How to connect AirPods to a computer. Common questions

How to connect AirPods to a Windows 10 device in 2022

Compactly, stylishly, ergonomically You can choose a lot of flattering epithets, quite fair, because the model turned out to be extremely high.quality and spectacular, becoming a prototype for numerous Chinese replicas to become a wireless headset from Apple. Conducting customers and ease of operation, which allows to pump the air content from almost any devices, including PC, which works under Windows OS.

Among users there is an opinion that the products of the “apple” manufacturer are so capricious that its conjugation is possible only with other gadgets from Apple. In fact, this is a great misconception, since the same AirPods are perfectly synchronized with devices working under the control of other platforms, including the main competitor of MacOS. Windows. Albeit with slightly greater efforts and temporary costs.

The easiest way is to connect a wireless headset to a computer with Windows OS, equipped with default Bluetooth module.

To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • First of all, you should go along the following path: “Parameters. devices. Bluetooth”. An alternative can be one click on the data transmitter icon with a further choice of “adding a device”.
  • The next stage implies the configuration of the accessory itself. To do this, it is necessary, without taking it out of the complete charger, open the cap’s lid and press the round button located on the side, holding it until the internal indicator of the case begins to flicker in white.
  • Next, go to the parameters of the operating network, choosing the option “Add BT or other device”. As a result, the computer should see the mating headset.

And if everything was done correctly, then the user will only have to click on the virtual button “Ready” by changing the status of an accessory to “connected voice, music”. As for further use, it is enough just insert the headset in the ears, turn on your favorite track and fully enjoy its high.quality reproduction guaranteed by Apple headphones.

If, for some reason, the user wants to turn off the earlier synchronization of headphones with a PC or laptop, then cope with the task will be even easier. To do this, just open the menu by clicking on the context of the device, and select the most suitable command between the “Disable” and “Delete” buttons and “Delete”. And if you dwell on the first version, the headset will remain in the memory of the system without requiring a second connection, while in the second case you will have to re.reinstall when such a need occurs.

What is the difference between the connection of headphones in Windows 7?

As a rule, all modern laptops are equipped with default bluetooth. Blue tooth is absent only in ancient models. Airpods can also be connected to such devices. But more on that later.

So, we have already found out that the headphones are synchronized to laptops on the “top ten” with the Bluetooth module without problems. But with portable PC working on Windows 7, things are different.

Despite the fact that after the seventh version of Windows, the eighth and even the tenth, which turned out to be no less popular, there are many users who are in no hurry to switch to more fresh assemblies of the platform. The adherents of the “seven” are not scared by the upcoming stop of providing official technical support from Microsoft developers, nor all kinds of difficulties associated with the installation of new utilities and synchronization with many modern gadgets.

In principle, there is nothing strange here, because, as you know, Windows 7 is considered the most successful version in terms of simplicity of operation. But this is not about now. So how to connect AirPods to a device with a Windows 7 system?

Epplov’s headphones are not an exception to the problem of the conflict of “seven” with modern programs and gadgets. Windows 7 apple drivers do not see point blank if the user is trying to use the usual option for connecting a new device. And even if a working external Bluetooth was installed on the PC, it is not at all a fact that the user will be able to bring the starting process of synchronization to a successful logical conclusion the first time.

At the same time, the “blindness of the system” is not a reason to refuse the task, especially if you take into account that the path of its solution is nothing complicated. So, it is enough to simply update the drivers installed for a particular BT transmitter to the latest version, then delete the headphones added previously to the devices on PC and make them repeated connection to the system.

After the headset is successfully added to the PC, you can try to conjure it. Practice shows that there are not uncommon when not all drivers are established, but in the vast majority of cases this does not interfere with the full reproduction of content through the connected accessory.

The main thing is to appropriate the headphones with the default status by going into reproduction devices for this.

How to connect AirPods to iPhone

Now consider the way to connect AirPods headphones to iPhone. To do this, go to the settings on the phone and then to the Bluetooth section.

In the Bluetooth section, the iPhone smartphone is always looking for devices for connecting. You need to close the connection button on the case of headphones (when they are open). The LED on the case will start blinking white light, at this moment on the iPhone in the list of found devices will appear AirPods headphones. Just click on this device, the iPhone will immediately connect to the headphones.

Now you can use AirPods on iPhone.

I would like to note separately that if you go to the settings of the Bluetooth device (AirPods) from the settings, you can set various settings for working with the set.

It is here that you can establish what will happen if you make a double press on the headphone or if you take it out of the ear.

How to connect AirPods to a computer

If the Windows computer has Bluetooth, then you can easily connect AirPods to it.

Bluetooth has most laptops running Windows. It can be connected to a stationary computer as a separate module using USB.

Go to Windows parameters and select “Devices” item. In the Bluetooth section, click on the addition of a new device.

Next, choose that the device will work on the Bluetooth protocol.

Squeeze the conjugation button on Airpods and wait until the device is detected from the computer. Next, select this device.

After that it remains to wait for the connection.

Everything, setting will be made, you can use a computer with AirPods.

Connection AirPods to Windows 10

I wonder how to connect Airpods to Windows? This is possible, but all the functions of the headphones will not work. For example, AirPods will not automatically stop audio when you take out one headphone from your ear, like with Mac or iPhone. However, the main purpose of AirPods headphones will be performed.

Below how to connect AirPods to Windows 10.

On the Windows toolbar at the bottom of the screen, click the Bluetooth icon.

Select add the device.

The device for adding devices will open. Here again click the button.

Now open the AirPods cover and click the connection button.

Your AirPods should appear on PC from Windows.

Select AirPods from the list to start connection. In a couple of seconds, the headphones will be connected and ready to work.

How to connect AirPods to Windows 7? The process will be almost the same, only the names of options and buttons may slightly differ.

AirPods is a very simple device, but headphones are capable of a lot. You can configure gestures for them and even use accessories with them. Read more about all this in this article and here.

How to Connect AirPods Pro to Windows PC

How to first connect AirPods with Windows

To connect Airpods to a laptop or computer with Windows 10, follow the following simple steps:

  • Insert the headphones into the charging cover, make sure they are at least partially charged.
  • Open the case cover without taking out the headphones from it.
  • Press and hold the round button on the back of the charger case for several seconds, until its indicator blows white in white.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings in Windows 10, clicking on the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar, or searching for the word “Bluetooth” in the search field on the taskbar and clicking the parameters of Bluetooth and other devices ”when it appears when it appears.

Note. If you received a connection error message, close the AirPods cover, reboot the computer and repeat the step.based instructions described above.

It remains to remove the headphones from the charger, stick in the ears and enjoy the sound.

If the connection was successful, but there is no sound or the AirPods microphone does not work, then open the parameters → System → Sound and make sure that the headphones are selected as a output and input device.

Connecting Apple wireless headphones to the computer is as simple as any other Bluetooth device. To turn them off, just put Airpods back into a charging cover and close the lid.

Repeated AirPods connection to Windows computer

If you have already performed the conjugation, then Apple’s headphones should automatically connect to PC in a few seconds every time you take them out of the cover.

If for some reason Windows 10 does not see AirPods, you need to re-connect them:

  • Open Bluetooth Computer Settings with Windows 10.
  • Scroll the window down to the Audio section in the Bluetooth and other devices list, click on the AirPods list.
  • Click connect.

If for some reason AirPods still does not re-connect, place them in a charging case, reboot Windows and repeat the described process.

If the problem does not leave, then select “Delete” in 3 steps to break a pair with Airpods, and then start the conjugation process described at the beginning of the article.

Connection Airpods to a computer and a Windows laptop

Consider also how to connect AirPods to Windows. To connect the headset in a pair with a PC or laptop, make sure that computers are equipped with a Bluetooth module. If there is no built-in module, you will have to buy additionally, connect and configure the Bluetooth adapter.

Connection to Windows 10

We will figure out how to connect AirPods to Windows 10. The easiest way to combine in a pair of eirs and a computer, a laptop on the “top ten”:

  • Click on the Bluetooth icon in the system line and stop at the “Add device.””
  • The second option. go to the “Parameters”. “Devices”, “Bluetooth and others”.
  • Without closing the window on the screen, take the case with the set, open the lid and click the button on the back for a few seconds. the indicator must freeze.
  • On PC, click on “Add Bluetooth”.
  • In the next window opened, stop at Bluetooth.
  • How to connect AirPods to a computer? In the list you will immediately see the headphones. click on their name, the connection will be automatically tuned.
  • Click on “Ready”.

Connection to Windows 7

Now. how to connect AirPods to Windows 7 computer. To connect PC, a laptop on a “seven” in a couple with wireless headphones use the same instructions as for “dozens”. However, you will wait for difficulties. the system may not find the necessary driver to play sound through a wireless device.

  • Go to the “Device Manager”, go down to “Properties”.
  • Find the Bluetooth module driver (for example, Generic Bluetooth Adapter), check how fresh.
  • Update to the last issue. you will find the necessary driver on the website of the computer manufacturer, laptop. Choose only the driver that is developed specifically for your model.
  • After updating the drivers, delete Airpods from the list of conjugated devices.
  • Tie a couple again using the above instructions.

How to connect AirPods to a laptop on Windows? The same instruction is useful.

How to connect AirPods? instructions for connecting AirPods headphones to iPhone, Android, MacBook or laptop. FAQ from EARPHones-Review

How to connect AirPods headphones? The article provides a manual for connecting Eir subs to iPhone, Android, Mac computer or laptop. Hyde and tips for connecting Eir subs. How to connect AirPods headphones to Windows?

Restrictions in Windows

Since AirPods are designed to work with Apple technique, all their ability to use it will not work. In particular, the following functions will not be available:

  • View the remaining charge using the device itself, translating the sound. It is better to keep the case nearby in order to quickly recharge the battery if necessary;
  • Multifunctional assistant Siri. The voice assistant is not available for Windows, so even routine actions will have to be performed independently;
  • control through the touch panel on the headphones;
  • Quick switching between devices.

Possible difficulties

If the headphones refuse to work correctly, try to restart them. To do this, place them in the case, then click the button on the back of the package. Keep it until the indicator blinks with amber. Close the cover and start the connection from the very beginning.

Another possible problem is incorrectly working drivers for Apple Airpods for Windows 7, 8, 10. Formally, the installation of the option proposed by the center of update passes without failures, only in the devices after that two components are displayed: the head phone AirPods Hands-Free (aka a time) and AirPods Stereo headphones. The first works as source of sound and a microphone, the second. exclusively for reproduction of sound.

But with joint use, they can conflict, because the device cannot work correctly with such a driver in two modes. Sometimes the sound is not heard in games and applications, although the system signals are reproduced. If you turn off the headset, only headphones remain. and then the sound will appear, but the microphone will not work. If you switch to the headset, then the sound quality will suffer.

How to connect AirPods to Windows 10

If you think that connecting AirPods to Windows 10 is difficult, then it is worth relaxing, because in fact, only the presence of a Bluetooth module is required. In the case when synchronization with PC is required, an additional Bluetooth adapter may be required. But you can attach a pair of wireless Airpods to a laptop without problems, usually Bluetooth module is built there.

The easiest way to synchronize with laptops on Windows 10. AirPods connection is performed according to the following algorithm:

  • First, in Windows 10, you need to find the Bluetooth connection menu (the icon can be in the tray);
  • After the user has found it and opened it, you need to select the “Add new device” item;
  • Having taken Airpods, you need to click on the white button on the case for 3 seconds. until white appears;
  • At the end of these operations, it remains only to connect the headphones in the menu (their name and user name will be displayed).

Attention! Some users may have problems with the microphone, but at the same time the headphones themselves will work.

How to connect AirPods to Windows 8

Windows 8-something between 7 and 10. But since this is more than 7, connecting AirPods to Windows 8 will already be a little easier and with less problems. No drivers need to be viewed (in most cases), you can simply synchronize devices and start working.

To carry the device to the laptop on Windows via Bluetooth, you need to perform the usual algorithm of actions:

  • Also, first you need to go to the Bluetooth menu through a “control panel” or an icon in the tria;
  • Taking the case in your hands, press and hold the button on the case for about 3 seconds, until the headphones are transferred to the mating mode;
  • After a variant with the name of the headset (and the owner of the owner in brackets) appears in the menu of adding the device, then it is necessary to conjure, as with ordinary headphones.

So it is possible to get a fully working microphone and headphones for your computer/laptop, if everything is in order with a Bluetooth module. There are problems with the compounds, but rarely. However, just to go to them.

Creating a wireless connection

Airpods with a laptop or PC is needed Bluetooth. BT should be in working condition. Turn on Bluetooth on a laptop. You should make sure that nothing is connected to PC via Bluetooth. instructions for setting up wireless connection:

  • Turn on the conjugation mode for the calamus.
  • Place both headphones in the case.
  • You need to open it and clamp the button on the box.
  • The white LED should start flashing on the case.
  • If he does not blink, you need to wait. The main thing is not to release the button. The LED will first be “white”, then grows “orange”, and then “white” again.

Windows 10

To connect AirPods to the Windows 10 computer, you need to do it:

In other versions of Windows OS (7 and 8.1) you need to connect through “devices and printers”. Select “Add the device”. To turn on the sound and microphone, you need to go to the “Parameters” section, then to the “System”, then to the “Sound”. A list of sound equipment will appear, which is used as a sound source. The list should contain the headset of the air subs. Next to him should be a “green checkmark”.

Windows 7 and

For Windows 7, 8 versions.1 you need to perform the following steps:

  • Open the section “Record and playback devices”.
  • It is necessary to find the dynamics icon in the lower right corner of the screen and press the right mouse key.
  • Make headders’ headphones “default device”. This means that the headset will be used to play sound and its recording.

You should press the right mouse key on “Airpods“. Select “use by default” and “use the default communication device”.

IMPORTANT! Sound and microphone playback settings in different instant messengers (Zoom or Skype) must be done directly in this program. As a rule, this can be done in the “Settings” section.

After the 1st connection to the Microsoft OS, the headset will automatically connect with the laptop or PC. However, if you use headphones with the iPhone, you will have to connect them again and mate.

Problems that arise when connecting

Despite simple steps in the settings, users sometimes have various errors and problems when using air subs in Windows 10. This also applies to other versions of the OS (7 and

PC or laptop does not see the headset. During the connection of the air subs to the Bluetooth computer, but there are no headphones in the list of interfaces. This is a common problem of computers and laptops. Main reasons:

Best use of Keyboard function keys F1 to F12

Not updated drivers. To solve the problem, you should first delete the existing Bluetooth driver, and then download it again and install. This must be done from the site that has made your PC or laptop.

However, there are problems with drivers from manufacturers. Advanced users remove them and install drivers from Microsoft. This solves the problem. Before performing the removal, you should make sure Bluetooth serviceability. Sometimes the adapter does not function despite the installed drivers. If, when connecting Airpods to Windows 7, the connection has interference (torn connection, the sound is interrupted or belated), the driver may be the cause of this trouble. However, disconnecting the “Electricity Saving” mode often helps. instructions for disabling the mode:

AirPods operation problems with Windows

Despite the positive aspects, AirPods has significant disadvantages when using Windows.

The biggest problem is that it is impossible to use all the functionality of the headphones. Namely, the possibilities make them special, in comparison with other wireless headphones.

AirPods are created to work with Apple devices, and no matter how it may seem, Surface is not suitable for them. One of the most used functions that are absent when connecting to Windows is the automatic identification of the ear. The music will not be automatically suspended when you take out one headphone from your ear and continue to play when you insert it back.

Between Apple devices, ICLUD one account, there is the possibility of seamless conjugation. As soon as you connect AirPods with one of your Apple devices, it will add to everyone else associated with Apple ID. This allows you to instantly switch headphones between devices with one touch.

In combination with Windows, AirPods, I connect and work as simple Bluetooth headphones. It’s not as magical as using them on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Also, music management gestures should be taken into account. You get basic control gestures for suspension, playback and passage of paths. However, you lose access to siri. Perhaps voice assistants are not needed, but this is worth remembering.

AirPods and Windows. not the best friends

If you give preference to Apple ecosystem and want to use your wireless headphones with Windows. AirPods will complete the task, it does not make sense to buy others.

If you have iPhone and Windows, then buying AirPods is justified. For all other cases, it is worth purchasing other headphones.

The two main analogues that come to mind as part of the general price range are Surface Earbuds from Microsoft and Pixel Buds from Google (2020).

Both models have advantages that you will not find in Airpods. They also look good, but the biggest advantage of both Pixel Buds and Surface Earbuds are sensory control, which is in no way inferior to AirPods tins.

Surface Earbuds headphones are compatible for working with Office 365, offering sensory gestures and translation functions for PowerPoint presentations and other functions that will be values ​​of Windows users.

Another additional advantage over AirPods is that it is more convenient to wear for a long time. Surface Earbuds headphones were just developed for this: they are sitting in the ear so that you don’t even notice them.

With Pixel Buds and Surface Earbuds, you will not get an active noise reduction function that would be desirable in Earbuds due to their design. It is still impossible to use the capabilities of Google Assistant in combination with PC under Windows.

Depending on the thickness of the wallet, you can also look at the new Galaxy Buds Live by Samsung or even Tozo T6 headphones if you want to save. But buying AirPods exclusively for working with Windows is a bad idea.