How to Connect Mi Band 2 to Honor

Xiaomi fitness bracelets are especially popular among young people, people involved in sports and those who lead an active lifestyle.

We will be happy to help make friends with an unusual, at first glance, and practical gadget to track and keep statistics of your physical activity. In this article, we will consider frequently asked questions, tell how the Xiaomi mi band bracelet works, instruct the registration procedure, and the features of connecting the bracelet to a smartphone.

Getting Started

Opening the box, you will find the tracker itself, instructions (in which you can learn in detail how to use the Xiaomi mi band), a strap made of durable silicone and a USB charger.

Before turning it on for the first time, we recommend recharging the bracelet by putting it on charge for several hours, since most gadgets come with a battery charge of only 1-2%. Remember that you can only charge the tracker with a complete charging cable, otherwise it can easily burn out.

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To get started, you need to carefully remove the tracker from the strap and insert it into the charger. It is important to make sure that the contacts are in close contact with each other. Then you should find a free 2.0 USB port of a personal computer and insert the charger connector into it. You can also insert charging into any other USB adapter with amperage. no more than 1A (use of more powerful adapters is not recommended, in order to avoid damage by excessive current). If you performed everything correctly, then the indicators on the bracelet will begin to glow.

When you first charge, the device must be left connected to the network for 2 hours, to pump the battery in the future. It takes much less time to fully charge. In order to find out how much the Xiaomi mi band is charging, indicators are located on the tracker that indicate the battery level:

If the first is lit. this indicates a level of 30%;

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Two. notify about 60% of the charge;

When all three indicators are lit, this indicates a full charge;

Register and install the application

In this section, you will learn how to connect the Xiaomi mi band to a smartphone after doing just 3 simple operations.

2. Second, after installing the application, registration for connecting a personal account follows. We offer you several options on how to register Xiaomi mi band and start using :: via a browser or in a proprietary application.

To register in the browser, you need to open the official Xiaomi website and fill out the form. Optionally, you can register by phone number instead of an email address. To do this, select “Create using a phone number” at the bottom of the page. Next, going to a new page, you need to think up a password and enter it twice, it should consist of Latin letters and numbers (more than 8 characters), after which you will need to enter the text from the picture to confirm that you are not a robot.

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That’s all, login. the specified phone number or email, and the password. system password that was invented in advance.

When registering through the application, everything happens in the same way.

3. The third step is to connect the tracker to the smartphone. To do this, turn on Bluetooth in the phone’s settings and go to the previously installed “Mi Fit”. It is necessary to go into the settings menu, find the item “Pair”, which is located at the very bottom and create a pair with your bracelet. All pairing tips will be cocked onto the smartphone screen, you just need to follow them. In seconds, the Xiaomi Mi Band Black fitness bracelet will be synchronized and ready to use.

If you lead an active lifestyle, track the rhythm of your activity and count the number of steps taken per day. smart bracelet will be your best personal assistant in this.