used in this case, it is better to buy a universal, suitable for all Android devices.

The main condition must be the presence on the other end of the plug HDMI, VGA, DVI, Display Port or miniDP, based on your device. Use the wire to connect your phone to your Samsung TV.

Connector types

Next, select the channel labeled HDMI in the TV settings (on some TVs these channels may be labeled H1, H2, H3, H4). At the same time, if the smartphone screen does not pop up the question of connection, then manually select on the phone in the options section of the menu “Connections”, after which the broadcast signal should start.

Т.К. The TV carrier often does not allow to put a phone and / or tablet near it, this way not always find its practical application.

Connecting via USB cable. The old but true way to synchronize

How to connect a Smart LG TV to a Samsung Galaxy s6 no wifi, wirelessly


A very cool and handy feature. You can launch the YouTube app on your tablet, and if any suitable TV shows up on your local network, you can just share any

General methods have been covered. For each of these we probably have large additional articles with all the details. So if something is not working. Leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will try to answer your question as soon as possible. See you later!