How to connect iPad to laptop

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How to connect iPad to home computer or laptop

Having become the owner of a new iPad, everyone understands the need to connect it to a computer. After all, it is it that provides the opportunity to use the Internet, wherever it may be, and, in addition, synchronize all data with your PC for further access to work and games regardless of your location. When this need arises, the main question that often arises is how to connect the iPad to the computer? In this post, we will provide you with the most detailed answer.

How to connect iPad to computer

At the very beginning of designing a new tablet computer, there was not even a question of how to connect the iPad to the computer. And it’s not that Jobs, as some have argued, hated Microsoft. Of course, Apple and the Bill Gates corporation were competing back then. They continue to partly compete and now.

But the main reason was, perhaps, that Jobs wanted to create a completely independent and understandable device for the user. This was expressed in several basic provisions:

  • iPad should not depend on Microsoft, as the then (and today) monopolist in the field of desktop operating systems.
  • The user should not have any problems with the incompatibility of applications and the use of updates.
  • Using iPad should be as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. This is how the concept of a tablet computer, then revolutionary in the world of high technologies, appeared.

The result is a complex ambitious vision, implemented by the creation of its own iOS operating system, specifically tailored to the needs of mobile users. Ergonomics is reflected in the simplest interface: iPad has only one main button and several auxiliary ones. It does not bother the user with the need to press “hot keys”, key combinations and use all sorts of “auxiliary modes”.

As for independence from other platforms, iOS still does an excellent job with all the functions. The decision on how to connect the iPad to a computer was not made in favor of Microsoft, but in favor of people who cannot give up using their usual laptops and personal computers in order to switch to MacBooks. These computers from Apple have not taken root everywhere, and not everyone is able to rebuild their home, school and work activities in a new way. However, unlike Windows, Android and other systems, “building a bridge” from iOS was more a gesture of goodwill than a forced step, since this OS could continue to exist on its own.

How does the connection work?

Before proceeding to the procedure for connecting iPad and PC, check carefully if you have everything for this. Among the main components it is worth noting:

  • Dock-USB. aka the dock cable that is sold with the iPad.
  • PC that has internet access.
  • ITunes and an account.

As for the last point, this application always starts in automatic mode as soon as you connect.

This will also require a USB 2.0 connector on your iPad that runs OS such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows XP. And iTunes must be at least 9.1 release. But if you already know how to connect iPad to TV, then you will not face any difficulties.

Using the CHEAPEST iPad as Drawing Tablet on my PC with EasyCanvas

When you are sure that everything described above matches your connection set, proceed to the steps:

  • Connect one end of the Dock to USB cable to your PC and the other to your iPad.
  • Wait for this device to be recognized.
  • Make sure to turn on iTunes, and if this software does not start automatically, turn it on manually.
  • Open the “Devices” tab in iTunes.
  • Select “Information”.
  • Define files to sync “.
  • If you just want to select specific files for this, select the “Add-ons” tab.
  • After these settings, click the “Apply” button to save them and further synchronize each time you connect.

Please note that when performing synchronization, you will be asked about how to combine the data.

It can be data merging, replacing it with an iPad or PC. Choosing one of the options, it is he who will be used during subsequent connections until the settings are changed.

Does the tablet not turn on after joining? What to do and how to solve the problem? Perhaps the software is simply outdated and the device will need to be reflashed.

connect, ipad, laptop

Which iPad models are suitable for connecting to a home PC

Any user may wonder if his iPad is suitable for connecting and synchronizing with a PC. But this is in vain, because if you have a computer or any laptop with Internet access, as well as the iPad itself, which, by the way, comes with all the necessary details for this connection, you can be sure of this possibility. The simple interface and the “plug and play” principle, which conveys the basic principle of using this device. “plug and play”, speak for themselves. Therefore, using the wire that is supplied in the kit, you just need to connect it directly to the computer and perform simple steps.

Operating procedure

We will download the latest version of iTunes on the Internet, for which we will find a section dedicated to this application on the Apple website. Click on the Download button, download and install the software on our personal computer.

If the battery of your iPad is low, it must be fully charged, otherwise the tablet will simply not connect to the PC.

Connect the tablet to the computer using the Dock-USB connecting cable and click on the “Synchronize” button, after which the program will connect.

If the PC does not recognize the device when connected, there may be a large delay in synchronization. It is likely that the AMDS application is responsible for the connection process.

Let’s reboot it for the normal implementation of the process of connecting devices, for which we go to the “Control Panel”. “System and Administration”. “Services”. In the last window, find the Apple Mobile Device service and click on the stop button to restart it:

How to connect iPad to computer

Connecting an iPad to a computer, or a bridge between two OS

Since then, as users had to puzzle over how to connect the iPad to the computer, a lot has changed. An adapted version of iTunes was created. a special tool for downloading content and synchronizing data. Cables for connection have been released and are actively sold, and several hundred instructions and detailed manuals have been written.

iTunes allows you to implement several basic functions that are most needed by an ordinary user who owns, in addition to a standard PC or laptop, an iPad. These features include:

  • uploading music, videos, photos and other content;
  • synchronization of contacts and personal data;
  • creating backup copies;
  • saving data when updating iOS.

Physically, the “bridge between the two OS” is implemented as a cable, one end of which is a USB plug, and the other is 8-Pin or Lightning, depending on the model. The iTunes interface allows you to make synchronization as simple and “painless” as possible. Usually, there are no compatibility problems, which can also be attributed to Apple’s merit, since Windows is known for its conflicts.

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Users are looking for a site by queries: how to defragment a disk on Windows 7, background presentation, password protect a folder

Features of connecting a USB cable

The process begins with the fact that one side of the cable is inserted into your computer and the other into the device. If you need to purchase a cable, then you should be aware that different generations have different cable standards. For example, the iPad 4 is synchronized and connected to a computer using a Lightning cable. and the first three iPad models are produced on the 30-pin standard. The difference between these plugs is that the first type can be connected by either side, and the older one, only with the marking up.

Next, a special iTunes program is launched manually or automatically, which allows you to synchronize your computer with your tablet. In order for the program to see the device, you do not need to take any action, you just need to select it in a special drop-down menu at startup, because iTunes independently launches all the necessary drivers, which is why it is easy to sync the iPad.

Special program for connection

You can’t do without it here. After all, you also need to know how to connect the iPad to the computer so that the latter can see the tablet. Therefore, you must first install iTunes. It can be downloaded from the official website of the company for free. On it you can read in more detail about all the nuances of installing the program.

How to connect an iPad to a computer so that a laptop or computer sees a full-fledged device, and does not mistake it for a USB flash drive. You will need to install special drivers here. You shouldn’t search and install them by downloading from various sources. The iTunes program has all the necessary drivers, absolutely for all Apple devices. When installing the program, they will also be installed.

How to connect iPad to computer yourself

You bought a new gadget, perhaps it turned out that you are a completely new user of this device. While using it, you found that you don’t know how to connect your iPad to your computer, and you don’t know what to do. In this article, we will go over each step.

USB connection

All you need to connect your iPad to your home PC or laptop is the device itself, a dedicated USB cable (included with your tablet), and iTunes pre-installed on your computer. At the same time, absolutely any version of Windows can be installed on a PC, starting from XP with the third service pack. iTunes is better to install the latest version.

It’s easy to connect iPad to PC. To do this, you need to use a USB adapter to connect them. Just a few seconds after connecting, an iTunes window will appear on your computer monitor. If the program did not start on its own, then it should be done in manual mode. That’s all, the iPad is connected to the control panel through an adapter, which means that you can start setting up data exchange.

How to connect iPad to computer via USB

  • 1 How to connect iPad to computer
  • 2 Synchronizing with a computer

Every user who bought an Apple iPad for the first time thinks about how to connect it to a computer. It seems to be simple at first glance, but there are a number of moments that will be difficult for you to do, for example, synchronizing the device without deciding. In this article, we will look at how to connect iPad to computer and to iTunes via USB.

As a rule, having bought a new tablet, it becomes necessary to install your favorite games, applications, social networks, photos or pictures on it. To do this, you need to configure both devices so that the data you have selected from one device is transferred to another quickly and conveniently. Likewise, if you bought a computer, then it must be filled with information that you are used to working with, for example, transfer applications and other files.

To connect the iPad and connect to the computer, you need to create a data sync between them. The specially included USB cable will help us with this. But the question is not only about how to make the connection, but the question is: how to set up the connection. Having installed the necessary data synchronization through iTunes, later you can not only download any applications on the iPad using an excellent interface, but also regularly save all data from the iPad to your computer, thus ensuring their safety in case of loss of the tablet.

Cable for connecting iPad to computer

In order to connect a computer and any iPad tablet (no matter large or small), you need a USB cable, such a cable is always included in the standard kit of the tablet, if the cable breaks, then check with the MFi base when buying.

One side of the cable is inserted into a computer or laptop, the USB standard is still used in all cables for iPad. But the other side of the cable can be of two standards, depending on the tablet model:

  • Lightning (all iPad mini and iPad’s from 4th generation models)
  • 30-pin (first three models only: iPad, iPad 2, The new iPad)

Connect the 30-pin plug to the iPad with the label facing up. The newer Lightning plugs are a little more convenient in this regard, they can be connected either side.

How to connect iPad to home computer

The ability to connect an iPad to a computer is a rather significant advantage of apple tablets over mobile devices from other manufacturers. And in this case, it is not so much about connecting devices to a computer via USB, because absolutely any device has this opportunity, but about the connection method, namely data synchronization. It makes it possible not only to install the necessary applications on the iPad through a user-friendly interface, but also to save important data, which does not lead to their loss in the event of a breakdown or loss of the tablet. How to connect iPad to computer and what is needed for this

Where could the problem be

Before you start syncing these two devices, keep in mind that you need a computer program for iPad to fully connect your tablet and personal computer. Such software is the well-known iTunes application. However, it must be installed on the computer, otherwise you will not succeed.

Among other things, you must first install special drivers compatible with your devices. To date, they are contained exclusively in iTunes; these utilities are not available for free access. That is why, in order not to face a problem when the iPad does not connect to the computer, you need to worry about the presence of all the necessary components in advance.

As soon as the first synchronization of the iPad and your laptop occurs, the tablet will certainly be identified as a separate device in the File Explorer file manager. Do not forget that if you are the lucky owner of the operating system iOS 7 or higher, you must confirm the synchronization on the tablet screen. This is very important for the correct operation of the devices and so that there are no questions about why the iPad does not connect to the computer.

A separate file manager for the iPad is not provided on the computer, the user only has access to the file manager built into the iTunes program.

How to transfer files from your tablet

If you still do not know how to connect an iPad to a computer, first of all, find the special cable that is provided with the device. One end of it (with a USB type plug) is connected to a computer or laptop, and the other (with a Lightning plug or with a 30-pin plug) is inserted into the tablet itself.

How to connect iPad to computer via USB: little secrets and tricks

Today, the iPad is a fashionable gadget that strengthens its own leadership position in the market with everyone, gaining recognition from new users.

One of the most global problems faced by users who first bought a tablet from Apple is the difficulty in synchronizing the device and PC. So that you never again have questions about how to connect an iPad to a computer via USB, we recommend that you carefully study what mistakes most people make and what are the ways to fix them.

How to connect via USB

Of course, everyone wants to install as many different programs and applications on their gadgets as possible for more comfortable work. Also, using a wired connection, you can dump various files into the tablet’s memory:

  • books;
  • videos;
  • music tracks and stuff.

Remember, we recommend that you do not disconnect your devices while syncing. This is fraught with their incorrect work and, naturally, with the fact that the desired objects will not be copied or saved with damage to their internal structure.

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There may be cases when the iPad program on the computer does not recognize this device. In such a situation, we recommend contacting service support to clarify the possibility of connecting your tablet to a PC. Also check if all the utilities necessary for such a procedure are installed.

In addition to the presented method, it is also possible to synchronize devices using a Wi-Fi connection. It is not recommended to use third-party applications for these purposes, as their work may negatively affect the functioning of the tablet and computer.

How to connect iPhone to TV over Wi-Fi

The simplest option, without any wires or accessories, is to use the wireless AirPlay function, provided that the TV or home theater supports it.

AirPlay streaming is present on Apple TV set-top boxes. It is also found in TVs of some other brands. Samsung, Vizio and TCL.

But if you don’t have an AirPlay-enabled TV, and you’re not going to buy an Apple TV, you can use an external repeater. It receives the signal from the smartphone and transmits it to the TV over Wi-Fi. Its plus is that it costs several times cheaper than a set-top box from Apple.

Once you’ve set up AirPlay, the image transfer process is straightforward. Popular streaming apps have this functionality already integrated. Run the file, click the AirPlay icon on the smartphone screen. Depending on how many devices are available nearby, you may see several options where you can duplicate an image. Find a TV among them and enjoy.

This solution has only one drawback: not every iOS app includes AirPlay support. Therefore, we move on to fallbacks.

How to connect iPhone or iPad to TV?

Not sure how to connect iPhone to your TV? We will show you some simple ways.

Apple has tried its best: it is impossible to look away from the screens of the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. The juicy picture completely discourages the desire to return to the computer. On such a smartphone, you want to do everything. and surf the Internet, and write notes, and watch a movie.

As for movies, even a 6-6.5-inch display will not be enough for them. What can we say about old and economy models in which the diagonal does not exceed 5 inches. But a smartphone is a smartphone because it can be used in conjunction with other smart devices. Today we will show you how to connect iPhone to Smart TV to continue watching the video on the big screen.

How to connect iPhone to TV via HDMI

  • free HDMI port on the TV;
  • HDMI cable;
  • Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter.

The new iPad Pro models work with the Apple USB-C Multiport AV Adapter. It is not cheap, there are simpler alternatives, but there is no guarantee that they will work as expected.

All you have to do is connect the adapter to your phone, connect the HDMI cable to the adapter, and the other end to your TV.

For 4K viewing, this method is not suitable, since when using it, streaming applications are limited to 1080p resolution.

It is also important to note that the signal transmission occurs with a small delay. This will not significantly affect the viewing of films and videos, but in games it can be critical.

Who is this guide for?

Usually, people are interested in connecting a smartphone to a TV to watch movies and media from the gallery on the big screen. This is where this guide is focused. The projection of the iPhone or iPad’s home screen when the TV is used as an external monitor will not be discussed here. There are separate instructions for this, if necessary, you can find them on the Internet.

How to connect iPhone to TV via USB

Talking about connecting an iPhone to a TV via USB is incorrect, since the iPhone, in principle, never had USB ports: they are replaced by the proprietary Apple Lightning connector. Accordingly, you will need a USB Plug-and-Play cable with a connector of this type, and a USB / Lightning adapter is also possible for it.

One side of the cable connects to the HDMI or USB port on the TV, and the other to the phone. This method is not as reliable as the previous one using the original Apple adapter. You can resort to it if the house already has a Plug-and-Play cable, since there is a possibility that the whole system will not work as expected, or will not work at all.

There are docking stations with Lightning on sale, through which you can also configure video output to a TV, but many of them are technically limited, for example, they only work with a resolution of no higher than 720p. And in principle, this is almost the same as Apple TV.

Other Ways to Connect iPhone to TV

We’ve covered the basic ways to connect iPhone and iPad to your home TV. Behind the scenes, there are less common ones, such as the Chromecast streaming player and additional mobile software. Chromecast is typically used in the Android ecosystem. And as for mobile applications for transferring broadcasts over Wi-Fi from a smartphone to a TV, many of them do not work as we would like. Most often, users are disappointed when they cannot find their TV in the list of available screens. I have to study another application, followed by the second and third. That is why we have limited ourselves to ways that will almost certainly lead you to success.

DLNA connection

How to connect iPhone to TV via USB?

You do not need to take any more actions in this method.

How to connect iPhone to MacBook

To connect an iPhone to a MacBook, you also need to install iTunes on your MacBook. Here, too, synchronization options are possible via USB cable or Wi-Fi.

If you set up automatic synchronization in iTunes, then all media data from the iPhone will be uploaded to the MacBook when it is connected. If you choose to sync the marked songs and videos, then the user will be able to independently select the files to download to the iPhone. As well as in the option of synchronizing the iPhone and Windows, it is possible to create a backup copy of the smartphone and update it.

An additional feature of transferring data between iPhone and MacBook is the ability to transfer via airdrop. It allows you to transfer pictures and videos from your smartphone to your MacBook by storing the files in the Downloads folder. To do this, you need to select one or more images on your iPhone, click send and select the AirDrop function. At the same time, AirDrop must be visible for all devices on the MacBook.

How to connect iPhone to computer or laptop?

There are several options for connecting an iPhone. But in order to take full advantage of the possibilities of transferring data from a smartphone, creating a backup that will come in handy when replacing, losing or damaging an iPhone, it is best to install the iTunes program on your computer.

If there is no aytyuns on the PC, then the iPhone is recognized as a flash drive or memory card. In this case, only photo and video files can be copied. It is impossible to create a backup copy, add audio files to a smartphone. About possible options and subtleties, how to connect an iPhone to a computer

How to connect iPhone to computer via USB cable

A proprietary USB cable that comes with an iPhone of any model is used both for charging the iPhone and for pairing it with external devices.

To connect your iPhone to your computer, take a USB cable, and connect one end to your smartphone to the Lightning connector, and the other to the USB output on your computer.

If iTunes is not installed on the computer, then the offer to open the device will be automatically displayed, if the device autorun is enabled on the computer.

At the same time, a proposal will appear on the iPhone itself to allow or deny access to the files of the smartphone, but for this it is necessary to unlock the phone, otherwise the notification will not be displayed.

If the iPhone user denies access to files, then the computer will see the connection of the phone, but the folder with the photo will become inaccessible.

If you allow access to the iPhone without iTunes installed, you can only transfer photos and videos from the phone, but you cannot transfer images from the PC itself to the iPhone.

To transfer audio, photo, and video files, you need to install iTunes. It can be found on the Internet and is free to download for Windows.

When installing iTunes, a menu for selecting additional program functions will be displayed, you can select or refuse them. You also need to specify the installation folder.

After selecting all the functions, the installation of iTunes will begin.

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Upon completion of the installation of the program, it will open. If not the latest version of iTunes is installed, then it will notify the user about this and offer to download the new version.

After installing the latest version of iTunes, the system will prompt you to restart your PC.

To connect iPhone to iTunes, connect the USB cable to your computer and launch iTunes. Here, too, you must allow access to both iTunes and iPhone.

Then iTunes will open with the iPhone connected, where the smartphone files will be on the left in the menu.

iTunes is a special program developed by Apple that is designed to sync the contents of Apple devices. Therefore, for high-quality operation of the iPhone or iPad, you need to install iTunes on your computer, since there is no other way to upload audio, photo, video files, films to the gadget. It is also worth remembering that iTunes has a set of standard drivers for the correct recognition of the iPhone by the computer.

Comparison of methods for connecting iPhone to computer

All types of iPhone to PC connections have their pros and cons. Each user chooses what suits him best.

Comparative characteristics of ways to connect iPhone to PC:

  • Connecting iPhone without using iTunes.

Doesn’t require iTunes to be installed on your computer, but only allows you to copy photos and videos from iPhone to PC. In this case, it is impossible to create a backup copy. Connection is via a USB cable.

  • Connecting iPhone using iTunes software via USB cable.
  • restore from backup;
  • the ability to charge a smartphone;
  • faster data transfer rate than when connected via Wi-Fi;
  • the ability to reset to the original settings.
  • occupies USB ports of a computer, which there may be few on a PC or laptop;
  • short range.
  • Connecting iPhone using iTunes, via Wi-Fi network.
  • large radius of action;
  • no need to use a USB cable, which excludes the possibility of accidentally touching and disconnecting it;
  • does not occupy free USB ports of the PC.
  • discharges the phone;
  • lower data transfer rate than when connected via a cable;
  • inability to restore and update the firmware, and restore from a backup.

How to connect iPhone to computer via Wi-Fi

For the convenience of connecting iPhone to a computer, you can use the Wi-Fi function, which is distributed by the router. This feature became available in October 2011. Prior to this, synchronization took place only using a USB cable. An important mandatory point is the connection of both the iPhone and the computer to the same Wi-Fi point. Otherwise, synchronization will not occur.

You can see if there is a connection to the router of interest on your computer through Control Panel → Network and Internet → Network and Sharing Center. An active Internet connection will be displayed in the corresponding section.

In order to set up synchronization between iPhone and computer via Wi-Fi, you need to connect from these devices to one Wi-Fi point.

Then connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable (it is useful only for the initial setup).

Open iTunes and go to the main overview page by clicking on the button at the top of the page.

How to Use Your iPad as a Second Monitor (on Windows & Mac)

Here you will see information about your iPhone, you will be able to create a backup copy to iCloud or to a computer, as well as configure the connection settings.

To work with an iPhone over Wi-Fi, find the Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi option and check the box and click Apply.

After setting up the functionality, the iPhone will automatically connect to iTunes and the use of a USB cable is no longer needed, but only in the case of using the same Wi-Fi network. This should also not be forgotten.

What to do if iPhone won’t connect to PC or laptop via USB?

Sometimes it happens that the iPhone does not sync with the computer. Then you need to try the following steps:

  • Unlock your smartphone and confirm permission to access it.
  • Replace the USB cable, the reason may be a malfunction of its connectors.
  • Restart both devices. both the computer and the smartphone.
  • Disable antivirus on PC.
  • Reset Settings on iPhone.

There is an option that this version of the operating system is not suitable for synchronizing iPhone and PC, or the necessary drivers may be missing, or the version of support for Apple devices is outdated.

What to do if iTunes can’t see iPhone?

First check if the USB cable is good. The problem may be in him.

If you are convinced that everything is fine with the cable and iTunes does not see the iPhone, then the problem may be in outdated driver updates. Along with the iTunes program, the appropriate drivers are installed on the computer, thanks to which the system recognizes the connected iPhone. Sometimes they may not update and iTunes will stop seeing the iPhone. Therefore, to update the drivers on the computer and eliminate the invisibility of the iPhone, do the following:

  • Connect iPhone to Computer.
  • Go to computer properties by right-clicking on the Computer icon

mice. Then go to Device Manager.

  • In the window that opens, click on the USB Controllers item. When connected
connect, ipad, laptop

iPhone to the computer at this point the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver section will be available, right-click on it and select Update drivers.

  • Then click on the item Search for drivers on this computer.
  • To tell the system the location of the driver folder to work in iTunes,

you must follow this path: Local drive C (where the system folders are stored) → Program Files → Common Files → Apple → Mobile Device Support → Drivers → Ok. And click Next. Then the system will update the necessary drivers, and iTunes should work. After the update, it is advisable to restart the PC.

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press CtrlEnter.

What to do if there are no available Wi-Fi networks?

If there are no available networks nearby, then you can create your own home Wi-Fi network and use it with success and comfort.

Below we will look at the process of creating networks using various devices.

Networking using a Wi-Fi router

If your home computer has an Internet connection, then most likely you are using a wired DSL Internet connection. You can easily “transfer” your Internet to iPad via Wi-Fi. To do this, you need a Wi-Fi router.

The antenna, which you can see in the image, will transmit Wi-Fi.

How to Connect iPhone or iPad to Laptop or Computer | AMTVPro

Installing this device is very easy, just connect the router to the DSL line of the mowing line, connect to the computer, insert the disc that came with the device and follow the instructions.

Setting up Wi-Fi on iPad

Internet access on iPad is available using Wi-Fi wireless networks.

To turn on Wi-Fi on your tablet:

Turn on Wi-Fi (by moving the slider to the right).

Select an available network, if it is flawed, then enter the password.

Wi-Fi network from a computer

You don’t have a router or you just don’t want to mess with it, but you need a network? There is an exit. You can “share (distribute)” your Internet using a regular Wi-Fi receiver, for example.

In order to create Wi-Fi you will need a free program called Connectify. you can download it from this link.

How to connect your iPad to the internet in several ways

Greetings, dear readers.

In today’s article, I will tell you how to connect your iPad to the World Wide Web.

As you probably already know, the iPad has the ability to connect to the internet. Using the Internet, you can download various multimedia applications, game applications, music, films, etc. to your gadget.

Also, the iPad has a built-in Internet browser, with which you can view Internet pages, it is also very convenient to use social networks.

All this, of course, is good, but let’s get back to our question. how to connect a tablet to the internet.

Wi-Fi network from laptop

If you have a laptop, that’s great. No additional devices are needed, you can create a Wi-Fi network using the receiver built into your laptop.

Just as in the previous case, download the program for distributing Wi-Fi, watch the video instruction and configure.

That’s all for today. I hope I answered the question. how to connect and configure the Internet on an iPad tablet computer. If you have any questions, then ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to this post. I will also be glad if you periodically look at this resource.