How to Connect Bonuses Thank You On Phone

Sberbank, in order to increase its customer base and strengthen its status as the largest and most reliable bank in Russia, regularly develops various promotional programs for its clientele. The most popular was the cashback action “Thank you from Sberbank”, in which all interested, active owners of plastic can participate (regardless of the type of financial product).

How to Connect Bonuses Thank You On Phone

Thank you loyalty program can also be connected using the Mobile Bank

  1. Features of the all-Russian action
  2. How to activate a cashback program through banking
  3. Activation via SMS
  4. Using Sberbank Online
  5. By contacting the call center
  6. ATM activation
  7. What to do in case of difficulties
  8. Findings

Features of the all-Russian action

The list of partner organizations actively involved in cashback promotions is quite extensive. All participants of the action can be found on their own Sberbank-Online page. After registering and activating the service itself, a new user receives a personal password code to enter his “Thank you” account, where he can find out all the nuances and details of accumulating points. Any owner of plastic can become a member of the profitable program.And.

There are several ways to do this. For example, by contacting the managers of Sberbank for help, when you receive a new card, or on your own through Sberbank Online, the interface of an ATM. But according to experts, the most simplified way is activation using mobile banking.

How to activate a cashback program through banking

To understand how to connectThank you from Sberbank” via “Mobile Banking” on the phone, you should activate it in the remote service by entering the password / login in the appropriate windows. Then the future participant gets to the main interface of the service program. Next, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the “Thank you from Sberbank” subsection.
  2. Enter your email and smartphone number.
  3. It remains to click on the “Accept” item.

After the procedure, an SMS notification with a secret word will be sent to the specified phone number. It must be used every time you visit the official resource “Thank you” and when contacting the bank’s call center for any questions.

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Activation via SMS

Mobile banking, according to users, is an extremely convenient service. It works through SMS notifications to the short number 900. Using special commands, the user of the service program can manage his own cards and carry out all the necessary transactions.

Also, using SMS, you can activate “Thank you from Sberbank” through “Mobile Bank”. You should use this instruction:

Activating a program using SMS is considered the easiest way

Using Sberbank Online. By contacting the call center

  • Plastic number;
  • Passport data;
  • Personal information (full name);
  • A special password word received during plastic processing.

If the code word was lost or forgotten, the operator will ask a few additional questions to make sure that he communicates with the owner of the plastic. After talking with a contact center employee, the cashback program will be activated almost immediately.

ATM activation

It is allowed to use Sberbank self-service devices. It is worth using the following instruction:

  1. Install the card in the terminal and enter the PIN code.
  2. Mark the item “Registration in the program.”
  3. After that, familiarize yourself with the participant’s rules that have appeared and mark “Agree” or “Accept”.
  4. A form will open where you should drive the number of the smartphone and click on “Next”.

An SMS notification with a code word will be sent to the smartphone number indicated during activation. It should be remembered and used every time you contact the Sberbank contact center if you encounter any incomprehensible moments.

You can also activate the promotional program using the Sberbank terminal

What to do in case of difficulties

  1. Come to the office and fill out an application (the application form will be given by Sber employees).
  2. Contact the technical department using the feedback form on Sberbank-Online’s own page.
  3. Call the round-the-clock Call Center (8-800-555-55-50) and explain the situation.
  4. Send a written request to the email address: problema@spasibosb.Ru.
  5. Go to the official portal of the loyalty program and fill out your message with a description of incomprehensible moments through the footer “Feedback”.


Features of the program

Thank you allows you to receive conditional points every time you pay with your card. The type and status of it does not matter: debit or credit, Classic or Premium. It should also be understood that all customer accounts are combined. If there are several cards, there is no need to connect each, it is enough to make settings on one of them. When issuing new card accounts, they will take part in the accumulation automatically.

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There are several options to connect Thank you from Sberbank: via phone, Internet, ATM. But the latter method involves a physical visit to the point of sale, where a self-service device is installed, which is not always convenient or available in a specific situation. The Internet, despite its widespread distribution, can also be an unavailable option due to technical difficulties. The client’s phone is always available, which is why you can always activate the service.

Step-by-step instructions for connecting via SMS

A feature of using the telephone is the opportunity provided by the banking institution for cooperation with the help of short commands. It is allowed to use them if the client has one of the packages of the Mobile Bank connected. There is a free tariff that many customers connect to control card costs. It is recommended to connect a mobile bank in order to recognize cases of fraud in the early stages.

Having a card is the main condition for connecting to a project

You can activate Mobile Banking at the branch when you issue a card or at any time through an ATM, the Internet or by phone. After that, the ability to use ussd commands becomes available.

The instruction on how to connect Thanks from Sberbank via SMS looks like this:

  1. Dial a message in the format team and card number. The team is the word THANKS, typed in capital letters. After a space after it, you need to enter four digits that end with the card number.
  2. Send SMS to the 900 service telephone. The transaction cost is zero, except for the physical location of the client outside the roaming zone of its operator. In this case, the service will cost the amount assigned by the operator in accordance with its tariffs.
  3. In response, the client will receive a notification about the need to study the conditions and rules of the project regarding interaction with the account. This message will indicate the possibilities for studying these rules (bank website) and a password code that will confirm the client about their study.
  4. Send code.
  5. To enter the contact center Thank you need a password. He will arrive at the end of the operation.

Program activation options

Other phone connectivity options

Connect Thanks from Sberbank via SMS. This is not the only opportunity to activate via phone. The client can call the Contact Center. The phone is free around the clock 8800555. The call is free, except for international calls. Hearing the greeting of the robot, you need to dial 0. This indicates an operator request. You can go to a conversation with him from any section in the same way. The Center employee must be informed:

    Card number; Your last name and initials; Card deadline. CVC code, CVV.
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If you don’t have a contract at hand, you can check this information on the bank’s official website. To do this, on the main page, select the “Bank Cards” tab and select the type of card in the drop-down menu: debit or credit.

This is the time it takes for the card data to be processed by the processing center of the bank.

Connection via mobile bank

If you have lost your identifier, you can see it in the Sberbank Internet bank or print it at an ATM.

ATM Connection

After entering the PIN code, the main menu will open where you need to make a choice in favor of the “Bonus program” item.

Next, go to the “Registration in the program” section.

In the form that opens, enter your contact phone number, and then select the “Next” button.

Connection via Sberbank online

Connect to your personal account of the Internet Bank by entering your login and password in the authentication form.

Next, you get to the main page of the service, where in the personal menu you select the item “Thank you from Sberbank”.

A page will open on which you need to enter your email address and indicate the mobile phone number. Then you need to agree with the program rules by clicking on the “Accept” button.

Registration is completed, a message will be sent to the indicated phone number with the code word necessary for quick identification in case you call the Sberbank hotline.

Connection via the Sberbank online mobile application

Enter the identification code to enter the mobile application.

Enter the PIN code to access the mobile application

The registration form will appear.

Connection using a bank consultant

You can find the address of the nearest bank office on the official website of Sberbank by clicking on the link “Branches and ATMs” in the header of the site.

The consultant will activate the service in one of the above ways.

If you cannot connect to the service using one of the above methods or if you have other problems associated with the program, then you can contact the bank for help in one of the following ways: