How to connect a Rapid to Google AdSense. Owners of online stores

Rapida and Google Adsense how to withdraw money from Adsense legal?

How to withdraw money from Google Adsense? This question is asked by each blogger when the blog begins to bring a stable profit that you withdraws from Google Adsense every month.

Hello, dear visitors to the blog about earnings on the Internet.

Today I will show you the most convenient (in any case for a way to withdraw money from Google Adsense through the Rapid payment system.

over, Accent in the article will be made to withdraw money from Google Adsense legal. That is, to conduct them through your current account and pay taxes.

He made certificates that the tax has already sent requests to the Rapid payment system for obtaining information about transactions of specific customers.

Therefore, if you get stably good money with Google Adsense (which I wish you checked), then it is better not to neglect the tax legislation of our country and cash out money by legal methods.

At the same time, the information given in this article will also be useful to those sitesowners who are not going to withdraw the money earned through the current account, but simply with a artisanal method to withdraw small amounts earned in Google ADSENSE in cash.

How to become a client of the Rapid payment system.

I will not write about how to register in the system reception of Rapid payments.

You can make registration yourself by clicking on the link:

True, there is one feature in registration.

Just like the usual registration. You can’t do this. To activate your account, you need to send a telegram to the Rapid payment system.Thereby you confirm your personality.

I give the answer to those support on the phone of the televogram template.

Since July 1, passport data are accepted in another way: 1. With personal appeal to the office of PS Rapid (ul. Ustyevich d.20 borders.2, m. Falcon).or 2. On the basis of telegram telegrams: LECK: Customer address: g ZPT ULSEVICH ISPT HOUSE 20 ZPT Korp 2 ZPT LLC NKO KVCHK Rapida KVCHK = Telegram text: I ask you to provide me with the service of the KVCHK Rapida online KVCH TCHK FIOVANOVICH DATE DATE DATURE 16.09.1979 deposits Rep. Tatarstan. Naberezhnye Chelny Passport 3112065847 Vyudan Gore. Ivanovodata issuing 25.08.2001 Address of registration Naberezhnyye Chelny Spartakovskaya d 2 kV 37 Tel 79069277438et Service by mail paid! The telegram must be certified by an employee of the post office.

Sincerely, Gulyakova Victoria Platia System “Rapida” Tel.: 8-800-555-444-1 s. 4321e-mail:

Even if you still do not plan to withdraw money from Google Adsense through Rapida, I still recommend becoming a client of Rapida because you get great opportunities for paying utility services, the Internet, goods via online stores. That is, the spectrum of operating capabilities with money, becoming a client of rapids expanding you:

Rapida registration

Registration in Rapida Online (Rapida Online) The process is simple, carried out in 3 steps. For registration, go to the address: https: //

Enter the initial registration data. After entering registration data, you will send you an activation code by e.mail.

Enter the resulting activation code. After entering the code, you will receive a PIN security code for SMS.

Enter the PIN code and log in as an authorized user.

After registering on the phone you specified, the ESP (electronic payment tool) with the number corresponding to your phone number will be registered.

Rapida personification

Since 2011, this condition is mandatory, so you need to undergo a personification procedure (inform your passport data). You can familiarize yourself with the accessible identification methods at the address: //

For me, of all the following methods, the most suitable method of personification through the system of money transfers Anelik seemed to be the most suitable (despite numerous negative reviews on the Internet with reference to the fact that when contacting banks, they do not even understand what we are talking about). I chose a bank from a list of banks working with the Anelik translation system. The bank manager with full understanding listened to my message about the need to replenish the Rapidaonline web with a procedure for identifying. I present a passport, to replenish the wallet, I add 100 70 for identification to the cashier. The whole procedure took 10 minutes. On the same day, my ESP was assigned the status of “personified”.

Adding a site to adsse

Now you need to connect the site with Google AdSense. To do this, place the resulting code between the opening and closing tag Head.

Install the flag and click “Ready”. If everything went successfully (the code was found on the site), then you will be shown such a notification:

Now your site is on the check. A few days later, ADSense moderators will make a decision in relation to your site: they will approve or reject the application.

In the second case, you can send the application again. To increase the chances of success, pay attention to the following indicators of your site:

  • Number of quality articles (preferably more than 30);
  • Traffic (should be constant and organic (from search results));
  • At least 100 unique visitors every day (not wound);
  • The site should not participate in the wrapping (counters, axle boxes, etc. D.);
  • Transitions to the site should be valid (executed by people).

And get acquainted with the general rules of Google Adsense. Of course, it was necessary to do this at once. But if you do not know: for what reason the site does not go through the check, then this is the first thing to do before sending an application again.

Earnings on ADSENSE

The main task is to earn the first 10. After that, you can verify the account to receive permanent payments (from 100).

In the future, you yourself can set the minimum limit to withdraw earned funds (but only from 100).

In the section “Announcements”. “review” you can connect automatic ads. Thus, you do not need to think about where advertising blocks will be more appropriate.

Google will post advertising for you. In addition, you will have new advertising formats that cannot be placed manually: a fixed ad and the screensaver on the smartphone and tablet.

From November 3, 2020, the screensavers are shown on wide screens.

Of course, you are able to influence this process by turning on or disabled certain ads, changing the number of advertising on the site.

For advanced webmasters, there is the possibility of independent choice and placement of advertising blocks:

How to Get YouTube Monetization IN 5 MINUTES!

On this page you can create any type of ad by tuning it for yourself.

How much can you earn on adsense?

The main page of Adsense has a website profitability calculator depending on the region and the theme of the web resource.

Adsense income. 50,000 views per month. 10.734 (finances)

For example, a site with the theme “Finance” can bring its owner more than 10 thousand. per year with 50 thousand. Viewed pages monthly. It is equal to 1000-1300 unique visitors per day.

Как настроить платежи из Google Adsense на Rapida online – Шаблон. Новый способ.

In other words, when the financial blog will visit more than 1000 people a day, the blogger will begin to receive over 64 thousand. rubles a month?

Of course, these are conditional numbers, in which it is now difficult for me to believe myself. But the calculator says so. There are a lot of nuances: from involving the audience to the location of advertising on the site.

Probably your eyes have already lit up? The subject “finances” is very complicated and competitive. But if you are an expert in this matter. For example, you work in a bank or in another Fin. institution, then you have a chance to collect good traffic in this niche.

How to withdraw money from Google Adsense using the Rapida Online payment service: chewed instructions for beginners

Hello everyone, in touch Roman Chueshov! And today, as promised, I reveal the “secret” how to withdraw money from Google Adsense. In the article you will find detailed instructions for registration in the service and withdrawal of money until they receive them on your wallet or card. Hurry read more, We will use this system of withdrawal of money very often to cash out the earned funds from the blog.

We will use the wonderful Rapida Online service. So let’s get to know him better. ) The transition to the site of the Rapida payment In the main menu, select the item “Electronic wallet” and get to the site https: //

In the upper corner on the right, click the “Create wallet” button.

On the registration pages we enter the number of our cell phone, as well as the name and our last name. Do not forget to familiarize yourself with the terms of the offer and put in the appropriate field a checkmark. At the end, enter the captcha. the letters in the picture and click the “Confirm” button.

At the next step, we confirm the registration and enter the code that came to us to the previously indicated phone in the field of the window. Press the button “Confirm registration”.

If you did everything right, then in the next window you should see the inscription “Congratulations, now you have a Rapida Online wallet!””.

I strongly recommend starting yourself, on the computer desktop, a text file and write down all access (logins and passwords) from all your services, sites, etc.D. I do this, so I advise you to do it.

Next, we enter our account, entering your phone number, which you indicated during registration, the password that came by SMS and enter the letters from the picture. Then click the “Enter” button.

We are all in our account of the Rapid Online Wallet.

Now we need to fill out our profile. this is a mandatory procedure!

In the upper right corner we find the “My Profile” link and click on it. Further, opposite the field “Information on passport data” we click on the link “become a personified user”.

In order to bring money to Rapid’s wallet from the Google Adsense account, and from this service on Webmoney or Yandex, for example, we still need to go through a simple personification system, more simply confirm our personal data. To do this, in our Rapida account, the wallet click on the link “is unpaired”, located in the upper right corner, under your surname.

In the window that opens, you can read about existing statuses in the Rapid system.

We go down the page and click on “become a personified user”.

Rapida to choose from two ways of our identification in the system:

For myself, I chose the 1st point, I live in Ryazan, but we have no Rapida offices in the city. The second method is suitable for I contacted the Contact payment point, paid 250, presented the passport and told the operator the service code. Rapi, who provided me with the service. Received a receipt and voila, my wallet is personified. Ura-ah-ah))

I want to note that the service code must be told to the operator. Replenishment on it precisely personifies your wallet. If you just replenish it without indicating the service code, then the money will appear in the account, but the personification will not pass. be careful.

Go to the site https: // www.Google.COM/ ADSENSE/ Confirm the authorization and go to our account.

In the menu on the left, select “Payments Settings”. Click the “Add new payment method” button.

connect, rapid, google, adsense, owners, online

Select “Rapida” and fill in all the fields. In the field “The template identifier in the Rapid system” we indicate the number of our wallet of the rapid system, or rather the number of the cell phone specified during registration in the system. Click “Save”.

Ready! In “Payments Settings” Google Adsense has a new payment method.

Further, everything is elementary and simple. When the balance in the Google Adsense system of your account reaches the amount of 100. Google will automatically transfer money to your wallet in the Rapida system. Next, we will only have to transfer them to Webmoney or Yandex Money. I will show on the example of the output to the WM wallet, there the percentage of the withdrawal is slightly less than on Yandex money. For this:

connect, rapid, google, adsense, owners, online

Congratulations, you learned to withdraw money from Google Adsense very quickly and without headache. There is another way to withdraw money earned on advertising from the Google search engine, but I will tell about this in my other article and share my opinion about this method.

Many also have a question: “Ah, how to withdraw money from Webmoney to a bank card, for example?»Everything is very simple, friends. I’ll teach you this very soon.

The choice of income method is Google AdSense

On this page, it is necessary to fill out the name of the recipient of payments and the template indifier system “Rapida”. Leave the tab open and go to the 2nd step.

After receiving the template code, you can continue to fill out the form:

  • We confirm that you have a certificate of a state.owned person with a photograph corresponding to the above contact data. Sometimes this is needed to check the translations.
  • Set the payment method as the main one if you need transfers only through rapid.
  • Press the Save button.

Further actions are not required from you. Only in the process of translation, you may request data from personality certificates.

For the purpose of the experiment, I indicated in the Rapid system only a minimum of data about myself. Money came on the 22nd (Wednesday) at 11:49:04. However, I had to hand them manually in Human. Having entered the history of operations, I saw an error status. To withdraw money, you need to click on the amount of obligations and create an obligation to withdraw yourself.

Another nuance: the maximum payment in Yuman is 15,000. Therefore, sometimes you have to break the conclusion into several parts. Money is credited automatically, that is, instantly.

Registration and creation of a template for payments. Rapida

To continue adding this payment method to Adsens, we need to register with the Rapida system and create a template to receive payments.

  • We go to the Rapida website;
  • Press the registration button;
  • We drive the phone and password;
  • Fill the name and mail;
  • Enter passport data;
  • Indicate our address and TIN;
  • Press the confirm button.

Indicate mail, patronymic, passport data, address of residence and taxpayer number is not necessary. But these data can be requested later. For example, if a fraudster is withdrawn funds.

connect, rapid, google, adsense, owners, online

We confirm the registration with the code from SMS-message and log in in the Rapid system with the data that we indicated when registering. After entering the site, you can proceed to the creation of the template.

Creating a template for payments:

  • On the main page, click create a template;
  • Choose a method of receiving payments (bank account, electronic wallets, Bank cards Visa/MC/Mir, Mobile operators, money transfers via mail
  • Enter the name of the template and account details.
  • We confirm the operation on SMS.
  • Press the Create button.

Now that we have a template code, we can return to the first step to continue adding a payment method to the adhesion through rapid.

Rapid wallet

Having opened his wallet on this platform, the user gets the opportunity to pay:

  • Loans. But, for this, you need to go into identification (more on that below).
  • Fines.
  • Mobile communications (all operators and some other countries).
  • Internet and television.
  • Utilities.
  • Insurance and public services.
  • Tickets, vouchers and other things.

After the payment, the user can clarify its status (this option is available without registration and for those who have paid in cash through terminals or other ways). To do this, enter the necessary information into the corresponding fields and click “Check”.

Registration of the wallet

To do this, go to and perform the following steps:

  • Click on “Create a wallet”.
  • Indicate your phone number, name and surname.
  • Agree with the conditions of the use of the service.
  • Click confirm.
  • Wait for SMS with a password and enter it.

After that, the user will have a personal account through which all the necessary payments can be made. But, in order to pay loans and remove restrictions on the maximum amount of transfers, you need to confirm your identity.


At the moment, users are available only one way to confirm the wallet. through the points of money transfers “Contact”. For this:

  • We go to it and pay for the service under the name “personification” for Rapida Online. If an employee of the payment receipt point is not familiar with it, then we just call the Rapi code by which he can find the service in the database.
  • Show a citizen’s passport and call our wallet number.
  • We make 250. Of these, 100 will be credited to the wallet, so actually identification costs only 150.
  • We save the receipt of payment. It is needed until the status of the wallet changes to “personified”.

After that, we begin to carry out any operations and use the bonuses and promotions of the service (the full list of offers is better to watch on the Kiwi website). In addition, the Rapida service is the only one by which you can make the most profitable withdrawal of money from Google AdSense.

Rapida connection to Google AdSense

AdSense service allows you to integrate advertising blocks on the site, for which the webmaster later makes a profit. It is accrued on the Edenes account and can be displayed in several ways. The most affordable of them is the use of Rapida.

Healthy! The choice of payment method becomes available after more than 10 USDs are credited from the advertising shows. The withdrawal of funds is possible upon reaching the threshold in 100 USD.

If the user already has an ADSENSE account and the required amount for withdrawal, then you need to connect the payment system to the account. For this:

  • We are registered on the Rapida website and go through identification. I would like to note a couple of points that need to be taken into account when conducting this procedure. Firstly, identification is carried out by replenishing the Rapida electronic wallet through the Contact payment service. Unfortunately, not all banks work with this system. For example, ten years ago, when I first identified my personality in Rapida, I had to contact the Otkritie bank. At the moment, this bank with “Contact” does not work. With repeated identification, after changing the passport, for this purpose I contacted the Bank “SKB”. The second point. Not all bank employees, whether it is “opening” or “SKB”, can carry out such operations. This is understandable, not every day they are addressed for this purpose. And the catch of their inability lies in the existing trifle. When filling out the payment form, an employee of the bank must indicate the transferred amount of not 250, as you can understand from the instructions (or some other amount), and 100. Otherwise, the system simply will not allow the operation to complete the operation. Tell an employee of the bank about this.
  • When the status of the account is changed to “identified”, go to our AdSense account and select the Rapida system as a way to withdraw the finances earned by finances.
  • Return to our “Rapid” office and select “Templates” in the upper menu.
  • Click “Create a template”.

Healthy! If a bank account replenishment template is selected, then the money will be converted into rubles and will automatically be credited to the bank account. But, you can also create a cash output template for electronic wallets or directly on Rapida. In this case, a commission is provided (depending on a specific wallet). Therefore, it is most convenient to transfer money to bank details at once.

  • We indicate all the necessary data, and in the field “Rapid identifier” we indicate the user code, which we copied earlier.
  • We agree with the data provided and save changes.

After that, the system will accrue funds through the Rapid system under the specified details.

Important! If the transfer is carried out in the direction of the webmani electronic wallets, then the amount of the transaction should not be more than 14,900. Otherwise, the payment is returned back, and the taken commission is not reimbursed.

Getting money from Adsense via Rapida Online to a bank account

Not so long ago I was faced with the need to get money for the published application on Android Market. The very first thing I tested is a check. As the majority is known, the check to cashing is not easy (the process consists of sending a check back to America by mail and returning money back by mail and takes up to 60 working days), therefore, disappointed, began to look for alternatives.

Registration in Rapida Online

So, registration in rapid online is quite simple. We go to Rapida Online and fill out the form of registration in Russian. It is necessary to specify the name, email and phone number without the code of the country. Next are two stages of verification. code for email, phone code.

After that, your account is ready. You can authorize in the future with the help of a PIN code that has come to the phone and phone numbers.

Creating a binding in adsense

It’s still easier here. We go Account Settings. Edit Payment Method. Setup Rapida. Again one form, enter the name, address, index. Now pay attention to the very last field. the identifier in the rapid. This is the field, the filling of which will transfer you from receiving money by mail to receiving money to the account. Enter your phone number here, one to one corresponding phone in Rapid (without the country’s code).


So, I received money for February 2011. As usual, payments occur at the end of the month. This time, the money left Adsense on the 28th day.

Of course, I immediately went to Rapid and was horrified. 0. I thought, probably a delay. The whole next day nothing came and began to get a little nervous. But the next day, I received a notification of the translation by email and I finally saw the money in the account in Rapid. The fact was a little disappointed that the money was in rubles, accompanied by an incomprehensible rate, but here, most likely, nothing can be done. Next-I chose the withdrawal of money to the account in Alfa Bank. Entered the account number, identification data and pressed “Ready”. For such transactions, Rapid takes a fixed commission 20. A day later, the money was in my account.

Total, Rapida Online is currently being seen as the only really convenient way to get earnings with a minimum of loss of time and money. The only losses. 20 r. commission and possible losses during conversion on the course that does not pleasing to you.

Plus, at the moment, the maximum amount with which Rapida works is 150,000. T. e., If your income exceeded 5000, I’m afraid you will have to suffer with receiving money or divorce into several payments.

Identification in the Rapida Online system

Rapida offers three ways. Choose the most convenient for you:

Visit to the office of Rapida with a passport. Office adress. G. st. Ustyevich, d. 20, building. 2. After checking and conducting the identification procedure by specialists of the system, the status of your account will change to “personified” within 2-3 days.

Money transfer through the ANELIK system. The bank that makes such transfers (list of banks, their addresses and phones for see. here). You need to have a passport with you. Banking operator, inform you that you want to make a transfer to the Rapida Online payment service and name the transfer amount. The size of this amount. your personal choice, but it should be borne in mind that the minimum amount for transfer. 100, and the minimum commission of the Anelik system. 70 Thus, this identification method will cost you at least 70 (100 translated ones will fall into your electronic wallet). Keep the receipt of payment sacredly until the status of your account in the Rapida Online account will change to “personified” (usually within 2-3 business days)

Postal transfer in any post office for this in the personal account of Rapida find the section replenish.

Among the many proposed methods, find the item “Postal translation”.

Click the “Read” button. You will go to the page with the following inscription:

Clicking on the link to create a receipt for postal transfer you will go to the procedure for creating a template of this very receipt for further printout:

Extremely carefully and carefully fill all the fields. I remind you that in the wallet field you enter your username in the system, that is, the mobile phone number. Pay attention to the format in which the date of issuing a passport is introduced: first a year, then a month and then. Number, for example: 1980-05-18. As for the amount, you can transfer at least 1, but keep in mind that the minimum mail commission will be 40 (but in general. 2%).

Having re.test all seven times, cut off once, that is, click on the “Create a receipt” button.

The received receipt either save to the computer for further printouts, or immediately print. She will look like this:

With this receipt, go to any post office (mandatory with a passport!) and make a money transfer.

However, this is not all. Now you need to make scans, firstly, the receipts that you will be given by mail, and secondly, “all the non-empty pages of the passport”, as they say on the Rapida website (however, I believe that this is too fatty. Enough the first turn and pages with a residence permit!). All these scans need to be sent to, be sure to indicate in the topic of letters the number of your wallet in the Rapida Online service. This, I remind you, is a ten.digit number that is the number of your mobile phone with code.

After the money transfer enters Rapida, the support specialists overtake the passport data received from the mail with your translation, and the scanned copies of the passport sent to the system you sent. After the successful completion of this procedure, you will become a personified user. This will happen 7-10 days after the payment.

Then you determine which method of withdrawing money from rapid for you is most preferable. Depending on this, it depends on which template you will create in the Rapida electronic wallet and what data you will enter into the form on the AdSense website.

Creating a template in the Rapida system

If you prefer to receive money for an electronic wallet in Rapid and then dispose of them in various ways that it offers, then you need to go to your AdSense account and update your payment data: select Rapida from the list, indicate in the form of a name, your postal address (only Cyrillic and without the use of commas!) and. Attention! the number of your electronic wallet, which is, I repeat once again, your mobile phone number. In order to save the changes after this, you only need to note the clause in confirmation that you have official documents confirming the data specified in the aforementioned form (passport, first of all). It can be any other official document proving your identity and address. The main thing is that the name and surname in the Adsense account exactly coincide with the data in the identity certificate that you will present upon receipt of payments.

If you want the money to come to you by mail (the maximum transfer amount is 100,000), or to the bank account from the list of banks with which Rapida works (the maximum transfer amount 100,000), or to the account in another electronic payment system (maximum The transfer amount is 15,000), it is necessary to create a template in your personal account on the Rapida Online website. This is done as follows.

Entering the electronic wallet, follow the link “Templates” in the menu at the top.

On the next page, click the “Create template” button.

After that, the system will redirect you to a page with a huge list of electronic payment services. Select the most suitable for you, click on it and proceed to the procedure for creating a template. In it you will indicate the details of the recipient (for example, yourself) and the amount for the transfer.

If before the creation of the template you did not make payments or other operations requiring the entry of a session PIN code, then to confirm the creation of the template, SMS with a session pin code will receive you on the phone. Enter it on a page that will open after a click on the “Create template” button. To complete the creation of the template, at the next step you need to give it some name. only Latin is allowed, maximum. 8 characters.

As a result of all these actions, you will receive a translation template. If you go to this template on the list, you will find that, in addition to the data entered by you, there is a unique five.digit number for Adsense users. To receive money in the system indicated to you in the template, you need to go to the Adsense account and this is the five.digit number to enter the Rapid system template in the field.

Another moment. When creating a template in the list of payment processors, you will not find mail to create a mail transfer template you need to go to the main page of your personal account. There you will see a list of recipients on the left. Find among them “money transfers”:

Further. Point mail. Money transfer with the notification of the recipient (or mail. Monetary transfer of demand).

Fill in all the fields. The amount can be indicated any less than 15,000, when transferring from Google Adsense, it will not be taken into account. Field “Full of the Sender of Translation” you cannot change. Your personal data from the profile is intended there tightly.

Select the “Create a template” option and confirm it with a password, which will be expelled to SMS.

Next, act as described above: create a name template (leave the status “Conventional performance”), save. Follow the link to the “Templates” menu, open the created template and copy its unique number. Go to the AdSense account, select in the settings a method for receiving Rapida payments and indicate the unique number of your template.

And calmly wait for the next payment from AdSense.

Your Комментарии и мнения владельцев:

But what was sent to me: “Alexey, unfortunately, the personification can be passed only on the site, in ways.”

How to activate an account through the bank to tie it to Google

The next step will be the personification of your own wallet. There are two ways:

  • Through the Contact system, represented in most domestic banks;
  • In the official representative of Rapida.

The second option is not suitable for everyone, so it will be more logical to use the first. To do this, you need to visit the official representative office of the system in your city. The representative must report the need to undergo a personification for the Rapid wallet. You need to have a passport with you, as well as the number of the registered wallet. As soon as the specialist identifies the data obtained, he will demand to pay 250 for the service. From this amount 100 go to the specified wallet. Before carrying out the procedure, the status of an account in Rapid will be indicated as “not personified” (red letters). After its successful completion, it will change on “personified” (green letters). Activation of the account is completed.

How to withdraw money from rapids

Remember! Before withdrawing money from AdSense, it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the corresponding instruction. It is published on the website of the “Rapida” payment system. You can familiarize yourself with it at the following link: https: // The page is presented as a pdf format file. Nevertheless, we offer to familiarize yourself with the instructions below, if your device cannot correctly display information from this page.

  • Decide on the most optimal way of transferring money from an active account in the Google AdSense service. There are only two of them: according to a pre.created template for suppliers of services from the list of recipients and through the Rapida Online wallet.
  • Practice shows that the most optimal option is the first. To do this, create a payment template, and then select the “Templates” option. In the page opened there is a button “Create a template”. Choose it.
  • A list of recipients will appear before the user. It is necessary to choose the category of “repayment of loans and loans”. The item will appear “repayment of a loan or replenishment of an account with a bank”. Choose it.
  • A new page with a form that needs to be filled out will open. Information is entered only once. After the successful completion of the first transfer of funds, the data is saved. In the future, it will be enough to choose a saved template. Here you will have to indicate such data as the bank of the bank, the active number of the account, for which the money will arrive, the name of the recipient and the payer, the card number and the data from the passport. Having finished entering all the data, click the “Save as a template” button.
  • The system will send a free message to your phone, which will contain a payment confirmation code. By introducing it into the corresponding window, select the option “Confirm the payment”.
  • After preserving the new template, you must again select the “Templates” tab. A unique code will be contained here. It must be copied.
  • Go to your Google Adsense account. In the “Payments Settings” menu, select “Settings Rapida”.
  • By pressing the “Next” key, you need to specify the name, address of residence and unique code from the template. Select the option “Save changes”.

After that, you can fully withdraw money from the Google Adsense service through your wallet in Rapid.

So, asking Rapid’s question what it is, I answer is the oldest electronic payment system. It is actively used to withdraw money from Google AdSense. To register, you must contact the bank and use Contact. Employees of the financial institution will confirm registration. The service costs 250, 100 of which will be transferred to your wallet. The procedure for creating a output template usually takes no more than ten minutes of free time.

Personally, I bring my money to adsense money through this wallet. This method of output is the most relevant and convenient than to wait for the checks and it is not clear where to cash them out. If the article is useful, then we subscribe to the blog newsletter and make reposts. All the best and excellent earnings. If you have problems getting a PIN code from AdSense, then read my instructions.