How to connect HP to the Internet as a printer. For a small office

Connection of the HP printer to the Wi-Fi network and print from a laptop or computer

Cartridge color: black (Black) type of cartridge: increased capacity Warranty: 10 resource: 7500 p. Price price: 0.96 /p.

Cartridge for HP M479DW

Cartridge color: blue (Cyan) type of cartridge: increased capacity Warranty: 10 resource: 6000 p. Price price: 1.20 /p.

Cartridge for HP M479DW

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Cartridge for HP M479DW

Cartridge color: purple (Magenta) type of cartridge: increased capacity Warranty: 10 resource: 6000 p. Price price: 1.20 /p.

Wear of the filing roller (capture, department) of paper (Pickup Roler)

This is the most often encountered malfunction in the devices. This defect can be determined by two signs.

  • The device tries to capture a sheet from the tray, shining it, after which the device gives out a tray error 1.
  • With large print volumes, the video ceases to capture sheets or captures it through time, not the first time.

In the first case, the video may be incorrectly set or damaged. In the second case, the rubber of the roller is wiped or covered with chalk from coated paper. The problem of low.quality paper very negatively affects the service life of the rollers. The fact is that many manufacturers for paper production use gray low.quality raw materials, and in order for it to seem white, it is wetted in a petty solution. After some time, chalk begins to crumble, and when passing through the tract of the printing device, this chalk remains on all rollers and in the block block. By this, you not only wear out roller rubber, but also kill the expensive copies of the copy and All-in-One Printer! If the rollers are covered with white spraying, then it is necessary to restore the surface of the roller rubber with a regenerative fluid. If the rubber is wiped, then or the rubber of the roller or the video is replaced. It happens that the paper is not thick or too smooth. in this case it is necessary to try to use another paper. with a density of at least 80 g/cm. sq.

Preparation for work

Before you configure the HP Laserjet P1102W printer, Wi-Fi must be prepared for use. This is especially true for new devices that were only recently brought from the store. The device has many transport tapes and tabs that must first be removed.

Under the top cover there is a cardboard liner, which we definitely get. There is also a polymer seal for fixing the cartridge. Remove bright sticky ribbons from the drum, then insert it back so that the contacts press tightly against each other.

We connect an electric cable and USB wire to the corresponding connectors, which are located on the rear of the device. Now HP P1102W is ready to connect by Wi-Fi. We set all the parameters in the software window.

The full instruction is also in the following

Installation of the driver

For the correct configuration HP Laserjet Professional, P1102W and others, Wi-Fi needs to install the driver. Usually it comes with the device on the CD-Disk. However, it is not always compatible with a specific user operating system. The manufacturer writes such information on the carrier cover.

There is also a working version on the manufacturer’s website. Here you can always download the latest version of the driver with updates and improvements to developers.

The manufacturer posts the drivers and software with the group of operating systems. You just need to indicate your operating room in the field of choice, and they are ready to download. Near the link shows the release date for. The beta version of the product should not be installed, as they are test and run in. They can contain errors and work incorrectly.

Before connecting HP Laserjet P1102W by Wi-Fi, you need to configure its parameters by USB cable. In the future, it will not be needed and it should be removed back into the box. It is needed only so that the computer and printer can exchange information and see each other on the network in the future.

Run the downloaded software and click Next/Next.

The settings master will offer to choose the installation option: “light” and “advanced”. The last method allows you to change the parameters, but it is preferable to leave the characteristics recommended by the manufacturer.

If the driver is universal and is designed for work with several printers, then the master will offer in a separate window to find a model of his device. Select and click Next/Next.

In the next window, the system will offer to specify the type of connection between the computer and the printer. There are three options on the list:

Turn on the printer, select the cable connection, click the “Next” button. As soon as the devices see each other, the master will launch the driver file files to the system folder and its installation.

Features of different printer models

There are three types of printed devices:

Matrix devices had low print speed. The inconvenience during use consisted of. It had to be submitted strictly according to the instructions, otherwise the device broke.

Inkjet printing devices do not leave the shelves of stores. Available price and color printing at home give them popularity. Cartridge refueling is often carried out independently.

Laser devices have high.speed printing, can work at high temperature and high workload without rest. Cartridge refueling is carried out by a toner, which must be approached under the printer brand. The paper should be appropriate and good quality. This will extend the time of use by All-In-One Printer.


Canon devices are purchased for offices and home use. They are distinguished by a quick print speed and a high.quality image on paper. The noise from work is practically not heard. The low price of the device is pushing for its purchase. Of the minuses, you can name the high cost of ink.

HP printing devices are available and are characterized by quick and high.quality printing. This is a great option for work. The device for the device allows you to adjust the print quality. This trading brand has a line of devices that can print documents on a film, sticky tape, envelopes. Minus. often fails of the print block.


Epson devices will help print documents and photos both in the office and at home. They are easy to use, have high print speed and extensive set of functions. There are black and white, 4-colored and 6-colored models.

Important! For high.speed printing of documents in offices with high loading it is better to choose a laser printer.

The most frequent errors during setting

There are errors that users make when setting up wireless printing:

  • The instruction for the router has not been studied, so the login and password are introduced incorrectly.
  • NOT connected by USB connections.
  • The router is not rebooted after connecting the printer to it.
  • The printer is not added in the equipment list.
  • Wi-Fi is not turned on.
  • WPS function is not enabled.
  • Drivers are incorrectly installed.

Following the instructions, you can figure out how to connect the All-In-One Printer via Wi-Fi to the local network and how to configure printing through Wi-Fi from a laptop. The use of All-in-One Printer will become pleasant and fast, and most importantly, will help get rid of many wires.

Podgornov Ilya Vladimirovich all articles of our site are auditing a technical consultant. If you still have questions, you can always ask them on his page.

To the Wi-Fi printer, which must be pre-added, and the printing with further you can install the HP EPRINT application through Google Play or App Store on the phone, and printed using it.

Many users are wondering how to display an image from phone to computer via wi-fi. The function of transferring files from one device to another is used by both owners of ordinary smartphones and.

Wi-Fi Direct on iPhone: what is this function and why it is used. What iPhone models have Wi-Fi Direct in? How to use the Wi-Fi Direct function with a mobile device on iOS. Connection iPhone to TV with.

How to configure a wireless connection

You need to go to the “wireless detection method” and choose an automatic or manual search. The printed device will find them, and in the next window the name of the network will be displayed. If it is suitable, then you need to move on. Then it should be noted the “Printing Page Printing” flag and turn off the USB cable.

This section needs the name and password of the network. If this information is lost, then you can recognize them on the router or in its documentation. If the search attempts turned out to be unsuccessful, then you should ask for help from the service provider, which, when subscribing to the Internet service, was supposed to report the password. There is another way:

  • You need to go to the “Networks and total access control center”,
  • Go to “Changing the parameters of the adapter”,
  • Click on the network with the right mouse button and go to the menu, then click on the “condition”,
  • Go into the “Properties of the Wireless Network”,
  • Open “Security”,
  • Install the “display signs” flag.

If everything is in order, then it is necessary to do the following:

  • Find out the name of the network and password,
  • Must be connected by a USB cable,
  • Go to the “Downloading and drivers” by link and enter the name of the device in the field,
  • Download the software and follow the instructions so that the installation and configuration of the printer is successful,
  • Reload the computer to complete loading.

How to configure a printer for working in a wireless Mac network

The name of the network and password can be viewed on the router or in the documentation, if there is no such possibility, then you should seek help from the service provider of the Internet. Or you can do as follows:

  • In the Finder menu you need to click on “go” and choose “utilities”,
  • Open the “Key Biga”,
  • In “Keys” select “Local objects”,
  • In the “Category” click on “passwords”,
  • Next, you need to click twice in the name of the network, then click on “Show the password”.

If the name of the network and the password are known, then it is necessary to come as follows:

  • Find out the name of the network and password,
  • Connect the USB cable to the printer and computer,
  • Make sure that the printer micropram is updated, and updates can be downloaded from the site by link ,
  • Open the Apple menu,
  • Go to the “System Settings”,
  • Select “Printers and Scanners”, “Print and Fax” or “Print and Scanning”,
  • Click on the device,
  • Go to “Parameters and consumables”,
  • Select “Utility”,
  • Click on the “open printer utility”,
  • Go into the HTML configuration,
  • Open “Network”,
  • Wireless,
  • Select “802.11b/g/n wireless “,
  • Select “inclusive”,
  • Enter the name of the network into the “Current Network” and Password,
  • Click on “apply”,
  • Disconnect a USB cable,
  • In “Printers and Scanners”, “Print and Fax” and “Print and Scan” you need to click on the minus icon and remove the printer that was connected by the USB cable,
  • Next, you need to press the plus icon and add the printer, choosing the name of the device with the Bonjour type and clicking “use” or “printing”.

Possible problems

There are a number of problems when connecting the printer to the computer. The most common problem is that the computer does not see the printer. The reason may be that by default, another name of the device is chosen on the computer. In the “Devices and Printers” section, you need to change the model. Another reason for the lack of a connection is a sudden loss of signal during wired conjugation. To eliminate the problem, you need to restart both devices. This will reset errors. You can also re.connect the USB wire to the printer and computer. Available and connect the wire to another USB input on the computer.

If the devices are associated through Wi-Fi, but the computer does not see the printer, it is recommended to restart both devices. It is worth checking the correct connection settings. With a stable connection on the printer control panel, a blue LED flashes or burns smoothly. Connection error can be hidden in the distance between the printing device and the router. The optimal distance between devices is 1.8 meters. It should be borne in mind that there should be no obstacles between the printer and the router.

It is possible to eliminate problems when connecting by re.connecting the HP device through the “wireless network settings”. IP address installation will help configure the connection with the computer. Some HP models do not see the IP address. You need to enter the address using the main menu of the control panel. It is necessary to enter a valid address for working in a local network.

The banal reason for the occurrence of problems may be the presence near the printer of other devices with a Wi-Fi module on. It is necessary to remove phones, tablets and other devices away, which are source of radio signals. PRO problem may occur when trying to install the disk. Drivers on the disk are included with the printer. Driver version can be outdated. Therefore, the software will be incompatible with new versions of the computer.

You need to make sure that the version of the drivers is new, otherwise the installation will not be completed.

You can configure printing for the HP printer in several ways. Each user selects the most convenient option. With any type of connection, problems may arise. We hope this article will help to deal with the connection of the connection, as well as solve some problems in the work between devices.

Wireless connection

Thanks to the development of high technologies, connect the HP printer via Wi-Fi to the phone, smartphone, iPhone under the control of Android without much effort if you have a desire and special application. In fairness, it should be emphasized that this is not the only way to print an illustration, document or photo. But first about the method of transferring the contents of files to paper, on a wireless network.

To carry out the required data transfer, you need to make sure that the printing device can maintain compatibility with a Wi-Fi network. That is, the printer should have a wireless adapter, like a smartphone, regardless of the operating system with which it operates. Only in this case it is advisable to perform further steps.

To start starting file information to paper, you must download a special program. Universal applications that simplify the process of mating of office equipment with a smartphone, but it is better to use this. Printershare. After simple actions, loading and installing it should be launched.

The main application integration consists of active tabs, and below is a small button that offers the owner of the gadget to make a choice. After clicking, a menu will appear where it is necessary to determine the method of connecting the peripheral device. The program implements several methods of conjugation with the printer and other possibilities:

Now the user needs to contact the memory of the smartphone, select a document, drawing and data transfer option. You can do the same if there is a tablet with Android OS instead of a smartphone on hand.

Many users are interested in the question of how to transfer files for printing using devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

In this case, it is much easier to solve the problem, because in most of these platform solutions a special AirPrint technology is implemented, which allows you to connect the gadget to the printer through Wi-Fi without the need to install third-party applications.

First you need to use a wireless connection in both devices. Farther:

The last paragraph. wait for the end to the operation.

How to print through USB?

If it is not possible to convey beautiful drawings, important documents on a wireless network, there is the possibility of an alternative solution to the problem-a printout using a special USB service. To use the spare option, you must install Printershare program in the gadget and purchase a modern OTG-cable adapter. With the help of a simple device for several minutes, it will be possible to achieve the conjugation of two functional devices.

Then connect the printer and gadget with the wire, activate the installed application on the smartphone, choose what should be printed, and display the contents of the files to the paper carrier. This method is not universality.

Certain models of printing devices, as well as gadgets, do not support this method of transmitting data.

Therefore, you can try the third option. the seal from the cloud storage.

Instead of a preface

First I will try to explain what order the narrative will be further, The topic is not simple. The main thing here is to understand that you can connect the printer through Wi-Fi in several ways:

  • Connect it via USB to Wi-Fi router. And already on all devices to organize a remote print.
  • Connect the printer to the Wi-Fi router via Wi-Fi. And all devices allow printing.
  • Install the connection of the printer directly to the laptop through Wi-Fi.

Which option is suitable for you? Don’t know. Therefore, we will try to consider the problem from all sides in this article. I will skip many details on specific models. If you suddenly arise questions. we write them in a comment or look for a review under our model on our website.

Through USB to the router

Let’s start with the simplest method. We will connect the printer to the Wi-Fi router via USB port. With modern devices, everything is very simple-we look at the support of the print server in characteristics, if it supports, we stick the cord and everything works almost immediately. The only thing that can be done through a web configurator is to turn on or off the printer.

Another thing is that some models request the use of special programs. We will deal with them on the example of popular printer models-ASUS and TP-Link. Personally at TP-Link, I did not feel problems, but suddenly someone will be useful.

ASUS routers

This company for quick search and settings for the conjugation of its routers with printers has developed a separate utility. Printer Setup Utility. Successful work with Canon, Epson, HP printers is guaranteed.

ASUS printer plan for Wi-Fi:

  • We connect the printer via USB to the router.
  • We ourselves connect to the router. through the air or wire, it does not matter.
  • Download from the official website of Asus Printer Setup Utility and start it:

Best Wireless Printer 2022 [ Buyer’s Guide ]

  • Everything should be successfully exposed. After that, you will only need to add the printer to the operating system itself. there is nothing just like that (this is done once, more on this will be a section below). But if any problems suddenly arise, this window will jump out:

If such an error suddenly happened, it is recommended to once again check all the connections and restart all the devices involved in the setting. a router, printer, laptop. Very often saves.

TP-Link routers

The owner of such a model, therefore only by his own example. Source router. 1043nd, printer. P1102W. Procedure:

  • We connect everything again. the printer to the USB router, the laptop. to the router.
  • From the TP-Link website, for your model, we download the program for connecting the printer “TP-Link USB Printer Controller”. Seeked easily, you will find without problems. It is with its help that the configuration occurs. Launch:
  • Click “Next”. We are waiting until the utility is established. At the end of the installation, the program can be launched right from here or click on the label created on the desktop:
  • All! With each attempt to print, the printer will automatically connect. The main thing is not to forget to include this controller. If suddenly you want the program to be loaded immediately. we activate such a daw in “Tools. Settings”:

Better watch the video at once at the beginning of this section-there are possible connection problems, and the launch of the print server, and the example of printing.

Connecting and setting up a printer via USB

We run the program for configuration via USB, in my case it looks like this:

After familiarizing yourself with the operating conditions, we start it through an extended installation:

We agree with the conditions and select our model Wi-Fi Printer, in my case it is HP Laserjet Pro.

Choose “Printing through a wireless network”

Next, connect the printer via USB to our PC.

Only after that we turn it on. Click “Next”. the printer will be installed. In my case, the installation will take place and the setting of a wireless Wi-Fi network will start (you do not need to run it! To get started to restart our printer) and we can proceed to setting up a wireless network.

Connection and configuration of the printer to Wi-Fi

Let’s move directly to its connection to the Wi-Fi network. After rebooting, we start from the Start menu, tuning a wireless network.

Start. HP. HP Laser Jet. Setting a wireless network.

Click on the link “Open built-in web pages”. After you entered the router connection settings, you need to choose your home Wi-Fi network, specify the encryption type and connect to it, the condition of the wireless network on the router should be “inclusive”

In my case, I choose a network from the “SSID” list. Next, I choose the type of encryption “WPA/WPA2”. I indicate the password from the Wi-Fi network. and press the “Apply” button.

After that, a blue button with an indicator lights up on the device, this means that the printer is successfully connected through a home/office wireless network.

Connection to the Wi-Fi point

To begin with, we consider the option of how to connect a wireless Wi-Fi printer without a router using a direct network connection setting (single-rating wireless network). For this setup, you will need to perform the following points (I recommend the first two in extreme cases if your laptop does not see the printer wireless network for experienced users):

  • To begin with, we drop the settings for factory settings (see. User instructions);
  • After perform the basic settings, according to your user instructions;
  • We are convinced, the wireless network has earned (a color Wi-Fi-indicator on the panel should flash/burn);
  • Next with the PC, we search for a wireless Wi-Fi network of our printer, as a rule, this is the name of its model, for example, “HP”;
  • Set the connection, laptop to the printer (as a rule, the password is not required);
  • Install software for (drivers, see. CD from the printer).

After completing all points, your model will automatically appear in the list of available devices, and it will be possible to print. There are minuses of connection through an access point, and they are obvious:

We open the overall access to print

To begin with, we will need to connect the device directly to the laptop using a USB cable, or a situation is possible when it is already connected to a stationary PC, and you need to connect a laptop in addition to Wi-Fi for joint printing. We adjust the printer through a USB cable, we are convinced that the seal works.

Next, go to the “Control Panel. Devices and Printers” or “Start. Devices and Printers”.

Pay attention: View: “Large icons”. You can have “categories”.

Next, select yours from the list, click PKM, select the “Printer properties”.

We go to the “Access” tab, mark the “General Access to this Printer” with a checkmark, indicate the network name, click “OK”.

Next, you can turn off the USB cable, go into the “Device and Printer” folder, click “Printer installation”.

In the window that appears, you should see and choose our printing device.

HP 108w Printer, 3 Method to setup this printer (On Windows OS)

Click “Next”, after making a print test.

As we see, the router is not at all required and the distribution of the print by Wi-Fi is completed.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found useful videos on how to configure the seal without using a router, so I propose to familiarize you with alternative printing methods from different devices including gadgets on Android, using a virtual printer, all you need to download a special Appendix.