How to connect a bracelet to the Mi Fit application. Detection of a bracelet

How to connect and configure the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Fitness Branch to Android: where to start

I started today not by chance today’s note! It’s just about our health. or rather about a small device (Mi Band 7 Fitness Band of Xiaomi), which allows you to follow.

Firstly. Many sensors are built into it: movements of oxygen in the blood, stepser, GPS tracker, pulsometer (which allows the calculation of calories, heart rhythm, physical activity, monitor calories, duration of sleep, etc.D.). Together with their application, we get a whole “coach”, which will always tell and direct.

Secondly. It has a alarm clock, a quick set of numbers, a clock, a calendar, a flashlight, etc. (very convenient, allows you to replace other devices).

Thirdly. The bracelet is waterproof, lightly and from one charge has been working for more than a week (judging by my tests and reviews. Someone and 2 weeks holds the battery).

Having folded everything together-we get an arch-useful device not only for athletes, but also for everyone else (after all, he is warned, it means armed!). But you can’t buy health.

Okay lyrics, let’s move directly to the matter.

How to start using a fitness bracelet (for example Xiaomi Mi Band 7)

The box (packaging) of the Xiaomi bracelet is generally standard. The equipment is also-in the box lies the device itself, a recharge cable and operating instructions (by the way, for some reason only in Chinese. Apparently I was not so lucky. However, in the menu of the Russian bracelet itself there is!).

Packaging and equipment (bracelet, charging cable, and instructions in Chinese)

After you get everything from the packaging-connect the bracelet to the USB port of the computer/laptop for recharging (during the sale and transportation of the device. The battery could be discharged to zero, and trying to configure something so far is useless).

Important: it is extremely desirable to recharge the device at least about 50-70% (the fact is that with low charge, for example, less than 15%. Some bracelets can go into energy conservation mode).

We connect to a computer USB port and wait for charging at least 50-70% (Xiaomi Mi Band 7) // Clickable

The first thing to do immediately after the purchase

To enable and configure the Mi Smart Band 5, it will take a minimum of effort, but the time for this will have to be spent much more. Start using the tracker correctly and manage its capabilities immediately after acquisition.

Unpacking and turning on the bracelet

Bringing a brand new fitness tracker home, it is certainly necessary to unpack it. The device, like its predecessor, is sold in a rectangular box. They fit here:

It is not necessary to get all the elements at once, but their presence and condition should be checked. if the tracker is original, there will be no problems.

Since the manufacturer did not provide forced inclusion of the clock, they are in the so.called “sleeping” mode until the battery is full category. To catch the screen, it is enough for the user to press the only touch button in the lower part of the capsule.

Synchronization with a phone via Mi Fit

The next step must be connected to Mi Bend 5 to the smartphone. This is done in a standard way through the application. It is best to use the official Mi Fit, but besides it there are many utilities that additionally expand the functionality of the device.

Charging a fitness watch

Bracelets are not sold with a fully charged battery, so it is recommended to resume energy to 100% immediately on the first day of use. The tracker charging procedure is simple. In addition, in the new generation of wrist gadgets, the creators provided for a new charge with a magnetic method of connection, which also saves users time.

Setting up the Russian language and date/time

The new opportunity to configure the language on Mi Band 5 especially pleased users. This is possible through the Mi Fit branded application. To change the language of the Inte Wee, you will need to synchronize the clock with the smartphone, open the program and perform the following actions:

  • Open the “Profile” tab.
  • Go to the fitness shelter settings.
  • Sweet a little down and open the “Language” tab.
  • Select the right option and press OK in the upper corner of the screen.

As for the date and time, these data are installed automatically after connecting the tracker to the smartphone. It will not be possible to change them in any way.

Gleaming a protective film

One of the main stages is to glue the film on the screen to protect it from scratches and other damage. This element will have to be purchased separately, since the manufacturer did not provide for it in the kit.

  • Extract film and napkins (if available) from packaging.
  • Remove the capsule from the strap.
  • Fix the gadget on a flat surface.
  • Wipe the screen with a damp cloth (you can moisten with alcohol or a glass wash tool).
  • Remove the protective layer from the film.
  • Press the element with the adhesive side to the device screen.
  • Smooth the surface, eliminating bubbles.
  • Eliminate the second layer.

Correctly glued film holds on a gadget for a very long time. And if you treat its mash device carefully, it can conscientiously perform its functions forever.

Review of the main functions of the tracker Mi Bend 5

The Fitness Brass menu has 11 tabs:

  • “Status”.
  • “PAI”.
  • “Pulse”.
  • “Notifications”.
  • “Stress level”.
  • “Breath”.
  • “Cycles” (this tab appears only after the function is included in Mi Fit).
  • “Developments”.
  • “Weather”.
  • “Workout”.
  • “Additionally”.

It is possible to turn over the tabs with the help of ples up or down.

The most functional is the last section. Here you can configure:

  • “Do not bother” mode;
  • alarm;
  • camera management;
  • pouring music;
  • brightness;
  • screen lock;
  • Auto display of the display;
  • Definition of activity.

In addition, the “Additionally” tab contains the necessary functions of rebooting and resetting the tracker settings.

What to do if Mi Band 2 does not connect to the phone

There are several ways to solve this problem (when the phone suddenly stops seeing the bracelet).

Restation Bluetooth

  • Turn off on the Bluetooth phone;
  • Enter the Mi Fit application. The program will ask for a connection permit and Bluetooth will automatically turn on. The phone is synchronized with Mi Bend.

Stop Mi Fit

  • Send the Mi Fit application to the “dream” mode. However, this function is not present on all phones;
  • Or to freeze it through the settings or stop it.

Distant of tripod

  • In the application, go to the “Profile” tab;
  • Click on “Mi Band 2”;
  • Below, the field “Disable” (“untie”). press the page with the image of the “turn off” bracelet;
  • Click on “Add the device”. “bracelet”. “accept”;
  • The phone is synchronized and the bracelet will connect.

Testing for authenticity

Make sure that the bracelet is real and is not a fake. The Mi Fit application only works with originals. Read about how to distinguish the original from fake in our section “Answers”.

Charging the bracelet

Often the problem arises at the initial stage of connection. Fitness bracelet comes from the manufacturer completely discharged. Therefore, before starting the connection, it must be charged.

I can’t go to the account in Mi Fit, authorization error. What to do?

  • Get out of Mi Fit;
  • Go to Play Market;
  • Enter VPN in the search bar;
  • Select the THDERVPN application;
  • “Download”. “Open”;
  • “To plug”;
  • Press the flag icon;
  • Go out;
  • Go to Mi Fit;
  • Press “enter”;
  • In the upper right corner, press the renewal icon;
  • “To come in”. Accept all permission.

What to do if Mi Band 2 does not connect to the phone via Bluetooth?

  • Go to the Bluetooth settings;
  • Delete a bracelet from settings;
  • Open Mi Fit;
  • Disable Bluetooth;
  • When requesting an application, allow to enable Bluetooth. turn on;
  • After the connection occurs, press the button on the bracelet display.

Fitness bracelet does not want to work after updating. What to do?

  • Go to your MI account;
  • Find a bracelet in the profile;
  • Untie it from the profile;
  • Delete the profile of the bracelet;
  • Enter the Mi Fit application and connect everything again.

Often difficulties arise in case of untimely update of the Mi Fit version. To do this, you need to go to Google Play and click “update”. If you clearly act on all of the above points, then questions about how to connect your Mi Band 2 to Android should not arise.

How to connect Mi Band 4 to the phone


In order to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to the phone, you will need the Mi Fit application. It is also worth making sure that your smartphone meets the following requirements:

OS requirement. Android 4 support.4 and above. For iOS. version 9 and above.

Bluetooth requirement. Bluetooth support version 5.0. connection instructions:

Download and install the Mi Fit application on Google Play or App Store.

Turn on Bluetooth ’on your smartphone.

We launch the Mi Fit application.If you have an Mi-account, Google account or, click “Enter”. If you do not have such accounts, click “Registration”, create an account and enter the application.

Choose a way to enter through one of the accounts.

We allow the application access to photo, multimedia and files.

In the lower part of the screen you will see a message that there are no connected devices. cling to it.

The device selection window opens. By itself indicate “Bracelet”.

We agree with the collection of data and confirm access to geolocation services.

The search for the device will begin. at this moment, bring Mi Band 4 as close to the phone as possible. When the device is found, you will need to confirm the connection on the bracelet.

It remains to wait until all updates are loaded. over, if you bought a bracelet on AliExpress and you have an English language by default. it will be translated into Russian.

Ready. Mi Band 4 is synchronized with your smartphone.

How to connect Mi Band 5 to the phone


To connect Xiaomi Mi Band 5 to the phone, you need to install the Mi Fit application, and also make sure that your smartphone meets the following requirements:

OS requirement. Android 4 support.4 and above. For iOS. version 9 and above.

Обзор программы Mi Fit | Установка, настройка, анализ всех функций.

Bluetooth requirement. Bluetooth support version 5.0.

Connection instructions:

First you need to download and install the Mi Fit application on Google Play or App Store.

We launch the Mi Fit application and enter the account. You can enter through Mi, Google or account. If you do not have them, click “Create an account”, we pass the registration procedure, after which we enter the application.

Further “Mi Fit” will ask you a number of permits. After the adoption of the confidentiality policy, the first thing you will need to open access to the “Do not disturb” regime. To do this, go to the settings:

A list of applications installed on your Xiaomi will open. We find among them “Mi Fit” and allow access as shown in the screenshot below.

Next, you will need to allow access to the following data:

  • Contacts
  • Calls
  • Call list
  • Access to physical activity data
  • Location
  • Photo, multimedia files

The initial setting of the application is completed, now we turn on the Bluetooth on the smartphone. “Mi Fit” itself will offer to do this.

In the lower part of the screen you will see a message that there are currently no connected devices. click on it.

Choosing a bracelet from a list of devices.

We agree with the collection of data and confirm access to geolocation services.

Search for the device will begin. During the search, bring Mi Band 5 as close to the smartphone as possible. After detection, you will need to confirm the conjugation on the bracelet itself.

Ready. Mi Band 5 is synchronized with your smartphone.

Account registration in Mi Fit

After installation, we open the application log in under our account. If you already have it, then click and choose the way to enter.

Previously, this could only be done with the help of an Mi account, now weChat, gmail and

If you go to the application for the first time, then by itself we click the registration:

Next, select the desired method of authorization. for example, let it be a Mi account. After that, the system will ask you to choose a region of residence:

At the last stage of registration, you will need to fill out data on yourself: growth, weight, gender, name, date of birth.

Connect Mi Band 3 to the phone

To connect Mi Band 3 Turn on Bluetooth on the phone.

If you have already been connected by Mi Band 2, then first you will need to untie it. Read more about this process and what problems can arise can be read here: how to untie Mi Band 2 from the phone.

In short, open Mi Fit, go to the Mi Band 2 profile.

Now in Mi Fit in the section Status section on the item “device is not connected” and select a bracelet.

Next, we have a bracelet as close to the phone as possible. As soon as Mi Band 3 vibrates. click on the button under the screen and you’re done.

How to install Russian in Mi Band 5

If you have a global version of the gadget, then after updating it should automatically install the Russian language. In the case of the Chinese version before the appearance of Russian-speaking firmware, you can translate a fitness bracelet from Chinese into English. To do this, in the Mi Fit application, click on the name of your Mi Smart Band 5 fitness bracelet, scroll down the menu and find the Language function. Click on English and press the OK button. There is another option. to install the Notify Fitness for Mi Band application, which also translates the bracelet into Russian. You can even delete it after installation, which will save the tongue until the next update of the gadget. To do this, click on triple dashes at the top, select Band Settings and Mi Band Language.

The Mi Fit application has numerous settings that will help you personalize the bracelet. Since there are many settings, we will divide them into groups and consider the basic of them. For the Mi Fit application, we will most often keep in mind the main menu of the fitness bracelet. It opens from the main page of the application by click on the line “Fitness bracelet Mi Smart Band 5”.

How to install dials on Mi Band 5

For the Mi Band 5 fitness tracker, many free dials are available, which are installed directly from the Mi Fit program. Find the section “Shop” in the application and look at the dials available there. You will notice that they are broken into sections and can be statical and dynamic. There are also such dials that have the opportunity to choose a background of the available colors or upload your picture and change the color of the font. In this section there is another “Administrator” tab, which stores uploaded dials and those that were marked as elected.To install a specific dial, click on it and click “Synchronize the dial”. It is first downloaded to the phone, and then transmitted via Bluetooth to the bracelet, so hold the gadget next to the phone.Three dials are installed on the default fitness bracelet itself, in which you can also make certain settings. To do this, select the dial you like on the screen and click on the screen with your finger hold. After that, the gear icon will appear under the dial. By clicking on it, you can choose the upper and lower regions next to the central part. In addition to the traditional counting of steps and the measurement of the pulse here, the battery level, information about the weather, collected statistics and even the constructed graphs are available for choice. over, these same elements are interactive. by pressing them, you will fall into the corresponding sections.Note that different dials are available for different regions. If you, for example, do not see animated options in yourself, the installation of the same Notify Fitness for Mi Band, which we already talked about, will help to solve the problem. After synchronization of the application with a bracelet, many dials in the “Your Dials” section will become available to you.

How to set up a camera and player

You can control the shutter of the video camera of your smartphone right from the fitness bracelet. To do this, in the Mi Fit menu, find the “Laboratory” section and click the Bluetooth connection button. Now it remains on the smartphone to launch the standard “camera” application or any similar, and on the fitness bracelet to find the “Camera” section in the “Additionally” section (or Other).

In addition to the camera, you can control the Smartphone player in the same way. To do this, run any player on the phone, add tracks to his playlist and run the section of music and the “Additionally” section on the fitness bracelet. Smart gadget still cannot lose music himself, since there are no speakers in it, but he is able to change the volume, stop / start playing the track or switch tracks.

How to configure reminders and notifications

The Mi Fit application has a variety of settings that will help to keep up with all the events even far from the smartphone. First of all, you can configure notifications of incoming challenges, SMS and notifications from different applications. If you want the calls to be displayed on the bracelet, go to the “incoming call” section and click on the line “Allow access to the phone” and then on the “allow” button. When they call you, you can reject the call using the touch button at the bottom of the fitness screenshot screen. In the same menu, the show of the phone number, vibration and other parameters are set up. SMS set in the “incoming SMS” section, and notifications from applications in the “Notifications” section.Even in the Mi Fit application are available for setting up a warm.up reminder, notifications of achieving the goal or the upcoming events. If you have a sedentary work, you can turn on the writings of, setting a temporary range, for example, from 8 am to 18 pm. This is done in the section “Reminders of the warm.up”. At this time, a fitness bracelet will track your movements and, with a long absence of activity, will begin to vibrate and remind you of the need to move. The range is set here when you should not bother you with reminders. Notification of the goal in the section “Notification of the goal” can motivate you to greater activity. To set them, get out of the fitness bracelet section in the Mi Fit main menu, open the “profile” tab and select the “set goals” position. You can set the goal of activity or desired weight. Upon their achievement, the bracelet will notify you with vibration. Similarly, Mi Band 5 vibrates at the right time if you add an event about the upcoming meeting, trip or something else in the section “Events”.

How to set up health tracking functions

Mi Fit can also configure functions that will help improve health. This is the monitoring of the pulse and sleep. The first is tuned on the “Pulse Monitoring” tab. There is a function of monitoring activity (the bracelet will automatically determine your activity and will often measure the pulse), the ability to set the interval of the pulse, warn of a high pulse and monitor stress. There is also the section “General information about the pulse”.Sleep monitoring is activated in the general section “Profile” in the line “Smart analysis”. If you are actively training, then the section “Training parameters” will come in handy.

About the versions of “Xiaomi Mi Band”, languages ​​and control buttons

Several options for the Xiaomi Mi Band appeared on the market. This is a global version and Chinese. The global version goes without NFC, microphone and assistant, but supports multilicquency. The Chinese version has three variations: ordinary, with NFC and with the theme of the notorious “Avengers” from Marvel Studios.The option with NFC has a microphone and supports the assistant, so the functionality of this model is slightly different from the usual version. Chinese models support Chinese and English, but there is one nuance. So far, English support is possible only if you install English as a supported language in your phone. Otherwise, there will be Chinese on the clock. If global firmware comes out, then the Chinese version of the bracelet can be switched to Russian. To change the language, use the “Settings” menu in your phone and section “General settings (language and input)” or similar to it.In Xiaomi Band 4, the screen is completely sensory, which simplifies management. To move the screen, piles are used to the right and left, up and down. There is also a small touch button in the lower part of the screen that facilitates the process of controlling the gadget.

To control the clock, as in the previous generations of the gadget, the Mi Fit application is used. If your phone based on Android, go to Google Play, dial in the search for Mi FIT, click “Install” and then “open”. For phones with iOS, the application is downloaded through the App Store. After installing the application, start it and create an account indicating the mail or phone or enter if you already have an account. Enter all the data requested during primary settings and give the necessary permits. If you have already installed the Mi Fit application, make sure that it is updated to the latest version or update it manually.To connect the clock to the phone, go to the application profile and select “Add Device”, click on the line “BAND” (BAND) and “I agree” (Agree). After that, click on the line Mi Smart Band 4 and confirm the interface on the clock by pressing its touch button on the screen. If necessary, turn on Bluetooth. Depending on the version of the bracelet and the installed application, these commands may vary slightly.If the fitness bracelet refuses to connect to the phone, make sure that the gadget is completely charged, that the bracelet is lying next to the phone or that another Mi Band is not tied to the phone, for example, a second or third version. In the latter case, find the name of this bracelet in the Mi Fit profile, scroll down the menu, click the “untie” button and confirm the action in the next step. Sometimes the reloading of the phone helps to eliminate the problem. The application may not allow to connect a fake fitness bracelet.

Control Smart hours Xiaomi Mi Band 4 through the application

All the main settings in the Mi Fit application are available from the main screen, which opens when choosing Mi Smart Band 4. In the line “Setting up the screen bracelet” you can choose one of the many available dials or edit your. Now there are quite a lot of them, but in the future they promise to add even more dials. In the “incoming call” section, you can allow or prohibit the clock of you about incoming calls, show the phone number or the name of the one who calls, configure vibration and delay time.In the notification section, you can configure the reminders that you want to receive. For example, about the need to conduct a warm.up, that there was an incoming call, about the goal and others. The necessary applications, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, are included in the notification section of the notifications. For notifications to come to your fitness bracelet, the latter must be connected to the phone via Bluetooth. If you want to remind yourself of some events, use the section “Events” by setting the necessary date, name and, if necessary, repeat the reminder. The alarm clock is tuned for one day, for every day or on weekdays. The vibration of the alarm clock is set up there.There is in the main menu and the ability to quickly find a bracelet. To do this, click on the “find a bracelet”, after which the clock is somewhat vibrate. At the same time, you have more chances to notice the luminous screen of the bracelet than to hear quiet vibration. In the section “The location of the bracelet” you set the wrist on which you plan to wear a gadget. If you wear the watch on the wrong hand that you indicated, this will reduce the accuracy of measurements. Generally recommend wearing a fitness tracker on an inactive hand (for right-handedness it is a left hand). This is due to the fact that it moves less and more relaxed, which improves the accuracy of measuring the pulsometer and other sensors.In the line “Raise your wrist to view information” set the time when the bracelet will turn on when turning the wrist. Usually this is the time of your wakefulness so that the bracelet does not wake you up during your rest. There you can also set the speed of the bracelet response to your gesture or even turn off this function.In Xiaomi Band 4, an innovation appeared as the function of blocking the bracelet. It is worth setting the code, as when removing the bracelet from the hand, it will be blocked and will not work until unlock. To enter the code in the Mi Fit application in the Mi Smart Band 4 section, click on the line “Experimental”, then on “Band Lock”. In the line “Password” (Change Password) enter a password of four characters and click “Save” (Save). You can turn off the password in the “Turn Off Password” line in the line.Also on the main screen there are settings of the elements that will be located on the watch screen, the pulse measurement, night mode, weather settings, updates and some others.

Six points are available on the clock: status, heart rhythm, training, weather, notification and additional opportunities. They are completely tuned through the Mi Fit application. On the clock itself, you can configure the “do not bother” mode, control the alarm clock, start a stopwatch or a timer, configure the dial. You can also find your phone by clicking on the corresponding line on the watch screen (Find Device). Melomanov will be especially pleased with such an innovation Mi Band as the opportunity to manage music directly from a fitness bracelet. On the screen of the clock, you can put the track for a pause, change the track and adjust its volume.

Traditional classes are available in the training section: running, running on the path, cycling, rocking classes, walking and swimming. But in the Mi Band 4 bracelet, more information on the screen during training is displayed more than that of past generation bracelets. You can even configure the permissible pulse border through the mobile application. If during training the clock fixes the excess of this border with you, you will receive a notification on them.In general, the settings are intuitively understood, require verification in practice and cause difficulties mainly only because of the language barrier. Everyone copes with the latter in their own way. Some translate the phone into English until the appropriate firmware appears. Others learn all the functionality of the applications in Russian, and the settings on the clock are remembered according to the pictures. And some do cunning manipulations to change languages ​​without further entering the mobile application. In any case, with the Russification of the gadget, this problem will go into the past.

What are the main differences between Mi Band 3 and 4?

  • lack of deepening, which highlights the touch button in Mi Band 3;
  • enlarged and color display;
  • the battery capacity (in the new version. 135 mAh, in the old. 110 mAh);
  • the Bluetooth version (its version of the fourth.generation bracelet is 5, the third. 4.2);
  • Charger (Mi Band 4 is required to be installed in the “box”, and Mi Band 3 simply insert half);
  • accelerometer (the new version is equipped with a six.axis variation, and its predecessor is Trekhoseva);
  • the pulse measurement sensor (in the fourth generation it is more sensitive);
  • a dial (for the new model, color dials with images are provided, in the old-only a little black and white options).

At what distance the tracker is synchronized with the phone?

Mi Band 4 should be close to the smartphone. It is better that there is literally 5-10 cm between them. But in general, synchronization will occur at a distance of no more than 2 meters.

The further the gadgets are, the slower they will synchronize and transmit updates.

What are the differences between the global and Chinese version?

These versions differ only in instructions (in Chinese it is only in this language, in the global there are several languages), as well as inscriptions on the box (in the first they are Chinese, in the second. English). Otherwise, both versions are completely identical.

Is it possible to swim (wet) with Mi Band 4?

Yes, the device is protected from moisture. According to the manufacturer, it is allowed to immerse it to a depth of 50 meters without any case-the gadget will continue to work in the usual mode.

Are the straps from Mi Band 3 to Mi Band 4 suitable?

Yes. In these two versions of the strap, the capsule from the fourth generation is easily inserted into the bracelet of the previous.

Is it possible to measure pressure?

Not. This function, as well as the measurement of the ECG, is not provided for in Mer Bend 4. Although, before the tracker goes to sale, rumors went about this, in fact, the device is able to issue only data about the pulse.

There is a smart alarm clock?

This function is not provided for as a standard. But it is possible to use it through applications, for example, the famous Mi Band Master or Mi Band Smart Alarm.

How to reload Mi Band 4?

  • Make a swipe from top to bottom.
  • Open “Additionally”.
  • Sprinkle down and select “Settings”.
  • Click on 3 points. “reboot”.

How to get a capsule from a strap so as not to break it?

  • Take off.
  • Take the strap from different sides with both hands.
  • Pull the strap on the upper side of the device slightly.
  • Push the capsule from the bottom up.

Фитнес браслет Xiaomi mi band 2 не подключается к Mi fit. Как исправить проблему.

How Mi Band 4 defines sleep phases?

The device provides for accelerometer. Unlike sensors recognizing movements, he is able to identify the state of the user’s rest, since he does not carry out any actions.

Personal opinion of the author and the experience of using

In the process of using the Mi Band 4 tracker, it was quite easy to see the advantages and disadvantages that the manufacturer himself will not tell. Having studied all the capabilities of the device, positive moments can be called:

  • display with a successful combination of colors for each image;
  • a considerable number of standard dials and the possibility of customization;
  • affordable cost, compared with fitness trackers from other manufacturers;
  • excellent functionality that allows the user to make life easier;
  • excellent autonomy despite a considerable number of improvements.

In addition, it is quite convenient to use the gadget at any time of the year and under any weather conditions. It does not interfere on the arm, is not afraid of precipitation and looks stylish on the wrist, thereby making its owner a noticeable among people with a different clock.

As for negative qualities, unfortunately, they are also available here. During the use of the tracker,:

The rest of the disadvantages in the form of the absence of a smart alarm clock, the possibility of contactless payment and GPS cannot be called significant. Only units use them, so there is no particular need for this. But the existing functionality here is on top.

In general, the fourth generation of fitness trackers from Xiaomi turned out to be quite successful. Despite the shortcomings to use the device is comfortable both day and night. Functions here are enough for sports and simple everyday actions. In addition, the cost of the model is quite profitable, and even at the very beginning of sales, it was not sky.high. The exploitation of this gadget only gives pleasure, and after leaving a positive impression, and any disadvantages can be safely called only nit.picking, because no one has been able to create a completely perfect device.