How to Connect a Samsung TV to Digital TV

Why Samsung TV can’t see digital channels: reasons, what to do?

Samsung TV does not find digital channels. A common problem among viewers. Most of the problems can be solved independently and do not require repair in the service center. But in order to fix the problem by your own efforts, you need to find out the cause.

  • Software failure.
  • Incorrect connection of the antenna or equipment.
  • Damaged cable.
  • Technical problems on the side of the provider.
  • Incorrect tuning.

Adjusting the cable TV on your Samsung

Cable TV is the most common way to transmit a signal to every apartment and house. Most residents of the country use cable television, because this service is a little cheaper than analogues.

Satellite TV is also available to viewers. If this option is chosen, the consumer has a wider range of channels available. If you do have cable TV connected, it does not hurt to adjust the channels on your TV.

How to understand whether my TV supports Samsung digital television

For this information, you should read the technical documentation or the factory box. All televisions labeled DVB-T2 can receive digital broadcasts. If you don’t have the documentation with you, you can find it on the Internet.

In general, most TVs produced after 2005, ways to receive a digital signal from the receiver. Another question is whether this receiver is built into the TV itself, or whether you will need to buy it separately.

Setting up digital TV is not particularly different between models with and without Smart TV function. If you select the automatic search, the user will not need to set the parameters, which they may mistakenly specify. But if the owner of TV is sure that these settings will be optimal, then he can set the conditions independently.

Setting up digital channels on your Samsung with a set-top box

If your Samsung TV is not on the list of TVs that support DVB-T and DVB-T2 standards, the only solution is to buy a digital set top box. You can become its owner for 1-2t, depending on the model and firm-manufacturer. Currently the following models from Lumax and Dexp are highly praised on the market. They are suitable for almost all TV sets, and the first company is even an official supplier for RTRS.

We urge you not to spend too much on a set-top box and find one that you can afford. Even the simplest model can perform a minimal set of functions

We look at the general principle of connecting set-top boxes to Samsung TVs and also look at the procedure for searching channels manually and automatically.


The general principle of connecting the set-top box is the same for all TVs. The device is something like an intermediary between your TV and the antenna, providing a digital signal conversion and transmission to the TV.

The main problem in the procedure will be the choice of cable that will be used to connect to the TV. It should be chosen according to the availability of the following connectors:

  • HDMI. It is one of the first to be chosen in case of availability.
  • RSA. These are depicted in the diagram and represent 3 different colored wires, popularly these are also called “Tulips”. They usually come with the set-top box, t.Most televisions are equipped with outputs for this wire.
  • SCART. Used very rarely and on very old models. In this case you need to buy an additional adapter.

The HDMI cable provides the best picture quality, so if you have an HDMI input on your TV, you should use it first. Cable costs from 100. But we advise you not to be petty and spend a few hundred.

The tulips are connected elementary and are connected according to the color of inputs. The two wires are responsible for the right and left-hand TV speakers, and the last one is responsible for the picture on the screen.

RSA-SCART adapter looks like this: It is not expensive, but it does not come with the set-top box. You can find it in any hardware store.

Channel search

We cannot review the search procedure from the set-top box, for all models. So let’s take the first one we saw and give you a general principle which you will be able to apply at home:

connect, samsung, digital
  • After you have connected the set-top box, you must select the display mode on your Samsung TV. This is done depending on the connection method that was previously chosen by you. Press “Source” button on the remote control. In the table that appears, select: HDMI (if this cable is used), AV (if RSA is used), Smart.
  • After that we will press the button on the device remote control and go to “Menu”. In the setting, in the channel search section, there will be a choice between manual and automatic search. First of all it is better to choose the auto-tuning. The device will find the desired frequency on its own and save the list when it is complete.
  • Manual search mode should be performed in those cases when the auto search did not give the desired result. For example, if you wanted to find 20 channels, but found only 5. In this case you need to tell the STB the channel number, which frequency it will have to scan. You can do this through the interactive map of DTTV.

This is how Samsung with STBs is configured. If you have any questions on this subject, you can ask them in Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to connect a Samsung TV set to digital TV without a set-top box

Modern Samsung devices are connected to a digital TV without a tuner. The tuning process is not complicated, because it is done automatically by the system, you just need to select the desired parameter. Instructions:

In some cases you may need to adjust it manually. For example, when autodetection finishes with an error or when it finds not the whole list of broadcasts. To configure manually go to “Channel” in the menu and in the place of the antenna select the connected cable.

  • In the country tab, change to Russia or Eastern Europe.
  • Go to “Cable Finder Settings.”.
  • Use the remote control to specify frequencies. 298000-362000 kHz.
  • Select Digital.
  • Search Type. Network.

Setting it up with a set-top box

Older Samsung TVs do not support DVB-T and DVB-T2. You need a special set top box to switch to digital broadcasting. It is the link between the antenna and the TV set. The incoming analog signal is converted into a digital signal and fed through the cable to the TV set.

Installing a TV antenna to your Samsung TV

When connecting a digital TV through a set-top box there is a nuance. You need to choose a cable that connects the device to the TV. Often the device comes with a standard cable with three different colored wires that fit most Samsung TVs.

Newer TV models use an HDMI cable, it is also often included with the purchase of the TV. If necessary, you can buy it separately, the cost starts from 250 p. Most televisions will fit an HDMI 2 cable.0. For devices that are released after 2017, you will need HDMI 2.1.

Subtleties of channel configuration may vary depending on the model of the set-top box. Below is considered the standard and most common way to connect digital channels, taking into account that the device is already connected to the antenna and TV.

How to Connect a New TV to an Old Receiver/Stereo, Digital to Analogue Audio Converter

To begin with is determined by the mode through which the signal will be displayed. You need to press “Sourse” on your TV remote control. In the window that appears, select cable display (HDMI. Cable type).

Press the power button on the PU, then the settings menu will start. It is recommended to select the automatic tuning. The device will find the available channels and corresponding frequency by itself.

Possible problems and solutions

When setting up on your own, there may be some small problems. Before you call a master, try to fix it yourself.

  • No picture. Check if all the plugs are tight, and if the cables match the correct connectors. It is better to repeat the connection process to check. It is possible that the cable is damaged, inspect it carefully. If there is no mechanical damage, and cables are in the appropriate jacks, reset all settings and connect in the same sequence.
  • Poor picture quality. Often occurs due to improper connection through cable. If reconnection does not work, it is recommended to use HDMI.
  • No picture if signal is working. If the problem is not solved after checking the cable, then the channel is either not free, or prohibited for the region.

Connecting digital TV to a Samsung TV will not create additional difficulties, if you initially read the instructions and follow them step by step. Check the Samsung TV Guide for the specific series. It can be accessed in the system settings. You can also read the paper manual.

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How to watch digital TV on a Samsung TV without an antenna

For owners of models with Smart TV, owners of multimedia set-top boxes are able to watch your favorite channels without an antenna, using IPTV. Access to television is possible without an antenna, but you need a stable high-speed Internet.

IPTV services are provided by both Internet service providers and third-party companies, offering paid services. To connect you need to install an application (kodi, OTTplayer, VLC, others), specify the address of the playlist in the settings, pay for a subscription.

Digital TV service, replacing analog TV, is available throughout the country. To view digital content, you only need to set up a Samsung TV with a built-in T2 tuner, or buy a set-top box, which can be purchased at any hardware store.