How to connect a set-top box with channels to your TV

Is it possible to connect an analog TV to a digital TV and how to do it?

Hi! Today I have a hot topic. The fact is that on June 3, 2019, the third phase of the transition to digital television. In this wave hit 36 regions.

I think everyone already knows that in order to connect some receivers to digital, you need to buy a device to receive the signal (antenna) and a set-top box. Today I will tell you if and how to connect an old TV set to digital television?

If you connect a receiver, your old receiver will not get the Smart-TV features. You’ll just be able to watch digital TV channels.

General guidelines for setting up digital TV

The principle of turning on terrestrial television is approximately similar in all TV manufacturers, although there are certain differences between them.

General instructions for setting up a built-in set-top box for digital TV :

  • Install and connect the antenna to the appropriate connector on your TV or receiver.
  • Go to the TV menu (usually the largest button in the center of the remote control).
  • Open the “Options” section and start the automatic television setup.
  • When you are prompted about the type of signal source, select “Cable” and click on the “Start” button. In the additional window indicate the type of TV “Digital” and continue setting.
  • Press the item “Search mode” and set it to “Full”, otherwise some channels may not be in the selection.
  • In the boxes you specify the following data: frequency. 314 MHz, speed. 6875 kS/s, modulation. 256, and click on “Search”.

Some TV models are equipped with a network search function, which allows you to simplify the setting (no need to enter values). You only need to specify the type of search and enable the procedure. Once completed, the TV will be able to catch 20 free channels.

What is a set-top box for 20 channels

Above we have given detailed instructions on how to configure the set-top box to the TV and receive 20 channels. But to solve this problem, you need to buy a tuner. On the market there are a large number of models of such equipment. The cost depends on the manufacturer, functionality, number of outputs and other factors.

How to Connect Cable Box to TV using HDMI

In order for you to be able to properly configure the tuner and enjoy quality TV, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Support for MPEG-4 and DVB-T2.
  • Presence of buttons on the front panel. They can be useful when setting up a digital set-top box to the TV to connect 20 channels. In particular, we are talking about resetting the equipment or other actions in case of malfunction.
  • USB port. Useful for connecting a USB flash drive, Wi-Fi adapter or updating software.
  • Wi-Fi. In some models of tuners this option is already built in. It only needs to be set up.
  • HDMI output. Connecting to the TV with the connector contributes to the quality.
  • External power supply. In this case, if there are problems with power supply unit can be easily replaced.

If you choose the right equipment, it is easy to reconfigure your set-top box for 20 channels.

Let’s highlight a few popular set-top boxes, taking into account the information on Yandex Market:

  • BBK SMP023HDT2/BL TV tuner. Compact device that supports DVB-T/T2 formats. Plays video at 1080p, has HDMI output and remote control. From the additional options are teletext, recording timer and delayed viewing. Includes remote control with batteries, RCA cable, manual and warranty. Average price. 880 r.
  • TV tuner Digifors HD 71 Plus. Like the previous model, the unit can be set to DVB-T/T2. Audio, composite and HDMI outputs are available. Display, recording timer, teletext, Timeshift. Includes RCA, remote control, two batteries, power supply, warranty and manual. The average price. 1200 p.
  • Eurosky ES-18 TV tuner is another popular model. Also works on DVB-T/T2. Supports HD video. Has an HDMI jack. Of the options. Display, delayed view mode and recording timer. Set. 3RCA cable, batteries, remote, manual in Russian. Average price. 1900 p.

In addition to the models reviewed, you can buy and tune other models. Selenga HD950D, Lumax DV-3215HD and others.

Why are the channels poorly shown??

Even if you configure the channels correctly on the set-top box, there is no guarantee of their normal operation. There are all kinds of interference, the lack of signal, inability to detect channels, etc. П. If you add to this possible errors in connection and configuration, the number of causes of failure reaches dozens.

That’s what you need to check first:

  • Check the cable to make sure it is not damaged in any way.
  • Reverse the direction of the antenna. It is possible that it is confused and therefore unable to receive the signal.
  • Improper connection. Make sure that all cables are inserted correctly. You need to pay attention to the inscriptions and colors of connectors. For example, HDMI Out is the connector for the console, it will not work with the console.
  • Insufficient power of the antenna. Especially important in the distant from the city places.
  • Software conflict. It is worth updating applications and disconnecting all secondary devices from the set-top box.

These are all the necessary parameters that must be configured on the TV set-top box. Everything else is about setting up the applications themselves: IPTV, YouTube, etc. П. We have already told about it in the thematic materials.

Installing and connecting a set-top box

In addition to the receiver to connect digital television, we will also need some details. You need first of all to think. How exactly the decoder will be connected, or more precisely. Through which port.

First, we look at the ports that are on your TV. Let’s study the inputs that we can use in the future:

  • HDMI is the most preferable, because the image will be of higher quality. We will be interested in “HDMI” with the “IN” set-top box. Also, do not use the input for the adapter to “DVI”.

On the basis of inputs (IN) on the TV and need to select the set-top box. Let’s look at the example of my model:

  • Antenna input. This is where we will connect our antenna.
  • Antenna output. This is needed to connect another set-top box.
  • Digital audio. We don’t need it yet.
  • HDMI. Ideally this is the best one to use.
  • AV. These are the bells which can be used if your TV does not have HDMI.

Some set-top boxes may have other outputs I mentioned earlier: SCART, S-Video, VGA, etc.Д. А

There can be additional inputs and outputs:

  • LAN. To connect to your home router. So you can connect the set-top box to the Internet and watch films from there.
  • USB. Some people think that you can use it to connect to the TV, but this is not the case. This port performs the same function as the one on your TV and is only for connecting external drives, flash drives and hard drives.

Once you have found the ideal ports, you need the appropriate cable to connect the TV set-top box. There are also adapters like this:

It is also safe to connect them in cases where your TV or receiver does not have an appropriate port.

On very old TVs you can try to use the same “RF OUT” antenna output. That is, we take and directly connect the coaxial cable to the old TV.

Now we need to make the usual connection: connect the TV via Tulip, HDMI, or any other cable I told you about earlier.

And of course, we connect the antenna cable itself to the input on the receiver, which must have the prefix “IN”. If you have bought an antenna, this cable should come with it. You can also buy it in a specialized store.

The TV set-top box will now send a digital signal and pulse to the TV in either analog or digital form. Also, do not forget to connect the set-top box itself to the outlet. We only need to turn on the receiver, TV and adjust the channels.

NOTE! It does not matter what kind of TV you have: Samsung, LG, Philips, or Sony. Setup is still done via the console, and the screen will act as a display device. See further step by step instructions.

  • To set digital channels, turn on both devices.
  • Now you need to turn on the TV display from the input to which the set-top box is connected. To do this, take the remote control from the TV and find the button that turns on or toggles the “Input ports. It can be called either “Input” or “Sources. Can just have a square icon with an arrow inside.
  • Then you can see the following menu. Just select our port. On very old TVs there is no such menu, so here you just need to flip through until you see the images of the set-top box menu.
  • We succeeded to install the receiver, now we need to catch the channels. The systems in the receivers are different, but the principle is the same. In the menu you need to find “Settings” and turn on “Channel Search.
  • The system will automatically search for channels and tune them. You can also do manual tuning.

Common problems

Considered above instruction gives you a complete picture of how to turn on the TV with the remote control, how to connect and configure the equipment. But during the viewing process, problems may arise that require immediate action. Consider a few situations:

  • You can not catch the channels. To solve the problem check the quality of the cable connection to the antenna and tuner, make sure it is intact. Pay attention to the orientation of the receiver and try to change its position. Also learn that in order to receive a digital signal, you must connect a special antenna. If you use an older type of device, it will only receive an analog signal. Also check the characteristics of the STB, it must receive DVB-T2.
  • Not able to find all channels. In such circumstances check what TV-channels you can catch in your area. Use interactive CETV map and see the necessary data. The cause can be also errors in the receiver, so the best solution is to reconfigure the digital set-top box from scratch.
  • Poor signal. A common situation is when the received signal is too weak, which affects the quality of the picture. In such a situation do the following. Buy an antenna with an amplifier and change its location. If the problem occurred because of the satellite dish, the cause could be weather conditions. In this case you just need to wait for better weather.
  • No signal. A common situation is when you have managed to connect the equipment, but the TV screen lights up with a no-signal message. Check the cable and antenna. If there are no complaints, contact your service provider and find out if any work is being done.
  • The picture lags or freezes. To solve the problem, try software update or reflash the equipment with the wizard. If the reason is bad weather, wait it out and watch analog TV. Knowing how to switch your TV to a set-top box, you can return to digital channels at any time.

In conclusion we would like to point out one more situation when channels are suddenly lost. In this case, do not panic. Perhaps, the technical work is going on and you just need to wait. If not, check the serviceability of the antenna, the wire and the set-top box. If the tuner breaks, take it to the repair shop.

connect, set-top, channels, your

How to connect a digital set-top box to the TV correctly

Warning! Before connecting, make sure that the devices are disconnected from the mains.

To connect the receiver, proceed as follows:

  • Check for analog (RCA, D-SUB or SCART) or digital (HDMI, DVI) connectors and cables, and select the appropriate one.
  • Remove the tape from the receiver, set it in the chosen place and connect to the TV.
  • Connect the set-top box to the power.
  • Connect to the antenna input indoor or outdoor antenna (you should choose the latter if you live more than 15 km from the tower).
  • Turn on the tuner and TV, proceed to set up the broadcast.

Wiring Diagram

Connection algorithm depends on the selected cables:

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  • To connect the RCA “tuners”, connect the cable to the connectors of the devices, referring to their color markings. The yellow cable transmits video, while the white and red ones transmit audio.
  • HDMI-HDMI or SCART-SCART cables also plug into their sockets.
  • When connecting via antenna input you need to connect the antenna to the STB, insert the cable into the port RF IN, and connect the cable from the RF OUT to the TV.

How to connect two or more televisions to a set-top box?

You can connect several devices to one tuner through the antenna connector. For this you need a so-called splitter (splitter).

Important! All connected receivers will operate synchronously, i.E. Simultaneously show the same channel (because there is only one set-top box).

You can also connect two devices to one receiver using free interfaces. For example, you can connect one TV set via RCA and the other via HDMI.

Connecting to an old TV

You can connect the set-top box to an older model TV in three ways:

  • Via the SCART connector by buying a tuner with the same output;
  • Via the AV input with an RCA-RCA cable (tunepipes);
  • You can connect the receiver to a very old TV set with only an RF antenna connector using a high-frequency modulator.

How to Connect a TV to a Cable Box

Common problems

From the above instructions you can see that the modern set-top box can be connected even to an ordinary TV of an obsolete type. But here you need to be prepared to fix the problems. Consider several situations:

  • Broken picture, appearance of pixels, interruption, message No signal. In this case change the position of the antenna, check the quality of the connections, check the integrity of the cable. If pixelation appears only on some TV channels, the cause may be a multiplexer.
  • Black and white picture. In this case it is necessary to install and connect the antenna correctly, restart scanning.
  • No some TV channels (shows 10 instead of 20). Change the antenna location, re-start the search.
  • No channels at all. Try to reconnect the antenna, start auto scanning.

If nothing works, call a professional. He knows how to properly connect a digital set-top box to an old TV, and helps with problems. You can contact an expert by phone or call them at home for a consultation.