How to connect your phone to your TV screen share

What is Screen LG TVs and how to use it?

LG TVs have a feature called Screen Share. You can use it to duplicate the screen from your phone, computer, or laptop to your TV over Wi-Fi (Miracast, Intel WiDi). No wires. This means that we can use LG TV as a wireless display. In just a few clicks, you can display the image from your phone or computer on it. In this article, I’ll talk more about the Screen Share feature, how to set it up and use it. And as a real-life example, consider connecting an Android phone and a Windows 10 laptop via Screen Share.

LG Smart TVs have an interface that allows you to watch media files that are stored on any device that’s connected to your network. “Smart Share technology is capable of continuously streaming images from one device to another, such as from a smartphone to a PC or from a computer to a TV, and in excellent quality.

In the recent past for the realization of such a task it was required to connect to the TV-panel via wires, or to transmit content from a USB flash drive. Today it is enough to activate the wireless Wi-Fi network, download and install a licensed program.

This service uses Miracast and DLNA standards, which provide data transmission “through the air”, i.E. Via Wi-Fi. But this function is present only on the latest TV-panels. Older devices cannot support Miracast. In this case it is advisable to buy a special adapter, which will expand the functionality of technology and make wireless data transfer available. The device has a small size and is connected to the TV through the HDMI port.

Connection with Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct media transmission from your phone to your LG TV allows you to do without cables, adapters and other complicated and sometimes expensive tricks. The main requirement for the TV is the presence of a suitable wireless module; fortunately, almost all modern models of the South Korean manufacturer are equipped with such a transmitter. Using a direct connection allows you to do without an intermediate element in the form of a router: you only need to properly configure your smartphone and TV. Respectively, there is no need to check whether your TV belongs to the Smart line, which necessarily requires a router for synchronization.

There are several ways to synchronize two devices with each other. Having dealt with each of them more specifically, the user can choose for himself the most suitable

Wi-Fi Direct technology

This method is very convenient, there is no need to use wires or additional attachments, adapters, router. Only a Wi-Fi connection is sufficient. However, it is important that both devices support the following configurations:

  • For the TV. The presence of a built-in adapter, which allows wireless connections and supports Wi-Fi Direct technology;
  • For a smartphone. Android version at least 4.0.

In addition to the mass of advantages, the method has some disadvantages. One of the main ones is the increased load on the smartphone battery, which will make it discharge faster. The scheme to start connecting will be as follows:

  • Open in order in the cellular: “Settings”, then “Wi-Fi”, “Advanced settings”, and after “Wi-Fi Direct”. The automatic search for available networks will start, so you need to immediately proceed to the settings on the Smart TV;
  • Start the menu with the remote control;
  • Find the item “Network”;
  • Select the section “Wi-Fi Direct”, activate it.

Next, you will need to install the security code:

  • Find the “Security Key” section in the program;
  • To think of a reliable password, enter them;
  • In the phone to find the login of access point, created on the TV, begin to connect to it (the specified password will be required).

The next step will be the synchronization. When one of the devices will find the other, it is required to select the model displayed on it and approve all confirmations.

After 5-10 seconds the phone and the TV will be connected. You can perform the necessary manipulations. To send files to the monitor, you need to go to the gallery, click on the required, select “Send” in its settings, in the list of applications will appear TV data, which must be selected.

Miracast program

Modern Miracast standard allows you to connect your phone to a Smart TV also using the wireless data transmission. When the procedure is successfully completed, the TV screen can broadcast all the content available on your smartphone (any media files, including your favorite apps).

The method has its limitations:

  • Smart TV support this interface;
  • One router for both devices;
  • Support of Miracast functionality on the smartphone. To check it, search in the usual settings or lower the curtain on the screen, looking for the option “Cast” (or “Miracast”). If it is not available, it can be downloaded from Google Play by entering in the search box. “Miracast Wi-Fi Display”.

If all the requirements are satisfied, you can start connecting:

  • Launch the TV menu;
  • Select: Settings;
  • Activate “Network”;
  • In the Miracast menu, move the cursor to ON;
  • Turn on the found (or downloaded app) feature on the smartphone.

After the final stage, the cell phone will find the TV and the only thing left is to confirm all the actions for the final connection.

Wireless connection

Recently wireless ways of connecting iPhone and LG TV have been gaining popularity. This is due to the fact that modern TV-receivers are equipped with all the necessary interfaces, and almost every house has Wi-Fi. However, this is not the only way of wireless connection.

Perhaps the main method of connecting two devices wirelessly. Its advantage is that a person can display on the big screen any menu of the smartphone, as well as run games. Not a single wire will be involved.

To connect using this method the TV must be equipped with a Wi-Fi module and both devices must be connected to the same wireless network.

The first thing to do when trying to connect 2 devices is to download the Smart Share app to the LG TV receiver. Then you need to download the similar program on your iPhone, not necessarily Smart Share. Let it be Twonky Beam. Next, you need to configure the connection on the iPhone:

  • Open the program.
  • Check the “show or hide the visual indicators at the edge of the screen” box.
  • Choose the desired type of content (photo, video, audio).
  • Specify TV as source.
  • Press the “Bearning” button to start playback.

After the setting is complete, the desired content will be displayed on the screen of LG brand TV. You will need to use your smartphone to control it. However, this fact will not cause any difficulties, as there are no wires involved.


The previously described method of connection via Wi-Fi has a noticeable disadvantage. The software allows you to display only a certain type of content on the TV, but not the smartphone screen itself. If a person needs exactly what’s happening on the iPhone display, then using AirPlay will be a win-win option.

  • Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to the iPhone management menu and select the “Screen Repeat” item.
  • From the proposed list, click on the Smart TV.
  • Enter the password that appears on the TV-set screen on your phone.

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Now any movement on the smartphone screen will be displayed on the TV. If you suddenly need to switch off the broadcasting, it is enough to press the “Stop Repeat” button.

Apple TV

Among the products of the company Apple, distributed in Russia, is the TV set-top box Apple TV. Usually it is used in cases where the TV does not support Smart TV technology. Accordingly, if you connect the set-top box, the receiver will acquire all the features of Smart TV. True, the cost of this equipment discourages many buyers.

Average It can be purchased at any electronics chain store.

To connect your iPhone to your LG TV this way:

  • Connect the set-top box to the network and the TV receiver.
  • Get the hardware up and running.
  • Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • On the iPhone, double-click the home button.
  • Select “Volume and Brightness Control.
  • Specify “Air Play” among the connection methods.
  • Activate the connection feature.

Once all the requirements are met, the smartphone screen will appear on the TV. The user will be able to start a video, game, or just navigate through the menu.

Google Chromecast device

Another method of connection, which is relevant in a situation where the LG TV does not have a Wi-Fi module and Smart TV function. Google Chromecast is a small device, shaped like a flash card. It installs into the HDMI connector of your TV receiver and provides smart features.

Google Chromecast is much cheaper than Apple’s branded set-top box. In Russia

After purchasing the equipment, there are a few steps to take:

  • Insert the Chromecast into the HDMI connector on the TV.
  • On the phone, open the Google Home program, having previously downloaded it through the App Store.
  • Connect your devices to the same wireless network.
  • Open the application on your iPhone and log in.
  • Choose your LG TV receiver among available devices.
  • Click “Next” and enter the code that appears on the TV screen on your phone.

Synchronizing the two devices will allow you to perform various actions on the big screen, whether it’s showing a presentation or watching a movie and photos. You can control it all from your iPhone.

connect, your, phone, screen

Wireless connection

Synchronization of your smartphone and TV-receiver wirelessly via Wi-Fi adapter. Modern LG Smart TV panels and Android smartphones support this technology. You can sync your phone with your TV using different Wi-Fi connectivity options.

With Wi-Fi Direct

This option is suitable for TV-panels with built-in wireless adapter and support for Wi-Fi Direct, which is responsible for searching for networks to connect. On mobile gadgets with Android OS this function is supported from version 4 of the system and higher.

To bind over the air devices do not require a connection to the router. All manipulations should be performed in the settings of the TV-receiver and the smartphone. The procedure is as follows.

  • In the settings of the mobile gadget in the “Wireless Networks” section activate the desired command (Wi-Fi Direct or advanced settings).
  • In the “Network” section of the TV set set to search for networks.
  • After Smart-TV detects the devices available for connection, their list will appear on the screen. You need to select the name of your smartphone and initiate the connection.
  • Wait for the TV to start playing signals from the paired smartphone.

Important! It is recommended to monitor the battery level of your cell phone. Wireless connection quickly depletes the battery.

The technology does not work on older TV models and mobile devices.

Via Miracast

Miracast connection assumes that TV-panel and mobile gadget are connected to your home network via router. To connect to LG TV using this option, follow the sequence of actions.

  • You need to open “Miracast” item in “Network” setting block of the TV-panel and turn on the function (turn the rocker switch to “ON” position).
  • In the settings of your mobile device you also need to enable the same function. If it is not provided by default, you need to download and install the Miracast. Wi-Fi Display application from the application store.
  • Smart-TV will define the phone as available for connection. You need to confirm device synchronization and wait for the connection.

Important! It is necessary to set the phone horizontally for the Smart-TV to display the image in full screen.

Smart Share (only for LG phones)

There is a proprietary Screen Share/Smart Share technology for wireless communication of LG brand appliances. LG Smart TV and Smartphone must be part of the same Wi-Fi network for it to work in sync. It’s easy to connect: Just activate your Screen both devices, wait for your phone to be detected and confirm the connection.

Stream content from your smartphone to your LG Smart TV

Another way to watch content from your Android phone on your LG Smart TV is streaming.

connect, your, phone, screen

LG Smart TVs are equipped with DIAL (open & start) function. This allows you to stream selected apps (currently YouTube and Netflix) directly from your Android phone or tablet to your LG Smart TV without having to connect an additional Chromecast device.

While this is similar to LG screen sharing (screen mirroring), there are differences:

  • The smartphone or tablet and the TV must be on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Broadcast using DIAL system only works with some apps.
  • Only the content is displayed on the TV screen. The smartphone settings icons remain on the smartphone screen.
  • While streaming content is playing on your TV, you can simultaneously perform other tasks on your smartphone or even turn it off.
  • If the Android smartphone or tablet app is compatible with broadcasting using the DIAL system, the Cast logo will appear on your phone screen.
  • The app you are streaming must be installed on both your smartphone/tablet and TV.

Here are the steps to use this feature.

2.Open a compatible app (YouTube or Netflix) on your Android phone.

Note: You must install the streaming app on your smartphone or tablet and TV in order for the broadcast to work using the DIAL system.

3.Tap the broadcast icon at the top of the selected app screen, then tap LG Smart TV as the device you want to broadcast to.

Note: If there is a broadcast icon in the application but LG TV is not in the list, it means that the content cannot be broadcast to LG TV without adding an external Chromecast device.

Now you can watch the content you choose on your smartphone on your LG Smart TV.

What you need for connection?

To connect your phone to the TV, the TV needs to have at least one technology support:

How to Screen Mirroring any Android Phone to TV without WiFi

  • HDMI connector. Make sure that the appropriate inscription on the back or side panel is present. The connection is made with a special cord, and the phone must have support for picture transmission via HDMI.
  • Wi-Fi connection. Is not present in all models of TV receivers, but only in the newest ones. When connected to the same network as the smartphone. There are usually no difficulties in setting up. You can use the “Android TV Box”.
  • Bluetooth. Modern models often have such a module. If it is missing, you need to buy a special adapter. Then there must be a distance of no more than 10 meters between the TV and the smartphone. But the distance can also depend on the power of the module.
  • USB port. In this case, you can use the standard cable included with your phone to connect.

Even if the TV does not support modern standards, and has a “Tulip” input, it can be connected to the “Android”. Then you need to buy an adapter. In this case the picture when watching your favorite movie will not be the best quality.

I don’t see the computer in the “Connected Devices” section

If you went to the TV settings and did not find your PC, it means that either the TV or PC is not connected to the router’s network. If it is connected by wire, then go to the TV and plug the wire into the socket more forcefully. Do the same near the router with the second end plugged into the LAN socket of the transmitter.

If you connect via Wi-Fi, then make a few steps:

  • Turn off the Smart TV and the router. After 2 to 3 minutes, plug it in again.
  • Check how good the connection is near the TV. Simply connect from your phone or tablet to the same wireless network.
  • Press HOME. Smart Share. NETWORK. Wi-Fi Screen Share.
  • Reconnect to the wireless router network on your TV. About this I wrote at the very beginning of the article.
  • Set “Wi-FiScreenShare” to “On.”.
  • Check that your laptop or computer is also connected to the network. There should be no connection with a red cross in the lower right hand corner of the screen. If there is a red cross, then the PC is not connected to the network and you need to solve this problem.

If that does not help, then you need to change the sharing settings in your computer

Advantages and disadvantages

Like all modern technology, this development has its strengths and weaknesses. For illustration they are shown in the form of a table.

You can broadcast files from your device’s memory to the big screen and data from the network at the same time;

No need to use wires, splitters to connect to the local network. Data transmission is performed via a wireless Wi-Fi network;

Simple and intuitive interface adapted for Russian-speaking users;

LG Screen Share service is only available for the TV receivers of this manufacturer.

It is possible to use those resolutions that belong to the formats allowed on a particular TV.

The image can be broadcast in low quality. This situation is typical for outdated TV models bought several years ago.

Impossibility of providing a continuous streaming due to the frequent Wi-Fi connection failures.