How to connect a subwoofer to your LG TV

How to connect your speakers to the TV?

If you want to connect speakers designed specifically for use with TV, you’ll need a cable with an RCA-connector, aka tulip, AV-connector, or cinch-plug. To connect your speakers to the TV, you’ll need a cable with a red and white connection.

  • Turn on the TV using the remote.
  • On the “Menu” find the Bluetooth section and make sure this option is active.
  • In the list of available devices, find the Bluetooth speaker you want to connect.
  • Synchronize the devices.

Connecting the subwoofer to the TV

How to Connect Speakers to a TV

“The world will never be the same” is a famous phrase that can very accurately describe changes in the TV segment. Manufacturers propose new technologies every year, implementing amazing ideas that allow you to get better devices.Televisions have come a long way from “information boxes” to flat and functional wall panels that can be used for a variety of purposes. You can watch movies. You can play games. As a result of the development of mobile processors, televisions are getting their own operating system, the TV market is reaching a whole new level. Amidst so many functional and quality improvements, there’s no room for sound in every sense. The thickness of modern television, reduced to an incredible 0.5 cm, and it is physically impossible to get the full range of reproducible frequencies in such a narrow framework. As a result, there is a conscious need to connect a separate sound source. Let’s consider connection of active computer speakers as an example.

It is worth noting that most of these speakers are active. It is not difficult to find it, you just need to find on the back of the device wire connection to the mains and volume control.

Pay attention to the back or side of the TV.

Computer speakers are most often connected via a round 3.5 mm jack, (another common name for mini Jack “mini jack”). Easy to find by the headphone icon. If you have difficulty identifying them, you can use the paper version of the instructions or download the electronic version from the manufacturer’s website To connect you need a standard miniJack. 2 RCA cable, which is usually included with the speakers

The second part of the cable connects to the RCA inputs, which are located at the back of the speakers.

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Warning! When connecting, it is worth disconnecting the devices to avoid failure. Unplug the speakers and TV set, as well as, if available, disconnect cable TV or active antenna. If your TV does not have a mini Jack output, you can use 2 RCA. To connect you will need a 2 RCA- 2 RCA cable.

The high-end speakers can be connected in a digital SPDIF mode, which uses an optical cable for data transfer. Its inputs and outputs are made on connectors type Toslink and closed stubs.

Let’s see what this connector looks like on the back of the TV:

Connecting computer acoustics to the TV allows you to get better sound in a wider range of reproduced frequencies, but when it comes to building a home theater, it is no less important is the lowest segment from two hundred to twenty hertz, it affects the perception of special effects: explosions, gunshots, bumps, etc.п.,that are abundant in today’s movies. No less important is the reproduction of bass frequencies for modern music and many audiophiles pay a lot of attention to it. In this discipline, computer speakers can not boast success and there is a need to connect an active subwoofer.

Active subwoofer has a built-in power amplifier, so its connection is not difficult. Most models have an RCA input for connection.

Choose an appropriate cable length to connect to one of the two (any) RCA inputs on the subwoofer. Since the TV jack is occupied by previously connected speakers, use a splitter to install the subwoofer.

The kinds of cables used

Connecting a home theater to a TV requires special cables of good quality. Poor quality wires tend to distort the sound signal.

In addition, there are several kinds of cables to connect the speaker to the TV:

  • To achieve quality sound, connect a cable such as SCART-3,5 Jk Ph 3 m. Provided that the TV has an appropriate output and the external device has a 2RCA audio input.

Many users, ask if it is possible to connect third-party speakers to the TV device. You don’t need special skills or experience. The connection process only requires the right connectors and quality cables.

How to connect your home theater speakers to your TV?

Very often the speakers that are built into the TV are not enough for viewing. Is there a solution to this problem?? Absolutely. You can reach the volume you need with good devices which you have to choose and connect in the right way. How to connect the speakers from the home theater to the TV? With this we will deal in this article.


First you need to understand the device itself. There are two types of speakers:

  • Active type. Such speakers work with an amplifier, which has a positive effect on sound quality.
  • Passive. These devices do not have an amplifier.

You can connect any type of device to your TV. Let’s talk about each of them in more detail.

Active type devices

How to connect your home theater speakers to your TV? The design of the TV does not allow you to install decent speakers inside. But nothing prevents you from connecting any external device that is able to output sound. You can use any kind of equipment, be it laptop, PC or home theater gadgets.

Every modern TV set has a special jack that allows you to connect the TV with audio output devices. The powerful amplifier built into the speakers of the active type only simplifies the task of connection. Power supply of such devices is carried out with the help of the most common network. no additional manipulations are required.

External speakers can be easily connected directly to the TV set without having to buy an extra set of connection wires or adapters.

Each jack, which is located on the back of the TV, has its own designation. Labels help identify the purpose of each.

In order to connect the gadgets, the following instructions must be followed:

  • Locate the audio jacks that are red (pink) and white. These inputs are labeled Audio-R (white) and Audio-L (red).
  • Connect all devices and start using them.

Important! You are a happy owner of a Samsung TV, but you can’t watch online TV because you don’t have the software? The solution to this problem is to install a flash player. Click on the direct link and you’ll find out how to install the flash player on your Samsung TV.

Passive type of speakers

Such devices work without using a built-in powerful amplifier. How to connect the speakers from the computer to the TV with a cable? First you need to connect the speakers to the pre chosen amplifier and then connect it directly to the TV.

Connecting elements come with the equipment, but if you do not have them available, no one prevents you from buying them:

  • It is necessary to check the output resistance of the amplifier element. It must have a nominal value, which will correspond to the impedance (R) of the speakers.
  • Also do not forget about the polarity. Connect the left channel to the left speaker, and the right channel to the right speaker. If you make a mistake, the sound quality will be unsatisfactory.

Important! Remember that the value of the “amplifier” power must be at least thirty percent of the similar parameter of the used audio output devices. The wire must meet the following condition: the cross-sectional area (S) must be at least one square centimeter. The thickness of the cable ensures a reliable connection.

Mini jack

Some equipment has a familiar “tulip” or “mini-jack” connector. To connect your stereo system use a special AV-class receiver, which requires an additional cable. This connection method is the most common among users.

How to connect your home theater speakers to your TV? There is another way, which will be discussed below.

HDMI cable

Modern televisions have an HDMI connector. Connecting with this cable will help to get a very high quality sound, but not all audio systems have an appropriate input for this cable. But this issue also has a solution. in technology stores sell special adapters that you can use for this method.

Important! If you bought a TV with Smart TV and it does not show all channels, you may not have connected it to the internet correctly. Read in another article of ours on how to connect the internet to your Smart TV.

Using a tape recorder or stereo

You can achieve a decent sound using a music center or other music playback devices. To use this method, you must connect a special cable between the television and the music device and connect the device to the speakers.

For this method you need to use a “tulip” or TRS. If you have problems with the connection, we recommend using an adapter.

Important! Remember that the signal is coming out of your TV. That’s why you must plug it into the connector which is responsible for the output. These jacks are labeled OUT.

A small external audio system

You’re still not satisfied with the sound quality? Then use a compact system that includes several speakers and a subwoofer. The sound will be much better than with the same tape recorder.

In order to connect the system, you must use the Scart jack, which is installed on the back of the device. A cinch or the familiar mini-jack will do the trick.

How to Connect Loudspeakers to an LG TV

Modern LG televisions can boast high-quality sound. Nevertheless, many owners of equipment wish to further improve the audio system by connecting speakers to the TV. This allows you to enjoy surround sound of the highest quality.

Before you start connecting the speakers, you need to clarify which audio jacks your LG TV model is equipped with. The most common ones are digital HDMI jack, line input (MiniJack) or specialized acoustic SCART or RCA jacks.

LG Smart-TV models have the ability to connect wireless speakers via Bluetooth.

HDMI. found in the latest TV models and home theaters. Allows information to be transmitted without loss of quality.

If you’re going to connect a powerful audio center with built-in amplifiers to your TV, we recommend using HDMI-connectors.

MiniJack, SCART (comb) and RCA (cinch) are not designed for powerful audio systems. When using these connectors you need to be especially careful, because if you connect a loudspeaker with a higher power than allowed, there is a risk of damage or even a breakdown of the equipment.

The second thing you should pay attention to is the speakers themselves. Loudspeakers can be active or passive, and their type depends on how they are connected.

Acoustic system of the active type Supposed to have a built-in amplifier and is connected to the mains for power. In the vast majority of cases these speakers are connected to your TV using 3.5mm MiniJack or TRS inputs. In case your LG TV does not have these connectors, you can solve the problems by buying an additional adapter “MiniJack / RCA”.

Passive type speaker system is not equipped with an amplifier, it must be purchased separately and the speakers must be connected to it first, and then through the amplifier to the TV set. In this case there is a possibility that the sound quality will not be optimal.

Here is what you need to pay attention to when choosing an amplifier:

  • Its power should not be higher than the power of the speakers by more than a third. (Carefully read the user’s manual for your speakers, this information is sure to be included there).
  • Amplifier and loudspeakers must have the same impedance.
  • The wire with which the amplifier will be connected to the TV is very important. Experts recommend not using a cord with a cross section of less than 2 mm.

How to connect your speakers to your TV with wires: step-by-step instructions

  • Once you’ve decided on the connector type, plug an HDMI, RCA, or MiniJack wire into the appropriate jack on the back of the TV.
  • If you are connecting speakers from your computer to your TV, use your TV as a power source. To do this, plug them into any available USB port on the back.
  • Configure the sound settings on your TV.

How to connect wireless speakers to your TV: step-by-step instructions

  • Turn on your TV with the remote.
  • In the “Menu” find the Bluetooth section and make sure this option is active.
  • In the list of available devices, find the Bluetooth speaker you want to connect.
  • Synchronize the devices.

Once you have successfully connected the speakers to your LG TV, you need to finish the process by adjusting the sound settings on the TV itself.

  • From the menu, select “Home” (Home icon).
  • Go to the “Settings” section (Gear icon).
  • In the upper right corner locate the icon with three vertical dots and look for the “Sound” section.
  • Under “Audio Out” select “Audio Out (Optical/HDMI ARC).
  • Activate SIMPLINK mode.

If you are using a speaker system that supports LG Sound Sync (Sound Sync):

  • From the menu, select “Home” (Home icon).
  • Go to “Settings” (Gear icon).
  • In the upper right corner, locate the icon with three vertical dots, and under “Audio”.
  • Under “Audio Out” select “LG Sound Sync (Optical).

If you connect an LG audio system with Bluetooth audio sync, select “LG Audio Sync (wireless)” when configuring the settings.

Active Subwoofers

Such equipment is equipped with its own amplifier and can be used as a receiver for a speaker system. If you appreciate the quality of sound at the output, you simply can not find a better option for connecting to a TV. Of course, much will depend on the power of the device, but in any case, such a subwoofer satisfies all the requirements of the modern buyer.

Not having amplifiers in their set, passive subwoofers, will work perfectly in a set with the receiver. They can be just as good as their more advanced competitors in quality, if the whole system is properly configured and wired.

Which socket to plug the speakers into?

Above we reasoned about the ways of connecting the speakers to TV, but did not give advice and a detailed description of each of the inputs, which are actively used for synchronization. Now we will correct the omission.

Important! There are a few other connection schemes not considered, which are not very relevant right now. These include:

HDMI is the best connector, because it has a high data transfer rate. In practice, this means minimum delays and support for the best audio quality.

The main problem with the standard is that not all devices support it. HDMI may not be available on your speakers or subwoofer, or on your TV. However, if both devices support the standard, we recommend you opt for it. It is especially important to use it to connect your home theater, professional speakers, powerful receivers, multi-channel sound system, etc. п.

RCA (Tulip)

One of the most common outputs on previous generations of speakers, abandoned by nearly all manufacturers. Nowadays, RCA, popularly called “tulip”, is mostly found on older TVs, although some companies still make TVs that support this input. The reason for its diminished popularity is the poor signal quality.

The wire consists of 3 plugs. Red and white are needed for music playback, while the third is responsible for video. These inputs need to be inserted into similarly colored jacks on the TV.

Line inputs

Occurs less often than other varieties, it involves connecting the terminals to “” and to “-“. These options can be used for some computer speakers and home theater.

Ways to connect

There are several ways to connect your speakers to the TV set. Each option is suitable for a certain type of speaker system. The method varies depending on the model and TV. Next, we’ll look at the possible options for connecting the speakers. Let’s note that for the maximum sound effect it is necessary to deal with the settings of acoustics. This type of equipment offers a fairly wide range of functionality to users.

RCA connector

Tulips are considered the most popular connectors in TVs, regardless of the manufacturer. South Korean brand LG is no exception. Using this port, you can also connect speakers. There are several options.

If there is no RCA output on the speaker, most likely there is a 3.5 mm jack. Then you need a cord: RCA-TRS 3.5 mm. Finding such a cord is no problem.

Now for the question of how to connect a subwoofer to the LG TV. Here it should be noted that there are several types of subwoofers:

  • Active. There is a built-in amplifier with power, which allows you to remove the output load in the case of low-frequency sounds.
  • Passive. In this case the transmitter does not have a personal amplifier, which affects the load of the output stereo channels. Therefore, the volume is often reduced and the sound quality deteriorates. There is no panel with settings, which greatly complicates the process of placing the subwoofer.

An active buffer is connected as follows:

  • Choosing a location for the unit.
  • Connect the tulips according to the connectors on the TV.
  • The setting is made through the TV menu.

LG makes TV models with already built in automatic parameters for synchronization with different devices.

The connection of such a device is characterized by a convenient and clear interface. Even those who have not previously dealt with the connection of the subwoofer, should quickly understand the process.

Who bought a passive unit, can make the synchronization at the expense of a home theater or receiver. Characteristic features of this option: labor-intensive and low sound quality. The reason for the insignificant quality is that it is not possible to place the subwoofer properly near the TV. Watch the polarity when connecting for high quality performance.

Line inputs

When the TV model for connecting speakers is equipped with line outlets, you can use the usual pins: and This option is suitable for computer speakers or from a home theater.

Carefully consider the back of the device, in case there are two holes with terminals (red and black). these are the line outputs.

From you only need to connect the wires according to color:

The sound will appear immediately if everything is connected correctly.

HDMI cable

Considering high-quality sound and speaker connections, you should consider the HDMI ARC connector method.

HDMI cable for TV is considered the most ideal option, which is able to really maintain the sound quality. This method requires a special HDMI ARC output on your TV.

This connection method is suitable for sophisticated equipment, to modern home theaters, professional receivers. As a result, you can get high quality sound with preserved volume and effects. This is only on condition that the speakers of the system.

Via Bluetooth

Often modern models of television devices are equipped with Bluetooth. With this feature, you can make a wireless connection between the devices.

You can connect a speaker via Bluetooth in case the speakers also have this option. In the TV menu, you need to find this function and activate the device search. Then select the desired item, and the sound comes to the speaker.